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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adultescent an adult whose activities and interests are typically associated with youth culture.
angishore (Canadian) a weak miserable person.
antwackie old-fashioned.
asswipe (US offensive) another term for arse.
barathrum (Lat.) an insatiable extortioner or glutton; (hist.) a pit in Athens into which condemned criminals were thrown.
bastard an illegitimate child.
bastardly like a bastard; baseborn; spurious.
baster a bastard, a person conceived and born out of wedlock.
bedwetter a person who urinates in bed.
bigot a prejudiced person.
bigoted like a bigot, intolerant.
bigotedly (Adv.) BIGOTED, like a bigot, intolerant.
bleeder one that bleeds.
blinkard (Arch.) one who blinks or has weak eyes.
blusterer one who blusters.
blusterous inclined to bluster.
blusterously (Adv.) BLUSTEROUS, inclined to bluster.
blustrous (Shakesp.) inclined to bluster.
bobo a well-to-do person who holds bohemian values and leads a bourgeois life.
bolshie a leftwing person; an obstreperous person.
brownshirt a Nazi, a Fascist.
buccaneer a pirate, orig of the Spanish-American coasts; an unscrupulous adventurer; (verb) to act as a buccaneer.
buccaneerish of or like a buccaneer.
buccanier a pirate, orig of the Spanish-American coasts; an unscrupulous adventurer; (verb) to buccaneer.
bureaucrat a member of a bureaucracy.
cacafogo cacafuego a person with a fierce temper; a vain braggart.
carborexic a person who is regarded as being obsessed with reducing their carbon footprint.
carpetbagger a Northerner in the South after the American Civil War usually seeking private gain under the reconstruction governments.
carpetbaggery the actions of a carpetbagger.
chairwarmer an office holder, committee member, or employee who is inactive and ineffective.
chancer one who takes a chance.
chauvin (Fr.) one with excessive pride in his own country.
chauvinist one who is blindly patriotic.
chav (Coll.) a young working class person who wears casual sports clothes.
chavish like a chav.
chavtastic suitable for use by a chav.
chavvy like a chav.
chugger a charity worker who approaches people in the street to solicit them for regular donations.
clerkling a small clerk.
cocooner one who retreats to the private world of the family.
conchie (Coll.) a conscientious objector.
conchy (Coll.) a conscientious objector.
crachach (Welsh) Welsh people who snobbishly affect English customs, manners and speech.
crapehanger a morose, gloomy, or pessimistic person.
crookback (Shakesp.) a hunchback.
crumblies (Sl.) very old people.
crustily (Adv.) CRUSTY, covered with a crust.
crusty covered with a crust (noun) a young vagrant with matted hair
cutup a mischievous person.
daydreamer one who daydreams.
deader a dead person.
declassee of a female person, reduced or degraded in social class or status.
demic relating to a demos.
destructo (Aust. sl.) a destructive person.
dirtball a dirty or contemptible person.
dullsville a boring place where nothing happens.
dumpee the person in a relationship being dumped.
fashionist a follower or setter of fashion.
fashionista a follower or setter of fashion.
flyaway streaming, flighty; (noun) an elusive person.
footdragger one who engages in footdragging.
frenemy a person who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy.
fucker one that fucks; a general term of abuse.
fuckoff an annoying or unpleasant person.
fustianist a writer of fustian.
fustilarian (Shakesp.) a fat and slovenly person.
fustilirian (Shakesp.) a term of abuse.
fustillirian (Shakesp.) a term of abuse.
gadabout one who is always rushing around.
galere (Fr.) a group of esp undesirable people; an unpleasant situation.
gamin (Fr.) a street urchin; a precocious imp.
gapeseed anything that causes stares; or someone who stares.
gatecrasher one who attends parties uninvited.
gomer an unwanted hospital patient.
grebo a devotee of heavy metal or grunge music, with unkempt hair and clothes > GREBOS or GREBOES.
greebo an unkempt young man > GREEBOES or GREEBOS.
greedhead an avaricious person.
gurrier in Dublin, a low-class tough ill-mannered person.
gutterblood (Scots) a lowborn person.
haramda (Hinglish) an illegitimate male.
haramzada (Hinglish) an illegitimate male.
hardass (Coll.) a tough person.
hardcase a person difficult to deal with or reform.
hardface a soullessly relentless person.
hardman (Sl.) a tough, ruthless man.
hardnose a tough, unsentimental person.
hardrock (Coll.) a tough, uncompromising man.
hepster (Sl.) one who is hep, streetwise.
hireling one that works for money only.
homebird a person who is reluctant to leave their hometown or their childhood home.
horson (Shakesp.) a whoreson.
hotblood a reckless person.
hotdogger one who hotdogs, shows off.
hothead an impetuous person.
hotheaded rash, impetuous.
hotheadedly (Adv.) HOTHEADED, rash, impetuous.
hotspur a rash, hotheaded man.
hyper excitable > HYPERER, HYPEREST; (noun) an excitable person.
