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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

afghani an Afghan monetary unit.
agora a monetary unit of Israel > AGOROT, AGOROTH. Also, in ancient Athens, the market-place where debates were held > AGORAS or AGORAE.
anna a coppery Indian/Pakistani coin.
antoninianus a Roman coin equal to two denarii in value > ANTONINIANUSES. [From Antoninus, official name of the 3c emperor Caracalla].
ariary a currency of Madagascar > ARIARIES.
as a Roman copper coin > ASSES. [N.B. can also be a Norse god, with pl. AESIR, and a ridge of gravel, with pl. ASAR].
asper a Turkish monetary unit, worth 1/120 of a piastre, formerly a silver coin, now only money of account. [Gk. aspros, rough, later white].
at att a monetary unit of Laos. AT takes —S but ATT does not
aureus a gold coin of ancient Rome > AUREI.
austral a monetary unit in Argentina > AUSTRALS or AUSTRALES.
avo a monetary unit of Macao > AVOS.
baht bhat the basic monetary unit of Thailand, equal to 100 SATANGS.
baiza baisa a monetary unit of Oman. [Arabic from Hindi paisa].
balboa the monetary unit of Panama. [From Vasco Núñez de Balboa (c.1475—1519), Sp. explorer and discoverer of the Pacific Ocean].
ban a Romanian monetary unit > BANI.
bekah half a SHEKEL.
belga a former monetary unit of Belgium.
bezant bezzant byzant a gold coin first struck at Byzantium or Constantinople; in heraldry, a small charge like this.
bhat see BAHT.
birr (Amharic) the monetary unit of Ethiopia > BIRROTCH. Also (Scots) to make a whirring noise > BIRRS, BIRRED, BIRRING.
bolivar the standard monetary unit of Venezuela > BOLIVARS or BOLIVARES. [From Simon Bolivar, 1783 - 1830].
boliviano a Bolivian dollar > BOLIVIANOS.
buck a dollar.
bugsha buqsha a monetary unit of Yemen.
butut a monetary unit of Gambia.
cardecu cardecue an old French silver coin. [Fr. quart d'ecu].
cartwheel a large coin, esp. a silver dollar.
cash a small Eastern coin. [Port. caiza].
cauri a monetary unit of Guiana.
cedi a Ghanaian monetary unit, equal to 100 PESEWAS > CEDIS.
cent a coin worth 1/100th of a DOLLAR.
centas the monetary unit of Lithuania, worth 1/100th of a LITAS > CENTAI.
centavo a Portugese coin and monetary unit, one hundredth of the standard unit of currency > CENTAVOS.
centesimo a copper coin of Italy and Spain equivalent to a centime > CENTESIMI or CENTESIMOS.
centime one hundredth of a FRANC.
centimo a coin and monetary unit of Spain and South America, one hundredth of the standard unit of currency > CENTIMOS.
centu a Lithuanian monetary unit > CENTU. No —S.
chao hao a monetary unit of Vietnam > is CHAO and HAO — no —S hook (but CHAOS, of course, is valid in its own right).
chervonets a former Soviet monetary unit or gold coin, worth ten roubles.
chetrum a monetary unit of Bhutan > CHETRUMS or CHHERTUM.
chiao jiao a Chinese monetary unit, one tenth of a YUAN > CHIAOS.
chon a Korean monetary unit > CHONS
colon a monetary unit of Costa Rica > COLONES or COLONS. Also COLONE.
colone a monetary unit of Costa Rica. [From Cristobal Colon].
condor a Chilean coin > CONDORS or CONDORES. [Sp. cóndor from Quechua kuntur].
conto a Portugese and Brazilian monetary unit worth 1000 escudos > CONTOS.
copeck kopeck kopek a Russian monetary unit. One hundred copecks make a ROUBLE.
cordoba the standard monetary unit of Nicaragua.
creutzer kreutzer kreuzer a small copper coin formerly used in South Germany.
crusado an old Portuguese monetary unit > CRUSADOES or CRUSADOS. Cf. CRUZADO.
cruzado the former monetary unit of Brazil, replaced by the CRUZEIRO > CRUZADOS or CRUZADOES. Cf. CRUSADO.
cruzeiro the standard monetary unit of Brazil, that replaced the CRUZADO > CRUZEIROS.
dalasi a Gambian monetary unit > DALASIS.
daric a gold coin of ancient Persia. [From Darius, King of Persia].
decime a French coin, the tenth part of a FRANC, equal to about two cents.
