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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acidhead a person who takes hallucinogenic drugs.
addict one who addicted.
ambeer the spittle produced when chewing tobacco.
amphetamine a synthetic, potentially habit-forming drug used as an appetite suppressant and in the treatment of narcolepsy.
anticigarette opposed to the use of cigarettes.
anticrack opposed to the use of crack cocaine.
antidrug opposed to illicit drugs.
antimarijuana opposed to the use of marijuana.
antipot opposed to the use of pot.
antismoke opposed to smoking.
antismoker one opposed to smoking.
antismoking opposed to smoking.
antitobacco opposed to the use of tobacco.
antiweed opposed to smoking.
bacco tobacco > BACCOS or BACCOES.
baccy tobacco.
basehead a habitual user of freebase or crack.
basuco an impure mixture of coca paste and cocaine > BASUCOS.
beedi beedie bidi a hand rolled cigarette > BEEDIES, BIDIS.
benj cannabis, Indian hemp, used as a weak narcotic > BENJES.
benny an amphetamine tablet.
bhang cannabis, Indian hemp, used as a weak narcotic.
bidi see BEEDI.
biftah bifter a cannabis cigarette.
blunthead a frequent user of marijuana.
breadhead a drug-dealer who is not an addict, but is motivated by money alone.
bright a light-hued tobacco > BRIGHTS.
burley an American thin-leaved tobacco; (verb) to scatter bait on water > BURLEYS, BURLEYING, BURLEYED.
bute a capsule of phenylbutazone, an analgesic and antipyretic used in the treatment of rheumatic disorders and also, illegally, in horse-doping.
calumet an ornamented ceremonial pipe.
canaster a kind of tobacco for smoking, made of the dried leaves, coarsely broken.
candyman (US slang) a drug-pusher.
cannabic of or like CANNABIS.
cannabin a resin obtained from the dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant, containing the active principle of the drug.
cannabis hemp; a narcotic drug obtained from hemp.
caporal a coarse, strong, dark TOBACCO.
cavendish leaf TOBACCO softened, sweetened, and pressed into plugs or cakes.
charlie (sl.) cocaine.
cheroot sheroot a cigar cut square at either end.
chibouk chibouque a long Turkish pipe, usually with a mouthpiece of amber and a bowl of baked clay.
chillum the part of a HOOKAH containing the bowl and tobacco-balls.
chocaholic chocoholic one addicted to chocolate.
cig a cigarette.
cigar a roll of tobacco leaf for smoking.
cigaret cigarette finely-cut tobacco rolled in thin paper.
cigarillo a small cigar > CIGARILLOS.
cigarlike like a CIGAR.
ciggie ciggy cigarette.
claro a light-coloured, mild cigar > CLAROS or CLAROES.
clocker a 24-hour dealer in drugs.
coca the dried leaf of a South American shrub, chewed for its cocaine content.
cocain cocaine an alkaloid obtained from coca leaves.
cocainism a morbid condition caused by addiction to cocaine.
cocainist one suffering from COCAINISM.
cokehead a cocaine abuser.
colorado referring to a medium strength of cigar. No —S.
crack a highly addictive form of cocaine mixed with other substances (usu baking powder) and sold and used in small pellet-like pieces.
crackhead a crack addict.
dadah illegal drugs.
dagga Indian hemp, smoked as a narcotic.
dex dexie dexy a tablet of Dexedrine®, a sulfate used as a stimulant.
dimp a cigarette butt.
doob doobie a cannabis cigarette.
dope an informal term for various drugs; (verb) to administer a drug to esp. an athlete or horse.
dopehead a drug addict.
dottel dottle unburnt and partially burnt tobacco caked in the bowl of a pipe; DOTTLE is also an adj. meaning foolish > DOTTLER, DOTTLEST.
dottled full of DOTTLE, unburnt and partially burnt tobacco caked in the bowl of a pipe.
