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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adulteress adultress a female ADULTERER.
airhead an empty-headed, superficial person, usually female.
airheaded like an AIRHEAD.
amazon a tall, powerful, masculine woman.
amazonian of masculine manners; warlike; (noun) an AMAZON > AMAZONIANS.
amorosa a wanton woman; a courtesan.
anonyma a showy woman of easy morals.
backbiter one who engages in malicious gossip, normally female.
backfisch a young girl, a flapper.
baggage an immoral woman; a cheeky young woman.
bagswinger a prostitute.
ballbreaker an aggressively feminist woman.
bawd a procurer, now only a female one, a woman who obtains women for prostitution.
beldam beldame an old woman, esp. an ugly one; a HAG.
besom bisom a term of reproach esp for a woman, implying slatternliness, laziness, impudence, or unscrupulous energy.
biach biatch a bitch.
biddy a chicken or hen; an old woman, usu. somewhat derog.
bimbette a particularly dim BIMBO.
bimbo an attractive but dim young woman > BIMBOS or BIMBOES.
birdbrain one of very limited intelligence, normally female.
blabbermouth an indiscreetly talkative person, normally female.
blowse blowze a ruddy, fat-faced young girl.
blowsed blowzed blowsy, red-faced.
blowsy blousy blowzy fat and ruddy; dishevelled.
blowze see BLOWSE.
blowzed see BLOWSED.
bluestocking an early feminist; an educated or literary woman.
bobbysoxer an adolescent girl.
bossyboots a bossy person, normally female. N.B. no BOSSYBOOT*.
bridezilla a woman whose behaviour in planning the details of her wedding is regarded as intolerable.
broad (US slang) a woman, or sometimes a prostitute.
bubblehead a flighty, frivolous woman.
budi (Hinglish) derogatory for an old woman > BUDIS.
bulker a street thief or prostitute.
callet a drab untidy woman.
carrottop a redheaded person, normally female.
catamaran (obs.) a quarrelsome woman.
celebutante a young woman from a wealthy background who becomes a celebrity.
chapess chappess a female chap.
chatterbox a talkative person, normally female.
chavette a female CHAV.
chippy (US slang) an attractive or promiscuous young woman.
chorine a chorus girl.
citess a city woman.
closehead the entrance to a close, or the GOSSIPS that congregate there.
cockteaser a woman who deliberately provokes a man's sexual arousal, then refuses sexual intercourse.
cocotte a prostitute; a flirt or tease.
concubine a woman who cohabits with a man without being married; a kept mistress.
concupy a concubine.
cotquean a woman of humble birth; a man who does women's work.
courtesan courtezan a prostitute, esp. one whose clients are wealthy or upper-class.
cratur craythur (Irish) a creature, a woman.
crumpet a woman viewed as a sexual object.
cummer a woman, a girl.
cyprian a lewd woman; a prostitute. [From Kypros (Cyprus), birthplace of Aphrodite (also called Cypris), the goddess of love and beauty].
deb debutante a young woman making her first appearance in 'society'.
debby a debutante; (adj.) like a deb > DEBBIER, DEBBIEST.
demimondaine a DEMIREP, a woman of doubtful reputation or suspected character.
demimonde demiworld a class of women on the fringes of respectable society, supported by wealthy lovers.
demirep a woman of doubtful reputation or suspected character; an adventuress.
demirepdom the state of being a DEMIREP.
demivierge a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual activity but retains her virginity.
demiworld see DEMIMONDE.
dollybird an attractive young girl.
dominatrix a prostitute catering for masochists > DOMINATRIXES or DOMINATRICES.
doris a woman > DORISES.
dowd a woman who wears dull-looking clothes.
dowdy a dowdy woman > DOWDIES; (adj.) shabby > DOWDIER, DOWDIEST; DOWDILY.
doxie doxy a woman of loose morals, a prostitute.
drab a harlot; (verb) to whore > DRABS, DRABBING, DRABBED; (adj.) dull, monotonous > DRABBER, DRABBEST; DRABLY.
drac drack of a woman, unattractive.
dratchell a slovenly, lazy woman.
dudette a dudish female.
dutch with each person paying for himself; (noun) a wife > DUTCHES.
