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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abonnement (Fr.) a subscription, as for a season ticket or newspaper.
annuitise annuitize to commence a series of payments from the capital that has accumulated in an annuity.
annuity an allowance or income paid at regular intervals.
arrearage that which remains unpaid and overdue, after payment of a part.
bill a written account of money owed; (verb) to charge someone for services.
biller one that bills.
bonus an additional payment;; (verb) in Scrabble, to play all seven of one's tiles in a single turn.
breadwinning the act of earning a living.
budget a plan of domestic or business expenditure; (verb) to estimate expenditures.
buyoff the act of buying off, paying (a person or group) to drop a charge, end opposition, relinquish a claim, etc.
carfare payment for a bus or car ride.
copay an amount payable by a person with medical insurance.
copayment a joint payment.
defray to pay.
defrayal the payment of charges.
defrayer one who pays off expenses.
defrayment the payment of charges.
disburse to pay out.
disbursement the act of disbursing.
disburser one who disburses.
dispend (Obs.) to expend, pay out.
dispurse (Shakesp.) to disburse.
dissave to spend savings to finance an excess of spending.
earn to gain or deserve for one's labor or service.
earner one that earns.
emolument payment; profit arising from employment.
emolumental relating to emolument.
emolumentary relating to emolument.
ern (Milton) to earn.
escot (Shakesp.) to pay for, to maintain.
fee the price paid for services; (verb) to pay a fee to.
fund a sum of money on which some enterprise is founded or financially supported; (verb) to provide money for.
fundless without funds.
fundraise to raise funds esp for charity.
gainsharing a system in which employees are financially rewarded for reducing operating costs and working more efficiently.
grubstake to provide with funds for an enterprise.
honorarily (Adv.) HONORARY, conferring honour.
honorarium a voluntary fee paid esp to a professional person for their services.
honorary conferring honour (noun) an honorarium
income a sum of money earned regularly.
installment (US) one of a series of partial payments.
invoice a letter of advice of the despatch of goods, with particulars of their quantity and the amount due for payment; (verb) to bill.
linage payment for written work by the line.
maill a payment.
micropayment payment of a small or prorated sum for each access to a service, esp on the Internet (as opposed to payment by subscription, etc).
midpay (Of an occupation, industry, etc) paying or tending to pay more than an unskilled job but less than a high-income one.
minibudget a small budget.
nonpaid not paid.
nonpayment neglect or failure to pay.
nonwage not part of wages.
outearn to earn more than someone else.
outgross to surpass in gross earnings.
outspend to surpass in spending.
overpay to pay too much.
overpayment an excessive payment.
overprice to set an excessive price on.
pay wages; (verb) to remunerate to seal with tar
payable able to be paid (noun) what is due to be paid
payably (Adv.) PAYABLE, able to be paid.
payback a return on an investment equal to the original capital outlay.
paycheck a check in payment of wages or salary.
paycheque a payment for work done.
payee one to whom money is paid.
payer one who pays.
paygrade the grade of military personnel according to a base pay scale.
paylist a list of people entitled to receive pay, with the amounts due to each.
payment something that is paid.
payor one who pays.
payout money that is paid out.
payroll a list of employees entitled to payment.
payslip a note indicating the breakdown of wages.
pennyfee (Scots) a small wage.
perquisite a privilege, gain, or profit incidental to regular salary or wages.
pittance an (esp meagre) allowance of money, wages, etc., as a means of livelihood.
poney a small horse.
pony a small horse (verb) old slang for to pay or settle up
precharge to charge in advance.
prefund to pay for in advance.
prepay to pay in advance.
prepayable that can be prepaid.
prepayment payment in advance.
prestation a payment of money; a toll or duty.
pungle (US coll). to make a payment or contribution of money.
reearn to earn again.
refund to give back what has been paid.
refunding the act of returning what has been paid.
reimbursable capable of being reimbursed.
reimburse to repay.
remit scope, terms of reference; (verb) to send money in payment.
remunerate to pay an equivalent for.
remunerator one who remunerates.
remuneratory relating to remuneration.
rental an amount paid or collected as rent.
rente (Fr.) French or other government securities or income from them.
repay to pay back.
repayable capable of being repaid.
repayment the act of paying back.
revenual relating to revenue.
revenue the income of a government.
revenued possessed of revenue.
salariat (Fr.) the salary-earning class collectively.
salary a periodical payment (usu made monthly) for one's (usu nonmanual) labour; (verb) to pay a salary to.
shareholding the act of holding shares.
sold (Spenser) pay, remuneration.
solde (Spenser) pay, remuneration.
spend an outlay of money or effort (verb) to pay out
spendy expensive.
stipend a salary paid for services, esp to a clergyman.
stipendiary one who receives a stipend.
stipendiate to provide with a salary.
stokvel (S. Afr.) in S. Africa, an informal savings pool or syndicate.
stoozing the practice of taking advantage of an introductory interest-free period offered by a credit-card company to borrow money for investment elsewhere, esp in a high-interest account.
storecard a charge card.
surcharge an additional charge; (verb) to exact a surcharge from; to overload.
susu (Caribbean) an arrangement made among friends whereby each person makes regular contributions to a fund, the money being drawn out periodically by each individual in turn.
uncharge to free from a charge or load; to unload.
underbudget to allow too low a budget.
underpay to pay less than is deserved.
underpayment an insufficient payment.
unearned not earned.
unitrust a type of annuity trust.
unpay to undo, take back, or annul, as a payment.
unpayable that cannot be payed.
unsalaried not receiving a salary.
unspent not spent.
unwaged not receiving a wage.
wage to engage in or carry on.
wageless unpaid.
wagelessness the state of being wageless.
wageworker one who works for a wage.
wair to spend.