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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adoptee one who is adopted.
adoptive due to adoption; having the specified familial relation by adoption > ADOPTIVELY.
affinal related by marriage.
affine a relation by marriage > AFFINES; (adj.) related by marriage > AFFINELY.
affined related, bound by some tie.
agnate related on father's side; (noun) a relative on the father's side.
agnatic agnatical pertaining to descent by the male line of ancestors > AGNATICALLY.
agnation relationship on the father's side.
aiga ainga in Samoa, a large family, often spanning several generations.
akin related by kin.
ancestor someone from whom a person is descended, a forefather; (verb) to be an ancestor to > ANCESTORS, ANCESTORING, ANCESTORED.
ancestorial relating to ancestors.
ancestral relating to ancestors > ANCESTRALLY.
ancestress a female ancestor.
ancestry a line or body of ancestors.
atavic pertaining to a remote ancestor.
aunt a father's or mother's sister, or an uncle's wife.
aunthood the state of being an aunt.
auntie aunty a familiar name for an aunt.
auntlike like an aunt.
auntly like an aunt > AUNTLIER, AUNTLIEST.
aunty see AUNTIE.
aval pertaining to a grandparent.
avital ancestral.
avuncular suggestive of an uncle, esp. in kindliness or geniality > AVUNCULARLY.
babydaddy (US slang) the father of a child, esp a man who is not the current partner of the child’s mother.
bahu (Hindi) a daughter-in-law, especially one who lives with her husband's family when married.
beenah a form of marriage in Sri Lanka, in which the man goes to live with his wife's relatives. [Arabic binah, separate].
bespouse to marry.
beuncled having uncles. N.B. no BEUNCLE*.
bioparent a biological parent, not a step-parent.
biparental relating to or derived from two parents.
brer brother.
brother a male in relation to another person of either sex born of the same parents > BROTHERS or BRETHREN; BROTHERLY; (verb) to make a brother of; treat or address as brother > BROTHERS, BROTHERING, BROTHERED.
brotherhood the quality or state of being brothers.
brotherlike like a brother.
brotherliness the state of being BROTHERLY.
brotherly like a BROTHER.
bubbe bubbie a Jewish grandmother.
child an offspring > CHILDREN, CHILDLY; (verb) to bear a child > CHILDS, CHILDING, CHILDED.
childer children.
childless having no children.
childlessness the state of being CHILDLESS.
childly having the character of a CHILD > CHILDLIER, CHILDLIEST.
chirren (dial.) children.
cion a young member of a family, a SCION.
clan a united group of families.
clannish characteristic of a clan > CLANNISHLY.
clannishness the state of being CLANNISH.
clanship a feeling of loyalty to a clan.
clansman a member of a clan.
clanswoman a female member of a clan.
cognate related by birth > COGNATELY; (noun) someone or something descended from a common ancestor > COGNATES.
cognation relationship by blood; descent from the same original.
cohab a COHABITOR, one who cohabits.
cohabit to live together as husband and wife > COHABITS, COHABITING, COHABITED.
cohabitee one who is cohabited with.
conjugal belonging to marriage; suitable or appropriate to the marriage state or to married persons > CONJUGALLY.
connubial of or relating to marriage.
consanguine consanguineoUS of the same blood or origin; specifically, descended from the same ancestor.
coparent a joint parent; (verb) to share the parenting of > COPARENTS, COPARENTING, COPARENTED.
cousin a child of one's aunt or uncle > COUSINLY.
cousinage relationship; kinship.
cousinhood the state or condition of a cousin; also, the collective body of cousins.
cousinly like or becoming a COUSIN.
cousinry cousins collectively.
cousinship the state of being cousins.
coz a cousin > COZZES. (COZES exists from the verb COZE).
cuz a cousin > CUZZES or CUZES.
cuzzie in New Zealand, a cousin > CUZZES.
dad daddy (coll.) a father.
dalt dault a foster-child.
dam a mother esp. of an animal.
daughter a female child > DAUGHTERLY.
daughterliness the state of being DAUGHTERLY.
daughterling a small daughter.
daughterly as becomes a DAUGHTER, filial.
dault see DALT.
deuterogamist someone who remarries after a spouse's death.
deuterogamy a second marriage after the death of the first spouse.
digamist someone who remarries after a spouse's death.
digamous pertaining to a second marriage, that is, one after the death of the first wife or the first husband.
digamy the act, or state, of being twice married.
divorce to terminate the marriage contract between
divorcee a divorced woman.
divorcer one who divorces.
eme (obs.) an uncle.
enate a relation on mother's side.
enatic related on the mother's side.
