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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abnormal not normal > ABNORMALLY; (noun) one who is abnormal > ABNORMALS.
barmie barmy dotty; also foamy > BARMIER, BARMIEST.
barminess the state of being barmy, dotty.
batshit completely mad.
battiness the state of being BATTY.
batty crazy > BATTIER, BATTIEST.
beatnik a member of the beat generation.
bedlamism anything characteristic of madness.
bedlamite an inhabitant of a madhouse; a madman.
bemad bemadden to make mad.
bestraught out of one's senses; distracted; mad.
bizarro a bizarre person > BIZARROS.
bonkers crazy. N.B. no BONKER*.
brainsick diseased in the understanding, deranged > BRAINSICKLY.
computernik a computer enthusiast.
coocoo crazy.
crackberry a BlackBerry handheld computer, particularly one used obsessively; a person who uses such a computer obsessively.
crackbrain a crazy person.
crackers crazy.
crackpot an eccentric person.
craziness the state of being CRAZY.
crazy mentally unbalanced > CRAZIER, CRAZIEST; CRAZILY; (noun) a mentally unbalanced person >CRAZIES.
cuckoo crazy.
daffy mildly DAFT > DAFFIER, DAFFIEST, DAFFILY; (noun) a daffodil.
daft silly, weak-minded, insane > DAFTER, DAFTEST; DAFTLY.
daftie a daft person.
dement dementate to deprive of reason.
demented mad > DEMENTEDLY.
dementedness the state of being DEMENTED.
derange to disorder, make mad.
detraque a (male) person who is deranged.
detraquee a (female) person who is deranged.
dippiness the state of being DIPPY.
dippy crazy, insane > DIPPIER, DIPPIEST.
ditsy amiably eccentric > DITSIER, DITSIEST.
ditsiness the state of being DITSY.
ditzy amiably eccentric > DITZIER, DITZIEST.
ditziness the state of being DITZY.
doiled (Scots) crazy, foolish.
doilt crazy, foolish > DOILTER, DOILTEST.
doolally characterized by an unbalanced state of mind [spoken form of Deolali, India, where British soldiers who had completed their tour of duty were sent to await transportation home].
dotty feeble-minded, insane; harmlessly eccentric >DOTTIER, DOTTIEST; DOTTILY.
dropout one who drops out of normal society.
eccentric one who departs from the norm.
ecofreak one who worries about the environment.
fanboy an obsessively enthusiastic fan of an element of popular culture, esp comic books or films.
fantastic a person who has fanciful ideas or indulges in wild notions.
fantastico an absurd or irrational person; an eccentric; a fantastically-dressed person >FANTASTICOES.
folie madness.
fruitcake a slightly mad person.
furioso a furious or mad person > FURIOSOS.
gadgeteer someone who delights in gadgets.
gaga in senile dotage.
geek a weirdo, a nerd. [Originally a carnival barker who attracted visitors to sideshows by biting the heads of live chickens or snakes].
geekdom the world of GEEKS.
geekery geekism the state of being a GEEK.
geekiness the quality of being GEEKY.
geeky like a GEEK, a weirdo >GEEKIER, GEEKIEST.
gonzo having a bizarre, subjective, idiosyncratic style, especially in journalism; (noun) a wild crazy person > GONZOS.
harebrained hairbrained crazy, crackpot.
headcase a person whose behaviour is violent and unpredictable, or markedly eccentric.
hippie a nonconformist.
hippiedom hippydom the world of the HIPPIE.
hippieish like a HIPPIE.
hippiness the state of being a hippy.
hippy a non-conformist; (adj.) having large hips >HIPPIER, HIPPIEST.
hippydom see HIPPIEDOM.
hyte insane.
insane mentally unsound > INSANER, INSANEST; INSANELY.
insaneness insanity; madness.
insanity the state of being insane; something utterly foolish.
kook an eccentric person; (verb) to dart in and out of sight.
kookie kooky with the qualities of a KOOK > KOOKIER, KOOKIEST; KOOKILY.
kookiness the state of being KOOKY.
loco crazy; (verb) to poison with locoweed >LOCOS or LOCOES, LOCOING, LOCOED.
looney crazy > LOONIER, LOONIEST; (coll.) a lunatic.
looniness the state of being LOONY.
loony a lunatic > LOONIES; (adj.) crazy >LOONIER, LOONIEST; LOONILY.
