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This is a collection of words that either actually derive from or are interestingly coincident with place names or the names of peoples and tribes inhabiting a particular area. It excludes common words such as READING, GORING, HULL etc. which merely happen to have, quite uninterestingly, the same forms as place names. But it does include words like TOKAY, which is the name of a town in Hungary and also a kind of gecko: the name of the gecko actually comes from a Malay word and has nothing to do with the Hungarian town, but this kind of coincidence seems rather more interesting. The rule is that if the place-name is at all likely to be a useful aide-memoire to the Scrabble word I've included it.

Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

Word Meaning with capital Meaning without capital
ABRAM a village of Greater Manchester a beggar
ACTON a London district and village near Sudbury a stuffed jacket worn under mail
AFGHAN an inhabitant of Afghanistan a woollen blanket or shawl
AFGHANI an inhabitant of Afghanistan a monetary unit of Afghanistan
AKITA a prefecture in Japan a large powerful breed of dog
ALAMO a town in Texas a kind of poplar
ALASKA the largest state of the USA a heavy fabric
ALICANT cf. ALICANTE, a town in Spain a wine made near Alicante
AMADAVAT AVADAVAT from Ahmadabad in India an Indian songbird related to the weaver birds, sent to Europe from Ahmadabad
AMAZON a river and area in South America a tall, powerful woman
AMBOINA AMBOYNA an island in the Moluccas a reddish-brown, curly-grained wood
AMMAN the capital of Jordan in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Scandinavia, a district magistrate
ANGOLA an African country relating to a fabric made from the wool of the Angora goat
ANGOSTURA a town (now Ciudad Bolivar) on the narrows (Sp angostura) of the Orinoco in Venezuela a bitter aromatic bark, formerly used in medicine
ANNABERGITE Annaberg is a town in Saxony, eastern Germany an apple-green mineral, hydrous nickel arsenate
ARABIC from Arabia as in gum arabic
ARAGONITE ARRAGONITE Aragon is a province of Spain a form of calcium carbonate
ARAUCARIA from Arauco in S. Chile the monkey-puzzle tree
ARCADIA a region in the central Peloponnese in ancient Greece an idyllic rural setting
ARMAGNAC a region in SW France a kind of brandy
ARRAS a town in France a rich tapestry, once made at Arras
ASCOT a racecourse and Berkshire town a type of necktie with broad ends
ASSAM a town in N India in Malaysia, tamarind as used in cooking
ATACAMITE the Atacama is a desert in Chile an oxychloride of copper
AUTUNITE Autun is a place in France a fluorescent ore of uranium
AVELLAN AVELLANE from Latin Avellanus, meaning of Avella or Abella, a town in Campania of a cross, having four arms shaped like filberts at the end.
BABEL the city, possibly Babylon, where a biblical tower was built a scene of confusion
BACHARACH a town on the Rhine a wine from Bacharach
BAGUIO a city on North Luzon in the Philippines a hurricane
BALACLAVA a place in Crimea a knitted hat covering the head and neck, with an opening for the face.
BALBOA a Pacific terminal port in Panama the monetary unit of Panama
BALBRIGGAN a town near Dublin in Ireland a knitted, unbleached cotton fabric, used in hosiery and underwear
BALIBUNTAL Baliuag in the Philippines, plus BUNTAL, Tagalog for straw (a hat made of) fine, closely-woven straw
BALMACAAN a village near Inverness, Scotland a man's loose overcoat
BALMORAL a place in Scotland, a holiday residence of the British royal family a flat Scottish bonnet
BANGALORE a town in India as in bangalore torpedo, an explosive device in a long metal tube, used for blowing holes in barbed wire
BANGALOW a town in Australia an Australian palm-tree
BANGKOK the capital and chief port of Thailand a straw hat
BARBICAN a building in London an outer defensive work; esp a tower at a gate or bridge
BAREGE Barege, a village in France a light silky dress fabric
BARGELLO the Bargello, a Florentine museum a type of needlepoint or tapestry stitch that produces a zigzag pattern; the museum contains examples of this stitch
BARTON many English towns of this name a farmyard
BASQUE a member of a people inhabiting the western Pyrenees a kind of bodice
BASTILLE a fortress and prison of Paris a fortified place
BASTNASITE BASTNAESITE Bastnas is a town in Sweden a reddish-brown fluorite of cerium
BAYAMO the capital of Granma province in Cuba a strong wind, esp. one blowing from the bight of Bayamo
BEARNAISE from Bearn in France a rich white sauce flavoured with tarragon
BEAUJOLAIS a subdivision of Lyonnais in France a red wine
BEDLAM from the priory St Mary of Bethlehem, in London an asylum
BERGAMA Bergama is a town in Turkey a kind of handwoven Turkish carpet
BERGAMASK, BERGOMASK Bergamo is a town in Italy a rustic dance from that area
BERGEN a town in Norway a large rucksack
BERLIN a large German city a type of carriage
BERMUDAS a group of islands in the Atlantic a kind of shorts
BETHEL a hamlet on Anglesey a place of worship for seamen; a nonconformist chapel.