endogamic relating to ENDOGAMY, marriage within the group.
endogamy marriage within one's own group.
espouse to betroth, marry.
exogamic exogamous relating to EXOGAMY.
exogamy marriage outside one's group.
faither (Scots) father.
familial characteristic of a family.
familism the tendency of a family to cohere as a group.
family a group of persons related by blood or marriage.
father a male parent > FATHERLY; (verb) to cause to exist > FATHERS, FATHERING, FATHERED.
fatherhood fathership the state of being a father.
fatherless without a father.
fatherlike like a father.
fatherliness the state of being FATHERLY.
fatherly like a FATHER.
fiance one (male) who is betrothed.
fiancee one (female) who is betrothed.
filial of or relating to an offspring > FILIALLY.
filiate to adopt as son or daughter; to establish filiation between.
filiation the relationship of a son or child to a parent, esp. to a father.
filius (Latin) a son > FILII
firstborn the first in order of birth, the eldest child.
forebear an ancestor.
forefather a male ancestor.
foremother a female ancestor.
fosterling a foster child.
fra (Ital.) brother > FRAS.
fraternal belonging to a brother or brethren > FRATERNALLY.
genetrix a mother; a female ancestor > GENETRIXES or GENETRICES.
genitor one who begets; an originator.
genitrix a mother; a female ancestor > GENITRICES or GENITRIXES.
gens an ancient Rome a clan including several families descending from a common ancestor > GENTES.
german of the first degree, full (see brother, cousin); (noun) a full brother or sister; a near relative.
godchild one whom a person sponsors at baptism.
goddaughter a female GODCHILD.
godfather a male GODPARENT; (verb) to be a godfather to > GODFATHERS, GODFATHERING, GODFATHERED.
godmother a female GODPARENT; (verb) to act as a godmother > GODMOTHERS, GODMOTHERING, GODMOTHERED.
godparent a person who, at baptism, guarantees a child's religious education.
godson a male GODCHILD.
goel the avenger of blood among the Hebrews, the next of kin whose job it was to hunt down a murderer.
gogo (South African) a grandmother.
goodsire gudesire gutcher a grandfather.
gramp grampa (coll.) a grandfather.
grampy (coll.) a grandfather.
gran (coll.) a grandmother.
grandad granddad grandaddy granddaddy a grandfather.
grandam grannam grandamE a grandmother.
grandaunt the aunt of one's father or mother.
grandbaby an infant grandchild.
grandchild the child of one's son or daughter.
granddad see GRANDAD.
granddam an animal grandmother.
grandfather the father of one's mother or father > GRANDFATHERLY.
grandkid (coll.) a grandchild.
grandma grandmama grandMAMMA a grandmother.
grandmother the mother of one's mother or father > GRANDMOTHERLY.
grandniece the granddaughter of one's brother or sister.
grandpa grandpapa a grandfather.
grandsir grandsire a grandfather.
grandson a son of one's son or daughter.
granduncle a father's or mother's uncle.
granfer grandfather.
grannam see GRANDAM.
granny (coll.) a grandmother.
grannyish like a granny.
gudesire see GOODSIRE.
gutcher see GOODSIRE.
hetaerism hetairism concubinage; a system of communal marriage.
hetairismic relating to HETAIRISM.
hetairist an advocate of HETAIRISM, concubinage.
hubby (coll.) a husband.
husband a man to whom a woman is married > HUSBANDLY; (verb) to spend wisely > HUSBANDS, HUSBANDING, HUSBANDED.
husbandless without a husband.
husbandly of or like a HUSBAND.
hymenaeal hymenaean hymenean of or relating to marriage.
hymeneal of or relating to marriage > HYMENEALLY; (noun) a marriage-hymn.
hypergamy the marriage of a man to a woman of lower status.
interclan between clans.
kin one's relations.
kindred relationship by blood.
kindredness relatedness by kinship.
kindredship relatedness by kinship.
kinfolk kinsfolk people related to one.
kinless without kin.
kinred (Spenser) kindred.
kinsfolk see KINFOLK.
kinship relationship.
kinsman a male relative.
kinswoman a female relative.
levirate the ancient Hebrew custom of compulsory marriage with a childless brother's widow.
leviratic leviratical relating to LEVIRATE.
leviration levirate marriage or marriages.
lignage lineage.
lineage direct descent from an ancestor.
lynage lineage.
ma (coll.) mother.
madre (Spanish) mother.
mam (coll.) mother.
mama (coll.) mother.
mammie mammy a child's name for mamma, mother.
marital relating to marriage.
marriage the legal union of a man and woman.
married a married person > MARRIEDS.
marrier one who marries.
