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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

advoutrer (Obs.) an adulterer.
amorist a lover; a sexual adventurer.
avouterer (Obs.) an adulterer.
avoutrer (Obs.) an adulterer.
cicisbeism the state or conduct of a cicisbeo.
cicisbeo (Ital.) a professed gallant of a married woman.
cocksman a man reputed to be extremely virile or sexually accomplished.
dangler (Arch.) one who dangles about or after others, esp after women.
debauchee one who is debauched.
dissolute of loose morals; debauched (noun) a dissolute person
dissolutely (Adv.) DISSOLUTE, of loose morals.
goatish lustful.
goatishly (Adv.) GOATISH, lustful.
goatishness the state of being goatish, lustful.
horndog a sexually aggressive man.
leachour (Spenser) a lecher.
lechery excessive sexual indulgence.
libertinage debauchery.
libertine a person who leads a licentious life, a rake.
libertinism the state of being libertine.
libidinist a lewd person.
libidinousness the state of being libidinous.
lothario a gay seducer of women; a libertine.
philander to engage in frivolous love of women.
philanderer one who philanders.
playboy a man devoted to pleasurable activities.
rakehell a licentious or immoral person.
rakehelly like a rakehell, dissolute.
rakery debauchery; lewdness.
rakeshame a vile, dissolute wretch.
rakish dapper.
rakishly (Adv.) RAKISH, dapper.
rakishness the quality of being rakish.
riggish (Shakesp.) wanton.
romeo a man who is a passionate lover or seducer.
roue (Fr.) a debauched man; a lecher.
sigisbeo (Ital.) a professed gallant of a married woman.
wantoner one who wantons.
wantonise (Arch.) to play the wanton.
wantonize (Arch.) to play the wanton.
wencher one who wenches; a lewd man.
whoremonger a man consorting with whores or given to lechery.
whoremongery the business of a whoremonger.