BETHESDA a place in Wales a chapel
BIALY Bialystok, a city in Poland short for Bialystok kuchen, a small roll in Polish cuisine
BIGGIN a village near Ashbourne, Derbyshire a building
BIGHORN a river in the US, scene of Custer's last stand a kind of sheep
BIKINI an atoll in the Pacific a two-piece swimming costume
BILBO, BILBOE from Bilbao in Spain, famous for its swords a rapier or sword
BILLINGSGATE a famous London fish-market abusive language
BLARNEY a castle near Cork to talk persuasively
BLIGHTY serviceman's slang for England or home a wound that gets a serviceman sent home
BOHEMIA the central and western parts of the Czech Republic a community of bohemians
BOLIVIA a South American landlocked country a type of fabric
BOLOGNA a city in Northern Italy a kind of sausage
BOLOGNESE of or from Bologna, a city in Northern Italy a kind of sauce used with spaghetti
BORDEAUX a region in France famous for its wine a kind of red or white wine
BOSTON a town in Lincolnshire and the USA a card game
BOUGIE a town in Algeria a wax candle
BOURBON a county in Kentucky a kind of whisky
BOURGUIGNON French = from Burgundy (of meat dishes) stewed with onion, mushrooms and Burgundy wine
BOWERY a New York city street frequented by drunks/down and outs any area frequented by drunks/down and outs
BRAHMA from Brahmaputra, a river in India a large, orig Chinese breed of domestic fowl
BRAZIL large country of South America a dyewood
BRENT a borough of London a kind of goose; (adj.) steep
BRIARD from Brie, in NE France a kind of French dog
BRIDEWELL from a palace near St Bride's Well, London a house of correction
BRINDISI an old Mediterranean port a toast, a drinking-song
BRISTOL an English city a smooth cardboard
BRIT someone from Britain a young herring
BROUGHAM a locality near Penrith castle, Cumbria a one-horse closed carriage
BRUMMAGEM colloquial for Birmingham showy, tawdry
BUCKIE a Grampian fishing town and resort a large spiral marine shell
BULLER a river of South Island, New Zealand to seethe, gurgle
BUNCOMBE BUNKUM from Buncombe, a county in N Carolina, whose representative is said to have gone on talking in Congress, explaining apologetically that he was 'only talking for Buncombe' insincere talk, nonsense
BURGUNDY a region of France a purplish-red colour
BURNSIDE the name of several Scottish towns the side of a burn or stream
BURRAWANG from Mount Budawang in New South Wales any of various palm-like plants having edible nuts
BURSA a popular tourist resort in Turkey a pouch or sac
BYTOWNITE Bytown, former name of Ottawa. a kind of mineral
BYZANTINE of Byzantium, the old name for Constantinople involved and devious
CABBAGETOWN an area in Toronto whose inhabitants were believed to exist on a diet of cabbage a city slum
CALICO cf. Calicut in India a kind of cloth
CALUTRON California University + tron a mass spectrometer used in the separation of isotopes
CALVADOS a department in Normandy a French apple brandy
CALVARY site of Jesus' crucifixion at Jerusalem an intense suffering
CAMELOT the seat of King Arthur's court a strong waterproof fabric
CAMPEACHY Campeachy (Campeche) in SE Mexico as in campeachy wood, a logwood
CAMPOS a city in Brazil (pl.) an area of open grassland in S. America
CANADA large North American country a narrow canyon
CANTALOUP CANTALOUPE Cantalupo town near Rome a kind of melon, first grown near Cantalupo
CAMPEACHY Campeachy (Campeche) in SE Mexico as in campeachy wood, a logwood
CANTERBURY a city in Kent a kind of music-stand
CARMAGNOLE Carmagnola is a town in Piedmont a popular song and round dance of the French Revolutionary period
CASHMERE an alternative spelling of Kashmir a goat's wool fabric
CASSABA a town in Turkey, now called Turgutlu a kind of melon
CAYMANS group of islands in the Caribbean Sea (pl.) a kind of alligator
CELT an inhabitant of a Celtic area a primitive ax
CHABLIS a town in France a white wine from Chablis
CHAD a landlocked country in North-Central Africa a punched out piece of paper
CHAMPAGNE a region in France a white sparkling wine
CHANTILLY a town in France as in chantilly lace
CHARD a market town in Somerset the edible leafstalk of beet
CHARLATAN Cerreto, a village in Italy renowned for its wandering quacks a quack, a fraud
CHARTREUSE a town in Grenoble, France a yellowish-green liqueur
CHARLESTON a town in S. Carolina a lively dance that involves kicking
CHARLOTTE a city in N. Carolina a kind of pudding
CHAUTAUQUA a lake and county in New York State an outdoor meeting of an educational type popular in the US in the 19C.
