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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adriamycin a tradename of the anticancer drug doxorubicin.
airbus an aeroplane that provides the equivalent of a bus service > AIRBUSES or AIRBUSSES.
alnico a permanent magnet alloy of aluminium, nickel and cobalt > ALNICOS.
amidol a colourless chemical used as a photographic developer.
amberina a type of clear glassware.
ansaphone a telephone answering machine.
apiezon as in apiezon oils, the residue of almost zero vapour pressure left by vacuum distillation of petroleum products.
aqualung a type of diving apparatus.
aspirin a pain reliever.
astroturfing political, advertising, or public relations campaigning that seeks to create the impression of being spontaneous 'grassroots' behavior .
atabrin atabrine atebrin a tradename for mepacrine, a bitter yellow powder, formerly used against malaria
autocue a text device to assist newsreaders.
autoharp a zither with a keyboard chord-making mechanism which mutes unwanted strings.
baggie a thin strong plastic bag used for storing food.
bakelite a thermosetting resin used in electric insulators etc.
bandaid referring to a type of sticking-plaster. No —S.
barathea a pebbly silk or worsted fabric with a broken rib weave. [Said to be a trademark by Merriam-Webster, though Chambers and Collins have 'origin unknown'].
beaverboard a building material of wood fibre.
benadryl an antihistamine drug used in sleeping tablets.
bergen a type of large rucksack.
biodot a temperature-sensitive device stuck to the skin to monitor depression.
biro a kind of ballpoint pen.
bizarro a strange person > BIZARROS. [From DC Comics].
blokart a land vehichle with a sail.
blokarting the sport of using a blokart.
blanco a white substance used for treating uniform belts etc.; (verb) to whiten with blanco.
borazon a manmade compound of nitrogen and boron, as hard as diamond.
botoxed having had Botox treatment (Botox itself is not valid).
boursin (Fr.) a type of cheese.
bowser a light tanker used for refuelling aircraft, named after S.F.Bowser.
breathalyser breathalyzer a device which measures the amount of alcohol on a person's breath.
brillo a proprietary name for: a steel-wool pad, typically impregnated with soap and used for scouring pans, etc.
broccolini a cultivated variety of cabbage.
bubbler a kind of drinking fountain.
bundy to arrive or depart from work.
cablevision television transmission by cable.
calcimine kalsomine a kind of whitewash or colour wash for walls; (verb) to whitewash with this.
califont a kind of gas water heater.
calotype kalotype an early method of taking photographic pictures, on paper sensitized with iodide of silver.
caplet a kind of medicinal tablet, usually in oval form for easy swallowing.
captopril an antihypertensive drug that is an ace inhibitor.
celluloid a thermoplastic, made from nitrocellulose, camphor and alcohol, which is elastic, very strong and often transparent or translucent.
celotex a type of insulation board.
chapstick a small stick of a substance for soothing chapped lips.
charmeuse (Fr.)a soft satiny material.
cineplex a number of cinemas on one site.
claxon see KLAXON.
claymation the animation of clay or Plasticene figures.
cleantech short for clean technology, technology that reduces negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activitity.
cointreau a colourless liqueur with orange flavouring > COINTREAUS.
comsat a communications satellit.
crockpot a brand of slow cooker.
cursillo a type of spiritual retreat.
cuisinart a type of food processor.
dacron a synthetic polyester fibre.
dayglo of a luminous green, yellow, pink or orange. No —S.
deepfreeze a type of refrigerator in which food, etc, is stored for long periods at temperatures below freezing; (verb) to freeze or keep as in a deepfreeze.
dex a sulfate used as a stimulant.
diazinon a kind of insecticide.
digitron a type of tube for displaying information which can be lit by a low discharge.
dobro a type of acoustic guitar with a metal resonator built into the body.
dodgem an amusement park ride.
dolcelatte a soft blue-veined Italian cheese.
doona in Australia, a kind of duvet.
dracone a towed flexible container for transporting liquids by water.
dumpster a large skip for refuse.
dural duralumin a strong light aluminum alloy.
duvetine duvetyn duvetyne a smooth lustrous velvety fabric.
dynel a synthetic fibre used to create a textile similar to wool.
ebayer one who sells on eBay.
ebaying selling on eBay > EBAYINGS.
emmy a gold plated statuette awarded annually for television > EMMYS.
esky a portable insulated container for keeping drinks cool.