dowt a cigarette end.
druggie a drug addict.
drugster a drug addict.
druggy given to taking drugs > DRUGGIER, DRUGGIEST.
dudeen dudheen a clay pipe.
durry a cigarette > DURRIES.
etherism addiction to the taking of ether.
etherist someone who administers or takes ether.
foodie foody one addicted to food.
freebase to refine cocaine by heating it with ether.
freebaser one who smokes FREEBASE, cocaine refined with ether.
gak (slang) cocaine.
ganja ganjah a resinous form of marijuana.
gasper a cheap cigarette.
goofball a barbiturate pill used as an exhilarant; a goofy person.
handroll a cigarette rolled by hand.
hash hasheesh hashish the leaves, shoots and resin of hemp, smoked as an intoxicant.
hashhead a hashish addict.
hashish see HASHEESH.
heroin an addictive narcotic.
heroinism addiction to heroin.
hooka hookah a pipe with a long, flexible stem, so arranged that the smoke is cooled by being made to pass through water.
hophead a drug addict.
hotbox to smoke marijuana in an enclosed place > HOTBOXES, HOTBOXING, HOTBOXING.
hypo to inject with a hypodermic needle > HYPOS, HYPOED, HYPOING.
ice in drug slang, a highly synthesised form of methamphetamine.
jones a drug addiction; (verb) to desire > JONESES, JONESING, JONESED.
joypop to use habit-forming drugs occasionally > JOYPOPS, JOYPOPPING, JOYPOPPED.
joypopper one who JOYPOPS, uses habit-forming drugs occasionally.
junkie a narcotics addict.
junky a narcotics addict; (adj.) rubbishy > JUNKIER, JUNKIEST.
kaif keef kef kief kif a state of dreamy intoxication induced by e.g. CANNABIS.
kalian a Persian HOOKAH.
kat khat qat a shrub of E Africa, Arabia, etc, or specif its leaves, chewed or taken as tea for their stimulant effect.
keef see KEF.
kef see KEF.
ketamine an anaesthetic and analgesic drug (also called, in drug slang, Special K).
kief see KEF.
kif see KEF.
killikinick kinnikinic kinnikinick kinnikinnick a Native American smoking material, consisting of dried sumac leaves and willow or dogwood bark.
latakia a superior quality of Turkish smoking TOBACCO.
laudanum an OPIUM preparation.
loosies cigarettes sold individually.
lude quaalude a type of sedative pill.
lysergide the drug LSD.
maccabaw maccaboy maccoboy a kind of snuff.
maduro a dark-coloured cigar > MADUROS.
mainline to inject drugs intravenously.
mainliner one who takes a narcotic intravenously.
marihuana marijuana Indian hemp; its dried flowers or leaves smoked as an intoxicant.
maryjane marijuana.
mescalin mescaline mezcaline the principal alkaloid in MESCAL, used as a hallucinogen.
mescalism the habitual use of MESCALIN as an intoxicant.
meth methamphetamine a methyl derivative of amphetamine with similar but longer lasting effects, now seldom used in medicine but widespread as a drug of abuse.
misocapnic hating tobacco smoke.
mundungo mundungus a foul-smelling tobacco > MUNDUNGUSES. [A joking adaptation from Sp. mondongo, tripe].
narc a narcotic.
narco a narcotic > NARCOS.
narcotic any drug producing torpor.
narcotise narcotize to subject to the influence of a narcotic.
narcotism narcosis; the state of being narcotized.
narcotist one who takes narcotics.
narcotize see NARCOTISE.
narghile narghilly narghily nargile nargileh nargily a HOOKAH, an Oriental tobacco pipe in which smoke is drawn through water by a long tube.
nicotian of or relating to tobacco; (noun) a tobacco-smoker.
nicotinism a morbid state induced by excessive use of tobacco.
nonaddict one who is not an addict.
nontobacco a product not containing tobacco.