CHEDDAR a village in SW England a type of cheese
CHEDDITE CHEDDE is a village in France a type of explosive
CHERALITE Chera is an ancient name of Travancore a radioactive mineral rich in thorium and uranium./TD>
CHESHIRE an English county a kind of pig
CHESSYLITE Chessy is a place in France, near Lyon a carbonate of copper, blue in colour
CHEVIOTS a range of hills in Britain (pl.) a kind of twilled wool
CHICANO an American of Mexican descent an American of Mexican descent
CHIHUAHUA a place in Mexico a breed of small dog
CHILE a South American country chili
CHINA an Asian country fine porcelain ware
CHITTAGONG a town in Bangladesh an Indian variety of domestic fowl
CHRISTY CHRISTIE from Christiana, former name of Oslo a turn with skis parallel executed when descending at speed
CIMINITE Monte Cimini is a mountain in Italy a kind of rock
CIMOLITE Kimolos is an island of the Cyclades a soft, earthy, clayey mineral
CLADDAGH a village on the edge of Galway city, Ireland an Irish ring, traditionally given as a token of affection
CLAYMORE an oilfield in Flotta, Scapa Flow a kind of sword
CLEEVE a residential area of Goring, Oxfordshire a cliff, a hillside
CLINT a village near Harrogate a block in a limestone pavement
COATE a village east of Devizes, Wiltshire (Shakesp.) to quote
COBURG a town in Germany a kind of loaf
COCHIN as in Cochin-China, now part of Vietnam. Also a town in India a variety of domestic fowl
COGNAC a town in Charente in France a French brandy made near Cognac
COLBY a town in New Zealand a kind of New Zealand cheese
COLOGNE a commercial port in Germany a perfumed liquid
COLOPHONY Colophon is a town in Asia Minor rosin
COLORADO a US state, also a US river refers to a medium strength cigar
CONGO a country in West-Central Africa a kind of black Chinese tea
COQUIMBITE Coquimbo is a town in Chile a yellowish hydrous sulphate of iron found in certain volcanic rocks
COROMANDEL a stretch of coast in SE India a kind of timber
CORBY a town in Northamptonshire (Scots) a crow, a raven
CORDOBA a city of South Spain the standard monetary unit of Nicaragua
CORDWAIN from Cordoba, a city of South Spain goatskin leather
CRACOVIENNE KRAKOWIAK from Cracow, a city in southern Poland a lively dance
CRACOWE Cracow, a city in southern Poland a long-toed boot fashionable under Richard II
CRAVEN a district of North Yorkshire a coward
CREMONA a city in Lombardy, North Italy an ancient wind instrument
CREWE a town in north-west England (Spenser) a pot
CROTONBUG the Crotan river in America, whose water was once piped to New York a species of cockroach
CURACAO CURACOA an island in the W Indies a kind of liqueur first made in Curacao
CURASSOW phonetic spelling of Curacao, an island in the W Indies a quail-like bird of Curacao
CURRAGH a prestigious Irish racecourse a boat shaped like a coracle
CURRIE an area of outer Edinburgh the parts of an animal killed in hunting given to the hounds
CYPRIAN from Kypros (Cyprus), birthplace of Aphrodite (also called Cypris), the goddess of love and beauty a lewd woman; a prostitute./TD>
CYPRUS a large island in the Mediterranean Sea a black fabric like crepe
DAQUIRI DAIQUIRI a place in Cuba a cocktail containing rum and lime juice
DALMAHOY a village near Edinburgh a bushy wig worn in the 18th century
DALMATIAN one from Dalmatia, in Croatia a breed of dog
DANISH from Denmark a pastry of raised dough
DELFT a town in South Holland known for its pottery pottery made at Delft
DELPH localities of Oldham and Dudley pottery made at Delft
DENIM = de Nimes, in France a fabric for making jeans
DERBY a town in England a kind of hat
DERRY an alternative name for Londonderry, Ireland (Aust. sl.) a dislike
DEVA the Roman name for Chester a god, a divine being
DEVON a county of Southwest England a breed of cattle from Devon
DEVONPORT district of Plymouth a large sofa
DINANDERIE Dinant is a town in Belgium a kind of decorative brassware
DISCOED locality of Powys west of Presteigne (pt.) DISCO, to dance to music
DISS small market town of Norfolk, near Norwich to disrespect
DIZZARD Cornwall locality near Bude a blockhead
DOGGER a sea area and weather region in the North Sea a Dutch fishing vessel
DONEGAL a region in Ireland a type of textile
DONGOLA a small town on the Nile a type of leather
DONNYBROOK a suburb of Dublin a violent brawl
DOOLALLY for Deolali, India, where British soldiers who had completed their tour of duty were sent to await transportation home. crazy, unbalanced
DOORN a town of the Utrecht province, Netherlands (Afrikaans) a thorn
DORNICK DORNECK DORNOCK = Doornik (Tournai), a town in Belgium a stout figured linen
DOVER a ferry and cross-channel port of Kent (Scots) to doze
DUBBO a town in NSW, Australia a stupid person
DUFFEL a town near Antwerp a thick woollen cloth
DUMDUM a place near Calcutta a soft-nosed expanding bullet
DUNITE Dun Mountain, near Nelson, New Zealand a kind of igneous rock
DUTCH coming from Holland with each person paying for himself
DUTCHMAN someone from the Netherlands something used to hide structural defects
EGYPTIAN coming from Egypt a typeface with squared serifs
ELDORADO a country of fabulous riches a source of great wealth
ENGLISH coming from England to cause a billiard ball to spin around its vertical axis
ETNA a volcano on Sicily a vessel for heating liquids
FESCENNINE from Fescennia, a town in ancient Etruria noted for its licentious poetry licentious, obscene
FEZ a town in Morocco a type of hat
FLEMISH of the Flemings or Flanders to coil a rope in a nautical way