facebook to look for someone's profile on the social network Facebbok.
facetime to communicate with (a person) using the FaceTime application.
favrile a type of iridescent glassware developed in America at the turn of the 20c by LC Tiffany.
fedex to send by Federal Express > FEDEXES, FEDEXING, FEDEXED.
fiberglass fibreglass a synthetic fibre made of fine filaments of molten glass; (verb) to coat with fiberglass.
fibro fibrocement fibrolite a kind of wallboard, made of compressed asbestos and cement.
formica any of various laminated plastic sheets.
freon an aerosol propellant.
frisbee a disc used for throwing.
gemclip a kind of paperclip.
geophone an instrument used to pick up vibrations passing through soil, rocks or ice.
gilsonite tradename of the mineral UINTAITE or UINTAHITE, an especially pure kind of asphalt, after company owner Samuel H. Gilson.
gladwrap in New Zealand, a thin film to wrap in food; (verb) to cover with gladwrap > GLADWRAPS, GLADWRAPPING, GLADWRAPPED.
gonk the proprietary name of an egg-shaped doll.
gramophone an instrument (invented by E. Berliner in 1887) for reproducing sounds by means of a needle moving along the grooves of a revolving disc.
granola a type of crunchy breakfast cereal made with mixed grain, oats, dried fruit, nuts, etc, and honey or brown sugar.
gunite a finely graded cement concrete sprayed into position under air pressure.
gunk any unpleasant, dirty, sticky material (orig. the trademark of a grease solvent).
heliochrome a photograph in natural colours.
heroin the drug, originally a proprietary name of the Baer company.
hoover a kind of vacuum cleaner; (verb) to vacuum clean using a Hoover > HOOVERS, HOOVERING, HOOVERED.
hoovering the act of cleaning with a hoover.
horlicks a mess, as in to make a horlicks of. [See Michael Quinion's excellent site for a discussion of this]. No HORLICK*.
humbucker a twin-coil guitar pickup.
humvee a high mobility multipurpose military wheeled vehicle.
identikit a system for assembling a composite picture of a person whom the police wish to interview, from features described by witnesses; a picture assembled in this way.
invar an iron nickel alloy.
jacuzzi a kind of large bath which uses underwater jets of warm water to massage the body > JACUZZIS.
jarlsberg a Norwegian cheese.
jedi a person who claims to live according to a philosophy based on that of the fictional Jedi in Star Wars. [Registered to LucasFilm].
jeep a small four-wheel drive vehicle; (verb) to travel by jeep > JEEPS, JEEPING, JEEPED.
jello JELLY, in the sense of the dessert > JELLOS. [Formerly a tradename].
jetway a mobile elevated gangway connecting an aircraft to a departure gate.
junglegym a climbing frame for children.
kewpie as in kewpie doll, a brightly coloured doll.
kinescope a cathode ray tube for a television; a motion picture made from an image on this; (verb) to make a kinescope.
kirbigrip a kind of hairgrip.
klaxon a loud mechanical horn; (verb) to sound such a horn.
kleenex a kind of soft paper tissue, used esp as a handkerchief.
laetrile a drug derived from apricot pits, used in the treatment of cancer.
lalique (Fr.) a type of ornamental glass.
leatherette imitation leather.
levis heavy close-fitting denim trousers. No LEVI*.
lilo an inflatable mattress.
linoleum a sheet material made of hessian, jute, etc., coated under pressure and heat with a mixture of powdered cork, linseed oil, rosin, and pigment, used as a floor covering
linotype a brand of typesetting machine; (verb) to set a line of type using a linotype machine > LINOTYPES, LINOTYPING, LINOTYPED.
linux a nonproprietary computer operating system for personal computers > LINUXES.
listserv an Internet mailing service.
loafer a shoe like a moccasin for casual wear > LINUXES.
lucifer a kind of friction match, originally a 19th century tradename.
lucite a type of transparent acrylic-based plastic.
lurex a thin glittery thread.
lux to clean with a vacuum cleaner, from Electrolux.
lycra a type of synthetic elastic fabric.
lysol a kind of disinfectant
magnox an alloy of magnesium and aluminum used to make containers for fuel for nuclear reactors.
mahjong mahjongg an Oriental game.
mailgram a proprietary name for a system of sending messages whereby the text of a message is transmitted to a post office near its ultimate destination, printed out, and delivered by ordinary post; (verb) to send a message by these means.