illegal not legal (noun) an illegal immigrant
illegally (Adv.) ILLEGAL, not legal.
infidelic of or like an infidel.
intemperant a person who is intemperate.
jingo a chauvinistic, sabre-rattling patriot.
jingoist a blindly patriotic person.
lameter (Dial.) a cripple.
lamiger (Dial.) a cripple.
lamiter (Dial.) a cripple.
lammiger (Dial.) a cripple.
landshark a person who makes inordinate profits by buying and selling land.
laodicean a person having a lukewarm attitude in religious matters.
laughingstock an object of ridicule.
leggism (Arch.) the character of a blackleg.
litterbug someone who creates litter.
louser (Irish) a mean, nasty person.
lowbrow not intellectual; (noun) an uncultivated person.
lowbrowed of vulgar tastes.
lowbrowism the state of being a lowbrow.
macho (Spanish) aggressively virile; (noun) a man of this type.
machoism the quality of being macho.
makebate (Arch.) a mischief-maker.
malignancy the state of being malignant.
malignant evil, malign (noun) a supporter of the royalist cause during the English civil war
malignantly (Adv.) MALIGNANT, evil, malign.
middlebrow a person who is moderately but not highly cultivated.
miserablist a person who appears to enjoy being depressed, esp a performer of or listener to gloomy music.
moer (S. Afr.) a despicable person; (verb) to attack someone.
mofo (US) a motherfucker.
mossback a veteran partisan; one who is so conservative in opinion that he may be likened to a stone or old tree covered with moss.
muckymuck a person who is or looks very important.
mudslinger one who engages in malicious slander intended to discredit another.
munter (Coll.) an unattractive person.
mushmouth (US) a person who slurs or mumbles in speaking.
mutha (Sl.) a motherfucker.
naff tacky (verb) to go away
naffly (Adv.) NAFF, tacky.
naffness the quality of being naff.
nailbiter someone who bites his or her nails.
neandertaler a primitive or reactionary person.
neanderthaler a primitive or reactionary person.
newwaver a member of a new wave.
niffnaff a trifle, a diminutive person; (verb) to trifle.
nimbyness adherence to the doctrine of 'not in my back-yard'.
nogoodnik a bad person.
nonentity a person or thing of no importance.
nonpartizan not partizan.
nonperson someone without the rights of a person.
nudnick (Yiddish) a dense, boring, or bothersome person.
nudnik (Yiddish) a dense, boring, or bothersome person.
nuisancer one who makes or causes a nuisance.
obsessionist someone who is obsessed by a fixed idea.
offscouring someone rejected by society.
paleocon an extremely right-wing conservative.
parroter one who simply repeats what he has heard.
partisan biased (noun) an adherent, esp a blind or unreasoning adherent, of a party or a faction
partisanly (Adv.) PARTISAN, biased.
partizan an adherent, esp a blind or unreasoning adherent, of a party or a faction.
patchery (Shakesp.) knavery.
penpusher a person whose work involves a lot of boring paperwork.
perisher (Coll.) an annoying, contemptible, or pitiable person.
philistine materialistic in outlook; uncultured; (noun) one who is materialistic in outlook.
platitudinarian one who utters platitudes.
plugugly a very ugly person.
pompier (Fr.) of art, conventional, traditional, uninspired; (noun) a conventional or imitative artist.
poobah an influential person.
popster a pop star.
pothunter someone who hunts for the pot; someone who competes merely to get trophies.
pottymouth one given to habitual use of bad language.
potzer (Ger.) an inept chess player.
prosumer an amateur user of electronic equipment suitable for professionals.
pussycat a very amenable person.
pussyfooter one who pussyfoots.
quarterdecker a stickler for naval etiquette.
raffish marked by or suggestive of flashy vulgarity or crudeness.
raffishly (Adv.) RAFFISH, cheaply or showily vulgar in appearance or nature.
ragamuffin someone, esp a child, in ragged, dirty clothes
ranga (Aust.) an offensive term for a person with red hair.
rantipole (Arch.) a wild, reckless person; (verb) to act in a wild way.
redliner one that redlines, withholds loans or insurance from certain neighbourhoods.
refusenik (Russian) a Soviet Jew wishing to emigrate; a dissident.
refusnik (Russian) a Soviet Jew wishing to emigrate.
ribald earthily sexy RIBALDLY; (noun, obs.) a menial of the lowest grade; a loose, low character
ribaldly (Adv.) RIBALD, earthily sexy.
ribaud (Spenser) a menial of the lowest grade; a loose, low character.
ringleader a leader of a ring of individuals engaged esp in improper or unlawful activities.
roadhog a selfish or aggressive driver.
rorter a spiv.
rotter a scoundrel.
roturier a plebeian, a commoner; literally, one who breaks ground.
rubberneck an over-inquisitive or gaping person; (verb) to look curiously at something.
rudesby (Shakesp.) an uncivil, turbulent fellow.