FLETTON a town in Leicestershire, England a kind of brick
FLORENCE an Italian city a former gold coin of Europe
FLORENTINE someone from Florence a kind of biscuit
FRANKFURT a commercial city in Germany a small smoked sausage
FRANKFURTER someone from Frankfurt a small smoked sausage
FRENCH coming from France to cut into thin strips before cooking
FRIULANO from Friuli, a region in Italy a variety of cheese
FUJI a mountain in Japan a silk fabric
FULHAM a district of Greater London a loaded die
FUNDY a bay in Southeast Canada known for its tides a member of the radical wing of the German Green party
GADARENE Gadara, in Biblical times, was a steep hill town just southeast of the Sea of Galilee headlong, precipitate
GALILEE a region of N. Israel a small chapel or porch at the western end of some medieval English churches
GAMAY a village in the Beaune district, France a variety of red grape; a dry red wine made from this
GAMBIA a country on the coast of West Africa the inspissated juice of a plant growing in Malacca
GAMBROON from Gambrun, a town in Persia a twilled cloth of worsted and cotton
GARRYOWEN a locality in the Irish city of Limerick in rugby, a high kick forward followed by a rush towards the landing place of the ball
GENAPPE a Swiss canton, city and lake; a liquor a smooth worsted yarn
GENEVA a Swiss canton, city and lake; a liquor a spirit distilled from gin
GENOA a historic city of NW Italy a large jib which overlaps the mainsail
GERMANIC relating to Germany containing germanium (a metallic element)
GERMAN from Germany an elaborate dance
GEYSER from Geysir, a famous geyser in Iceland a hot spring
GLENGARRY a place in the Highlands, Scotland a Highlander's cap of thick-milled woollen cloth
GOA a former Portuguese territory, now part of the Indian republic a kind of Tibetan gazelle with backward-curving horns
GOLCONDA from the ruined city of Golconda near Hydebarad, once famous for diamond-cutting a rich source of wealth
GOLGOTHA another name for CALVARY a place of suffering
GOOSEY a village in Oxfordshire, near Wantage a goose, a blockhead
GOSLARITE from Goslar, in the Harz mountain, central Germany a rare mineral
GOSPORT a town on Portsmouth harbour, in Hampshire a communication device in an aeroplane
GREECE a country of South-Eastern Europe a flight of steps
GREEK from Greece something unintelligible
GREENY a place on the Orkney Islands a pound-note; (adj.) greenish
GRUYERE a town in Switzerland a kind of cheese
GUARANI a member of a group of tribes of Brazil and Paraguay a monetary unit of Paraguay
GUERNSEY the second largest Channel Island a woollen jersey
HABANERA = from Havana (of a female) a slow seductive Spanish dance
HABANERO = from Havana (of a male) a hot chili pepper
HACKNEY an area of E. London a kind of cab
HADES the Greek underworld (3rd.) HADE, to incline
HAMBURG a city and port found in Northern Germany a patty of ground beef
HAMBURGER one from Hamburg a patty of ground beef
HANTAVIRUS derives from the Hantaan river in Korea an often fatal virus with flu-like symptoms
HARIANA Haryana, a state in N. India a breed of cattle
HARROW a town in Berkshire, England a spiked frame for breaking up ground; (verb) to harass
HASTINGS a battle site of King Harold's defeat early fruit or vegetables
HAVERING a borough of Greater London (pp.) to haver
HAYLE a place in Cornwall, near St. Ives (Spenser) welfare
HENLEY a town in Oxfordshire, England a type of sweater
HESSIAN after Hesse, a state in central Germany a strong coarse cloth made of hemp or jute
HIDALGO a county in Texas a Spanish nobleman of the lower class
HIZEN a former province in Kyushu, Japan a type of richly decorated Japanese porcelain
HOKONUI a district of the South Island, New Zealand illicit whisky
HOLLAND a part of the Netherlands a coarse cotton or linen
HOLMIUM from Holmia, New Latin for Stockholm a metallic element
HOLSTEIN a region in N. Germany a breed of cattle
HOMBURG a town in Germany a man's felt hat
HOY the second largest of the Orkney Islands a kind of small boat
HYTHE a cinque port and Kent resort a port or small haven
ILIUM an alternative name for the city of Troy the anterior or superior bone of the pelvis
ILLAWARRA a coastal district of E. Australia a breed of shorthorn dairy cattle
IMARI a seaport in Japan a type of Japanese porcelain, decorated in red, green and blue
INVERNESS a town in Scotland a loose overcoat with a detachable cape
ITALIC from Italy a style of print
JACONET JAGANNATH (now Puri) in India a kind of cotton fabric
JAMBEE JAMBI in Sumatra an 18th century light cane
JAPAN a country in North-east Asia to coat with glossy, black lacquer
JARLSBERG a town in Norway a hard Norwegian cheese
JAVA a large Indonesian island a kind of coffee
JERSEY the largest of the Channel Islands a close-fitting, knitted shirt
JIMSON JIMPSON from Jamestown,Virginia the thorn apple
JIPYAPA JIPIJAPA a town in Ecuador a palm-like tree of tropical America
JODHPUR a city in Western India usu. in pl.: long riding-breeches
JORDAN a river and country of South-west Asia a chamber-pot
KAOLINE from the mountain gaoling (literally, high mountain) in Jiangxi province, China clay, esp. that composed of kaolinite[]
KARST from the Karst district, near Trieste rough limestone country with underground drainage
KASHMIR a disputed region between Pakistan and India a soft twilled fabric of goat's wool
KELVIN a river in Strathclyde region the SI unit of temperature