malathion a kind of insecticide.
marconi to communicate by wireless telegraphy > MARCONIS, MARCONIING, MARCONIED.
martini a kind of cocktail.
masonite a kind of dark brown hardboard.
mellotron an electronic keyboard instrument which reproduces the sounds of other instruments by means of pre-recorded tapes.
methedrine a former proprietary name for an amphetamine, methylamphetamine hydrochloride.
metrazol a drug used to improve blood circulation.
mimeograph an autographic stencil copying device invented by Edison; (verb) to copy by mimeograph > MIMEOGRAPHS, MIMEOGRAPHING, MIMEOGRAPHED.
minitrack a satellite tracking system.
mobisode an episode of a TV show made for downloading and viewing on mobile phones.
movieola a brand of film-editing machine.
moviola a brand of film-editing machine.
moxie (US sl.) courage, daring, vigour. [From the proprietary name of a nerve tonic].
muppet (Coll.) a stupid person > MUPPETS.
muzak piped background music.
mylar a strong polyester film.
myspace to search for a person's space on the MySpace website.
naugahyde a type of vinyl-coated fabric.
neoprene an oil-resisting and heat-resisting synthetic rubber.
nichrome an alloy of nickel and chrome.
novocaine a proprietary name for cocaine, as a dental anaesthetic.
nylon a synthetic material; a stocking made from this.
olestra an artificial fat.
oligochrome the brand name of a light-filtering device used in photography.
oncomouse (US) a mouse bred for cancer treatment research > ONCOMICE.
orlon a crease-resistant acrylic fibre or fabric used for clothing, furnishing etc.
ouija a board with signs and letters on it, used with a planchette to receive alleged messages from the dead.
oxazepam a tranquillising drug.
ozalid a method of duplicating writing or illustrations.
pablum a proprietary name for a wheat-based children's breakfast cereal. Hence more widely: soft, easily digested food; (fig.) insipid or undemanding intellectual fare.
paraquat a herbicide that kills green vegetation by interfering with photosynthesis.
parcheesi in the US, a proprietary name for pachisi, a game somewhat resembling backgammon, originating in India.
pentel a kind of pen.
pepsi offensive name for a French Canadian, from the name of the soft drink.
pernod (Fr.) an aniseed-flavoured aperitif from France.
perspex any of various clear acrylic resins.
photofit a method of building up a picture of a person by assembling a number of photographs of individual facial features.
photoshop to manipulate a digital image using editing software.
photostat a photographic apparatus for making facsimiles of documents; (verb) to make facsimiles by this means > PHOTOSTATS, PHOTOSTATING, PHOTOSTATED.
pianola a type of player piano.
pingpong table-tennis (registered in the US by Parker Bros but now generic).
plasticine a kind of modelling material that remains soft and can be reworked, used esp by children.
plexiglass acrylic plastic sheets
pliofilm a transparent plastic material.
pogo to jump up and down on the spot to music > POGOS, POGOING, POGOED.
popsicle a kind of ice lolly.
posidrive pozidrive having a patent screwhead that allows greater torque.
proto as in proto team, a team of people trained to deal with underground rescues, etc.
puffa as in puffa jacket, a warm quilted and padded jacket.
pulmotor an apparatus for forcing air into or out of the lungs.
pyrex a heat-resistant glassware.
pyroceram a transparent ceramic material.
pyronine any of several xanthene dyes.
quaalude a type of sedative, aka METHAQUALONE.
quantometer an instrument for measuring proportions of elements in metallic samples.
realtor (US) an estate agent.
regulo a thermostatic control system for gas ovens.
rexine a kind of artificial leather.
rolamite two or more rollers connected by a belt but relatively loose.
rollerblade a type of rollerskate with wheels set in line resembling the blade of an ice skate.
roneo to produce copies by duplicating machine > RONEOS, RONEOING, RONEOED. [From Roneo, an early duplicating machine].
rotameter an instrument for measuring the length of curved lines.
rotavator rotovator a tool for breaking up the soil.
salvarsan a compound of arsenic once used as a remedy for syphilis.
saran a tough flexible thermoplastic resin.
seconal proprietary name for the drug SECOBARBITAL.
sellotape a kind of adhesive tape; (verb) to stick with sellotape > SELLOTAPES, SELLOTAPING, SELLOTAPED.
shazam a magic slogan. [From DC Comics].
sheetrock a type of plasterboard.
shinola a kind of boot polish.
silastic a flexible silicone rubber, used in the production of artificial limbs.
skidoo skiddoo a motorized sledge, fitted with tracks at the rear and steerable skis at the front; (verb) to go by skidoo.
skidooing the act of travelling by skidoo > SKIDOOINGS.
spackle a paste for filling cracks; (verb) to fill cracks or holes in a surface, eg a wall, with paste.
spam to send out electronic junk mail > SPAMS, SPAMMING, SPAMMED. [From Spam, a type of luncheon meat].
spandex a synthetic elastic fibre.
