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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

amplosome the short or stocky type of human figure.
asthenic weak; of slender build; (noun) one of slender build > ASTHENICS.
barebone a very lean person; one whose bones show through the skin > BAREBONES, BAREBONED.
beamy massive, like a weaver's beam; broad > BEAMIER, BEAMIEST.
beanpole a tall lanky person.
beefcake sturdy masculine physique.
beefiness the state of being beefy.
beefy thickly built > BEEFIER, BEEFIEST; BEEFILY.
blubbery having a texture like blubber; swollen with fat > BLUBBERIER, BLUBBERIEST.
bosomy of a woman, having large breasts > BOSOMIER, BOSOMIEST.
brawny strongly built > BRAWNIER, BRAWNIEST; BRAWNILY.
bucksom buxom.
buirdly stalwart; large and well made > BUIRDLIER, BUIRDLIEST.
bullneck a thick short neck.
burliness the state of being burly.
burly big and strongly built > BURLIER, BURLIEST; BURLILY.
butterball a round fat person.
buxom plump and comely > BUXOMER, BUXOMEST; BUXOMLY.
buxomness the state of being BUXOM.
cadaveric cadaverous gaunt, haggard, like a corpse.
callipygean callipygian callipygous having beautiful buttocks (I am assuming that this implies a certain rondure in this part of the anatomy, as opposed to the niggardly endowment of today's supermodels).
casky cask-like > CASKIER, CASKIEST
chowhound one fond of eating.
chubby plump, short, and thick > CHUBBIER, CHUBBIEST; CHUBBILY.
chuffy fat or puffed out in the cheeks > CHUFFIER, CHUFFIEST.
chunky solidly built > CHUNKIER, CHUNKIEST; CHUNKILY.
corpulent fleshy > CORPULENTLY.
cubby plump, short, and thick > CUBBIER, CUBBIEST.
dumpiness the state of being DUMPY.
dumpy short and thick > DUMPIER, DUMPIEST; DUMPILY; (noun) a dumpy person; a short umbrella > DUMPIES.
ectomorph a person of light and delicate build.
ectomorphic slender and thin.
embonpoint plumpness of person; stoutness.
endomorph a person of generally heavy or rounded body build.
endomorphic heavily built.
exility slenderness or smallness; refinement; poverty.
fat stoutly built > FATTER, FATTEST; FATLY; (verb) to make or grow fat > FATS, FATTING, FATTED.
fatness the quality or state of being fat.
fatso a fat person > FATSOS or FATSOES.
fattish somewhat fat; inclined to fatness.
fatty like fat > FATTIER, FATTIEST; FATTILY; (noun) a fat person > FATTIES.
fleshy having plenty of flesh > FLESHIER, FLESHIEST.
fodgel plump and solidly built; buxom.
fubby chubby and somewhat squat > FUBBIER, FUBBIEST.
fubsy chubby and somewhat squat > FUBSIER, FUBSIEST.
fustilugs a fat and slovenly person > FUSTILUGS.
gangling loose-built, lanky. (N.B. there is no verb GANGLE*).
gangly loose-built, lanky > GANGLIER, GANGLIEST.
gaunt thin, of a pinched appearance.
gauntness the state of being GAUNT.
gawkish gawky > GAWKISHLY.
gorbelly a big belly; a big-bellied person.
gracile slender.
gracility slenderness.
heavyset solidly built; stocky.
heftiness the state of being HEFTY.
hefty big of build > HEFTIER, HEFTIEST; HEFTILY.
hippy having large hips > HIPPIER, HIPPIEST.
hulky bulky, unwieldy > HULKIER, HULKIEST.
jimp slender > JIMPER, JIMPEST; JIMPLY.
jimpness slenderness.
jowliness the state of being JOWLY.
jowly heavy jowled.
lank thin, shrunken > LANKER, LANKEST; LANKLY; (verb) to make or become lean, shrunken > LANKS, LANKING, LANKED.
lankiness the state of being LANKY.
lankness the state of being LANK.
lanky tall and loose-jointed.
lathy like a lath; long and slender.
lean thin, without much flesh.
leanness the state of being lean.
leany lean. No comp!
leptosome a person with a slight or slender build.
leptosomic leptosomatic like a LEPTOSOME.
lissom easily flexed, lithe > LISSOMLY.
lissome easily flexed, lithe > LISSOMELY.
lithe supple, limber > LITHER, LITHEST.
litheness the state of being LITHE.
lithesome easily flexed, lithe.
mawger lean, thin.
meaty full of meat, fleshy > MEATIER, MEATIEST; MEATILY.
muscley of a muscular build.
nonobese not obese.
obese very fat > OBESER, OBESEST; OBESELY.
obeseness the state of being OBESE.
obesity the state or condition of being obese.
overfat too fat.
overthin too thin.
paunchy having a prominent paunch > PAUNCHIER, PAUNCHIEST.
pinguitude fatness; obesity.
plump well-rounded and full in form > PLUMPER, PLUMPEST; PLUMPLY; (verb) to make plump > PLUMPS, PLUMPING, PLUMPED.
plumpen to make plump.
plumpie (Scots) plump.
plumpish somewhat plump.
plumpness the state of being PLUMP.
