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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bankrupt unable to pay one's debts; (noun) an insolvent person; (verb) to impoverish.
bankruptcy the state of being bankrupt.
breadline the threshold of poverty.
depauperate to impoverish.
destitute forsaken, very poor; (verb, obs.) to forsake, to deprive.
dispauperise to free from pauperdom.
dispauperize to free from pauperdom.
dyvour (Scots) a bankrupt.
dyvoury (Scots) bankruptcy.
empoverish (Obs.) to make poor.
farthingless without a farthing.
illth the contrary of wealth or wellbeing.
immiserise to subject to immiseration, progressive impoverishment or degradation.
impecuniosity poverty.
impecunious without money; penniless.
impecuniously (Adv.) IMPECUNIOUS, without money.
impecuniousness the state of being impecunious.
impoverish to make poor.
impoverisher one who impoverishes.
impoverishment the state of being impoverished.
indigence poverty; the state of being needy.
indigency poverty; the state of being needy.
indigent needy (noun) an indigent or poor person
indigently (Adv.) INDIGENT, needy.
insolvent not able to pay one's debts; (noun) one who is insolvent.
moneyless having no money.
necessitied (Shakesp.) forced into a state of subjection or submissiveness as a result of poverty.
needily (Adv.) NEEDY, poor.
needy poor.
nonaffluent not affluent.
nonpoor a person who is not poor.
obolary extremely poor.
pair poor (noun) a set of two; (verb) to arrange in sets of two
pauper a destitute person; (verb) to make a pauper of, reduce to poverty.
pauperdom the state of being a pauper.
pauperess a female pauper.
pauperisation the process of pauperising.
pauperise to reduce to pauperism; as, to pauperise the peasantry.
pauperism the state of being a pauper.
pauperization the process of pauperizing.
pauperize to reduce to pauperism; as, to pauperize the peasantry.
penniless without a penny, destitute.
pennilessly (Adv.) PENNILESS, destitute.
pennilessness the state of being penniless.
penurious poor; mean.
penuriously (Adv.) PENURIOUS, poor; mean.
penury destitution, poverty.
plackless (Scots) destitute, not having a plack.
poorish somewhat poor.
poorness the state of being poor.
poortith (Scots) poverty.
poverty the state of being poor.
puir (Scots) poor.
puirtith (Scots) poverty.
shillingless without a shilling.
skint hard up, broke.
unmoneyed without money.
unmonied without money.
unpennied without pennies.
wealthless without wealth.