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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aborigen aborigin aborigine an original or native inhabitant of a country.
amphiscian an inhabitant of the torrid zone, one whose shadow is thrown both ways.
anglo a white inhabitant of the US not of Latin origin > ANGLOS.
antiscian a dweller on the exact opposite side of the world.
ascian an inhabitant of the torrid zone, shadowless when the sun is right overhead.
auslander (German) a foreigner.
autochthon one sprung from the ground he inhabits, an aborigine.
backblocker one who lives in the BACKBLOCKS, a rural backwater.
bayman one who lives in a bay.
baynoddy a bayman.
baywop in Newfoundland, a derogatory term for one from an outlying community.
bedawin bedouin beduin a tent-dwelling nomadic Arab.
bedu a tent-dwelling nomadic Arab. N.B. no —S.
beento (W. African) a person who has resided in Britain, esp as part of his education > BEENTOS.
bluenose a nickname for a Nova Scotian.
bohemian boho an artist or writer following an unconventional lifestyle.
booner a young working class person from Canberra.
brotha an African-American man.
buppie buppy a Black urban professional.
bushie someone who lives in the bush.
bushy someone who lives in the bush; (adj.) bush-like > BUSHIER, BUSHIEST; BUSHILY.
cagot one of an outcast class found in the Pyrenees, supposed to be the descendants of lepers.
cajun relating to descendants of the French-speaking Acadians deported to Louisiana in 1755. No —S.
chai (Romany) a woman.
chal (Romany) a man.
chicana a (female) American of Mexican descent.
chicano a (male) American of Mexican descent > CHICANOS.
chigga (Aust. sl.) derogatory term for a young working-class person from Hobart, Tasmania.
chola a Mexican-American girl.
choom (Aust. sl.) an Englishman.
citizen a resident of a city or town.
citizenly like a CITIZEN.
cockney a person born in London within sound of Bow Bells.
colleen an Irish girl. [Ir. cailín dim. of caile countrywoman, girl].
colored coloured a coloured person.
comeover a person who has come from Britain to the Isle of Man to settle.
coon (offensive) a black person; (non-offensive) a raccoon.
coonshit (offensive) a malodorous black person.
countian an inhabitant of a county.
countryman a man who lives in the country.
countrywoman a woman who lives in the country.
creole creolian a native of mixed blood.
criollo a Latin American native of European esp. Spanish blood > CRIOLLOS.
crunchie in S. Africa, an Afrikaaner.
culshie a person from rural Ireland > CULSHIES; (adj.) boorish > CULSHIER, CULSHIEST.
dalesman one who lives in the dales.
demonym a name used to denote the inhabitants of a particular place.
desi > DESIS a person of Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi birth who lives abroad.
deshi > DESHIS a person of Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi birth who lives abroad.
dhimmi a non-Muslim subject of a state governed in accordance with sharia law.
didakai didakei didicoi didicoy diddicoy (Romany) an itinerant tinker or scrap-dealer, not a true GYPSY.
downstater one who lives or comes from downstate.
downtowner one who lives or comes from downtown.
earthling earthman an inhabitant of the earth.
easter one living in the east.
easterling a native of the east; a trader from the Baltic.
easterner one who lives in or comes from the east.
emigre emigree one of the natives of France who were opposed to the first Revolution, and who left their country in consequence.
ephebe a young adult Greek > EPHEBES.
ephebos a young adult Greek > EPHEBOI.
ephebus a young adult Greek > EPHEBI.
espanol a native of Spain > ESPANOLES.
etranger (Fr.) a (male) foreigner.
etrangere (Fr.) a (female) foreigner.
evolue (characteristic of or designating) an African who has had a European education or has adopted European ways or attitudes.
farang (Thai) a foreigner.
faw (Romany) a gypsy.
fenman one native to the fens of East Anglia.
flatlander one who lives in flat country.
foreigner a person belonging to, or from, another country.
frau a German woman or housewife.
fraulein a German girl.