dykon a celebrity, often a woman, who is much admired by lesbians.
fangirl a girl who is an enthusiastic devotee of something.
feminazi a militant feminist.
fisgig fizgig a giddy girl, a firework of damp powder.
fishwife a scurrilously abusive woman > FISHWIVES, FISHWIFELY.
flapper one who, or that which, flaps; (obs. sl.) a young girl nearing womanhood.
flibbertigibbet a gossipy or flighty person, normally female; an imp.
floosie floosy floozie floozy flossie a young woman of doubtful sexual morals; also, a wife's term for any youngish moderately attractive female colleague her husband happens to have.
franion a loose woman.
frippet a frivolous or flamboyant young woman.
frump a dull, plain unfashionable girl; (verb) to snub > FRUMPS, FRUMPING, FRUMPED.
frumpish somewhat like a FRUMP > FRUMPISHLY.
frumpy like a frump > FRUMPIER, FRUMPIEST; FRUMPILY.
gabber a loquacious person, normally female.
gabbiness the state of being GABBY, loquacious.
gabby loquacious > GABBIER, GABBIEST.
gadder one who roves about idly, a rambling GOSSIP.
gal a girl.
gamine a female street urchin.
gammerstang a tall, awkward person, usually a woman.
geebag (Irish slang) a disagreeable woman.
giglet giglot a giddy girl, a wanton.
gillet jillet a skittish, flighty girl.
gillflirt jillflirt a wanton girl.
gilpey gilpy a boisterous girl.
glamourpuss a glamorous person, esp. female.
gorgon a very ugly or formidable woman.
gossip gossiper gossipper one who gossips, usually female.
gossipmonger one who spreads gossip.
grrl grrrl as in riot grrl, a young woman who plays or enjoys an aggressively feminist style of punk rock music.
groupie groupy a follower of a pop group, usually female.
hag an ugly old woman.
haggish like a hag; ugly; wrinkled > HAGGISHLY.
haggishness the state of being HAGGISH > HAGGISHNESSES.
haramdi haramzadi an illegitimate female.
harlot a whore, a prostitute.
harridan an ill-tempered scolding woman, a shrew.
hellcat a spiteful or furious (esp. female) person.
hetaera a prostitute, a concubine > HETAERAE or HETAERAS.
hetaeric of or like a HETAERA, a paramour, a concubine.
hetaira a prostitute, a concubine > HETAIRAI or HETAIRAS.
hetairic like a HETAIRA, a paramour.
hilding hylding a harlot.
hoiden hoyden a woman of saucy, boisterous or carefree behavior; (verb) to act like a tomboy.
hoidenish hoydenish like a HOIDEN.
hoochie an immoral woman.
hooker a prostitute.
hornbag a promiscuous woman.
hoyden see HOIDEN.
hoydenish see HOIDENISH.
hussy huzzy a woman of light or worthless character; a pert girl.
hylding see HILDING.
jade a perverse, ill-natured woman; (verb) to weary.
jailbait a sexually attractive person who is below the age of legal consent .
jezebel a wicked scheming woman.
jillet see GILLET.
jillflirt see GILLFLIRT.
kimmer a woman, a girl.
kogal in Japan, a teenage girl or young woman noted for her busy social life and her purchase of expensive designer clothes and accessories and the latest electronic gadgets.
kuti (Hinglish) a female dog; a woman or girl regarded as unpleasant or contemptible.
ladette a lively sociable young woman.
leaderene a female leader, esp a domineering one (orig applied to Margaret Thatcher when UK Prime Minister).
libber a female liberationist.
lorette a courtesan.
loslyf a promiscuous female.
magdalen magdalene a reformed prostitute.
mauther mawr mawther a big awkward girl.
midinette a young female worker, esp a shop assistant, in the Paris fashion or millinery business (apparently much seen in cafés at lunchtime).
millie a young working-class woman.
minx a pert, sly, or flirtatious young woman; a hussy.
minxish like a minx, pert.
miss an unmarried woman; a schoolgirl, or a girl or woman with the faults attributed to schoolgirls.
missis missus one's wife > MISSISES, MISSUSES.
missish like a miss; prim; affected; sentimental.
