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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aceldama a field of bloodshed. [From Aceldama, in the New Testament, a potter's field near Jerusalem purchased by the priests as a burial ground for strangers with the reward that Judas had received for betraying Jesus and had later returned to them.]
adamant a legendary impenetrable stone; diamond.
alchera alcheringa in Native Australian myth, the dreamtime.
ambrosia the food of the gods. [Gk. ambrotos, immortal].
ancile the sacred shield of the Romans, said to have fallen from heaven in the reign of Numa > ANCILIA.
arcadia an ideal region of rural contentment. [L f. Gk. Arkadia a mountainous district in the Peloponnese].
arcadian one who lives in an ARCADIA.
arkite an inhabitant of Noah's Ark.
ate reckless ambition > ATES. [From the Greek goddess ATE].
bluebeard a man who has murdered several wives and concealed their bodies, or has other mysterious or horrible things to conceal. [From the hero of a mediaeval French tale].
caduceus a Greek or Roman herald's wand; spec. the wand carried by the messenger-god Hermes or Mercury, usu. represented with two serpents twined round it > CADUCEI. [Mod. of Gk. karykeion from karyx, herald].
caestus cestos cestus a girdle; particularly that of Aphrodite (or Venus) which gave the wearer the power of exciting love > CAESTUSES, CESTOI, CESTI.
chthonian chthonic pertaining to the earth or the underworld. [Gk. khthon, earth].
cloudland utopia, fairyland. Cf. CLOUDTOWN.
cloudtown an imaginary situation or land, esp. as the result of wishful thinking. Cf. CLOUDLAND.
contactee a person claiming to have been contacted by aliens.
cornucopia a curved goat's horn overflowing with fruit and ears of grain that is used as a decorative motif emblematic of abundance.
cosmogeny cosmogony a theory or myth of the origin of the universe.
daedalian dedalian ingenious and cunningly designed. [Gk. Daedalus, the legendary artificer].
doucepere douzeper one of the Twelve Peers of Charlemagne.
draconites a jewel supposedly found inside a dragon's head. N.B. no DRACONITE*.
dreamland an unreal, delightful country such as in sometimes pictured in dreams; fairyland.
dreamtime in the mythology of Australian Aboriginals, the time when the earth and patterns of life on earth took shape.
duende the power to attract through personal charm.
edenic of or pertaining to Eden; paradisaic.
eldorado a place of fabulous riches.
fabular legendary.
faustian in the manner of Faust who made a pact with the devil.
gadarene headlong, precipitate, referring to the Gadarene swine.
ichor a watery fluid discharged from wound; a fluid supposed to fill veins of Greek and Latin gods.
joss a Chinese figure of a god, an idol.
kryptonite a substance that takes away one's superpowers.
lernaean in Greek myth relating to Lerna, the swamp or lake near Argos in which dwelt the Hydra which Hercules slew.
lethe oblivion, forgetfulness.
lethean of or pertaining to Lethe; resembling in effect the water of Lethe.
limbo the supposed abode of children dying without baptism, and the just who died before Christ > LIMBOS.
lotusland the country of the Lotos-eaters, see Homer's 'Odyssey'.
luz a supposedly indestructible bone, possibly the sacrum > LUZZES.
manaia (Maori) a carved figure with human body and bird-like head.
myrmidon a loyal follower, esp: a subordinate who follows orders unquestioningly or pitilessly. [The Myrmidons, legendary inhabitants of Thessaly in Greece, were known for their devotion to their king, Achilles. Myrmex means ant].
nebris a fawn-skin worn by Bacchus and his votaries > NEBRISES. [L f. Gk. nebros, a fawn].
needfire fire produced by friction, to which a certain virtue is superstitiously ascribed.
nemesis retributive justice > NEMESES.
netherworld the world of the dead; Hades; the lower depths of society.
odyssey a long wandering usu. marked by many changes of fortune. [Gk. Odysseia].
omphalos a central point, a navel > OMPHALI or OMPHALOI [Gk. omphalos, navel].
ouroboros uroboros a representation of a serpent with its tail in its mouth, symbolizing completion, totality, endlessness, etc.
paradisal paradisic relating to paradise.
preadamic relating to the belief that there were men on earth before Adam.
purana any one of a class of sacred books of Hindu mythology, cosmology, etc, written in Sanskrit.
sangrail sangreal the legendary cup used by Christ at the Last Supper.
sodom a place notorious for vice and corruption.
solarism excessive use of solar myths in explaining mythology.
solarist one who practises SOLARISM, excessive use of solar myths in explaining mythology.
sooterkin a kind of false birth, fabled to be produced by Dutch women from sitting over their stoves; also, an abortion, in a figurative sense; an abortive scheme.
stellify to turn into a star, to place among the stars.
talaria small wings or winged shoes represented as fastened to the ankles, chiefly used as an attribute of Mercury or Hermes. N.B. this is a plural - No —S hook.
tantalism the punishment of Tantalus; a tormenting.
tartareous of or pertaining to Tartarus; hellish.
teratoid resembling a monster; formed by abnormal development.
theogonic accounting for the origin or presence of gods.
theogony the birth and genealogy of the gods; an account of this, e.g. in poetry.
theomachy homeric strife or battle among the gods.
thyrse thyrsus the wand of Bacchus, a staff wreathed with ivy > THYRSES, THYRSI. [Gk. thyrsos].
thyrsoid having the form of a THYRSUS.
tiki in Polynesia, an image representing an ancestor, often worn as an amulet > TIKIS.
totem an animal or plant adopted as ancestor by savage tribe, and held in great veneration. [Algonquin].
triffid a monstrous (fictional) plant.
triffidy like a TRIFFID, a monstrous (fictional) plant.
trisul trisula the trident of Siva.
tulpa (Tibetan) a being or object created by visualization techniques.
ufologist one interested in UFOs.
ufology the study of unidentified flying objects.
vahana (Sanskrit) a mythical vehicle.
xoanon a primitive statue, said to have fallen from heaven > XOANA.
zomboid like a zombie.