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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bowsey bowsie a mean person.
cheapskate a miserly or stingy person.
cheeseparing stingy; (noun) the act of being stingy.
chinchy stingy > CHINCHIER, CHINCHIEST.
closefisted tight, stingy.
curmudgeon an avaricious, ill-natured churlish person; a miser.
curmudgeonly like a CURMUDGEON.
fritterer one who fritters.
frugal careful with one's resource > FRUGALLY.
frugality the state of being FRUGAL.
grippy inclined to avarice > GRIPPIER, GRIPPIEST.
hoarder one who hoards.
hunks a miserly curmudgeon > HUNKSES.
ironfisted miserly.
kunjoos mean or stingy.
lickpenny an absorber or devourer of money.
luxurist one given to luxury.
mammonist mammonite one devoted to the acquisition of wealth or the service of Mammon.
meanie meany a mean person.
minginess meanness, stinginess.
mingy mean, stingy > MINGIER, MINGIEST; MINGILY.
miser one who hoards money greedily.
miserly mean, tight-fisted > MISERLIER, MISERLIEST.
muckworm a person who acquires money by mean devices; a miser.
niggard a stingy person > NIGGARDLY; (verb) to behave in a niggardly way > NIGGARDS, NIGGARDING, NIGGARDED.
niggardise niggardize niggardliness, meanness.
niggardly like a NIGGARD, stingy.
nipcheese a skinflint; a ship's purser.
parsimonious exhibiting or marked by parsimony; esp frugal to the point of stinginess > PARSIMONIOUSLY.
pennywise careful with small amounts of money.
pinchcommons a niggard with food > PINCHCOMMONSES. N.B. no PINCHCOMMON*.
pinchfist a closefisted person; a miser.
pinchgut a niggard.
pinchpenny a miserly person.
prodigal a wastrel, a spendthrift.
profuser a prodigal or spendthrift.
scattergood a spendthrift.
scrapegood a miser.
scrapepenny a miser, a skinflint.
scrimp to be overly thrifty.
scrunt (Scots) a niggard; anything stunted.
skinflint a miser; a niggard.
skinflinty stingy, like a SKINFLINT.
snoep (S. Afr.) tight-fisted.
snudge a mean, stingy person; (verb) to save in a miserly way.
spendall a spendthrift.
spender one who spends.
spendthrift one who spends his money recklessly.
splurge to spend a lot of money on.
splurger one who splurges.
squanderer one who squanders.
stinge a mean person.
stingy mean, niggardly > STINGIER, STINGIEST; STINGILY; (noun) a stinging nettle: STINGIES.
stinty niggardly > STINTIER, STINTIEST.
thrift care in husbanding one's resource.
thriftiness the state of beign THRIFTY.
tightfisted reluctant to part with money.
tightfistedness the state of being TIGHTFISTED.
tightwad a stingy person.
waster (Scots) to spend prodigally.
wasterful prodigal.
wasterfulness prodigality.
wastry wasterie wastery wastrie (Scots) prodigality.
wastrel a spendthrift.
wastrife (Scots) wastefulness.