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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acates (Obs.) things purchased; provisions not made in the house; dainties.
adrate the price or tariff that businesses pay to advertise.
aftersales after a sale has been completed, usually with reference to servicing the goods, installation, etc.
airfare the price of a journey on a plane.
arbitrage the exploitation of market imperfections to make a profit, eg by buying stocks and shares in one country or market and selling them in another; (verb) to exploit the market in this way.
auction to sell publicly to the highest bidder.
auctionary of or pertaining to an auction or an auctioneer.
auctioneer an agent who sells goods at auction; (verb) to sell by auction.
autojumble a jumble sale involving cars or car accessories.
bargain to discuss terms for selling or buying.
bargainer one who bargains.
bargoon (Canadian) a bargain.
bestselling selling in large numbers.
boughten (Arch.) purchased; not obtained or produced at home.
boycott to refuse to buy.
buy to purchase.
buyable that can be bought; (noun) something that can be bought.
buyback the optional or obligatory buying back by the seller of all or part of what was sold.
buyer one that buys.
buyout the buying out or taking over of another company.
cashback getting cash back on a credit card.
chargeback the charge a credit card merchant pays to a customer after the customer successfully disputes an item on his or her credit card statement.
cheapie (Coll.) something cheap.
cheapish somewhat cheap.
cheapishly (Adv.) CHEAPISH, somewhat cheap.
cheapness the state of being cheap.
cheapo (Coll.) something cheap.
cheapy (Coll.) something cheap.
coempt to buy up the entire supply of a product.
coemption the purchase of the entire supply of a commodity.
comake to serve as comaker for a loan.
commerce interchange of merchandise on a large scale between nations or individuals; (verb) to carry on trade.
consumerism the promotion of the consumer's interests.
consumeristic relating to consumerism.
costliness the state of being costly.
costly expensive.
customer one who buys something.
demarket to discourage consumers from buying a particular product.
discount to reduce the price of.
emption the act of buying, purchase.
emptional capable of being purchased.
endcap a display of products at the end of an aisle in a store.
exorbitancy the state of being exorbitant.
exorbitant going beyond the usual limits; (esp of prices) excessive.
exorbitantly (Adv.) EXORBITANT, excessive.
expenditure the act of expending.
expensive costing a lot of money.
farthingsworth as much as a farthing will buy.
feeless without a fee.
forepayment payment in advance.
forfaiter a person who, or company which, buys and sells debts arising from forfaiting.
forfaiting a method of export finance where debts on exported goods are bought and then sold on to banks etc.
gazang (Of the seller of a house) to inconvenience (a potential buyer) by withdrawing from an agreement to sell shortly before the purchase is completed.
gazump (Coll.) to unfairly acquire a property by bidding more than an offer that has already been accepted.
haggle to bargain.
haggler one who haggles.
halfpennyworth as much as is sold for a halfpenny or is worth a halfpenny.
higgle to hawk or peddle provisions.
higgler a salesperson who insists on a certain price.
hirable that can be hired.
hirage the fee for hiring something.
hire wages for service; (verb) to engage the services of for payment.
hireable that can be hired.
hireage the fee for hiring something.
hirer one who hires.
homebuyer one who is buying a home.
hondle to haggle.
invendibility the state of being invendible.
invendible not vendible or salable.
investor one that invests.
lowball to give a customer a deceptively low price.
macromarketing marketing concerning all marketing as a whole, marketing systems, and the mutual effect that society and marketing systems have on each other.
mancipation (Hist.) legal transfer by actual or symbolic sale.
mancipatory relating to mancipation.
marketable that can be marketed.
marketableness the state of being marketable.
marketably (Adv.) MARKETABLE.
marketise to adopt a market economy.
marketize to adopt a market economy.
merchandise goods for sale; (verb) to buy and sell in business.
merchandize goods for sale; (verb) to buy and sell in business.
missell to sell an inappropriate financial product, eg a personal pension.
niffer (Scots) to barter, to haggle.
noncustomer one who is not a customer.
oppignerate (Obs.) to pawn.
oppignorate (Obs.) to pawn.
