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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

addlepated muddleheaded.
agrestic of or relating to the fields or country, rustic, uncouth.
analphabet an illiterate; one who doesn't know the alphabet or the basics of something.
analphabete an illiterate; one who doesn't know the alphabet or the basics of something.
archfool a complete fool.
asinico (Shakesp.) a stupid fellow.
asininity stupidity.
backwoodsman a provincial, a country bumpkin.
bammer an idiot, fool.
bampot (Scots) an idiot, fool.
barmpot an idiot, fool.
bedunce to make a dunce of.
beetlebrain a heavy stupid person.
beetlebrained stupid.
beetlehead a heavy stupid person.
beetleheaded like a beetlehead, stupid.
berk (Coll.) a fool.
birdbrained simple-minded.
blert (Coll.) a foolish person.
blockhead a stupid person.
blockheaded stupid.
blockheadedly (Adv.) BLOCKHEADED, stupid.
blockheadedness the state of being blockheaded.
blockish like a block; stupid, dull.
blockishly (Adv.) BLOCKISH, like a block; stupid, dull.
blockishness the state of being blockish.
bonehead a stupid person.
boneheaded stupid.
boneheadedness the state of being boneheaded.
boobish doltish.
booboisie boobs as a class; the general public regarded as consisting of boobies.
boobyish stupid; dull.
boobyism being like a booby.
boofhead (Aust. sl.) a stupid person.
boofy muscular and strong but stupid.
borel (Arch.) rustic, clownish; (noun) a boring tool.
borrel (Arch.) rustic, clownish.
borrell (Arch.) rustic, clownish.
brainless without brains.
brainlessly (Adv.) BRAINLESS, without brains.
brainlessness the state of being brainless.
brainsickness the state of being brainsick.
bucolic of or relating to shepherds or herdsmen, pastoral (noun) a pastoral poet, a rustic
bucolically (Adv.) BUCOLIC, rustic.
bufflehead one who has a large head; a heavy, stupid fellow.
buffoon a clown.
buffoonery foolish or playful behavior.
buffoonish like a buffoon.
bumpkin a rustic, a yokel a spar projecting from the stern of a ship
bumpkinish like a bumpkin.
bumpkinly like a bumpkin.
burk (Coll.) a fool.
butthead a stupid person.
capocchia (Shakesp.) a simpleton.
carl a rude, rustic man; a churl.
carle a rude, rustic man; a churl.
carlish (Arch.) churlish.
charley a credulous or inefficient person.
charlie a credulous or inefficient person.
chawbacon a bumpkin, a hick.
chipochia (Shakesp.) a simpleton.
chowderhead a foolish person.
chowderheaded like a chowderhead, foolish, simple.
chucklehead a foolish person.
chuckleheaded of or like a chucklehead, foolish.
chuff gruff (verb) to make a series of puffing sounds
churlishly (Adv.) CHURLISH, incivil.
clarthead a slow-witted person.
clodhopper a clumsy, awkward fellow; a strong, heavy work shoe.
clodly in a stupid fashion.
clodpate a combination of a clod and a blockhead.
clodpated stupid, doltish.
clodpole a simpleton.
clodpoll a simpleton.
clotpoll (Shakesp.) a fool.
clouter one who clouts, mends and botches.
clouterly like a clouter, clownish.
cokes a simpleton.
coof (Scots) a lout, a dolt.
cretin a person afflicted with cretinism.
cretinise to make into a cretin.
cretinize to make into a cretin.
cretinoid resembling a cretin; (noun) someone resembling a cretin.
cretinous like a cretin.
crumbum a foolish or despicable person.
culchie (Irish) rustic (noun) a rustic, a country labourer
daffily (Adv.) DAFFY, daft.
daffiness the state of being daffy.
daffy daft (noun, coll.) a daffodil
daftie a simpleton.
daftness the quality of being daft.
damfool stupid; (noun) a stupid person.
dawbake (Dial.) a slow-witted person.
dawney (Irish) dull or slow.
desipience foolishness, trifling.
desipient playing the fool; trifling.
dickhead a foolish person.
dimbo an unintelligent person > DIMBOS or DIMBOES.
dimmish not very intelligent.
dimwit a person of low intelligence.
dimwitted stupid.
dingbat (Aust. sl.) a fool.
dipshit a stupid person.
dipstick a stupid person.
ditz a silly person.
dizzard (Obs.) a blockhead.
dodderer one who dodders.
doddipoll (Obs.) a blockhead.
doddypoll (Obs.) a blockhead.
dodoism a stupid remark.
dof (S. Afr.) stupid.
dolt a heavy, stupid fellow.
doltish like a dolt.
doltishly (Adv.) DOLTISH, like a dolt.
doltishness the state of being doltish.