KEMBLA as in Kembla Grange, a place in Australia (Australian rhyming slang) small change
KENNET a district of Wiltshire a small hunting-dog
KENT a county of eastern England to punt or pole
KERSANTITE from Kersanton, in Brittany a dyke rock of black mica and plagioclase
KERSEY a Suffolk village near Hadley a coarse woollen cloth
KIKUYU an agrarian people of Kenya a kind of grass
KITCHENER a city in Ontario, southern Canada a kitchen servant
KLANG a town in Malaya a musical note
KLONDIKE a river and region in Yukon that had rich gold deposits to export (fish, esp. mackerel or herring) while fresh, freq. to a factory ship
KORAT a province of Thailand a cat having a silver-blue coat
KREMLIN a citadel or fortress within Russian cities a fortress or strong place
KRYPTON the home planet of Superman a chemical element
KURGAN a city in central Russia (Russian) a prehistoric burial mound
KUTCH an area in India, the Rann of Kutch a dry, brown, astringent extract, obtained by decoction and evaporation from the Acacia catechu
KYLE a North Yorkshire river (Gaelic) a narrow strait
LABRADOR northeastern part of the Canadian mainland a breed of dog
LACONIC from Lakonia, a province in ancient Greece using few words
LANDAU a town in Germany a horse-drawn carriage
LANGLEY a frequent name of places in Great Britain a unit of illumination used to measure the temperature of a star
LATAKIA a town in Syria a kind of tobacco
LEATHERHEAD a town in Surrey, England a kind of Australian honeyeater, aka friarbird
LESBIAN from Lesbos a female homosexual
LETHE the river of oblivion in Hades oblivion, forgetfulness
LEVANT the Eastern Mediterranean region to abscond
LEWIS the largest island of the Outer Hebrides a dovetailed iron tenon made to fit into a stone so that it can be hoisted
LHERZOLITE from Lake Lherz in the Pyrenees a kidnof igneous rock
LIDO a beach resort near Venice a bathing beach, an open-air swimming pool
LIEGE an industrial city of Belgium a person under a feudal tenure
LILLIPUTIAN from Lilliput, a country of small people in 'Gulliver's Travels' by Jonathan Swift (someone who is) very small
LIMA the capital of Peru a kind of bean
LIMBURGITE Limburg is a town in Baden a volcanic rock composed of olivine and augite
LIMERICK a town in Ireland a humorous verse form
LIMOUSINE from the Limousin district in France a posh sort of car
LIONEL a village on north of Lewis, Western Isles a small lion used as a heraldic bearing
LIVERMORIUM Livermore is a town in the U.S., site of the Lawrence Livermore laboratory an artificially produced transuranic element
LOCKRAM Locronan (Ronan's cell) in Brittany a kind of coarse linen said to have been made there
LOD a city in Israel a statistical unit
LOGAN a village near Cumnock, East Ayrshire a rocking-stone
LOGIE a village west of Leuchars, Fife the space in front of a kiln fire
LOME capital and the chief port of Togo to cover with loam
LOVAT an alternative name for the River Ouzel grey-green, blue-green
LUCERNE a Swiss tourist centre a fodder plant, aka ALFALFA
MACASSAR Macassar (now Ujung Pandang) in Indonesia a kind of hair-oil
MACCABAW MACCABOY MACCOBOY Macouba, the name of a tobacco-growing district in northern Martinique a kind of snuff
MACKINAW an island between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan a heavy napped and felted wool cloth; a flat-bottomed lake boat
MADEIRA a volcanic island group in the Atlantic a white wine
MADISON as in Madison Square Gardens, New York a type of cycle race, first staged in Madison Square Gardens
MADRAS a port in India a cotton fabric
MADRILENE French, from Spanish madrileno, of Madrid a tomato-flavored consomme
MAELSTROM a famous whirlpool off the coast of Norway any whirlpool or confused state
MAGENTA site of a battle in Italy a colour, invented around the time of the battle
MAGYAR a member of the majority ethnic group of Hungary of a garment, cut with sleeves in a piece with the rest
MAIDENHEAD a town in Berkshire, England the state of being a maiden, virginity
MALACCA a state in SW Malaysia the stem of the rattan palm, used for walking sticks
MALI a West African country, home of Timbuktu one of the gardener class in India
MANCHESTER a large city in England household linen or cotton goods, such as sheets and towels
MANHATTAN an area of New York a kind of cocktail
MANILA the capital of the Philippines a fibre used in making rope
MANTUA a town in Italy a woman's light gown
MARATHON the site of a battle in Greece a long effort
MARCELLA an anglicisation of Marseilles a kind of material
MARENGO the site of a battle in Italy designating a dish browned in oil and sauteed in mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and white wine
MARIONBERRY from Marion County, Oregon a cross between a loganberry and a wild blackberry
MARSHALLS a group of Pacific islands (3rd.) MARSHALL, to marshal
MARTELLO a circular fort for coastal defence Cape Mortella in Corsica, where one resisted for some time a British cannonade in 1794
MASURIUM from Masurenland, in E Prussia, now in N Poland a name proposed for element no 43 when its discovery was prematurely claimed
MAYO a county in the Republic of Ireland mayonnaise
MEATH a county in the Leinster province, Eire an alcoholic liquor, mead
MEKKA holy city of Islam in western Saudi Arabia a place visited by many people
MEDINA a Saudi Arabian holy city in N. African cities, the ancient native quarter
MEGARA a town in eastern-central Greece (pl.) MEGARON, the central hall of an ancient Greek, esp. Mycenaean, house.