outbargain to surpass in bargaining.
outbuy to surpass in buying.
outroop (Obs.) an auction sale.
outrooper (Obs.) an auctioneer; the Common Crier of the City.
outrope (Obs.) an auction sale.
outroper (Obs.) an auctioneer; the Common Crier of the City.
outsell to sell more than.
overbuy to buy too much.
overcharge to charge too much.
oversale the act of overselling.
oversell to try to hard to sell.
peddle to travel about selling wares.
permabear an investor who consistently acts in the expectation that the value of stocks and shares will fall.
permabull an investor who consistently acts in the expectation that the value of stocks and shares will rise.
prebuy to buy in advance.
preprice to price in advance.
prepurchase to purchase in advance.
presell to sell in advance.
price the amount for which a thing is sold (verb) to set a value on
pricey expensive PRICILY.
pricily (Adv.) PRICY, expensive.
priciness the state of being pricy.
pricy expensive PRICILY.
prodigalise to spend lavishly, to waste.
prodigalize to spend lavishly, to waste.
purchasability the quality of being purchasable.
purchasable that can be purchased.
purchase something bought; (verb) to acquire by the payment of money.
purchaser one who purchases.
purvey to supply.
purveyor one that purveys.
rakeoff a percentage of takings.
rebadge to market a product under a new name.
rebuy to buy again.
rediscount to discount again.
rediscountable capable of being rediscounted.
regrate (Hist.) to buy and sell again in or near the same market.
regrator one who regrates, buys and sells in the same market.
remainder what is left over; (verb) to sell as a remainder.
remarket to market again.
repurchase to buy back or again.
resalable that can be resold.
resale the act of selling again.
resaleable that can be resold.
resell to sell again.
reseller one who resells.
retail to sell in small quantities.
retailer one that retails.
retailment the act of retailing.
salability the quality of being salable.
salable able to be sold.
salableness the quality of being salable.
salably (Adv.) SALABLE, able to be sold.
sale the act or an instance of selling.
saleability the quality of being saleable.
saleable able to be sold.
saleably (Adv.) SALEABLE, able to be sold.
salesmanship the skill or art of selling.
sellable able to be sold.
seller one that sells.
selloff the act of selling cheaply.
subhastation (Hist.) sale by public auction.
sug to attempt to sell a product while purporting to be engaged in market research.
supersell a sale in exceptional quantities; (verb) to sell in exceptional quantities.
superseller something that sells exceptionally well.
telemarketing the marketing of goods or services by telephone.
teleshop to buy goods by telephone or the Internet.
teleshopping buying goods by telephone or the Internet.
troak (Scots) to barter.
trock (Scots) to barter.
troke (Scots) to barter.
underbuy to buy at less than the real value or worth; to buy cheaper than.
undercharge to charge too little.
underquote to offer at a price lower than.
undersell to sell too cheap.
underseller one who undersells.
underspend to spend less than.
unpurchased not purchased.
unsalable that cannot be sold.
unsalably (Adv.) UNSALABLE, that cannot be sold.
unsaleable not saleable.
unsaleably (Adv.) UNSALEABLE, not saleable.
unsellable not sellable.
unsold not sold.
unvendible that cannot be sold.
upscale upmarket; (verb) to make appealing to affluent consumers.
upsell to attempt to persuade a customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale.
vend to sell.
vendable that can be vended; (noun) something that can be vended.
vendee the person to whom a thing is vended.
vender one who sells.
vendibility the state of being vendible.
vendible that can be vended (noun) something that can be vended
vendibleness the state of being vendible.
vendibly (Adv.) VENDIBLE, capable of being sold.
vendition a sale.
vendor one who sells.
vendue (Dutch) a public sale; an auction.
voetstoets (Afrikaans) denoting a sale in which the vendor is freed from all responsibility for the condition of the goods being sold.
voetstoots (Afrikaans) denoting a sale in which the vendor is freed from all responsibility for the condition of the goods being sold.
voorskot (Afrikaans) advance payment made to farmers for crops.
wholesale the sale of goods, usually by the whole piece or large quantity, to a retailer; (verb) to sell wholesale.