freshie a new immigrant to the UK from Asian countries.
frow vrow vrouw vrou a Dutch woman.
furriner a foreigner.
gadgie gauje gaudgie gadje (Romany) a fellow, a man.
gadjo gajo gorgio (Romany) a non-gypsy.
gaijin (Japanese) a term for a foreigner. No —S.
geechee (US) a rural southern black.
gentile one of a non-Jewish nation; one neither a Jew nor a Christian
gentilic belonging to a gentile tribe or nation.
gipsy gypsy a Romany, a member of a wandering people of Indian origin; (verb) to live like a gipsy.
gitana (Spanish) a female gypsy.
gitano (Spanish) a male gypsy.
gook a native of an occupied country.
gooky gook-like. No comp!
gora (Hinglish) a white or fair-skinned male > GORAS.
gorgio see GADJO.
gori (Hinglish) a white or fair-skinned female > GORIS.
greaseball a person of Latin racial origin.
grockle a tourist or incomer in a holiday area.
gub gubbah (Caribbean) a white man.
gumsucker a native-born Australian.
habitan habitant a French native of Louisiana or Carolina.
hairyback (S. Afr.) an offensive name for an Afrikaaner.
haweater an inhabitant of Manitoulin Island, Ontario.
heteroscian a dweller in a temperate zone.
hieland characteristic of Highlanders esp in respect of supposed gullibility.
highlander one who lives in the highlands.
hottentot one of a South African ethnic group, with yellowish brown complexion, high cheek bones, and woolly hair growing in tufts.
hundreder hundredor an inhabitant or freeholder of a hundred.
inlander one who lives in the interior of a country.
insular like an island > INSULARLY; (noun) a native or inhabitant of an island > INSULARS.
islander one hwo lives on an island.
isleman islesman an ISLANDER, esp. an inhabitant of the Hebrides.
issei a Japanese immigrant to the USA > ISSEIS.
isthmian a native of an isthmus.
jackeen (Irish) a person from Dublin, esp. one with a parochial attitude.
jafa (NZ) an offensive name for a person from Auckland [Just Another F**king Aucklander].
jungli one who inhabits a jungle, wild and uncivilized > JUNGLIS.
kabloona (Inuit) a person who is not an Inuit > KABLOONAS or KABLOONAT.
kamaaina (Hawaii) a longtime resident of Hawaii. [Hawaiian kama, child, + aina, land].
kelper an inhabitant of the Falkland Isles.
kibei an American Japanese educated in Japan.
klooch klootch kloochman klootchman a Native American woman, wife. The pl. of KLOOCHMAN is KLOOCHMANS or KLOOCHMEN; the pl, of KLOOTCHMAN is KLOOTCHMANS or KLOOTCHMEN.
koori a young Aborigine girl > KOORIS or KOORIES.
kraut a derogatory term for a German.
landsman a fellow Jew from the same town in Eastern Europe > LANDSMEN.
latina a female Latin American.
latino a Latin American > LATINOS.
limey (US) an Englishman.
liveyer liveyere livier livyer a permanent resident of Newfoundland.
llanero one of the inhabitants of the llanos of South America > LLANEROS.
localite one who lives in a particular locality.
lowlander one who lives in the lowlands.
lunarian an (imaginary) inhabitant of the moon; a student of the moon.
mainlander one who lives on the mainland.
mameluco a child born of a white father and Indian mother > MAMELUCOS. [Port., prob. f. Arab. mamluk, possession, slave].
marcher marchman a person living in the marches between England and Scotland or Wales.
martian a supposed inhabitant of Mars.
mary (Aust.) a woman, esp. an aboriginal woman > MARIES.
melanochroi people, like Caucasians, with dark hair and light skin. [Greek melas, (dark) + okhros, (pale)].
melungeon any of a dark-skinned group of people living in the Appalachians, of mixed White, Indian and Black origin.
meneer mijnheer mynheer a Dutchman.
mestee mustee in the West Indies, the offspring of a white person and a quadroon.