MELTON a village in Humberside and also Suffolk a heavy woollen cloth
MENOMINEE a native American people of Michigan a small whitefish
MINORCA the second largest of the Balearic Islands a type of domestic fowl
MOCHA a place in Yemen a kind of coffee or ice-cream
MODENA a city in Emilia, Italy a dark purple colour
MOLDOVA from Moldova, a republic in SE Europe a green tektite found in the Czech republic, thought to be the product of an ancient meteorite impact in Germany
MOLOSSUS from Molossia or Molossis in the Epirus region of ancient a verse foot of three long syllables
MONADNOCK Mount Monadnock is a mountain in New Hampshire, US an isolated hill of hard rock that has resisted the erosion suffered by the land around it
MONTADALE Montana (a state in the US) + dale a breed of sheep
MONTELIMAR a town in SE France a kind of nougat
MOROCCO a North African country a kind of leather
MULLITE from the Isle of Mull a kind of mineral
MUNSTER MUENSTER industrial city in North-west Germany a kind of cheese
MUSCAT the capital of Oman muscatel wine; a musky variety of grape or its vine
MUSLIN ultimately derives, via French and Italian, from Mosul in Mesopotamia a plain-woven fine cotton
NAIRU an island in the Pacific acronym for Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment
NAKFA from Nakfa, a town in Eritrea a unit of currency in Eritrea
NANKIN NANKEEN from Nankin, a town in China a durable buff-coloured cotton
NAPA NAPPA a town in California a kind of soft leather
NATAL a former province of S. Africa relating to birth
NEANDERTHAL a valley in Germany near Dusseldorf an unenlightened or uncouth man
NEATH West Glamorgan town and river (obs.) beneath
NELSON a Lancashire town a wrestling hold
NENE a river that rises near Daventry, Northants a Hawaiian goose
NESS a Scottish loch a headland
NEWBIE a coastline area in Dumfries and Galloway a novice
NEWMARKET racehorse town of Suffolk a card game
NEWTON popular place name across Britain a unit of gravitational force
NITON a small town on the Isle of Wight an old name for the inert gas radon
NOME an Alaskan town, finish of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race a province or department esp. in ancient Greece
NUBIA a region and former kingdom comprising southern Egypt and northern Sudan a fleecy headgear
OERLIKON a town near Zurich an anti-aircraft cannon
ORLEANS a town in France a variety of plum
OSNABURG = Osnabruck, a town in N. Germany a coarse linen or cotton
OTTRELITE from Ottrez in the Ardennes + lithos, stone a kidn of mineral, lke chlorite but harder
OUTWELL a village in Norfolk near Wisbech to pour out
OXFORD an English university city a type of shoe
PAISLEY an industrial town in South-west Scotland a patterned fabric
PALAMPORE PALEMPORE a town in N. India a flowered chintz bedcover common in Asia
PALMYRA an ancient city and oasis in Syrian desert a species of palm
PANAMA republic of Central America a kind of straw hat
PANDY village and locality found in Gwynedd to beat on the palm of the hand
PANTON hamlet near Wragby, Lincolnshire a Scots slipper
PARGASITE from Pargas, a Finnish island a dark green aluminous variety of amphibole, or hornblende
PARIS the capital of France a European herb
PARMESAN relating to Parma in Italy an Italian hard cheese
PARTON a village of Cumbria a hypothetical particle
PAUL a village on south side of Penzance, Cornwall an obsolete silver coin
PEMBROKE a town in South-west Wales a small four-legged table with hinged flaps
PENK a river rising west of Codsall, Staffordshire a minnow
PENNINE of the hills that make England's backbone a mineral of the chlorite group
PERRIER a spring in Southern France a short mortar used formerly for throwing stone shot
PETERSHAM London locality in Richmond a rough, knotted woollen cloth, used chiefly for men's overcoats
PHOENIX the capital of Arizona a mythological bird
PIEDMONT a region between New Jersey and Alabama an area of land formed or lying at the foot of a mountain
PIMA a county in Arizona a strong cotton
PINKIE a Lothian battle site, south-east of Musselburgh the little finger
PINNER a London locality in the borough of Harrow one who impounds cattle
PODUNK the name of a river and a native tribe in Connecticut a small unimportant town
POLISH from Poland to make smooth and lustrous by rubbing
POLLY a Highland river a kind of mineral water
POMPEY a slang name for Portsmouth (Dickens) to spoil
PONTIANAC PONTIANAK a town in Borneo a naturally occurring rubber-like substance, aka JELUTONG
POPERIN POPRIN POPPERING from Poperinghe in Belgium a variety of pear
POPLAR a London district in Tower Hamlets a kind of tree
PORLOCKING Porlock is a town in Somerset an irksome intrusion or interruption [from an anecdote concerning the poet Coleridge, who claimed to have been interrupted by a person form Porlock while composing one of his poems]
