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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accompanist accompanyist one who accompanies another e.g. on the piano.
accordionist one who plays the accordion.
alto orig. the highest adult male voice, properly counter-tenor; now more usually CONTRALTO, a low female voice > ALTOS.
altoist one who takes the ALTO part.
bagpiper one who plays the bagpipes.
balladeer one who sings ballads; (verb) to sing ballads.
bandleader bandmaster the conductor of a band.
bandsman a member of a band of musicians.
bandurist one who plays the bandura.
banjoist one who plays the banjo.
baritonal of or like a BARITONE.
baritone baryton barytone a deep-toned male voice between bass and tenor.
bass a low singing voice (the lowest of all except for basso profundo); one who sings this.
bassist a person who plays a double-bass.
basso the bass or lowest part; as, to sing basso > BASSOS or BASSI.
bassoonist a performer on the bassoon.
beatboxer one who practises beatboxing.
bebopper one who plays BEBOP, a kind of jazz music.
bluesman one who plays the blues.
bongoist one who plays the bongo.
bugler one who plays the bugle.
busker one who entertains esp. by singing or reciting on the street or in a pub.
campanologist a bell-ringer.
cantabank a strolling singer; a second-rate musician. [Ital. cantambanco].
cantatrice a female singer > CANTATRICI or CANTATRICES.
capellmeister kapellmeister a choir or orchestra leader.
caroler caroller one who sings carols.
castrato a male singer castrated in boyhood to preserve his singing voice; this voice is higher than the counter-tenor and sweeter > CASTRATI.
cellist one who plays a cello.
cembalist one who plays a CEMBALO.
chanter chaunter chantor a singer; a precentor (leader of a choir).
chanteuse a female nightclub singer.
chantor see CHANTER.
chantress chauntress a female CHANTER or singer.
charanga a type of orchestra used to perform Cuban music.
chaunter see CHANTER.
chauntress see CHANTRESS.
choirboy a male member of a choir.
choirgirl a female member of a choir.
choirman one who sings in a choir.
choirmaster the leader of a choir.
choralist chorist chorister quirister a member of a choir.
citharist a player of the cithara, an ancient Greek musical instrument like a lyre.
clavecinist one who plays the clavecin.
clavichordist one who plays the clavichord.
clavierist one who plays the pianoforte.
coloratura colorature a highly ornamented, virtuoso (musical passage); a singer, especially soprano, of such music.
combo a small dance or jazz band > COMBOS.
comprimario a role of secondary importance; a singer or dancer playing such a role > COMPRIMARIOS.
concertinist one who plays the concertina.
conductor one who guides an orchestra.
cornerman the man at the end of the row in a negro-minstrel performance.
cornetist cornettist cornist one who plays the cornet or horn.
countertenor the highest alto male voice (not counting CASTRATO) (so called because a contrast to tenor).
crooner one who croons, i.e. sings softly in a sentimentally contemplative manner.
crowder a fiddler, spec. a player of the 'crowd' or CRWTH.
cymbaler cymbalist cymbaleer one who plays the cymbals.
diva a female opera singer.
divo a male opera singer.
drummer one who plays a drum.
duettist one who takes part in a duet.
ensemble a group of musicians playing together.
executant one who executes or performs; esp., a performer on a musical instrument.
fagottist a bassoon player.
falsetto a high-pitched voice (esp. of an adult male) forced to notes above its natural register; a person who uses such a voice > FALSETTOS.
fiddler one who plays on a fiddle or violin.
fifer one who plays the fife.
fingerpick to play the guitar with fingers rather than a plectrum.
flautist fluter flutist one who plays the flute.
flugelhornist one who plays the FLUGELHORN.
folkie folky a folk musician; a lover of folk music.
fuguist a person who writes or plays FUGUES.
funkster a performer or fan of pop music.
gambist a performer upon the viola di gamba.
gleemaiden a female GLEEMAN. (I regret to report that there seems to be no GLEEPERSON*).
gleeman an itinerant minstrel or musician.
gongster a person who gongs.
guitarist one who plays the guitar.
guslar a performer on the GUSLA, a one-stringed Balkan musical instrument.
harmonicist one who plays a harmonica.
harper harpist one who plays the harp.
harpsichordist one who plays the harpsichord.
heldentenor a TENOR with striking dramatic quality suitable for heroic roles. [G. Held, hero].
hornist one who plays a horn.
improvisator an improviser.
improvisatore improvvisatore an (Italian) improviser; an improviser in an Italian manner > IMPROVISATORI or IMPROVISATORES; IMPROVVISATORES
instrumentalist one who plays a musical instrument, esp. as opposed to a VOCALIST.
jazzer jazzman a jazz musician.
jodel yodel yodle to sing in a style popular in the Alps.
jongleur a medieval wandering minstrel; a troubadour.
kapellmeister see CAPELLMEISTER.
