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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acarbose a medicine for diabetes.
acyclovir a drug used in the treatment of herpes and HIV.
adaptogen any of various natural substances used in herbal medicine as regulators.
albuterol a drug used to treat lung diseases.
aloetic a medicine containing aloes.
aloin a laxative.
amygdalin a glucoside in bitter almonds, used as an expectorant.
amytal as in sodium amytal, a barbiturate.
analeptic a restorative medicine.
analgesic analgetic a substance relieving pain.
anetic soothing.
anodyne a drug that allays pain; something that soothes.
anodynic of or like an ANODYNE.
anovulant inhibiting ovulation; (noun) a drug that does this.
antacid a remedy for indigestion.
antalgic (a substance) alleviating or relieving pain.
antiacne inhibiting the development of ACNE.
antiandrogen a substance that tends to inhibit the production, activity, or effects of a male sex hormone.
antidepressant any drug used to treat depression> ANTIDOTALLY.
antidotal having the quality an antidote; fitted to counteract the effects of poison > ANTIDOTALLY.
antidote something which counteracts a poison; (verb) to provide with an antidote; to fortify against an evil.
antiflu acting against flu.
antipyic a drug checking or preventing suppuration.
antiserum a serum containing antibodies, usu. for a particular antigen > ANTISERUMS or ANTISERA.
antitoxic serving to neutralize poison.
antitumor (a drug) designed to prevent tumors > ANTITUMORS.
antitumour antitumoural preventing against tumours.
antiulcer designed to prevent ulcers.
antivenin an antitoxin countering esp. snake venom.
antiviral designed to protect against viral infection.
aperient aperitive a laxative (medicine).
apozem a decoction or infusion.
arecoline a toxic alkaloid used as a veterinary anthelmintic.
aseptic free from SEPSIS; pertaining to or promoting ASEPSIS > ASEPTICALLY.
aspirin a drug (acetyl-salicylic acid) used for relieving rheumatic pains, neuralgia, etc, and as an anti-coagulant.
atabrin atabrine atebrin a bitter yellow powder, formerly used against malaria.
ataractic ataraxic a tranquillizing drug.
atebrin see ATABRIN.
atenolol a type of beta-blocker.
attenuant a drug or other agent that attenuates.
baclofen a drug used to treat stroke victims.
bacterin a vaccine derived from dead bacteria.
bacterise bacterize to treat with bacteria.
barbitone a sleep-inducing drug, aka VERONAL.
bedrug to drug abundantly or excessively.
benadryl an antihistamine drug used in sleeping tablets.
biguanide one of a group of drugs used in the late onset of diabetes.
bioassay the assessment of the strength and effect of a drug by testing on a living organism; (verb) to assess a drug in this way.
biologic a biological product used in medicine > BIOLOGICS.
biomarker anything that might indicate the presence of a disease or pathological condition.
blackwash a lotion made by mixing calomel and lime water; (verb) to treat with blackwash.
botanical related to botany > BOTANICALLY; (noun) a drug made from vegetable matter > BOTANICALS.
bulkage a peristaltic stimulant.
busulfan a medicine.
calmant calmative a drug having a calming effect.
calomel a strong purgative, a compound of mercury, acting on the liver.
caplet a kind of medicinal tablet, usu. in oval form for easy swallowing.
captopril an antihypertensive drug that is an ACE inhibitor.
carbachol a synthetic drug used to disperse fluids, e.g. urine, retained in the body.
carbidopa a drug used to treat Parkinson's disease.
cathartic something which is used to clean one's bowels.
cathinone an alkaloid derived from khat.
cauterant a cauterizing substance.
cisplatin a platinum-containing neoplastic drug used esp. in the treatment of ovarian and testicular tumours.
citrinin an antibiotic.
clofibrate a lipid-lowering drug that is used to reduce high levels of fat and cholesterol.
clonidine an antihypertensive drug.
clozapine a neuroleptic drug used as a sedative and to treat schizophrenia.
codeia codein codeina codeine an aspirin-related drug.
colistin a type of antibiotic.
coramine a circulatory stimulant.
corrigent a substance added to a medicine to mollify or modify its action.
coxib a drug used in the treatment of osteoarthritis.
curable capable of being cured > CURABLY.
curara curare curari a paralysing poison extracted from the bark of certain S. American trees.
curarise curarize to treat with CURARE.
cure to restore to health.
cyclizine an antihistamine drug used to relieve travel and postoperative sickness.
danazol a type of drug.
dapsone a drug used in the treatment of leprosy, dermatitis, etc.
deliriant of a drug, causing delirium.
deprenyl a drug that combats the effects of ageing.
diacodion diacodium a syrup of poppies.
diazepam a tranquillizer of the benzodiazepine group used esp. as an anti-anxiety agent, hypnotic, and muscle relaxant.
digitalin a drug extracted from foxglove, used for heart complaints.
digitalis a heart stimulant obtained from foxglove leaves.
diltiazem a drug used to treat angina.
dinic relating to vertigo; (noun) a remedy for dizziness.
diosgenin a crystalline substance obtained from the Mexican yam, used in the preparation of steroid hormones.
discussive a medicine serving to disperse morbid matter.
