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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accelerando (a passage) to be played increasingly quickly > ACCELERANDOS.
adagio (a passage) to be played slowly > ADAGIOS.
affettuoso with feeling.
agitato in an agitated manner.
allargando slowing.
allegretto (a passage) quicker than ANDANTE, but not so quick as ALLEGRO > ALLEGRETTOS.
allegro (a passage) in a lively, cheerful manner > ALLEGROS.
altaltissimo (a passage) to be played very very high > ALTALTISSIMOS.
altissimo v(a passage) to be played very high.
ancora encore.
andante (a passage) to be played moderately slowly (a bit quicker than ADAGIO) > ANDANTES.
andantino (a passage) rather quicker than ANDANTE > ANDANTINOS.
animato in a lively manner; (noun) a passage to be played in a lively manner > ANIMATOS or ANIMATI.
arco with the bow (marking the end of a PIZZICATO passage, during which the strings have been plucked with the fingers) > ARCOS or ARCHI.
arioso in the melodious manner of an aria; (noun) an aria > ARIOSOS or ARIOSI.
assai very.
assez fairly.
bis twice.
brio liveliness, enthusiastic vigour, as in con brio.
calando slowing with gradually lowering volume.
calo (abbrev. of) CALANDO, slowing with gradually lowering volume.
cantabile (a passage) in a melodious, flowing style; in a singing style, as opposed to RECITATIVO, or PARLANDO > CANTABILES.
capriccioso in a free and impulsive style.
cito quickly.
commodo comodo with ease, relaxed.
crescendo (a passage) with a gradual increase in loudness; (verb) to come to a crescendo > CRESCENDI or CRESCENDOS.
decrescendo = DIMINUENDO, (a passage) in a gradually diminishing manner; with abatement of tone > DECRESCENDOS (and not DECRESCENDI*).
diminuendo (a passage) in a gradually diminishing manner; with abatement of tone > DIMINUENDOS.
dolcemente softly; sweetly; with soft, smooth, and delicate execution.
dolente to be performed in a sorrowful manner.
doloroso plaintive, pathetic.
downbow a downward stroke in playing a bowed instrument.
espressivo to be performed in an expressive manner.
forte loudly; (noun) one's strong point > FORTES.
fortepiano loud with immediate relapse into softness; (noun) the 18c name for an early type of piano; a fortepiano note > FORTEPIANOS.
fortissimo (a passage) to be played very loudly > FORTISSIMI or FORTISSIMOS.
fortississimo as loudly as possible.
forzando forzato sforzando sforzato (a passage) to be played with special emphasis or sudden loudness > FORZANDOS or FORZANDI, FORZATOS or FORZATI, SFORZANDOS or SFORZANDI, SFORZATOS or SFORZATI.
furioso in a furious manner; (noun) a furious person > FURIOSOS.
giocoso played in a lively or humorous manner.
giusto in just, correct, or suitable time.
glissando (a passage) to be played with a gliding effect > GLISSANDOS or GLISSANDI.
grandioso in a broad or noble style.
grazioso gracefully; smoothly; elegantly.
lacrimoso lagrimoso plaintive.
largando becoming gradually slower.
larghetto (a passage) to be played rather slowly > LARGHETTOS.
largo (a passage) to be played in a slow broad manner > LARGOS.
legatissimo as smoothly as possible.
legato (a passage) to be played in a smooth, even style > LEGATOS.
leggiero light or graceful; in a light, delicate, and brisk style.
lentamente slowly; in slow time.
lentando slackening; retarding.
lentissimo very slow.
lento slow; in slow time; (noun) a slow movement > LENTI or LENTOS.
maestoso majestic or majestically > MAESTOSOS.
mancando fading away.
marcatissimo in a very marked emphatic manner.
marcato in a marked emphatic manner.
martellato played with a hammering touch, or with short quick detached movements of the bow > MARTELLATOS.
meno less.
mesto sad.
mezzo moderately; (noun) a mezzo-soprano > MEZZOS.
moderato a musical direction indicating a moderate degree of quickness > MODERATOS.