marry to enter into marriage.
mater (Latin) mother > MATERS or MATRES.
materfamilias the mother or female head of family > MATRESFAMILIAS or MATERFAMILIASES.
maternal pertaining to a mother > MATERNALLY.
matriclinic matroclinic more like the mother than the father.
matrifocal in anthropology, focused on the mother.
matrilineal descended in the mother's line > MATRILINEALLY.
matriliny descent reckoned through the mother.
matrimony the rite or institution of marriage; the action of marrying.
matroclinic see MATRICLINIC.
mesalliance a marriage with a person thought to be of inferior social position; an unsuitable union.
metapelet a woman acting as a foster-mother to children on a kibbutz > METAPLOT.
minnie (coll.) mother > MINNIES.
mokopuna (Maori) a grandchild or young person > MOKOPUNAS.
mom (coll.) mother.
momma (coll.) mother.
monandry marriage to only one man at a time.
monogamic pertaining to, or involving, MONOGAMY.
monogamy marriage with one person at a time.
monogynist one who practises MONOGYNY, having only one wife at a time.
monogyny having only one wife at a time.
morganatic relating to a marriage between people of unequal rank (latterly only where one is of a reigning or mediatized house), the marriage being valid, the children legitimate, but unable to inherit the higher rank.
mother a female parent; a slimy mass of bacteria that oxidizes alcohol into acetic acid > MOTHERY; (verb) to give birth to > MOTHERS, MOTHERING, MOTHERED.
motherly maternal.
mumsy mummy > MUMSIES.
nan nana nanna nanny a grandmother.
nannyish like a grandmother, overprotective.
naunt an aunt.
nephew a son of one's brother or sister.
ngati (Maori) a tribe or clan > NGATIS.
niece a daughter of one's brother or sister.
nonfamily something that is not a family.
nonkin those who are not kin.
novercal of or pertaining to a stepmother. [L. noverca, stepmother].
nuncle an uncle.
oe oy oye a grandchild.
octuplet one of eight (children or animals) born at one birth.
offspring a child or children; progeny.
oma (German) a grandmother.
opa (German) a grandfather.
oom (S. Afr.) an uncle.
orphan to deprive of both parents.
orphanhood the state of being an ORPHAN.
orphanism the state of being an orphan, orphanhood.
ouma (S. Afr.) a grandmother.
oupa (S. Afr.) a grandfather.
oy see OE.
oye see OE.
pantagamy marriage in which all spouses are held in common; free love.
papa (coll.) a father.
parent someone who begets or brings forth offspring; (verb) to exercise the functions of a parent (a father or mother) > PARENTS, PARENTING, PARENTED.
parentage descent from parents, extraction.
parental pertaining to a parent > PARENTALLY.
pater (Lat.) father.
paterfamilias the head of the family > PATRESFAMILIAS or PATERFAMILIASES.
paternal pertaining to a father > PATERNALLY.
paternity fatherhood.
patrifocal centred on the father.
patrilineal descended in the father's line > PATRILINEALLY.
patriliny descent reckoned through the father.
pedigree an ancestral lineage > PEDIGREES, PEDIGREED. [OF. pie de grue, cran'es foot. A genealogical chart was thought to resemble this].
pedigreed having a PEDIGREE.
pere (Fr.) father > PERES.
phratral phratric relating to a PHRATRY, a clan or tribe.
phratry a clan or tribe. [Gk. phratria].
polyandry marriage to several men at the same time.
polygamy marriage to more than one person at a time.
polygynist one who practises POLYGYNY, marriage to several women.
polygyny marriage to several women.
pop poppa (coll.) papa > POPPAS.
primigravida a first-born > PRIMIGRAVIDAS or PRIMIGRAVIDAE.
primogenitor the earliest ancestor; an ancestor or a forefather.
progenitress progenitrix a female parent or ancestor.
progeny offspring.
proposita a woman from whom a line of descent is traced > PROPOSITAE.
propositus an individual to whom the family relationships of others are reckoned; spec. (a) Med. the first member of a family to be investigated by a researcher; (b) Law a testator when making a will > PROPOSITI.
punalua (Hawaii) the marriage of brothers of one family to sisters of another > PUNALUAS.
punaluan (Hawaii) pertaining to PUNALUA.
quad quadruplet one of four (children or animals) born at one birth.
quin quintuplet one of five (children or animals) born at one birth.
relative in relation to > RELATIVELY; (noun) one who is connected with another by blood or marriage > RELATIVES.
rellie (Aust. sl.) a relatives.
rello (Aust. sl.) a relative > RELLOS.
scion a young member of a family.