donnard (Scots) stupid, dull-witted.
donnart (Scots) stupid, dull-witted.
donnerd (Scots) stupid, dull-witted.
donnered (Scots) stupid, dull-witted.
donnert (Scots) stupid, dull-witted.
donsy (Gaelic) unlucky; sickly.
doofus a fool.
dopey foolish.
dopeyness the state of being dopey.
dopily (Adv.) DOPY, foolish.
dopiness the state of being dopy.
dopy foolish.
dorb (Aust. sl.) a stupid or inept person.
dorba (Aust. sl.) a stupid or inept person.
dork an idiot, an object of contempt; the penis.
dorkiness the state of being dorky.
dorkish idiotic, like a dork.
dorky (Sl.) idiotic, contemptible.
dotant (Shakesp.) one who dotes, a dotard.
dotard one in his dotage.
dotardly like a dotard, one in his dotage.
dotish foolish; weak; imbecile.
dottily (Adv.) DOTTY, feebleminded.
dottiness the state of being dotty.
dovie (Scots) stupid.
drippily (Adv.) DRIPPY, silly, inane.
drippy silly, inane.
driveler one who drivels.
driveller one who drivels.
drongo any member of the family Dicruridae, glossy-black fork-tailed insect-catching birds of the Old World tropics; (Aust. sl.) an idiot.
dubbo (Aust. sl.) a stupid person.
dufus a fool.
dullard a dolt.
dumb stupid (verb) to make dumb
dumbhead a fool.
dumbo (Coll.) a dimwit > DUMBOS.
dumbshit (Sl.) a stupid person.
dummelhead (Dial.) a stupid person.
dummkopf (Ger.) a stupid person.
dunce a person regarded as stupid.
duncedom the realm or domain of dunces.
duncelike like a dunce.
duncery dullness; stupidity.
duncical like a dunce.
duncish somewhat like a dunce.
duncishly (Adv.) DUNCISH, somewhat like a dunce.
dunderhead a dunce; a numskull; a blockhead.
dunderheaded of or like a dunderhead.
dunderheadism being a dunderhead.
dunderpate a dunce; a numskull; a blockhead.
dweeb (US sl.) a fool, a nerd.
dweebish like a dweeb, a fool, a nerd.
dweeby like a dweeb.
eejit (Coll.) an idiot.
etourdi (Fr.) foolish, thoughtless (of a male).
etourdie (Fr.) foolish, thoughtless (of a female).
fadaise (Fr.) an obvious or silly remark.
fatbrained (Shakesp.) stupid.
fathead a dolt.
fatheaded stupid.
fatheadedly (Adv.) FATHEADED, stupid.
fatheadedness the state of being fatheaded.
fatuitous stupid, fatuous.
fatuity weakness or imbecility of mind.
fatuous silly; purposeless.
fatuously (Adv.) FATUOUS, silly; purposeless.
fatuousness the state of being fatuous.
featherbrain a foolish scatterbrained person.
featherbrained foolish.
featherhead an empty-headed person.
featherheaded foolish, empty-headed.
feebleminded mentally deficient.
feeblemindedly (Adv.) FEEBLEMINDED, mentally deficient.
fon (Obs.) a fool (verb) to fool, be foolish
fonly foolishly, fondly.
fool a person lacking in wisdom, judgement or sense; (verb) to deceive.
foolbegged (Shakesp.) foolish enough to be begged for a fool (in allusion to the custom of seeking the administration of a lunatic's estate as one's own).
foolery the practice of folly; the behavior of a fool.
foolish silly.
foolishly (Adv.) FOOLISH, silly.
foolishness the state of being foolish.
footle to speak or act foolishly.
footler one who footles.
fuckface a contemptibly stupid person.
fuckhead a contemptibly stupid person.
fuckwit a very stupid person.
gaby (Dial.) a simpleton.
ganderism foolish behaviour, as suited to a gander.
gaumless (Scots) stupid; witless; vacant.
gaupus (Dial.) a silly person.
gawmoge a clownish person.
gawpus (Dial.) a silly person.
git a stupid person; (verb) to get.
glaiket (Scots) giddy, foolish.
glaiketness the quality of being glaiket, giddy, foolish.
glaikit (Scots) giddy, foolish.
glaikitness the quality of being glaikit, giddy, foolish.
gobshite (Vulg.) a fool.
gomeral (Scots) a simpleton.
gomerel (Scots) a simpleton.
gomeril (Scots) a simpleton.
goofily (Adv.) GOOFY, foolish.
goofiness the state of being goofy.
goofus a foolish or stupid person.
goofy foolish, stupid; (of teeth) protruding.
goop a fool, a fatuous person.
goosey a goose, a blockhead.
goosiness the state of being goosy, simpleminded.