molto much; very; as, molto adagio, very slow.
morendo dying: relating to a gradual DECRESCENDO at the end of a strain or cadenceMORENDOS.
mosso with motion or animation.
niente softly fading away.
ossia a direction giving a performer the choice of performing a different passageOSSIAS.
ottava an octave higher than indicated > OTTAVAS.
parlando parlante sung in a style suggestive of speech (e.g. Gilbert and Sullivan).
perdendo perdendosi slowing and softening at the same time.
pesante heavy, weighty.
piacevole pleasant, playful.
piano softly; (noun) a keyboard instrument > PIANOS.
pianissimo (a passage) to be executed very softly > PIANISSIMOS.
pianississimo as softly as possible.
piu more.
pizzicato a direction to violinists to pluck the string with the finger, instead of using the bow > PIZZICATI or PIZZICATOS.
poco little.
pomposo in a pompous manner.
prestissimo (a passage) to be played as quickly as possible > PRESTISSIMOS.
presto (a passage) in rapid tempo > PRESTOS.
rallentando (a passage) with a gradually slackening tempo > RALLENTANDI or RALLENTANDOS.
religioso in a devotional manner > RELIGIOSOS.
rinforzando with a sudden stress or crescendo.
risoluto with emphasis, boldly.
ritard a musical passage with a gradual slackening of tempo > RITARDS.
ritardando (a musical passage) with a gradual slackening of tempo > RITARDANDOS or RITARDANDI.
ritenuto (a musical passage) with a holding back of the normal tempo, that is then resumed > RITENUTOS.
rubato (a musical passage) in modified or distorted rhythm > RUBATOS or RUBATI.
saltando saltato with leaping bow> SALTANDOS, SALTATOS.
scherzando (a musical passage) in a playful or sportive manner > SCHERZANDOS.
sciolto in a free manner.
scordato put out of tune.
scorrendo in a gliding manner.
segno a notational sign marking the beginning or the end of a repeat > SEGNI or SEGNOS. [L. signum].
selah a musical instruction meaning a pause, to reflect upon that which came before or which follows, for a meditational attitude > SELAHS.
semplice simply, plainly.
sempre always; throughout; as, sempre piano, always soft.
senza without; as, senza stromenti, without instruments.
sforzando see FORZANDO.
sforzato see FORZANDO.
smorzando smorzato with a gradual fading away, growing slower and softer.
solito in the usual manner.
sopra above.
sorda fem. of SORDO, muted, damped.
sordamente gently, softly.
sordo muted, damped.
sostenuto (a passage) to be played in a sustained or drawn out manner > SOSTENUTOS.
spiccato (a passage) to be played with staccato bowing > SPICCATOS.
spiritoso spirited; -- a direction to perform a passage in an animated, lively manner.
staccatissimo in a very STACCATO manner.
staccato (a passage) to be played with short, clear-cut notes > STACCATOS or STACCATI.
strepitoso noisy, boisterous.
stringendo urging or hastening the time, as to a climax.
subito at once; immediately.
suivez follow (the solo part, as a direction to accompanists).
tacet it is silent; -- a direction for a vocal or instrumental part to be silent during a whole movement. No —S.
tanto so much, too much.
tardo slowly.
tremolando (a passage) to be played with a tremulous effect > TREMOLANDI or TREMOLANDOS.
tremolant a vibrating, quavering musical effect > TREMOLANTS.
tremolo a vibrating, quavering musical effect > TREMOLOS.
troppo too much.
tutti a direction for all the singers or players to perform together > TUTTIS.
uptempo a piece in a fast tempo > UPTEMPOS.
veloce rapidly.
vibrato (a passage) to be played with a throbbing effect > VIBRATOS.
vibratoless without VIBRATO.
vigoroso with energy and force.
vite quickly.
vivace (a passage to be played) in a lively manner > VIVACES.
vivacissimo in a very lively manner.
vivamente in a lively manner.
vivo lively.
volti a direction to musicians to turn the page > VOLTIS.
zeloso with fervour.