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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aftosa a disease of hoofed mammals > AFTOSAS.
anaplasmosis a tick-borne disease of cattle and sheep.
anbury angleberry a soft fleshy tumour in horses.
anthracic of or relating to ANTHRAX.
anthrax a disease of cattle, communicable to humans > ANTHRAXES or ANTHRACES.
aspergillosis an animal disease caused by ASPERGILLI > ASPERGILLOSES.
babesia a parasite causing cattle fever.
babesiasis babesiosis a cattle infection caused by the parasite BABESIA, aka REDWATER > BABESIASES , BABESIOSES.
blackwater a cattle disease.
bonamiasis a fatal disease of oysters > BONAMIASES.
bothole a hole in an animal's hide due to boring by a BOT.
bots a cattle disease caused by botfly larvae.
braxy a disease of sheep causing fits.
brucellosis an undulant fever of cattle > BRUCELLOSES.
bullnose a disease of pigs, aka swine snout disease.
burdizzo a surgical instrument used to castrate animals > BURDIZZOS.
capellet a cyst-like swelling on a horse's elbow, or on the back part of the hock.
cloacitis inflammation of the CLOACA in birds > CLOACITISES.
cowpox a disease of cows.
crepance a sore on a horse's hind ankle-joint.
cropbound of poultry, suffering from impaction of the crop.
dourine a contagious disease of horses.
enzootic a disease affecting the animals of a district.
epizootic a disease affecting many animals of one kind at the same time.
epizooty a temporary but widespread outbreak of a particular disease among animals; an EPIZOOTIC disease.
equinia a horse disease, aka GLANDERS.
farcied afflicted with FARCY.
farcin farcy chronic GLANDERS, a disease of horses.
foulbrood a bacterial disease of bee larvae.
fowlpox a virus disease of poultry.
gallsickness a tick-borne disease affecting the livers of cattle, sheep and goats.
gapy infested with GAPEWORMS > GAPIER, GAPIEST.
garget an inflammation of the throat or udder in cows, swine, etc.
gargety affected by, or related to, GARGET.
gid a sheep disease.
glandered glanderous affected with GLANDERS.
glanders a disease of horses. No GLANDER*.
gourdiness the state of being GOURDY.
gourdy of a horse, swollen in the legs > GOURDIER, GOURDIEST.
granulosis any of numerous diseases of insect larvae marked by minute granular inclusions in infected cells and caused by viruses > GRANULOSES.
hairball a compact mass of hair that forms in the stomach of cats, calves, etc., as a result of licking and swallowing the fur, and causes indigestion and convulsions.
heartwater a fatal tick-borne viral disease of cattle, sheep and goats.
hoofbound of a horse, having dry contracted hooves, with resultant pain and lameness.
hoofrot footrot > HOOFROTS.
hoove a disease of cattle and sheep; (verb) (Spenser) to hover, loiter.
hooven hoven having HOOVE, a disease of cattle and sheep.
horsepox a skin disease of horses.
laminitis inflammation of the laminated tissue structure to which the hoof of a horse is attached, aka FOUNDER > LAMINITISES.
lampas an inflammation and swelling of the soft parts of the roof of the mouth immediately behind the fore teeth in the horse > LAMPASES.
lampasse = LAMPAS > LAMPASSES.
lib to geld > LIBS, LIBBING, LIBBED.
locoism a disease of livestock, caused by ingestion of LOCOWEED.
malander mallander mallender an eruption of the skin behind a horse's knee.
mange an inflammation of the skin of animals caused by parasitic mites.
mangey mangy scabby > MANGIER, MANGIEST; MANGILY.
manginess the state of being MANGY.
maungy mangy > MAUNGIER, MAUNGIEST.
mawbound of cattle, constipated by impaction of the rumen.
molybdenosis a disease of cattle and sheep, characterized by chronic diarrhoea and emaciation, caused by an excess of molybdenum in the diet > MOLYBDENOSES.