mesteso a person of mixed, esp. Spanish and American-Indian parentage > MESTESOS or MESTESOES.
mestino a person of mixed, esp. Spanish and American-Indian parentage > MESTINOES or MESTINOS.
mestiza a female MESTIZO, a person of mixed, esp. Spanish and American-Indian parentage > MESTIZAS.
mestizo a person of mixed, esp. Spanish and American-Indian parentage > MESTIZOES or MESTIZOS.
metic (In ancient Greece) a resident alien in a city, subject to a special tax.
metif the offspring of a white and a quadroon.
metis the (male) offspring of a white person and an American Indian > METIS (METISSES is the plural of METISSE).
metisse the (female) offspring of a white person and an American Indian > METISSES. Cf. METIS.
mickey an Irishman; (verb) to drug someone's drink.
midlander one who lives in the midlands.
milesian of Irish origin.
miscegen miscegene miscegine a person of mixed racial heritage.
monsieur mounseer a Frenchman. The pl. of MONSIEUR is MESSIEURS.
montagnard one of a mountain-dwelling people of Southern Vietnam on the Cambodian border.
mooloo (NZ) a person from the Waikato.
moorman an inhabitant of a moor.
morisco a Moor > MORISCOS or MORISCOES.
mounseer see MONSIEUR.
mudejar a Spanish Moor, esp. one allowed to remain in Spain after the Conquest > MUDEJARES. [Arabic mudajjan, one allowed to remain].
murree murri a native Australian.
mustee see MESTEE.
myall an Australian aborigine living traditionally; also a kind of acacia.
mzungu in E. Africa, a white person.
nisei a second-generation Japanese immigrant.
nomad nomade a member of a wandering pastoral community.
nonblack one who is not black.
nonwhite one who is not white.
nortena (used by Latin Americans) a female North American.
norteno (used by Latin Americans) a male North American > NORTENOS.
northern a native of the north.
occidental one who lives in the west.
oppidan a town-dweller; a student at Eton boarding in the town
orarian a coast-dweller.
outbacker one who lives in the outback, remote rural regions.
outlander (S. Afr.) a foreigner.
outporter an inhabitant or native of a Newfoundland outport.
pakeha (Polynesia) a white man; a non-Polynesian citizen.
palagi a Samoan word for a person from outside the Pacific islands, esp. a European.
paleface (Am. Ind.) a white man.
pampean an inhabitant of the pampas.
peopler a settler; an inhabitant.
pepsi (offensive) a French Canadian.
periscian a person living inside the polar circle.
pigmaean pigmean pygmaean pygmean pygmy-like.
pigmoid pygmoid one of pygmy form > PIGMOIDS, PYGMOIDS.
pigmy pygmy a member of any of the unusually short-statured human races (Negritos, Negrillos and others).
plaidman a Scots Highlander.
plainsman a dweller in a plain, esp. in N. America.
pom pommie pommy (Aust. sl.) an Englishman.
portman an inhabitant or burgess of a port, esp. of one of the Cinque Ports.
pygmaean see PIGMAEAN.
pygmean see PIGMAEAN.
pygmoid see PIGMOID.
pygmy see PIGMY.
pygmyish like a PYGMY. N.B. no PIGMYISH*.
raia raya rayah a non-Muslim subject of Turkey.
redleg (W. Indies) a term for a poor white person, esp. a descendant of original white settlers.
riverain a riverside dweller.
rom (Romany) a gypsy man > ROMA, ROMS.
ronzer (NZ) someone from the rest of New Zealand i.e. apart from Auckland.
rooinek an Afrikaans nickname for an English-speaking person. [Afrikaans = 'red neck'].
rosbif (French) an English person.
rural a country-dweller > RURALS.
saganash (Am. Ind.) a white man. [Algonquin].
saheb sahib (Hindi) an Englishman or other European as addressed or spoken of by Indians.
sambo a colloquial or humorous appellation for a black person > SAMBOS or SAMBOES.
