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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acca (Aust. sl.) an academic.
aleck an irritatingly smart person.
artsiness the state of being ARTSY.
artiness the state of being ARTY.
artsy affectedly artistic > ARTSIER, ARTSIEST; (noun) an artsy person > ARTSIES.
arty affectedly artistic > ARTIER, ARTIEST; (noun) an artsy person > ARTIES.
bluestocking an educated or literary female.
boffin an expert in science or technology.
boffiny like a boffin > BOFFINIER, BOFFINIEST.
bookworm a person who is devoted to reading.
brainbox a clever person.
brainiac a highly intelligent person.
chatterati the chattering classes.
cleverdick an annoyingly clever person.
conoscente cognoscente a person who has expert knowledge in a subject > CONOSCENTI, COGNOSCENTI.
dabbler one who dabbles, a DILETTANTE.
digerati persons skilled in the use of computers.
dilettante a dabbler or lover of fine arts > DILETTANTI or DILETTANTES.
egghead an intellectual.
eggheaded intellectual.
eggheadedness the state of being EGGHEADED.
eggmass intellectuals as a group.
einstein a very intelligent person.
epigon epigone an inferior imitator of a creative thinker or artist.
epigonic of or like an EPIGON, an inferior imitator of a creative thinker or artist.
epigonus an EPIGON > EPIGONI.
glitterati the society lions of the day.
highbrow a person who has superior tastes.
highbrowism the state of being a highbrow.
intellectual a person of superior intellect or enlightenment (often used to suggest doubt as to common sense or practical skills).
literatus a learned man, one acquainted with letters > LITERATI.
literato a learned man, one acquainted with letters > LITERATI.
literator a dabbler in learning.
literose affectedly or spuriously literary.
literosity the state of being LITEROSE.
litterateur one who is devoted to the study or writing of literature.
longhair a HIGHBROW.
luvvie luvvy an actor or other member of the entertainment industry, esp when regarded as overly pretentious or affected.
mastermind a mind, or a person having a mind, of very great ability; (verb) to originate, think out, and direct.
maven an expert.
philistia the class or world of cultured Philistines: PHILISTIAS.
philosophaster an amateur or superficial philosopher.
phrasemaker phrasemonger phraseman a maker of wordy or fine-sounding phrases.
polymath a person of encyclopedic learning.
poserish given to posing, affected.
poseur one who poses, an affected person.
posy given to posing > POSIER, POSIEST.
precieux a man affecting a fastidious over-refinement.
pandit pundit a learned person, an expert; orig. a Hindu learned in Sanskrit.
quipper quipster a person given to making clever remarks.
sapient (noun) a wise person > SAPIENTS.
sciolist a superficial pretender to knowledge.
smartarse smartass a showily clever person.
smartarsed offensively clever.
smartass see SMARTARSE.
smartie smarty a clever person.
smartmouth a clever or sarcastic person.
smartypants an overly clever person. N.B. no SMARTYPANT*.
spod an over-studious person.
superbrain an extraordinary intelligence.
superbright very bright.
supermind a more than human intelligence.
supersmart very smart.
swot an excessively studious person; (verb) to study hard.
swotter one who swots.
swotty given to swotting > SWOTTIER, SWOTTIEST.
weisenheimer wisenheimer a smart aleck. [From wise + -enheimer (on the pattern of names such as Guggenheimer or Oppenheimer)].
wiseacre someone who unduly assumes air of superior wisdom.
wiseass a WISEACRE.
wiseguy a person who wants to seem clever.
wiseling one who pretends to be wise.
wisenheimer see WEISENHEIMER.
wiz whizz one who is very good at something.
witling a pretender to wit.
wonk an expert who studies a subject or issue thoroughly and excessively.
wonkery the state of being a WONK.
wonkish like a WONK.
wordmonger a writer or speaker who uses language pretentiously or carelessly.
wunderkind a child prodigy > WUNDERKINDER or WUNDERKINDS.