saddie a dull unsociable person.
scaremonger one who raises false alarms.
schemie (Scots) derogatory word for member of a housing scheme.
schlimazel (Yiddish) an unlucky person; one with perpetual bad luck.
schlump (Yiddish) a stoop-shouldered person (verb) to flop
scofflaw (US coll.) a person who contemptuously breaks the law.
screenager a socially inept teenager who is adept at electronic communication.
scuzzbag a dirty, disreputable person.
securocrat an important personage in the security services.
sheeple people who follow the herd blindly > SHEEPLES.
shieldling a protected person.
shillyshallier one who is indecisive.
shlimazel (Yiddish) an unlucky person.
shlump (Yiddish) a stoop-shouldered person (verb) to flop
shmucky foolish, contemptible.
shonky (Aust. sl.) unreliable, dishonest.
shortarse (Coll.) a short person.
skanger (Irish) derogatory for a young working-class person who wears casual sports clothes.
slapdash haphazard, careless; (noun) a careless person; (verb) to do in a hasty, imperfect manner.
sleazeball a sleazy person, esp one who tries to take advantage of women.
sleazoid a sleazy person.
sleeveen (Irish) a crafty, smooth-talking person.
slimebag an odious and contemptible person.
slimeball (Sl.) a disgusting person.
slob a slovenly or boorish person (verb) to behave like a slob
slumlord a landlord of slum dwellings.
slummer one who slums.
slyboots a sly person.
snollygoster a shrewd unprincipled person, esp a dishonest politician.
softie a weak or sentimental person.
softling (Arch.) a soft, effeminate person.
sonofabitch an abusive term of address or of description.
sorehead one who is disgruntled by a failure in politics, or the like.
sourpuss a bad-tempered person.
speccy wearing spectacles (noun) someone who is bespectacled
spide (Irish) a young working class man who wears casual sports clothes.
spivvery the world or the practice of spivs.
squarer (Shakesp.) a fighting, quarrelsome person.
stalko (Irish) a gentleman without fortune or occupation.
statto (Coll.) a person who is preoccupied with the facts and figures of a particular subject, esp a sport.
stercoranist a disparaging nickname given to one who holds that the consecrated elements of the Eucharist undergo digestion in and evacuation from the body of the recipient.
stinker a very unpleasant person.
stinkeroo a bad or contemptible person.
stirrer a troublemaker.
stodger a dull, unenterprising person.
stowaway a person who hides in a ship, etc to get a passage.
straggler one who straggles.
stumblebum (US) an awkward person.
sucker somoneone easily duped; (verb) to send out suckers.
superbrat a very brattish child.
sybarite a person who is self-indulgent or devoted to sensuous luxury or pleasure.
sybaritic like a sybarite, devoted to luxury.
sybaritical like a sybarite, devoted to luxury.
sybaritically (Adv.) SYBARITICAL, like a sybarite.
tagalong one who tags along, trails after someone.
tailard (Obs.) a person with a tail.
tanky a hardline communist.
tatar a ferocious person.
tatterdemalion ragged, tattered; (noun) a person in ragged clothes.
tatterdemallion ragged, tattered; (noun) a person in ragged clothes.
teenybop of or pertaining to teenyboppers. No -S.
tenderling one made tender by too much kindness.
theologaster a petty or shallow theologian.
tittish (Sl.) like a teat; contemptible.
toolie in Australia, an adult who gatecrashes the Schoolies Week celebrations, esp one who makes sexual advances towards students.
tosser (Sl.) an unpleasant or despicable person.
treachour (Obs) a traitor.
trickster one who plays tricks.
trimmer one that trims, a politician that constantly changes his views.
troublemaker a person who consciously or unconsciously causes trouble.
unperson a nonperson; (verb) to make someone into an unperson.
valetudinarian a person of weak or sickly constitution.
valetudinary a valetudinarian.
varletry (Shakesp.) the rabble, the crowd.
verbalist a person dealing in or concentrating on mere words rather than reality or meaning.
verbalistic of or like a verbalist.
vermin small, common, harmful, or objectionable animals.
vidiot a habitual undiscriminating viewer of television.
vociferant clamorous; (noun) a vociferant person.
voluptuary a sensualist; a person fond of luxury.
vulgar common (noun) the common people; one of the unrefined
vulgarian a vulgar person; one who has vulgar ideas.
vulgarly (Adv.) VULGAR, common.
whiner one who whines.
whoreson (Arch.) bastard; whore's son.
wildman a wild person.
wirepuller a person who uses private or secret influence for his own ends.
worldling a person engrossed in concerns of the present world.
worryguts (Coll.) someone who worries a lot.
worrywart a person who worries excessively.
wosbird whore's bird, whore's child, a vulgar term of abuse.
yindie a person in his or her early thirties who combines a lucrative career with non-mainstream tastes.
yupster a hipster with a professional job who seeks to climb the corporate ladder while remaining true to his ideals.