sannop sannup a married male in N. American Indian societies.
sansei a resident of the Americas born of the offspring of Japanese immigrants.
scattermouch any Latin or Levantine person.
scouser a native or inhabitant of Liverpool.
shagroon an early settler in New Zealand of other than British origin. [Irish seachran, wandering].
shoneen an Irishman who imitates the ways and manners of the English.
shoreman shoresman one who dwells on or by the shore.
sider a person who or thing which lives or is situated on a side specified by a preceding wd; spec. (esp. Austral.) a native or inhabitant of a specified district.
silvan sylvan one that lives in a forest.
sista an African-American woman.
siwash a NW American Indian; (verb) to camp out using natural shelter > SIWASHES, SIWASHING, SIWASHED.
sloper a native or inhabitant of the Pacific slope of the United States.
southern a southerner.
southerner an inhabitant or native of the south, esp. of the Southern States of North America; opposed to Northerner.
southlander one who lives in the south.
southron someone from the south.
soutie soutpiel derogatory for an English-speaking South African.
spag an Italian person; (verb) of a cat, to scratch a person > SPAGS, SPAGGING, SPAGGED.
squarehead a German or Scandinavian.
swaddler a term of contempt for an Irish Methodist.
swamper a person who lives or works in the swamps.
tartanalia artefacts etc. that are self-consciously Scottish.
tartar a formidable, rough, unmanageable or ferocious person, as people from Tartary were considered to be > TARTARLY.
tauiwi non-Maori people of New Zealand > TAUIWIS. [Maori 'foreign race'].
teuchter a derogatory term used by a Lowland Scot for a Highlander.
townee townie a town-dweller.
townish of or pertaining to the inhabitants of a town; like the town.
townfolk townsfolk the people of a town. N.B. TOWNSFOLKS is OK but there is no TOWNFOLKS*.
townskip a city urchin.
townsman one who lives in a town.
tribal pertaining to a tribe > TRIBALLY; (noun) a member of an aboriginal tribe of India > TRIBALS.
troglodyte a member of any of various peoples (as in antiquity) who lived or were reputed to live chiefly in caves.
tsigane tzigane tzigany zigan (Hungarian) a gypsy.
tsotsi a member of a black S. African street gang; a young hooligan > TSOTSIS. [Perh. f. Nguni tsotsa, to dress in exaggerated clothing].
uitlander in S. Africa, a foreigner, esp. a Briton in the Transvaal.
uplander one who lives on the uplands.
upstater one from the northern region of an American state.
uptowner one from the residential part of a town.
urbanite one who lives in a town.
vahine (Tahitian) a woman > VAHINES.
vandalic of or pertaining to the Vandals; resembling the Vandals in barbarism and destructiveness.
villager one who lives in a village.
volk the Afrikaner people.
voortrekker (Afrikaans) one of the Dutch farmers from Cape Colony who took part in the Great Trek into the Transvaal in 1836.
vrow vrouw vrou see FROW.
vrystater (S. Afr.) a native inhabitant of the Free State, esp one who is White.
wahine (Maori) a Maori woman. Cf. VAHINE.
westerner one who lives in or comes from the west.
westie (Aust. sl.) a young working-class person from the western suburbs of Sydney.
whenwe (S. Afr.) a white immigrant from Zimbabwe.
whity (adj.) whiteish > WHITIER, WHITIEST.
woodlander one who lives or works in woodland.
woollyback a dialect term used in Liverpool, England for a non-Liverpudlian, esp. from one of the neighbouring towns.
wop a member of a Mediterranean or Latin race, eg an Italian; (verb) to thump > WOPS, WOPPING, WOPPED.
wudjula (Australina aborigine) a non-aboriginal person.
yanqui in Latin America, a North American.
zingano (Ital.) a male gypsy > ZINGANI.
zingara (Ital.) a female gypsy > ZINGARE.
zingaro (Ital.) a male gypsy > ZINGARI.