denar a monetary unit of Macedonia > DENARI or DENARS.
denarius a Roman coin > DENARII.
deni one hundredth part of a DENAR > DENIS.
denier an old French silver coin of small value.
derham dirham dirhem the monetary unit of Morocco.
didrachm didrachma a two-drachma piece; an ancient Greek silver coin.
dime the tenth part of an American and Canadian dollar, 10 cents.
dinar a monetary unit in Yugoslavia. [L. denarius].
dinero a former silver coin of Peru > DINEROS.
diobol diobolon a coin of ancient Greece.
diram a monetary unit of Tajikistan > DIRAMS.
disme a U.S. 10-cent coin struck in 1792.
dobla a former monetary unit of Spain, a gold coin. Also DOBLON.
doblon a former monetary unit of Spain, a gold coin > DOBLONS or DOBLONES. Also DOBLA.
dobra a former monetary unit of Portugal, a gold coin.
dollar an American unit of currency.
dollarise dollarize to replace a country's currency with the US dollar.
dong the standard monetary unit of Vietnam, 100 XU.
doubloon an obsolete Spanish gold coin.
drachm a Greek monetary unit. Also DRACHMA.
drachma a Greek monetary unit > DRACHMAS, DRACHMAE or DRACHMAI. Also DRACHM.
ducat a gold or silver coin of varying values, formerly much used on the Continent.
ducatoon an old silver coin in Venice and elsewhere.
dupondius a Roman coin > DUPONDII.
duro a Spanish silver dollar > DUROS.
eagle a gold coin of the US having an eagle on the reverse, and usually having a value of 10 dollars.
ecu the European monetary unit; also a former French coin, so called because of the shield that appeared on it.
ekpwele a former standard monetary unit of Equatorial Guinea > EKPWELES. Also EKUELE.
ekuele a former standard monetary unit of Equatorial Guinea. Note plural: EKUELE (despite EKPWELES). Also EKPWELE.
escudo a Portugese monetary unit > ESCUDOS.
euro the official currency unit, divided into 100 cents, of the member countries of the European Union.
eurobond a bond issued in a euro currency.
eurocreep the gradual introduction of the EURO into use in Britain.
eurodollar a U.S. dollar as part of a European holding.
eyrir a monetary unit of Iceland > AURAR.
fen a Chinese monetary unit, 1/10 of a YUAN.
fening a monetary unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina > FENINGS or FENINGA.
fenning a monetary unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina. No —S.
finmark finnmark a monetary unit of Finland.
follis a coin of ancient Rome > FOLLES.
forint a Hungarian monetary unit. [Hung. from Ital. fiorino, florin].
franc a French unit of currency.
fugio a former USA coin > FUGIOS.
girsh gursh qursh qurush a monetary unit of Saudi Arabia.
gopik a monetary unit of Azerbaijan.
gourde a monetary unit of Cuba, Haiti etc., a silver dollar.
greenback a monetary note issued by the US Government; gen. the US dollar.
groschen a small German monetary unit.
grosz a Polish monetary unit, 1/100 of a ZLOTY. 1 GROSZ, 2, 3 or 4 GROSZE, 5 or more GROSZY.
guarani a monetary unit of Paraguay > GUARANIS or GUARANIES.
guilder gulden a Dutch monetary unit, a silver coin worth about forty cents.
gursh see GIRSH.
halala halalah a Saudi Arabian monetary unit. [Arabic halal, lawful].
haler a monetary unit of the Czech republic > HALERS or HALERU. Also HELLER.
halier a former monetary unit of Slovakia > HALIERS or HALIEROV.
hao see CHAO.
heller a Czech monetary unit > HELLERS. Also HALER.
hryvna hryvnia hryvnya the standard monetary unit of the Ukraine, divided into 100 kopiykas > HRYVNYAS. Also HRYVNA, HRYVNIA.
hwan a monetary unit of S. Korea. No —S.
inti the standard monetary unit of Peru, equal to 100 céntimos. [Sp. f. Quechua ynti sun, the Inca sun god].
jane a small silver Genoese coin.
jeon a monetary unit of S. Korea > JEONS.
jiao see CHIAO.
joannes johannes an obsolete Portuguese gold coin, named from the figure of King John which it bears > JOANNES or JOANNESES, JOHANNES or JOHANNESES.
jun a coin of North Korea. No —S.
kapeyka a monetary unit of Belarus > KAPEEK.
khoum a monetary unit of Mauretania.
