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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

babblative given to babbling, loquacious.
babble to talk incessantly, to divulge secrets.
babblement babbling, indiscreet gossip.
backbiter one who engages in malicious gossip.
bavardage small talk or chitchat; idle chatter.
bizzo irrelevant talk > BIZZOS.
blab to talk idly; to tell tales.
blabber to talk foolishly or indiscreetly, reveal secrets.
blabbermouth an indiscreetly talkative person.
blabby tending to BLAB > BLABBIER, BLABBIEST.
blather to talk loquacious nonsense.
blatherer one who BLATHERS.
blellum (Scots) an idle boring chatterer.
blether to talk loquacious nonsense.
bletherer one who BLETHERS, talks loquacious nonsense.
blither to talk loquacious nonsense.
bloviate to orate verbosely or windily.
bloviation long-winded speech.
burbler one who burbles.
busybody one who minds other people's business; (verb) to act like a busybody.
bytalk small talk, gossip.
cagmag to chat idly.
carrytale a gossip, a sneak.
chat to converse informally.
chatter to talk rapidly and trivially.
chatterer one who chatters.
chattery full of chatter.
chattiness the state of being CHATTY.
chinwag a talk, a gossip; (verb) to gossip.
chitchat gossip; (verb) to gossip.
claver gossip; (verb) to gossip.
clishmaclaver (Scots) gossip.
confab familiar talk or conversation; (verb) to converse, gossip.
coze to chat. [Fr. causer].
cummer kimmer (Scots) a gossipy woman.
craic (Irish) pleasant conversation.
dicacious talkative; pert; saucy. [L. dicax, sarcastic].
earbash to talk to someone loudly and at length.
earbasher one who EARBASHES.
flaneur a lounger, gossiper; an idle man-about-town.
gab to chatter.
gabber a chatterbox.
gabbiness the state of being GABBY, loquacious.
gabble to chatter or talk inarticulately.
gabblement gabbling.
gabbler one who gabbles.
gabby loquacious > GABBIER, GABBIEST.
gabnash (Scots) chatter, prattle.
gadder one who roves about idly, a rambling gossip.
garrulous talkative.
gasbag a talkative person; (verb) to talk at length > GASBAGS, GASBAGGING+, GASBAGGED+.
gossip to run about telling idle or malicious tales > GOSSIPS, GOSSIPING or GOSSIPPING, GOSSIPED or GOSSIPPED; GOSSIPY, GOSSIPINGLY+.
gossiper gossipper one who gossips, a gossip.
gossipmonger one who spreads gossip.
gossipper see GOSSIPER.
gossipy full of, or given to, gossip > GOSSIPIER, GOSSIPIEST
gup gossip, prattle.
jabber to talk rapidly.
jabberer one who jabbers.
jaw to talk at length.
jawing long talk > JAWINGS.
kimmer see CUMMER.
loquacious talkative.
loquacity talkativeness.
macrology much talk with little to say.
mag to tease or chatter.
muckraker one who spreads defamatory gossip.
nashgab (Scots) prattle, chatter.
natter to chatter.
natterer one who natters.
newsmonger a person who deals in news; a gossip.
palaver to talk profusely or idly.
prate to talk foolishly or sententiously.
prater one who prates.
pratingly with idle talk.
prattle to talk at length about nothing in particular.
prattlebox a prattler, a chatterbox.
prattler one who prattles.
prattlingly in a prattling manner.
quidnunc one who seeks to know all the latest news or gossip, a busybody. [L. quid nunc, literally 'What now?'].
rattlebrain a shallow, voluble, volatile person.
rawmaish (Irish) foolish or dissolute talk.
rumormonger one who spreads rumours.
scandalmonger one who spreads scandal.
schmoos schmoose schmooz schmooze shmoose shmooze to chat in a friendly way.
schmoozer shmoozer one who SCHMOOZES.
schmoozy shmoozy gossipy > SCHMOOZIER, SCHMOOZIEST.
scuttlebutt (slang) rumour, gossip.
spintext a long-winded clergyman.
stickybeak (Aust. sl.) a Nosey Parker; (verb) to pry > STICKYBEAKS, STICKYBEAKING+, STICKYBEAKED+.
sweetiewife a garrulous person > SWEETIEWIVES.
talebearer a gossip, a sneak.
talkative given to talking.
talkativeness the state of being talkative.
talkiness talkativeness.
talky talkative.
tatler tattler an indiscreet talker, a gossip.
tattle to talk idly esp. to tell secrets.
tittle to tattle.
tonguester one who uses his tongue; a talker; a story-teller; a gossip.
twaddle to prate; to talk much and idly; to gabble.
twaddler one who talks twaddle.
twaddly talking in a weak and silly way > TWADDLIER, TWADDLIEST.
twattle to prate; to talk much and idly; to gabble.
twattler one who twattles.
waffle to talk at length to little purpose.
waffler one who waffles.
waffly given to waffling > WAFFLIER, WAFFLIEST.
windbag a long-winded person.
wongi to talk or chat > WONGIS, WONGIING, WONGIED.
yack persistent or idle talk; (verb) to talk persistently.
yak to talk persistently > YAKS, YAKKING, YAKKED.
yenta yente (Yiddish) a gossipy woman, esp. one who pries.