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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

becoward to accuse of COWARDICE.
caitiff base, cowardly or despicable. [L. captivus].
chicken cowardly; (verb) not to do something out of cowardice.
chickenshit petty, cowardly; (noun) petty detail.
cissified made CISSY. N.B. no verb CISSIFY.
cissy a weak, girlish male; (adj.) effeminate: CISSIER, CISSIEST.
coward one who lacks courage: COWARDLY; (verb) to weaken the courage of, make afraid.
cowardice lack of courage.
cowardliness the state of being COWARDLY.
cowardship (Shakesp.) the state of being a COWARD.
cowardly like a COWARD, lacking courage.
cowardry cowardice.
cower to shrink back as in fear.
cowheard (arch.) a coward.
cowish cowardly.
craven a coward; cowardly > CRAVENER, CRAVENEST; (verb) to make a coward > CRAVENS, CRAVENED, CRAVENING.
creampuff puff pastry filled with cream; (sl.) an effeminate man.
cringe to shrink back as in fear, to cower.
cringeling cringer a person who cringes.
crybaby one given to tears.
dastard a coward; esp. one who sneakily commits malicious acts.
dastardliness dastardness the state of being DASTARDLY.
dastardly like a DASTARD, despicable.
dastardy base timidity; cowardliness.
dingo to act in a cowardly manner: DINGOES, DINGOED, DINGOING.
doormat a timid unassertive person.
fainthearted timid > FAINTHEARTEDLY.
feeb a weak ineffectual person, a wimp.
fugie a cock that will not fight, a runaway.
funk a state of fear; (verb) not to do something out of fear.
funker one who funks.
gutless lacking courage > GUTLESSLY.
hilding hylding a mean person, a coward, a dastard.
meacock a meek man who dotes on his wife, or is henpecked.
milksop a spiritless man or youth.
milksopism the state of being a MILKSOP.
milksoppy like a MILKSOP.
milktoast milquetoast a very timid, unassertive person. [From Caspar Milquetoast, a comic strip character created in 1924 by the American cartoonist Harold T. Webster].
mollycoddle an effeminate man; (verb) to cosset someone.
a colourless, insignificant person, a perpetual victim.
nebbishy wimpy.
niddering nidderling nidering niderling niding nithing an infamous person; an abject coward.
nidget a fool; an idiot, a coward.
niding see NIDDERING.
nithing see NIDDERING.
pantywaist an effeminate or cowardly man.
piker a timid gambler; a pilferer.
poltroon a despicable coward.
poltroonery mean pusillanimity: cowardice.
poultroone a POLTROON.
pusillanimous lacking courage and resolution; marked by contemptible timidity > PUSILLANIMOUSLY.
pusillanimity cowardice.
quitter one who quits, gives up.
recreant cowardly, apostate > RECREANTLY; (noun) a coward; an apostate.
scaramouch scaramouche a personage in the old Italian comedy (derived from Spain) characterized by great boastfulness and poltroonery; hence, a person of like characteristics; a buffoon; (verb) to act like a scaramouch > SCARAMOUCHED, SCARAMOUCHING.
scaredy a timid person > SCAREDIES.
sissified like a SISSY. N.B. no verb SISSIFY*.
sissiness sissyness the state of being SISSY.
sissy a weak, girlish male; (adj.) effeminate > SISSIER, SISSIEST.
sissyish resembling a SISSY. N.B. no CISSYISH*.
softy a weak or excessively sentimental person.
timid easily frightened > TIMIDLY.
timorous timid: TIMOROUSLY.
timorsome (dial.) easily frightened.
wimp an ineffectual or pusillanimous person; (verb) to behave like a wimp.
wimpiness the quality of being a WIMPY.
wimpish like a WIMP > WIMPISHLY.
wimpishness the state of being WIMPISH.
wimpy characteristic of a wimp; feeble, ineffectual > WIMPIER, WIMPIEST.
woose a wimp.
wuss a wimp.
wussy wimpish > WUSSIER, WUSSIEST; (noun) a wimp.
yellow (coll.) cowardly.