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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

belittler one who belittles.
boobird a person who boos.
buttinski a person given to butting in, a troublesome meddler.
buttinsky a person given to butting in, a troublesome meddler.
buzzkill someone or something that stops people from enjoying themselves.
buzzkiller someone or something that stops people from enjoying themselves.
comstocker one who engages in comstockery, self-righteous, moralizing censorship.
criticaster an inferior or petty critic.
didact a person given to lecturing or moralizing.
doctrinaire (Fr.) a person who tries to apply principle without allowance for circumstance.
doctrinairism the state of being doctrinaire.
dryasdust boring; pedantic; (noun) a boring person.
faddist a faddish person.
fogey a very conservative person.
fogeydom the state of being a fogey.
fogeyish like a fogey, very conservative.
fogeyism the ideas or conditions of a fogey.
fogie a very conservative person.
fogram a person with old-fashioned or overly conservative attitudes.
fogramite an antiquated person or thing.
fogy a very conservative person.
fogydom the state of being a fogy.
fogyish like a fogy, very conservative.
fogyism the ideas or conditions of a fogy.
formalist a person having exaggerated regard to rules or established usages.
formulist one who depends excessively on formulae.
fuddy old-fashioned, dull (noun) an old-fashioned person
fussbudget (US) one who is fussy about unimportant things.
fusspot a fussy person.
gigmanity narrow middle-class Philistinism.
godsquad evangelical Christians as a group.
grammaticaster (Arch.) a petty grammarian.
grinch someone who ruins others' enjoyment.
hairsplitter one that makes excessively fine distinctions in reasoning.
idealogue a doctrinaire adherent of an ideology.
ideologue a doctrinaire adherent of an ideology.
jobsworth a minor official, esp one who adheres rigidly to petty rules.
killjoy one who interferes with others' pleasure.
marplot (Arch.) a stupid and officious meddler whose interference compromises the success of an undertaking.
marsport (Arch.) a spoilsport.
martinet (Fr.) a strict disciplinarian.
martinetish like a martinet.
martinetism the state of being a martinet.
momus (Lat.) a satirist, a critic.
neatnik a very neat and tidy person.
nitpicker one who makes petty criticisms of minor details.
nosey inquisitive (noun) an inquisitive person
nosily (Adv.) NOSY, prying.
nosy prying (noun) a nosy person
pedant a person who parades or reveres excessively academic learning or technical knowledge.
pedantical in the manner of a pedant.
pedanticism pedantry.
pedantise to play the pedant.
pedantism pedantry.
pedantize to play the pedant.
pedantry ostentatious display of knowledge.
pernickety fussy about small details.
persnickety fussy about small details.
pharisee a self-righteous or hypocritical person.
phariseeism the state of being a pharisee, a self-righteous or hypocritical person.
pooper as in party pooper, one whose behaviour spoils another's enjoyment.
preachily (Adv.) PREACHY, given to preaching.
preachiness the quality of being preachy.
preachy given to preaching.
precisian precisianist a person excessively devoted to minute observance of rules.
priggish marked by priggism.
priggishly (Adv.) PRIGGISH, like a prig.
priggism the state of being priggish.
prissily (Adv.) PRISSY, prim, fussy.
prissiness the state of being prissy.
prissy fussy, overparticular (noun) one who is prissy
prodnose an inquisitive person; (verb) to pry, make uninvited inquiries.
prude a person of priggish or affected modesty.
purist an over-fastidious person.
puritan a member of any religious sect aspiring to special purity of doctrine or practice.
puritanic of or like a puritan.
puritanical of or like a puritan.
puritanically (Adv.) PURITANICAL, of or like a puritan.
puritanise to make a Puritan of.
puritanize to make a Puritan of.
quodlibetarian a self-satisfied, disputatious person.
snooper one who snoops.
sobersided devoid of extreme qualities such as exaggeration; sober.
sobersides a sober, dull person.
spoddy like a spod, a boring, unattractive or over-studious person.
spoilsport one who spoils the sport or pleasure of others.
tapist a red-tapist, an excessively bureaucratic person.
tightass (Coll.) an inhibited or excessively self-controlled person.
wowser (Aust. sl.) an obtrusively puritanical person.