nyaope (S. Afr.) another name for the drug whoonga.
opium an addictive NARCOTIC.
opiumism addiction to OPIUM.
paan betel leaf.
panatela panatella panetela panetella a long thin cigar.
perfecto a large tapering cigar > PERFECTOS.
perique a strong, black, Louisiana tobacco.
peyote peyotl a Mexican intoxicant made from cactus tops.
peyotism the taking of PEYOTE, esp. as part of a religious ceremony.
peyotist one who practises PEYOTISM, the taking of PEYOTE, esp. as part of a religious ceremony.
peyotl see PEYOTE.
pillhead a regular, usu. addicted taker of sedative or stimulant pills.
pot cannabis in any of its forms.
pothead a habitual taker of POT.
psilocin a hallucinogenic drug found in a Mexican mushroom.
psilocybin an alkaloid which is the phosphate ester of psilocin and is present in several toadstools (esp. of the genus Psilocybe), producing hallucinogenic effects similar to those of LSD but milder and more short-lived.
psychedelic a drug that gives its users the illusion of heightened perception and deep understanding, while actually making them talk complete drivel.
psychotoxic damaging to the mind, especially of addictive drugs.
quaalude see LUDE.
rappee a pungent kind of snuff made from the darker and ranker kinds of tobacco leaves. [Fr. (tabac) rape, rasped].
reefer a cigarette containing MARIJUANA.
rollie a hand-rolled cigarette.
roofie a tablet of a sedative drug.
scag heroin; (verb) to make a tear in cloth > SCAGS, SCAGGING, SCAGGED.
schmeck shmek a taste or sniff; heroin.
schmecker a heroin user.
segar a cigar.
sheroot see CHEROOT.
shisha a pipe with a long, flexible stem, so arranged that the smoke is cooled by being made to pass through water, aka HOOKAH.
shmek see SCHMECK.
shroom a magic mushroom; (verb) to take magic mushrooms.
shroomer one who takes magic mushrooms.
sinsemilla a kind of marijuana.
siri sirih the betel pepper, which is chewed in the East as a mild stimulant.
skag heroin.
skyf a cigarette or substance for smoking; (verb) to smoke > SKYFS, SKYFING, SKYFED.
slanger a dealer in drugs.
smackhead a person who is addicted to heroin.
smokable smokeable that can be smoked.
smoker one that smokes.
snuff a powdered preparation of tobacco or other substance for inhaling through the nose; (verb) to sniff, examine with the nose.
sneesh sneeshan sneeshin sneeshing (a pinch of) snuff.
snoose chewing tobacco.
speed (sl.) amphetamine.
speedball to take cocaine and heroin taken intravenously.
speedfreak an amphetamine addict.
spliff a marijuana cigarette.
stapple the stem of a tobacco pipe.
stogey stogie stogy a long inexpensive cigar.
stompie a cigarette butt; a short man.
stummel a bowl and adjacent part of a pipe.
sulph (sl.) amphetamine sulphate.
theic one who drinks too much tea.
tik the drug methamphetamine in crystal form.
tina (sl.) crystal meth.
tobacco the carcinogenic and malodorous leaves of any American solanaceous plant of the genus Nicotiana, which some people like to roll into thin tubes, stick in their mouth and set fire to > TOBACCOES or TOBACCOS.
toke a puff on a cigarette; (verb) to puff.
toker one that TOKES, puffs.
trank tranq a tranquilliser.
trippy characteristic of an illicit drug trip > TRIPPIER, TRIPPIEST.
vape to inhale nicotine vapour from an electronic cigarette.
vaper one who VAPES.
virginia a type of flue-cured tobacco grown originally in Virginia.
weedhead one who uses a lot of marijuana.
whoonga a narcotic substance smoked as a recreational drug in some parts of South Africa.
yabba a methamphetamine, a stimulant drug.
zol a cannabis cigarette.