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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

airsick suffering from nausea induced by being in a plane.
barf to vomit.
bevomit to cover with vomit.
boak bock boke to belch, vomit.
carsick suffering from nausea induced by being in a car.
cat to vomit.
chunder to vomit.
cowk to retch, feel nauseated.
cropsick suffering from nausea induced by gluttony.
egurgitate to vomit, to cast forth.
emesis the act of vomiting > EMESES or EMESISES. [Gk. emeein, to vomit].
emetic a drug inducing vomiting.
emetical inducing to vomit; producing vomiting > EMETICALLY.
emetophobia the fear of vomiting.
heave to vomit.
honk to vomit.
hurl (US) to vomit.
hyperemesis excessive vomiting.
keck to heave or retch, as in an effort to vomit.
kotch to vomit.
nausea a feeling of sickness and inclination to vomit.
nauseate to induce a feeling of nausea in.
nauseation the act of arousing nausea.
puke to vomit.
puker an emetic.
pukey puky of or resembling vomit > PUKIER, PUKIEST.
qualm a sudden feeling of faintness or sickness;
qualmish sick at the stomach; affected with nausea.
qualmishness the state of being QUALMISH, sick at the stomach.
qualmy full of qualms, feeling sick > QUALMIER, QUALMIEST.
queasiness the state of being QUEASY.
queasy feeling sick > QUEASIER, QUEASIEST; QUEASILY.
queazy feeling sick > QUEAZIER, QUEAZIEST; but not QUEAZILY*.
ralph to vomit.
regorge to bring back food.
regurgitate to bring back food.
retch to make an effort to vomit.
seasick suffering from nausea induced by being at sea > SEASICKER, SEASICKEST.
spew to vomit.
spewer one who spews.
spue to vomit > SPUES, SPUING or SPUEING, SPUED.
spuer one who spues.
upchuck to vomit.
urp to vomit.
vom to vomit.
vomit to eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth.
vomiter one who vomits.
vomiting the act of being sick.
vomitive a substance causing the ejection of matter from the stomach; an EMETIC.
vomitory a substance causing the ejection of matter from the stomach; an EMETIC.
vomitous pertaining to vomiting.
vomiturition violent retching.
vomitus matter vomited > VOMITUSES.
vomity resembling or smelling of vomit > VOMITIER, VOMITIEST.
wamble to feel a rolling of the stomach.
wambly feeling sick, unsteady > WAMBLIER, WAMBLIEST.
woops to vomit.