plumpy plump; fat; sleek > PLUMPIER, PLUMPIEST.
poddy corpulent > PODDIER, PODDIEST; (noun) a young animal, esp. a calf or lamb > PODDIES.
podge a short, thickset person.
podginess the state of being PODGY.
podgy corpulent > PODGIER, PODGIEST; PODGILY.
porky plump like a pig > PORKIER, PORKIEST.
portly corpulent, stout > PORTLIER, PORTLIEST.
potbelly a protruding abdominal region; a person who has a potbelly.
pudge a short, thickset person.
pudginess the state of being PUDGY.
pudgy corpulent > PUDGIER, PUDGIEST; PUDGILY.
pudsey pudgy, podgy > PUDSIER, PUDSIEST.
pudsy pudgy, podgy > PUDSIER, PUDSIEST; (noun) a plum person > PUDSIES.
pursiness the state of being PURSY > PURSINESSES.
pursy fat, short-winded > PURSIER, PURSIEST; PURSILY.
pycnic characterized by shortness of stature, broadness of girth, and powerful muscularity. [N.B. unlike PYKNIC this is adjective only].
pyknic (someone) characterized by shortness of stature, broadness of girth, and powerful muscularity > PYKNICS.
pyknosome the short or stocky type of human figure.
rackabones a very lean animal, esp. a horse. N.B. no RACKABONE*.
ranginess the state of being RANGY.
rangy slim and long-limbed > RANGIER, RANGIEST; RANGILY.
rawbone rawboned having little flesh.
rotund rounded, plump > ROTUNDER, ROTUNDEST; ROTUNDLY; (verb) to round > ROTUNDS, ROTUNDING, ROTUNDED.
scragginess the state of being SCRAGGY.
scrannel harsh, unmelodious; (noun) a thin person > SCRANNELS.
scranny thin; scrawny > SCRANNIER, SCRANNIEST.
scrawny having little flesh > SCRAWNIER, SCRAWNIEST; SCRAWNILY.
scrunty stunted > SCRUNTIER, SCRUNTIEST.
skinniness the state of being SKINNY.
skinny having little fat > SKINNIER, SKINNIEST.
slender slight of build > SLENDERER, SLENDEREST; SLENDERLY.
slight small in size or amount > SLIGHTER, SLIGHTEST; SLIGHTLY ; (verb) to treat with disregard > SLIGHTS, SLIGHTING, SLIGHTED.
slightish somewhat slight.
slim slender > SLIMMER, SLIMMEST; SLIMLY; (verb) to make slim > SLIMS, SLIMMING, SLIMMED.
slimline slim, or conducive to slimness.
slimmish somewhat slim.
slimness the state of being slim > SLIMNESSES.
sonsie sonsy having pleasing curves; buxom, comely.
spareness the quality or state of being lean or thin; leanness.
spindlelegs long thin legs; a person who has these.
spindleshanks long thin legs; a person who has these.
spindling a person or thing too long and slender; a slender shoot.
spindly long and thin > SPINDLIER, SPINDLIEST.
spuddy podgy > SPUDDIER, SPUDDIEST.
squab fat, clumsy > SQUABBER, SQUABBEST; (noun) a young pigeon; (verb) to stuff, upholster.
squabbish somewhat fat or squat.
squabby short and thick; squabbish > SQUABBIER, SQUABBIEST.
squat short and thick > SQUATTER, SQUATTEST; SQUATLY; (verb) to sit on one's heels > SQUATS, SQUATTING, SQUATTED.
squatness the state of being SQUAT > SQUATNESSES.
squattiness the state of being SQUATTY.
squatty squat; dumpy > SQUATTIER, SQUATTIEST; SQUATTILY.
steatopyga steatopygia an excessive development of fat on the buttocks, esp. of females.
steatopygic having a fat behind.
stocky sturdy, thickset > STOCKIER, STOCKIEST; STOCKILY.
stout strong, thick, fat > STOUTER, STOUTEST, STOUTLY; (noun) a kind of beer.
stouten to make stout > STOUTENS, STOUTENING, STOUTENED.
stoutish somewhat stout.
stoutness the state of being STOUT.
stubby short and squat > STUBBIER, STUBBIEST; STUBBILY.
stuggy thick-set; stout > STUGGIER, STUGGIEST.
stumpy short and squat > STUMPIER, STUMPIER.
superthin very thin.
svelte slender, sleek > SVELTER, SVELTEST; SVELTELY.
sylph a spirit of the air; a slim person.
sylphish sylph-like.
sylphy sylph-like > SYLPHIER, SYLPHIEST.
thickset thick of build; (noun) one of thickset build > THICKSETS.
thin not fat > THINNER, THINNEST; THINLY; (verb) to make thin > THINS, THINNING, THINNED.
thinness the quality or state of being thin.
thinnish somewhat thin.
tubbiness the state of being TUBBY.
tubbish round and fat.
tubby corpulent > TUBBIER, TUBBIEST.
tunbelly a potbelly.
willowy slender and graceful > WILLOWIER, WILLOWIEST.
wiriness the quality of being wiry.
wiry of a thin and tough build > WIRIER, WIRIEST; WIRILY.
zaftig zoftig pleasingly plump.