PORTLAND an Isle in Dorset, south of Weymouth a kind of cement, having the color of the Portland stone
PUDSEY a West Yorkshire town near Leeds pudgy, podgy
PUEBLO a city and county of south central Colorado a communistic building erected by certain Indian tribes of Arizona and New Mexico
PULA a tonw in Croatia a currency unit of Botswana
PUNA a cold, bleak plateau of the Andes a cold Andean wind
RABAT a port and the capital of Morocco to rotate into coincidence with another plane
RAGLAN a village south-west of Monmouth a loose overcoat with large sleeves
RAMBOUILLET a town in N France a breed of sheep
RAMILIE RAMILLIE from Ramillies, site of a battle won by Marlborough a type of wig
RAPLOCH a village near Stirling, Scotland homespun; a homespun cloth
RATLING a hamlet near Aylesham, Kent any of the small lines forming the steps of the rigging of ships
RATTERY a village west of Totnes, Devon a place where rats are kept
RHINE a well known river of German a drainage channel
RHONE a region and river of France (Scots) a roof-gutter
RIALTO a district and island of Venice, with a famous bridge over the Grand Canal a theatrical district; a marketplace
RIOJA a town in N. Spain a Spanish red wine
RIVIERA a coastal district in France any warm coastal district reminiscent of the Riviera
ROKER an area of Sunderland a kind of ray or skate
ROMA the Italian name for Rome (pl.) ROM, a gypsy man
ROMAN an Essex river a metrical narrative of medieval France
ROQUEFORT a commune in southern France a kind of cheese
ROTHER a river in Kent and East Sussex an ox, a cow
ROTTWEILER an inhabitant of ROTTWEIL, in Germany a large powerful breed of dog
RUBICON a river of central Italy the winning of a game in piquet before one's opponent scores; (verb) to win in this way
RUGBY a town in England a kind of football
RUSSIA a large Eurasian country a kind of leather
RYAL a hamlet in Northumberland an old English gold coin
SAHIWAL a town in the Punjab a breed of cattle
SANTOS a Brazilian port located SE of Sao Paulo (Pl.) SANTO, a saint's image
SARGASSO a sea surrounding the Bermudas a kind of seaweed
SARK one of the Channel Islands a shirt, a chemise
SASSOLIN SASSOLITE from Sasso, an area of hot springs in Tuscany a native boric acid
SATSUMA a province of SW Japan a thin-skinned seedless type of mandarin orange
SAUTERNE a district in France a white wine
SAVOYARD from the Savoy Theatre in London a devotee of Gilbert and Sullivan operas
SAXONY a historical territory of Germany a fine soft woollen fabric
SCHIEDAM a town near Rotterdam Holland gin, made at Schiedam
SEALYHAM a locality south of Fishguard, Dyfed a kind of terrier
SEINE a river that flows through Paris to fish with a certain kind of net
SELTZER cf. Nieder-Selters near Wiesbaden in Germany a kind of mineral water
SHANGHAI a city port and municipality of China to kidnap
SHANTUNG = Shandong, a province in China a plain rough cloth of wild silk
SHASTA a mountain in California a flower of the daisy family
SHILLELAGH a village in County Wicklow, Ireland, famous for its oaks an Irish cudgel
SHIRAZ from Shiraz in Iran a variety of grape
SIENITE SYENITE from Syene in Egypt, the Greek name for Aswan a coarse-grained plutonic rock
SIENNA from Siena, a town in Italy a fine pigment made from ferruginous ochreous earth
SILESIA a part of Poland a thin twilled cotton or linen
SLOUGH a town in Berkshire, England a bog, a muddy place
SODOM a depraved city mentioned in Genesis any place notorious for vice
SOHO a seedy area of London a hunting cry
SOLFERINO a town in Lombardy, Italy a moderate purplish-red
SOMERSET a county in the west of England a somersault
SPAIN European country on the Iberian peninsula (Scots) to wean
SPEEDWELL a district of Bristol, east of city centre a small blue flower
STEENKIRK STEINKIRK From the battle of Steenkerke, 3 August 1692, in which the French won a victory over the English a neckcloth or cravat with long lace ends
STEPNEY a district of Tower Hamlets, London a spare wheel
STROUD a town in Gloucestershire a kind of coarse blanket made at Stroud
STURMER a town in Essex a kind of dessert apple developed at Sturmer
SUMATRA an island of Greater Sunda, Indonesia a short, violent squall in or near the Straits of Malacca
SURAT a city in W. India a coarse uncoloured cotton
SURREY a county of southern England a horse-drawn carriage
SWEDE an inhabitant of Sweden a kind of vegetable
SWISS from Switzerland a cotton fabric
SYRAH the ancient Persian City of Shiraz a red wine grape
TALEGGIO a town in the Lombardy region of Italy an Italian cheese
TAMWORTH a district and town of Staffordshire a kind of pig
TANAGRA a town in ancient Boeotia a kind of pottery