>spandexed wearing spandex.
spansule a time release capsule for a drug.
spork a proprietary name for a piece of cutlery combining the features of a spoon, fork, (and sometimes, knife).
stellite any of various alloys.
stetson a type of cowboy hat.
stillson a kind of wrench.
stylophone a type of battery-powered electronic instrument played with a steel-tipped penlike stylus.
styrofoam a type of expanded plastic made from polystyrene.
superglue a powerful adhesive; (verb) to glue with superglue > SUPERGLUES, SUPERGLUING, SUPERGLUED.
swannie in New Zealand, a type of allweather heavy woollen shirt.
syrette a kind of disposable syringe.
talbotype an early method of taking photographic pictures, on paper sensitized with iodide of silver.
tanalised tanalized of timber, treated with Tanalith, a proprietary preservative.
tannoy a public announcement system; (verb) to announce by tannoy.
targa as in targa top, a removable hard roof on a car, which fits into the boot when not in use; proprietary to Porsche.
tarmac a road covering; (verb) to surface with tarmac > TARMACS, TARMACKING, TARMACKED.
tarmacadam tarmac.
taser a gunlike device which fires electrified darts; (verb) to immobilize with a taser.
taxol a drug obtained from Pacific yew.
technicolour technicoloured in artificially or exaggeratedly bright colours.
teflon a non-stick surface used in cooking utensils.
telemessage any of various messages sent by telephone or a telecommunication system, spec. a message sent by telephone or telex.
teleran an air-traffic control system, in which ground based radar screen is televised to pilots.
teletype a type of teleprinter; (verb) to send a typed message by telegraph > TELETYPES, TELETYPING, TELETYPED.
telex to send a message by a type of telegraphic system > TELEXES, TELEXING, TELEXED.
terylene a synthetic polyester fibre.
thermette a devices, used outdoors, for boiling water rapidly.
thermit thermite an incendiary explosive.
thermos (Greek) a vacuum flask > THERMOSES. [Gk. thermos, hot].
thyratron a gas-filled valve with a heated cathode, able to carry very high currents.
tinkertoy a child's construction set.
tiptronic a type of gearbox that has both manual and automatic options (Porsche).
tofutti any of a variety of nondairy, soya-based food products > TOFUTTIS.
touchtone (A phone) having a pushbutton rather than a dial.
toxaphene chlorinated camphene used as an insecticide.
trampoline a springy mat for bouncing on; (verb) to use a trampoline.
tricotine a double-twilled worsted fabric.
trimphone a phone designed in the 1960s.
twinkie twinky a stereotypically brainless person. [From a brand of sponge cake].
vaseline a translucent gelatinous substance obtained from petroleum > VASELINES.
vegemite (Coll.) a child. [From Vegemite, a vegetable extract].
velcro a fastening consisting of two nylon strips > VELCROS.
veronal A hypnotic drug, aka barbital.
victrola a type of gramophone.
windbreaker a type of windproof jacket with elasticated cuffs and waistband.
windsurfer the proprietary name in the U.S. of a kind of sailboard.
woodburytype a photomechanical process in which an exposed and developed bichromated film is forced into a metal plate by great pressure, and so forms a matrix for subsequent printing.
xeriscape a landscaping method developed especially for arid and semiarid climates that utilizes water-conserving techniques (as the use of drought-tolerant plants, mulch, and efficient irrigation).
xerox to photocopy > XEROXES, XEROXING, XEROXED.
zambuck a member of the St John's ambulance brigade, esp. one on duty at a sporting event. [The proprietary name of an antiseptic ointment].
zambuk a member of the St John's ambulance brigade, esp. one on duty at a sporting event. [The proprietary name of an antiseptic ointment].
zip zipper a kind of fastener.