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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

beau (Fr.) a lover; a boyfriend.
beauish like a beau, foppish.
buckish dandified; foppish.
buckishly (Adv.) BUCKISH, dandified.
coxcombic foppish, vain.
coxcombical foppish, vain.
coxcombicality the state of being coxcombical.
coxcombically (Adv.) COXCOMBICAL, foppish, vain.
coxcomical foppish, vain.
dandiacal inclined to be a dandy.
dandify to make dandyish.
dandyish like a dandy.
dandyishly (Adv.) DANDYISH, like a dandy.
dandyism the character, style, or manners of a dandy.
dressily (Adv.) DRESSY, showy in dress.
dressiness the state of being dressy.
dressy showy in dress.
dude a fop or dandy; (verb) to dress flashily.
dudism dressing up like a dude, flashily.
fallalery foppishness.
fallalish like a fallal, foppish.
fallalishly (Adv.) FALLALISH, foppish.
fashionmonger a fop.
fashionmonging (Shakesp.) behaving like a fop.
fopling a petty fop.
foppery the behavior, dress, or other indication of a fop.
foppish foplike; characteristic of a fop in dress or manners.
foppishly (Adv.) FOPPISH, characteristic of a fop in dress or manners.
foppishness the state of being foppish.
gussie to put one's best clothes on.
gussy as in to gussy up, to put one's best clothes on.
knut a swell, a dandy.
lairise (Aust. sl.) to act the lair (a flashily dressed man).
lairize (Aust. sl.) to act the lair (a flashily dressed man).
lairy flashily dressed.
masher a dandy frequenting music halls etc.; a beau, a lady-killer.
modist a slavish follower of fashion.
pachuco (Spanish) a flashy Mexican-American youth.
peacockery vain ostentation.
phantastic a dandy, a fop.
phantastry dandyism.
soigne (Fr.) well cared for, well groomed.
soignee (Fr.) well cared for, well groomed.
swelldom the fashionable world.
swellish foppish, dandified.
tippy (Sl.) in the height of fashion.
toff a dandy.
toffish like a toff; posh.
toffishness the state of being toffish.
tonish modish; fashionable.
tonishly (Adv.) TONISH, modish; fashionable.
tonishness the state of being tonish, modish.
tonnish modish; fashionable.
tonnishly (Adv.) TONNISH, in the tone, modish.
tonnishness the state of being tonnish, modish.
zooty flashy, i.e. in dress.