TANGERINE a native of Tangier on the coast of Morocco a kind of thin-skinned orange
TARA a palace and coronation site of many Irish kings a New Zealand fern
TARSUS a city in Icel province, south-eastern Turkey the part of the leg between the knee and the foot
TATTERSALL from Tattersall's, a horse market in London. a pattern of squares formed by dark lines on a light background; a cloth with this pattern
TELEMARK a town in Norway a kind of turn in skiing
TELFORD new town of Shropshire a road made of stones
TEQUILA a district of Mexico an alcoholic drink made from the agave plant
TERAI a district in India a wide-brimmed double-crowned ventilated felt hat
TEREK a river flowing into the Caspian Sea a kind of sandpiper
TEXAS the Lone Star State in the USA the uppermost structure on a steamboat
THEBES a city of ancient Boeotia, in Greece Pl. of THEBE, a monetary unit of Botswana
THORPE a common village name in northern England a village or hamlet
TILBURY a large container port in Essex a light open two-wheeled carriage
TOKAY = Tokaj, a town in Hungary a large gecko of S. Asia
TOLEDO a city in central Spain on the river Tagus a sword made at Toledo
TOLU Santiago de Tolu is a town in New Granada, Spain a fragrant balsam said to have been first brought from Santiago de Tolu
TONGA a Polynesian country in the south-west Pacific a light two-wheeled Indian vehicle
TORBANITE Torbane Hill, Bathgate, Scotland a shale, almost a coal, once mined for oil at Torbane Hill.
TRIPOLI major cities of Libya and Lebanon an earthy substance originally brought from Tripoli, used in polishing stones and metals
TRITON the largest of Neptune's moons a genus of large gastropods
TROY an ancient city of Asia Minor a system of weights
TULLE a French town in the department in Correze a delicate thin silk fabric
TUPELO a city in NE Mississippi a N. American tree
TURKEY a European country a large American bird
TURK an inhabitant of Turkey one who eagerly advocates change
TUXEDO a park in New York a dinner jacket
TWANKAY = Tong-ke or Tun-chi in China a kind of green tea
TWEED a river rising in Scotland at Tweed's Well a woven fabric
TYNE a river in the north of England (Spenser) to lose
ULSTER Northern Ireland a kind of overcoat
UTOPIA a perfect state imagined by Sir Thomas More any place imagined to be ideal
VALENCIA an autonomous region of eastern Spain a kind of woven fabric
VAUDEVILLE from vau (val) de Vire the valley of the Vire, in Normandy variety entertainment; orig a popular song with topical allusions; such songs were popular in the reigon in the 15th century.
VENETIAN from Venice a flexible window screen
VENUS the sister planet of Earth a kind of mollusc
VESUVIAN relating to Vesuvius a smoker's slow-burning match
VICHY town of France famous for its spa a kind of mineral water
VICTORIA an Australian state a kind of open carriage
VIDALIA a town in Georgia a kind of sweet onion
VIKING a sea area and weather region a sea-raider, a pirate
VIRGINIA a state in the US a type of flue-cured tobacco grown originally in Virginia
VIZSLA a town in Hungary a Hungarian breed of hunting dog
VULPINITE from Vulpino in Lombardy a granular scaly form of the mineral anhydrite
VOLTA an African lake and river a lively dance in 3/4 time
WAGGA as in Wagga Wagga, a city in NSW, Australia (Aust. sl.) a blanket
WALES a country of Britain and the UK (pl.) WALE, a weal
WALLSEND a town near Newcastle a kind of coal
WANTAGE an Oxfordshire town a deficiency, a shortage
WARSAW the capital of Poland, on the River Vistula a kind of fish
WATCHET a port on the Bristol Channel a pale blue material
WATERLOO a small town in central Belgium a decisive defeat or setback
WELSH from Wales to fail to pay a debt
WENSLEYDALE a dale in Yorkshire, England a kind of cheese
WIGAN a town in Greater Manchester, NW England a stiff plain-woven cotton
WIGHT an island, sea area and weather region a creature, a being
WINCHESTER a town in Hampshire, England a large cylindrical bottle with a narrow neck used for transporting chemicals
WOOMERA an Australian missile and rocket launch site a stick for launching a spear with greater force
WORCESTER a cathedral city on the River Severn a kind of fine wool made at Worcester
WORTHING a town in West Sussex (pp.) WORTH, to be, happen
YALE an Ivy League university in New Haven, Connecticut a mythical heraldic beast
YAPOCK YAPOK from the river Oyapok in French Guiana an amphibious opossum of South America
YOKER a suburb of Glasgow one who yokes
YORK an ancient city of England to bowl a batsman with a YORKER
ZAIRE a country in Africa a monetary unit of Zaire
ZANTE one of the Ionian islands the wood of the smoke tree
ZORGITE from Zorge in the Harz mountains a metallic copper-lead selenite
ZOUK a trendy spot in Singapore an Arab market