goosy like a goose (noun) a goose, a blockhead
gormless stupid, witless, vacant.
gouk (Scots) a cuckoo; a fool, an April fool.
gowk (Scots) a cuckoo, a fool.
gullish foolish; stupid.
gump a complete nitwit; (verb) to catch fish with the bare hands, to guddle.
gunsel (US sl.) a stupid youth; a gunman.
halfwit an idiot.
halfwitted feebleminded.
halfwittedly (Adv.) HALFWITTED, feebleminded.
halfwittedness the state of being halfwitted.
haverel (Scots) a foolish person.
hawbuck a bumpkin.
hayseed a country bumpkin.
hick characteristic of rural people (noun) a person from the country, a yokel
hickish like a hick, rustic.
hillbilly a simple rustic, a yokel.
himbo a male bimbo.
hobbish clownish.
humdrum a stupid fellow; monotony.
idiocy the state of being an idiot.
idiot a mentally deficient person.
idiotcy the state of being an idiot.
idiotic relating to or like an idiot.
idiotical relating to or like an idiot.
idiotically (Adv.) IDIOTICAL, common; simple.
idioticalness the state of being idiotical.
idiotish like an idiot.
ignaro (Arch.) an ignorant person.
ignoramus an ignorant person.
ignorant not knowing things (noun) an ignorant person
ignorantly (Adv.) IGNORANT, not knowing.
imbecile feebleminded (noun) a mentally deficient person
imbecilely (Adv.) IMBECILE, mentally deficient.
imbecilic like an imbecile.
imbecilically (Adv.) IMBECILIC, like an imbecile.
imbecility the state of being an imbecile.
ingram (Obs.) ignorant; (noun) an ignorant person.
ingrum (Obs.) ignorant; (noun) an ignorant person.
insipience (Arch.) a lack of intelligence.
insipient wanting wisdom; foolish.
insipiently (Adv.) INSIPIENT, wanting wisdom; foolish.
insulse lacking wit, dull.
insulsity stupidity.
jaap (S. Afr.) a simpleton or country bumpkin.
jackassery being a jackass.
jobernowl a stupid person.
jolterhead (Arch.) a clumsy oaf, a blockhead.
jolthead (Arch.) a clumsy oaf, a blockhead.
joskin (Sl.) a clown, yokel.
juggins a simpleton.
jughead an idiot, a fool.
kerky stupid.
knobhead (Sl.) a stupid person.
knothead a stupid person.
knucklehead a chump.
knuckleheaded of or like a knucklehead.
lamebrain an unintelligent person.
lamebrained unintelligent.
loggerheaded like a loggerhead or dunce.
looby awkward, lubberly; (noun) a foolish person.
lummox a fat, ungainly, stupid person.
lunk a stupid person.
lunkhead a fool, a blockhead.
lunkheaded stupid, like a lunkhead.
maffled (Coll.) mentally confused.
mafflin a simpleton.
maffling a simpleton.
mampara (S. Afr.) a foolish person, an idiot.
meathead (US sl.) a stupid person.
meathead (US sl.) a stupid person.
meff (dial.) a stupid or worthless person; a tramp.
mooncalf a simpleton, a blockhead.
moonily (Adv.) MOONY, dreamy.
moonstruck simpleminded, as if affected by the moon.
moony moonlit, dreamy (noun) a noodle
moria (Greek) folly, foolishness.
moron a mentally deficient person.
moronism the condition of being a moron.
moronity the condition of being a moron.
muddlehead a muddled, confused, or foolish person.
muffish stupid; awkward.
muggins a fool, a sucker, esp used facetiously to refer to oneself as such.
muppet (Coll.) a stupid person.
muttonhead a heavy, stupid person.
nana (Aust. sl.) an idiot, a fool.
nerk a fool, an idiot.
niaiserie (Fr.) simplicity; foolishness.
nickumpoop a fool; a silly or stupid person.
nicompoop a fool; a silly or stupid person.
nincom (Short for) nincompoop.
nincompoop a fool; a silly or stupid person.
nincompoopery the state of being a nincompoop.
nincum (Short for) nincompoop.
ninny a foolish person.
ninnyhammer a ninny, a foolish person.
ninnyish characteristic of a ninny; foolish.
nitwit a stupid person.
nitwitted stupid.
nitwittedness the state of being nitwitted.
nitwittery the state of being a nitwit.
noddy easy to understand (noun) a simpleton
nong (Aust. sl.) a fool, an idiot.
nonny a silly fellow.
noodledom the state of being a blockhead.
numbhead a stupid person; dolt; blockhead.
numbnut an idiot.
numbnuts an idiot.
numbskull a stupid person.
numbskulled stupid, doltish.
numpkin a stupid person.
numpty (Scots) an idiot.
numskull a stupid person.