moorill a cattle disease of moorland districts, marked by haemoglobin in the urine.
mose a doubtful verb, applied to some disease in a horse > MOSES, MOSING, MOSED.
murrain murren murrin murrion a cattle disease
murrained affected with the MURRAIN, a cattle disease.
myxo myxomatosis > MYXOS.
myxomatosis fatal contagious disease of rabbits > MYXOMATOSES.
myxomatous suffering from MYXOMATOSIS.
nagana ngana a tropical disease of cattle transmitted by tsetse fly.
nematodiriasis a disease of young lambs caused by nematodirus larvae > NEMATODIRIASES.
neutering the act of spaying or castrating.
ngana see NAGANA.
orf a viral infection of sheep.
ornithosis a disease like PSITTACOSIS, infecting domestic fowl, transmissible to man > ORNITHOSES.
panzootic a disease that affects all the animals in a given area.
pebrine a destructive protozoan disease of silkworms.
piroplasm a parasite causing cattle fever, aka BABESIA.
piroplasma a parasite causing cattle fever, aka BABESIA > PIROPLASMATA.
psittacosis contagious parrot disease, causing fever and pneumonia in humans > PSITTACOSES.
pullorum as in pullorum disease, an acute bacterial disease of very young birds.
quitter quittor a fistulous sore on a horse's hoof.
redfoot a fatal disease of newborn lambs.
redwater a cattle disease, aka BABESIASIS or BABESIOSIS.
rinderpest an infectious disease of ruminants, esp. oxen.
ringbone a morbid growth or deposit of bony matter between or on the small pastern and the great pastern bones.
ringwomb a complication at lambing resulting from the failure of the cervix to open.
roup an infectious disease of the respiratory passages of poultry; hoarseness; (verb) to sell by auction.
sallenders an eruption on the hind leg of a horse. N.B. no SALLENDER*.
sandcrack a deep crack or fissure in the wall of a horse's hoof, often causing lameness.
scrapie a usually fatal viral sheep disease.
sidebone an ossification of the lateral cartilages of a horse's hoof.
sitfast a lump in a horse's skin under the saddle.
spavie spavin a tumour on a horse's leg.
spaviet affected with SPAVIE.
spavined affected with SPAVIN.
spay to remove the ovaries from (a female animal).
springhalt stringhalt a jerking lameness in which a horse suddenly twitches up its leg or legs.
spurgall a place galled or excoriated by much using of the spur; (verb) to gall with the spur.
staggers a disease in horses, attended with giddiness: hence any bewildering distress.
stringhalt see SPRINGHALT.
sturdied affected by STURDY, a disease of sheep.
sturdy strongly built > STURDIER, STURDIEST; STURDILY; (noun) a disease of sheep.
surra a trypanosome disease of the blood in horses. [Marathi sura, wheezing].
sweeny swinney an atrophy of the muscles of the shoulder in horses.
swinepox a disease of swine.
swinney see SWEENY.
thoroughpin a swelling of horses' hocks.
tularaemia tularemia a disease of rodents caused by a bacterium, and transmissible to humans.
tularaemic relating to TULARAEMIA.
tularemia see TULARAEMIA.
tularemic relating to TULAREMIA.
vives a disease of horses, a swelling of the submaxillary glands.
waterbrain a disease of sheep, aka GID.
whitecomb a fungal disease affecting the combs of certain fowls.
windgall a puffy swelling around a horse's joints.
windgalled suffering from WINDGALL, a puffy swelling around a horse's joints.
windsucker a horse that engages in wind-sucking, a harmful habit of horses in which the animal arches its neck and swallows a gulp of air.
wormil a lump in the skin of an animal's back.
yellows jaundice in horses.
zoonosis a disease of animals which can be transmitted to humans, such as rabies, etc > ZOONOSES.
zoonotic of or like a ZOONOSIS.