missishness the state of being MISSISH, like a miss.
missus see MISSIS.
moll a gangster's girlfriend.
moti (Hinglish) a fat woman or girl.
nag nagger one who nags, usually a woman.
nymphet nymphette a sexually desirable pubescent girl.
nymphetic of or like a NYMPHET.
nympho nymphomaniac a woman suffering from morbid or uncontrollable sexual desire.
odalique odalisque odalisk a female slave; a concubine in a harem
panderess a female PANDER, a PROCURESS.
paphian pertaining to illicit love: wanton; (noun) a prostitute.
peacherino a girl > PEACHERINOS.
playgirl a female playboy.
pollyanna one who is naively optimistic.
pollyannaish pollyannish tediously optimistic.
popette a young female fan of pop music.
popstrel a young, attractive female pop star.
poseuse a female POSEUR.
poule a promiscuous young woman.
precieuse a woman affecting a fastidious over-refinement.
procuress a female procurer, or pander.
pross prossie prostie a prostitute.
pucelle pussel puzel puzzel a slut.
punaani punaany punani the female genitalia; women collectively, regarded as sexual objects.
punkette a female follower of pop music.
quean queyn queynie quine quinie (Scots) a young woman.
rattlebrain a shallow, voluble, volatile person, usually female.
roundheel an immoral woman.
rudas a foul-mouthed old woman > RUDASES.
scold a woman who nags, a shrew; (verb) to reprimand.
scrubber an unattractive woman, or one with loose morals.
seductress a woman who seduces.
sexpot a sexually desirable woman.
sheila a young girl or woman.
shippie a prostitute who solicits at ports.
shopaholic a compulsive shopper, usually female.
shrew a bad-tempered, scolding woman.
sis siss sister > SISES, SISSES.
slammerkin a slovenly-dressed woman, a slattern.
slapper a promiscuous woman.
slattern a dirty, untidy person, usually female > SLATTERNLY.
sloven a dirty, untidy person, usually female > SLOVENLY.
slut a dirty, untidy woman; a promiscuous or otherwise disreputable woman.
sluttish like a slut.
slutty like a slut > SLUTTIER, SLUTTIEST.
spitfire a hot-tempered person, usually female.
streetwalker a prostitute.
strumpet a prostitute; (verb) to act like a strumpet > STRUMPETS, STRUMPETING, STRUMPETED.
subdeb a girl the year before she becomes a DEBUTANTE.
superbitch a highly-placed aggressive female.
superwaif an extremely thin and childlike young fashion model.
sweetiewife a garrulous woman > SWEETIEWIVES.
tart a prostitute.
tartiness the state of being TARTY, like a tart.
termagant a shrewish, bullying woman > TERMAGANTS, TERMAGANTLY.
tomboy a girl who prefers boyish activities.
tomboyish like a tomboy > TOMBOYISHLY.
tramp a disreputable woman.
trampy of a woman, disreputable > TRAMPIER, TRAMPIEST.
trollop a promiscuous woman > TROLLOPY; (verb) to act or dress like a trollop > TROLLOPS, TROLLOPING, TROLLOPED.
trollopy like a TROLLOP. No comp.
trull a HARLOT.
vamp a woman who attracts men sexually, then seduces and exploits them; (verb) to seduce and/or exploit (a man) in this way.
vampish like a vamp, sultry, seductive > VAMPISHLY.
vampy like a VAMP > VAMPIER, VAMPIEST.
virago a loud overbearing woman, a termagant > VIRAGOS or VIRAGOES.
viragoish like a VIRAGO, a loud overbearing woman, a termagant.
wench a girl, a prostitute; (verb) to frequent the company of prostitutes.
whore a prostitute; any unchaste woman; (verb) to be or associate with whores.
whoredom the state of being a WHORE.
whorish like a whore > WHORISHLY.
whorishness the behaviour of a WHORE.
widder (coll.) a widow.
widgie an Australian Teddy girl of the 1950s, the female equivalent of a BODGIE.
wimmin women.
womyn feminist jargon for women.
yankie a SCOLD; an impudent woman.
yenta yente (Yiddish) a gossipy woman, esp. one who pries.