loopiness the state of being LOOPY.
luftmensch an impractical dreamer having no definite business or income >LUFTMENSCHEN.
lunacy insanity.
lunatic an insane person.
lunatical crazy > LUNATICALLY.
luniness the state of being LUNY.
luny loony > LUNIER, LUNIEST; (noun) a loony person >LUNIES.
mad insane > MADDER, MADDEST; MADLY; (verb) to drive mad >MADS, MADDING, MADDED.
madbrain hot-headed; rash; (noun) a mad person > MADBRAINS.
madcap a madly impulsive person.
madden to make or become mad.
maddingly in a manner to make mad.
maddish somewhat mad.
madling a mad person.
madman a man who is insane.
madness the state of being mad.
madwoman a woman who is insane.
maniac an insane person.
maniacal like a MANIAC > MANIACALLY.
mattoid a person on the borderline between sanity and insanity. [Coined by Cesare Lomroso from Italian matto, insane].
mazed crazed, confused.
meemie a hysterical person.
meshuga mad, crazy; (noun) a mad person >MESHUGAS.
meshugaas madness, foolishness > MESHUGAASEN or MESHUGASEN
meshugah meshugga meshuggah meshugge mad, crazy.
meshuggenah meshuggeneh meshuggener a fool, a crazy person.
mishegaas madness, foolishness > MISHEGAASEN.
mishegoss madness, foolishness.
moidered crazed, confused.
mooner one who abstractedly wanders or gazes about, as if moonstruck.
nerd nurd a person obsessed with computers at the expense of human interaction.
nerdiness the state of being NERDY.
nerdish nerdy.
nerdy nurdy clumsy, socially inept > NERDIER, NERDIEST.
nettie nethead a person enthusiastic about the Internet.
noisenik a rock musician who performs loud harsh music.
notionist one whose opinions are ungrounded notions.
nurdish somewhat like a NURD.
nurdy like a NURD > NURDIER, NURDIEST.
nutcase nutjob a crazy person.
nutso insane; (noun) a mad person > NUTSOS.
nutsy crazy > NUTSIER, NUTSIEST.
nutter a crazy person.
nutty crazy > NUTTIER, NUTTIEST.
oddball an eccentric person.
otaku in Japan, young computer nerds > OTAKUS.
peacenik one who demonstrates against war. [It is, of course, weird that some people should think this weird].
petrolhead a motor vehicle enthusiast.
phantasim phantasime a fantastic person.
phantast a visionary, a dreamer; a flighty impulsive person.
pixilated pixillated slightly unbalanced mentally, bemused.
poddie a user of an I-pod.
porangi (Maori) crazy.
pottiness the state of being POTTY.
potty mildly crazy > POTTIER, POTTIEST; (noun) a receptacle for urine.
pubcrawler one who engages in pub-crawls.
quixote a quixotic person.
scatterbrain a giddy heedless person.
scatterbrained having the characteristics of a SCATTERBRAIN.
scatty crazy, foolish > SCATTIER, SCATTIEST; SCATTILY.
screwball a crazy person, an eccentric.
screwy eccentric, slightly mad > SCREWIER, SCREWIEST.
sickee sickie sicko an emotionally sick person.
teched tetched crazy.
uncrazy not crazy > UNCRAZIER, UNCRAZIEST.
viewy having views considered odd or fanciful > VIEWIER, VIEWIEST.
wack crazy > WACKER, WACKEST; (noun) an eccentric, mad, or crazy person; a crackpot.
wackiness the state of being WACKY.
wacko mad, eccentric; (noun) a mad, eccentric person > WACKOS or WACKOES
wacky mad, eccentric > WACKIER, WACKIEST; WACKILY.
webhead a devoted user of the Web.
weirdie weirdy a strange person.
weirdo a strange person > WEIRDOES or WEIRDOES.
whacko mad, eccentric; (noun) a person who is whacko >WHACKOES or WHACKOS.
whacky eccentric > WHACKIER, WHACKIEST.
wifty amiably eccentric, ditsy > WIFTIER, WIFTIEST.
wiggy crazy > WIGGIER, WIGGIEST.
workaholic one who is excessively fond of work.
wowf crazy > WOWFER, WOWFEST.
yippie yippy a member of a radical political group founded in 1967 with ideals based on those of the hippies.
zany clownish, amusingly eccentric; (noun) a clown; (verb) to play the zany.