keyboardist one who plays the keyboard.
lutanist lutenist luter lutist a lute-player.
lyrist a musician who plays on the harp or lyre; a composer of lyrical poetry.
madrigalist one who sings madrigals.
manband an all-male vocal pop group which was formed as a boy band, but whose members have reached maturity.
marimbist one who plays the MARIMBA.
melodist a composer of melodies; a person skilled in melody.
mezzo one who sings mezzo-soprano > MEZZOS.
minstrel a medieval musician, itinerant or attached to a noble household, who sang or recited his own or others' poems, accompanying himself on a stringed instrument.
musician a performer or composer of music, esp. professional.
musicianer a musician.
musicker a musician.
muso a musician > MUSOS.
oboist one who plays the oboe.
organist one who plays the organ.
pannist a person who plays a steel drum.
percussionist one who plays one or more percussion instrument.
pianist one who plays the piano.
pianiste a female PIANIST.
pianolist one who plays the PIANOLA.
piccoloist one who plays the piccolo.
pifferaro one who plays the piffero > PIFFERARI or PIFFERAROS.
piper one who plays the pipes.
preluder a person who plays or performs a prelude.
prima fem. of PRIMO: first, the first or principal part in a duo.
prommer one who attends a PROM.
psaltress a woman who plays the PSALTERY. Oddly, there seems to be no word for a man who plays the PSALTERY. Perhaps the instrument was regarded as a bit PSISSY?
punker a punk rock musician.
qawwal a singer of qawwali, devotional Sufi music.
quirister see CHORALIST.
ragtimer one who plays RAGTIME music.
recitalist one who gives recitals.
reedman one who plays a reed instrument.
rhythmist a person skilled in rhythm.
ripienist a supplementary instrumentalist.
sarodist one who plays the sarod, an Indian instrument like a cello.
saxophonist saxist saxman one who plays the saxophone.
scop an Anglo-Saxon poet and harpist > SCOPAS.
scrapegut a fiddler.
septet septuor a group of seven performers. Also SEPTET.
shantyman the solo singer in shanties.
sideman one of the members of a band other than the leader who does occasional solo passages.
siffleur a (male) professional whistler.
siffleuse a (female) professional whistler.
sightsman one who reads or performs music readily at first sight.
singer one who sings.
sitarist one who plays the SITAR, an Indian musical instrument.
solo a performance by one person > SOLOS or SOLI.
songman a singer, a member of a choir.
songsmith a composer of songs.
sopranist a SOPRANO singer.
soprano the highest singing voice; one who sings in this voice > SOPRANOS or SOPRANI.
soulster a singer of soul music.
strummer one who STRUMS i.e. sound the strings of a guitar etc with the sweep of a hand.
succentor a bass soloist in a choir.
symphonist one who plays or (rarely) conducts symphonies.
taborer one who plays on the TABOR.
tabourer a player on the TABOUR.
tabrere a TABORER, one who plays on the TABOUR.
tenor the adult male voice intermediate between BARITONE and ALTO; one who sings in this voice.
tenorino a high tenor.
tenorist one who sings tenor or plays a tenor instrument.
tenorman a person who plays tenor saxophone.
tenour (obs.) tenor.
theorbist one who plays on a theorbo, a double-necked lute.
thrummer one that THRUMS, strums rhythmically and monotonously.
timist a performer who keeps good time.
timpanist one who plays the TIMPANI.
tooter one who toots; one who plays upon a pipe or horn.
tootler one who tootles, makes feeble sounds on a flute.
trombonist one who plays the trombone.
troubadour any of a class of poet-musicians flourishing especially in southern France and northern Italy during the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.
trumpeter one who plays the trumpet.
tubaist tubist one who plays the tuba.
tunesmith a songwriter or composer of light music.
twanger a person who or thing which twangs; a person playing a stringed instrument.
twangler one who twangles, sounds with a slack twanging.
tweedledee a fiddler; (verb) to tweedle.
tweedler one who TWEEDLES, plays casually on an instrument.
tympanist one who beats a drum.
vibist a person who plays the vibraphone.
vibraphonist one who plays the vibraphone.
violer a viol player, a fiddler.
violinist one who plays the violin.
violinistic of or like a VIOLINIST.
violist a player on the viol.
virginalist one who plays on a VIRGINAL.
virtuosic exhibiting the qualities of a VIRTUOSO.
virtuoso a person who has special knowledge or skill in the technique of a fine art, esp. music > VIRTUOSOS or VIRTUOSI.
vocalist a singer, as opposed to an INSTRUMENTALIST.
xylophonist one who plays the saxophone.
yodel to sing or shout changing rapidly from normal to falsetto > YODELED/YODELLED. Also YODLE, JODEL.
yodeler yodeller yodler one who yodels, sings or shouts changing rapidly from normal to falsetto.
zitherist one who plays the zither.