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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acker (Aust. sl.) an academic.
ackers (Sl.) money.
akkas (Sl.) money.
dibbs (Sl.) money.
dibs (Sl.) money.
dinero (Sl.) money.
dosh (Sl.) money.
flim (Dial.) a five-pound note.
flimsy thin, slight (noun) a banknote
gelt (Sl.) money, profit.
kembla (Aust. sl.) small change.
luckpenny a coin kept for luck.
mazuma (Yiddish) money, cash.
meck (Scots) an old halfpenny.
megabuck big money.
moola (Sl.) money.
oof (Yiddish) money.
ooftish (Yiddish) money.
oscar (Aust. sl.) cash, money.
razoo (Aust. sl.) an imaginary coin, as in not worth a brass razoo.
shan (Obs) in criminal slang, a base or counterfeit coin.
shand (Obs.) in criminal slang, a base or counterfeit coin.
siller (Scots) silver.
smackeroo one pound sterling.
spondoolicks (US sl.) cash, money.
spondulicks (US sl.) cash, money.
spondulix (US sl.) cash, money.
stumer (Sl.) a counterfeit coin or note.
stumpily (Adv.) STUMPY, short and squat.
stumpy short and squat (noun) cash
wonga (Sl.) money.