kip a Laotian monetary unit; (verb) to sleep, have a nap.
koban kobang obang an obsolete Japanese gold coin.
kobo a monetary unit of Nigeria > KOBOS [Nigerian version of English copper].
kopiyka a monetary unit of Ukraine, worth a hundredth part of a HRYVNA > KOPIYKAS or KOPIYKY.
koruna a Czech monetary unit > KORUN, KORUNAS or KORUNY.
kreutzer kreuzer see CREUTZER.
krona an Icelandic monetary unit > KRONUR or KRONOR.
krone a Norwegian monetary unit > KRONER or KRONEN.
kroon an Estonian monetary unit > KROONS or KROONI.
krugerrand a S. African coin, used for investment, containing one troy oz. of fine gold.
kuna the standard monetary unit of Croatia, divided into 100 LIPA > KUNE.
kurush a monetary unit of Turkey.
kwacha a monetary unit of Malawi and Zambia. [Bantu kwacha, dawn]. l. KWACHAS.
kwanza the standard monetary unit of Angola > KWANZAS.
kyat the standard Burmese monetary unit, equal to 100 PYAS.
laari, lari, laree a monetary unit of the Maldives > LAARIS, LARIS, LAREES.
lat a former monetary unit of Latvia > LATS, LATI or LATU.
lek (noun) an Albanian monetary unit > LEKS or LEKU; (verb) of blackcocks, to gather or display: LEKKED, LEKKING.
lempira the standard monetary unit of Honduras. [From the name of a native chief].
leone the standard monetary unit of Sierra Leone.
lepton a small Greek monetary unit > LEPTA. Also, a type of subatomic particle, pl. LEPTONS.
leu ley a Romanian monetary unit > LEI. [Romanian leu, lion].
lev lew a Bulgarian monetary unit > LEVA, LEVAS, LEVS. [Bulgarian lev, lion].
liang a Chinese unit of weight or currency.
liard an old French coin of low value.
likuta a monetary unit of Zaire > MAKUTA.
lilangeni the standard monetary unit of Swaziland > EMALANGENI. [Bantu, f. li- sing. pref. (ema- pl. pref.) + -langeni member of royal family].
lipa a monetary unit of Croatia > LIPE or LIPAS.
lira an Italian unit of currency > LIRE or LIRAS; a Maltese unit of currency > LIRI; a former Israeli unit of currency > LIROT or LIROTH.
lit a former monetary unit of Lithuania > LITS. Also LITAS.
litas a former monetary unit of Lithuania > LITAI or LITU. Also LIT.
livre an obsolete French coin, replaced by the franc.
loonie a Canadian one-dollar coin with a picture of a loon on one of its faces.
loti a monetary unit of Lesotho > MALOTI.
louis a former gold coin of France.
luma a monetary unit of Armenia > LUMAS.
lwei a monetary unit of Angola.
manat a standard monetary unit of Azerbaijan, containing 100 GOPIK > MANATS.
maneh a Greek unit of weight or money, equivalent to 100 drachmas.
maravedi a small copper coin of Spain.
marka the standard unit of currency in Bosnia-Herzegovina > MARKAS or MARAKA.
markka the standard monetary unit of Finland > MARKKAS or MARKKAA.
metical metica a monetary unit of Mozambique > METICALS or METICAIS; METICAS.
mil a Cypriot coin > MILS.
milesimo a former monetary unit of Chile > MILESIMOS.
millieme a coin representing one thousandth of the basic unit of currency, as in Egypt.
millime a monetary unit of Tunisia. Cf. MILLIEME.
milreis a former Portuguese coin superseded by the ESCUDO > MILREIS.
mina mna a Greek unit of weight or money, equivalent to 100 drachmas, same as MANEH. The pl. of MINA can be MINAS or MINAE.
mohur a Persian gold coin. [Persian mohr].
moidore a Portuguese gold coin current in England in the first half of the 18th century. [Port. moeda d'ouro coin of gold].
naira a monetary unit of Nigeria.
nakfa the standard currency unit of Eritrea > NAKFAS.
napoleon an obsolete French gold coin of twenty francs.
ngultrum the standard monetary unit of Bhutan > NGULTRUMS.
ngwee a Zambian monetary unit, the hundredth part of a KWACHA >NGWEES.
nickel a US coin worth five cents; (verb) to plate with nickel > NICKELED/NICKELLED.
obang see KOBAN.
obol a Greek coin.
obole a mediaeval French coin.