numskulled stupid; doltish.
oanshagh (Irish) a foolish woman or girl.
obtuse stupid.
obtusely (Adv.) OBTUSE, stupid.
obtusity obtuseness.
omadhaun (Irish) a fool, idiot, simpleton.
outfool to exceed in folly.
oxhead a dolt, a blockhead.
patsy a person who is ridiculed, deceived, blamed, or victimized.
peabrain a stupid person.
pigsconce a blockhead.
pillock an idiot, a twit.
pinhead the head of a pin; a stupid person.
pinheaded stupid.
pinheadedness the state of being pinheaded, stupid.
poopy stupid or ineffectual.
prat (Coll.) an idiot.
rattlebrain a foolish and talkative person.
rube (US sl.) a bumpkin, an easy mark.
rustic of or like the country (noun) one who lives in the country
rustical rustic (noun) a rustic
rustically (Adv.) RUSTICAL, rustic.
rusticial (Scott) rustic.
rusticise to make rustic.
rusticity a rustic manner; simplicity; rudeness.
rusticize to make rustic.
rusticly (Adv.) RUSTIC, countrified.
saphead a weak-minded, stupid fellow.
sapheaded dopy, weak-minded.
sawney a fool, a simpleton.
schlemiel (Yiddish) an unlucky or incompetent person who is often duped.
schlub (Yiddish) a stupid or unattractive person.
schmo (Yiddish) a stupid or boring person.
schmock (Yiddish) a stupid or boring person.
schmoe (Yiddish) a stupid or boring person.
schmuck (Yiddish) a pitiful, stupid or obnoxious person; (verb) to hit or flatten.
schmucky acting like a schmuck, foolish, contemptible.
shithead a stupid person.
shlub (Yiddish) a stupid or unattractive person.
shmo (Yiddish) a stupid or boring person.
shmock (Yiddish) a stupid or boring person.
shmoe (Yiddish) a stupid or boring person.
shmuck (Yiddish) a pitiful, stupid or obnoxious person.
sillily (Adv.) SILLY, foolish.
silliness the state of being silly.
silly foolish (noun) a silly person
simp (Short for) a simpleton.
simpleton a feebleminded person.
slabberer one who slabbers, or drools; hence, an idiot.
softhead a simpleton.
softheaded having or indicative of a weak, unrealistic, or uncritical mind.
softheadedly (Adv.) SOFTHEADED, having or indicative of a weak, unrealistic, or uncritical mind.
staumrel a dolt.
stockish like a stock; stupid.
stockishly (Adv.) STOCKISH, like a stock; stupid.
stupid foolish (noun) a stupid person
stupidity the quality of being stupid.
stupidly (Adv.) STUPID, foolish.
stupidness the state of being stupid.
sumph (Scots) a dunce, a blockhead.
sumphish (Scots) stupid, doltish.
sumphishness the state of being sumphish, stupid.
taupie (Scots) a foolish or awkward young person.
tawpie (Scots) a foolish or awkward young person.
thickhead a thickheaded or stupid person; any bird of an Australian family related to flycatchers.
thickheaded stupid.
thickheadedness the state of being thickheaded.
thickie a stupid person.
thicko (Coll.) a stupid person.
thicky a stupid person.
thimblewit a silly or dimwitted person; a dunce.
thimblewitted silly, dimwitted.
tomfoolish foolish.
tomfoolishness the state of being tomfoolish.
tony high-toned (noun, obs.) a simpleton
tumphy (Scots) a blockhead; coaly fireclay.
twerp a foolish person.
twerpy like a twerp, a foolish person.
twinkie (Tradename) a stereotypically brainless person.
twinky (Tradename) a stereotypically brainless person.
twirp a foolish person.
twirpy like a twirp, a foolish person.
twittingly (Adv.) TWITTING.
twittish silly, foolish.
twp (Welsh) dimwitted or stupid.
underwit inferior wit; halfwit.
unwise not wise.
unwisely (Adv.) UNWISE, not wise.
unwiseness the state of being unwise.
wallie an idiot or imbecile.
wally (Scots) fine, excellent (noun) an idiot or imbecile
witless lacking intelligence.
witlessly (Adv.) WITLESS, lacking intelligence.
witlessness the state of being witless.
wittol (Arch.) a husband who accepts his wife's infidelity.
wittolly (Shakesp.) like a wittol, a husband who accepts his wife's infidelity.
wof (Aust. sl.) a fool, idiot.
wommit a foolish person.
woodenhead (Coll.) a blockhead, a stupid person.
woodenheaded having a wooden head; dense, stupid.
woodentop a uniformed policeman, a dimwit.
woollyback (Coll.) a country bumpkin.
yampy (Dial.) a foolish person.
yokel a country bumpkin.
yokelish like a yokel.