sept a division of a tribe; a clan.
septuplet one of seven (children or animals) born at one birth.
seyen (Shakesp.) a scion.
sib sibb sybbe a blood relation.
sibling a person who has both parents in common with oneself.
sibship kinship.
sien sient syen a SCION.
sire a fatehr, esp. of a horse or other animal; (verb) to beget.
sister a female sibling; (verb) to be a sister to; to call sister.
sisterhood the state of being a sister.
sisterless without a sister.
sisterlike like a sister.
sisterliness the state of being SISTERLY.
sisterly of or resembling a sister.
son a male offspring, SONLY.
sonhood the state of being a son.
sonless being without a son.
sonlike like a son.
sonly pertaining to a son > SONLIER, SONLIEST
sonny (coll.) a son.
sonship the state of being a son.
sororal pertaining to sisters > SORORALLY.
sororate the marriage of a man to his wife's sister.
sororial pertaining to sisters > SORORIALLY.
sororise soroize to associate in a sisterly way.
sorority sisterhood; in America, a club of college girls.
spousage marriage.
spousal the state of being married > SPOUSALLY.
spouse to betroth, marry > SPOUSES, SPOUSING, SPOUSED.
spouseless without a spouse, unmarried.
stepbairn a stepchild.
stepbrother a son of one's stepparent by a former partner.
stepchild a wife's or husband's but not one's own child, daughter or son.
stepdad a stepfather.
stepdame a STEPMOTHER.
stepdaughter a daughter of one's wife or husband by a former partner.
stepfamily a family acquired by a second marriage.
stepfather the husband of one's mother when distinct from one's natural or legal father.
stepmother the wife of one's father when distinct from one's natural or legal mother.
stepmotherly like a STEPMOTHER.
stepmum a stepmother.
stepparent a person who is a stepmother or stepfather.
stepparenting parenting by a STEPPARENT.
stepsister a daughter of one's stepparent by a former partner.
stepson a son of one's spouse by a former marriage.
stirp a branch of a family; pedigree.
stirps a branch of a family; pedigree > STIRPES. [L. stirps, stock, stem].
subclan a division of a clan.
sybbe see SIB.
syen see SIEN.
taata in East Africa, a father.
tipuna tupuna (Maori) an ancestor.
tittie titty a sister.
tribe a set of people theoretically of common descent; an aggregate of families.
tribal related to a TRIBE > TRIBALLY; (noun) a member of an aboriginal tribe of India > TRIBALS.
tribesman a (male) member of a TRIBE.
tribeswoman a (female) member of a TRIBE.
tribespeople people belonging to a TRIBE.
trigamist one who has been married three times; also, one who has three husbands or three wives at the same time.
trigamous of the nature of, involving or living in TRIGAMY.
trigamy the state of being married to three spouses.
trilling one child of triplets.
trin a triplet by birth.
triplet one of three (children or animals) born at one birth.
tupuna see TIPUNA.
twin either of two born at a single birth.
twinborn one of twins.
twinling a young or little twin, especially a twin lamb.
twinship the condition or relation of a twin.
unakin not akin.
unchild to bereave of children; to make childless.
uncle one's mother's or father's brother, or an aunt's husband; (verb) to address as uncle > UNCLES, UNCLING, UNCLED.
uncleship the office or position of an uncle.
unfathered having no father; fatherless; hence, born contrary to nature.
unfatherly not FATHERLY.
unfilial unsuitable to a son or a daughter > UNFILIALLY.
unilineal tracing descent through the paternal or maternal line only.
unmotherly not MOTHERLY.
unparented having no parent, or no acknowledged parent.
unwed not wed.
unwedded not wedded.
unwive to deprive of a wife.
uxorial of or relating to a wife > UXORIALLY.
viduage widowhood; widows collectively.
vidual pertaining to VIDUAGE, widowhood.
viduity widowhood.
wed to marry.
wedlock the state of being married.
whakapapa (Maori) a family tree.
whanau (Maori) a family, esp an extended one > WHANAUS.
wife a woman who has a husband > WIVES, WIFELY; (verb) to take to wife > WIFES, WIFING, WIFED.
wifedom the state of being a wife.
wifehood wivehood the state of being a wife.
wifeless having no wife.
wifelike of, pertaining to, or like, a wife or a woman.
wifeliness the state of being WIFELY.
wifely like a WIFE.
wifey an endearment for wife > WIFEYS.
wifie an endearment for WIFE > WIFIES.
wive to take for a wife; to become the wife of > WIVES, WIVING, WIVED.
wivehood see WIFEHOOD.
zaida zaideh zaidy zeda (Yiddish) a grandfather.