obolus in the Middle Ages, various small coins including a halfpenny > OBOLI. Cf. OBOL.
ostmark the standard monetary unit of the DDR, prior to reunification.
ouguiya ougiya a monetary unit of Mauritania > OUGUIYAS
pahlavi a gold Iranian coin > PAHLAVIS.
paisa an Indian coin, 1/100 of a RUPEE > PAISE or PAISAS.
paolo an old Italian silver coin, worth about ten cents > PAOLI.
para a small Turkish coin. [Turkish parah].
pataca a monetary unit of Macau.
peag peage wampum; beads used as money.
pengo a former monetary unit of Hungary > PENGOS. [Lit. 'ringing'].
penni a Finnish monetary unit > PENNIS or PENNIA.
peseta a unit of Spanish currency.
pesewa a Ghanaian monetary unit.
peso a Spanish dollar; also, an Argentine, Chilian, Colombian, etc., coin, equal to from 75 cents to a dollar; also, a pound weight.
pfennig a small copper coin of Germany, the hundredth part of a mark > PFENNIGE or PFENNIGS. Also PFENNING.
pfenning a small copper coin of Germany, the hundredth part of a mark > PFENNINGS. Also PFENNIG.
piaster piastre a North African monetary unit.
picayune a silver 5-cent coin struck by the U.S. mint from 1792-1873: a half dime; (fig.) something trivial: not worth a picayune.
pice an Indian coin, 1/4 anna > PICE - No —S hook. [Hindi paisa].
piso a Philippines monetary unit > PISOS.
pistareen an old Spanish silver coin of the value of about twenty cents.
poisha a Bangladeshi monetary unit > POISHAS.
portague portigue a former Portuguese gold coin.
pruta prutah an Israeli monetary unit > PRUTOT, PRUTOTH.
pul a monetary unit of Afghanistan > PULS, PULI.
pula the standard monetary unit in Botswana, = 100 THEBE. [Setswana, lit, rain, used as a greeting].
punt an Irish pound.
pya a monetary unit of Burma.
qapik a monetary unit of Azerbaijan.
qindar qintar quintar a monetary unit of Albania, equal to one-hundredth of a LEK. The plural of QINDAR is QINDARS or QINDARKA; of QINTAR is QINTARS or QINTARKA, of QUINTAR is QUINTARS.
quadrans a fourth part of the coin called an AS > QUADRANTES.
quarter a coin worth a quarter of a dollar, or 25 cents.
quetzal the Guatemalan currency unit, 100 CENTAVOS.
qursh qurush see GIRSH.
rand a monetary unit of S.Africa; (verb) to rant.
rappen a monetary unit of Switzerland. No —S.
real a monetary unit in Brazil > REALS, REALES, REIS or REAIS.
rei an erroneous English form for an obsolete Portugese coin.
reichsmark a German unit of currency.
renminbi the currency of the People's Republic of China since 1948.
rial riyal the unit of currency in Iran, Oman and Saudi Arabia, aka RIYAL. RIAL is also an old English gold coin, aka RYAL.
riel the basic monetary unit of Kampuchea.
rigsdaler rijksdaaler a rix-dollar, a small Dutch silver coin.
ringgit a monetary unit in Brunei. [Malay 'toothed'].
rouble ruble a Russian monetary unit.
rubel a currency unit of Belarus > RUBELS or RUBLI.
rufiyaa a monetary unit of the Maldives.
rupee an Indian unit of currency.
rupiah the standard unit of currency of Indonesia.
santim a former coin of Latvia > SANTIMS (which is also used as a singular).
santims a former coin of Latvia > SANTIMI or SANTIMU.
satang a monetary unit of Thailand, 1/100th of a BAHT.
sau = XU, a Vietnamese coin. No —S.
sawbuck a ten-dollar bill.
schilling any one of several small German and Dutch coins, worth from about one and a half cents to about five cents.
scudo a coin of silver or occas. gold formerly current in various Italian States > SCUDI.
semis a coin of ancient Rome > SEMISES. [L. semis].
semuncia a Roman coin equivalent to one twenty-fourth part of a Roman pound > SEMUNCIAE or SEMUNCIAS.
semuncial relating to a SEMUNCIA, a Roman coin equivalent to one twenty-fourth part of a Roman pound.
sen a monetary unit of Japan.
sene a monetary unit of Western Samoa.
sengi a monetary unit of Zaire > SENGIS.
seniti a monetary unit of Tonga > SENITIS.
sente a monetary unit of Lesotho > LICENTE, LISENTE.
senti a former monetary unit of Tanzania. No —S.
sentimo a monetary unit of the Philippines > SENTIMOS.
sequin an old Italian gold coin.
serafin seraphin xerafin xeraphim a former silver coin of Goa.
sesterce sestertius a Roman coin or denomination of money, in value the fourth part of a DENARIUS.
sestertium a Roman money of account equal to 1000 sesterces > SESTERTIA.
sextans a Roman coin, the sixth part of an AS > SEXTANSES.
shekel sheqel the standard unit of currency of Israel, worth 100 AGOROT > SHEKELS, SHEKALIM or SHEKELIM; SHEQELS or SHEQALIM.
shilingi a monetary unit of Tanzania > SHILINGIS.
siglos an ancient Persian coin > SIGLOI.
silverling in the Bible, a small silver coin.
simoleon a dollar.
skilling an obsolete coin of Scandinavian countries, of small value.
sol an old French coin, 1/20th of a LIVRE.
soldo a former Italian coin, one twentieth of a lira > SOLDI.
solidus a Roman gold coin, aka BEZANT; a mediaeval silver coin worth 12 denarii > SOLIDI.
som the standard monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan > SOMS or SOMY.
somoni the standard monetary unit of Tajikistan > SOMONIS.
sou a low-value French coin.
stater an ancient Greek coin.
stella a former coin of the United States.
stiver stuiver a Dutch coin worth a penny or two; something of little value.
stotin a monetary unit of Slovenia, worth one hundredth of a TOLAR > STOTINS or STOTINOV.
stotinka a Bulgarian monetary unit, worth one hundredth of a LEV > STOTINKI or STOTINKAS.
sucre a monetary unit of Ecuador, a silver coin worth 68 cents. [From Antonio Jose de Sucre].
sycee lumps of pure silver bearing the stamp of a banker or assayer and formerly used as money in China.
syli a former monetary unit of Guinea > SYLIS.
tael an Oriental denomination of money, also, a weight of one ounce and a third. [Malay tahil, weight].
taka a monetary unit of Bangladesh.
tala the standard monetary unit of Samoa.
taler thaler an obsolete German silver coin.
tambala a Malawi monetary unit > TAMBALAS or MATAMBALA. [Nyanja 'cockerel'].
tein a monetary unit of Kazakhstan, equal to one hundredth of a tenge > TEINS.
tenesi a monetary unit of Turkmenistan. No —S.
tenge the standard monetary unit of Kazakhstan > TENGES.
testoon a Portugese or Italian TESTON, a kind of coin.
tetradrachm a unit of Greek currency.
tetri thetri a currency unit of Georgia > TETRIS.
thebe a monetary unit of Botswana > THEBES
tical an obsolete Siamese monetary unit.
tickey ticky a former S. African coin, a threepenny bit.
tiyin tyin tyiyn tiyn a monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan.
toea a monetary unit of Papua New Guinea, 1/100 of a KINA.
togrog a Mongolian currency unit.
tolar the standard monetary unit of Slovenia > TOLARS, TOLARJI or TOLARJEV.
toman a former Persian gold coin and money of account, nominally worth 10,000 dinars. [Persian tuman].
toonie twonie twoonie a Canadian two-dollar coin.
triens a coin of ancient Rome > TRIENTES.
tughrik tugrik a Mongolian monetary unit.
uncia an ancient Roman coin, so called because it was an ounce of silver > UNCIAE.
vatu the monetary unit of Vanuatu.
vellon old Spanish copper money.
wakiki shell money > WAKIKIS.
won the standard monetary unit of N. and S. Korea > WON.
xerafin xeraphin see SERAFIN.
xu a Vietnamese monetary unit. No —S.
yuan a Chinese monetary unit.
zack an old Australian sixpence, now a five-cent piece.
zaire the standard monetary unit of Zaire > ZAIRES.
zecchin zecchino zechin a former Italian gold coin, aka SEQUIN.
zimbi a kind of cowrie used as money. [Port. zimbo; of African origin].
zloty a former Polish monetary unit > ZLOTYS, ZLOTIES, ZLOTE or ZLOTYCH (1 ZLOTY, 2, 3 or 4 ZLOTE, 5 or more ZLOTYCH!). [Polish zloty, gold].
zuz an ancient Palestinian coin > ZUZIM or ZUZZIM.
zwanziger an old Austrian silver coin, equivalent to twenty kreutzers > ZIMBIS.