discutient a medicine serving to disperse morbid matter.
diuretic a medicine that increases the flow of urine.
dosage the amount of medicine to be given.
dose to give a specified quantity of medicine to.
doser one who doses.
dossil a plug; a spigot; a wad of lint for wiping a wound.
drastic severe > DRASTICALLY; (noun) a severe purgative > DRASTICS.
drug any substance used in the composition of medicine to cure, diagnose or prevent disease; (verb) to administer a drug to.
dynorphin a drug used to treat cocaine addiction.
ecbolic assisting childbirth; aiding abortion; (noun) a drug that does this.
eccritic a remedy which promotes discharges, as an emetic, or a cathartic.
elaterium a substance contained in the juice of the fruit of the squirting cucumber, producing the purgative ELATERIN.
electuary a medicine mixed with honey or syrup.
eliminant (a substance) causing elimination of waste or abnormal matter.
emetic a drug tending to cause vomiting.
emictory promoting the flow of urine.
emplastic a medicine that stops the pores.
emulgent acting as a drain for.
enalapril an ACE inhibitor used to treat high blood pressure.
enema a fluid injected into the rectum > ENEMAS or ENEMATA.
epidural a kind of local anaesthetic.
epulotic a substance encouraging growth of scar tissue.
erodent a medicine which eats away extraneous growths; a caustic.
errhine an obsolete medicine, which caused sneezing as a treatment for nasal ingestion.
ethical in accordance with ethics > ETHICALLY; (noun) a proprietary pharmaceutical available only on doctor's prescription > ETHICALS.
eucain eucaine a safer substitute for cocaine as a local anaesthetic.
eusol an antiseptic solution obtained by treating EUPAD with water.
evacuant a medicine that induces some kind of bodily discharge, as defecation, vomiting, or sweating; esp. a purgative
excipient a substance mixed with a medicine to give it consistency.
eyewear corrective eye lenses.
falconoid an antioxidant found in tea and thought to prevent cancer > FALCONOIDS.
febrifuge something which reduces fever.
fentanyl a narcotic drug.
fibrate any of a class of drugs used to reduce levels of fat in the body.
foscarnet a drug used to treat AIDS.
frusemide a diuretic used to relieve OEDEMA, caused for example by heart or kidney disease.
gabapentin an anti-epileptic drug.
galantamine a compound, orig derived from flowers, esp daffodils and snowdrops, used as a drug in treating dementia.
gelcap a dose of medicine enclosed in a soluble cap of gelatine.
genistein a substance found in plants, thought to fight cancer.
glonoin a name for nitroglycerine, as used in medicine.
guaiacol an expectorant and local anesthetic.
guanazolo a synthetic substance resembling GUANINE, used in the treatment of cancer.
haematic hematic a medicine for a blood disease.
haloperidol a synthetic tranquillizing drug used in treating psychiatric illnesses.
halothane an inhalation anaesthetic.
harmin harmine an alkaloid drug derived from HARMALA seeds or by oxidation of HARMALINE.
hecogenin a chemical obtained from various plants, esp. sisal, used in the manufacture of cortisone.
hemagog hemagogue a drug that promotes the flow of blood.
hematic see HAEMATIC.
hepar any of various sulphur compounds, generally of a reddish- brown colour and often in (former) medicinal use.
hepatic a medicine pertaining to or acting upon the liver.
hepatical pertaining to or acting upon the liver.
histamin histamine a base used in medicine obtained from ergot and present in all the tissues of the body.
holocaine a surface anaesthetic for the eye.
hydragog a purgative causing watery discharges.
hyoscine a sleep-inducing drug obtained from plants of nightshade family.
hypnic a soporific.
iatric iatrical of or pertaining to medicine, or to medical men.
ibogaine an alkaloid used as an antidepressant.
ibuprofen an anti-inflammatory drug.
icteric icterical a remedy for jaundice.
imipenem a drug used to kill bacteria.
immunogen an antigen.
indinavir a drug used to treat AIDS.
indometacin a non-steroidal drug used to treat inflammatory conditions.
inoculant any material used in inoculation.
inoculum any material used in inoculation > INOCULA or INOCULUMS.
inotrope a drug for controlling the force of muscular contractions.
insulin a hormone.
iodoform a lemon-yellow crystalline compound of iodine with a saffron-like odour, used as an antiseptic.
iprindole an antidepressant drug.
ischuretic a drug used to relieve ischuria, retention of urine.
isoniazid isoniazide a pyridine derivative used in the treatment of tuberculosis.
kephalic of or pertaining to the head; (noun) a remedy for a headache.
ketamine an anaesthetic and analgesic drug.
lactulose a synthetic sugar with laxative properties.
laetrile a drug derived from apricot pits.
lambitive a medicine taken by licking.
laxative a drug that stimulates evacuation of the bowels.
lenitive soothing > LENITIVELY; (noun) a soothing medicine or medical appliance.
letrozole an anti-oestrogen drug used in the treatment of breast cancer.
levodopa a drug used to treat Parkinson's disease.
lidocaine US name for LIGNOCAINE, a local anaesthetic used in dentistry.
lincture a medicated syrup for throat.
linctus a medicated syrup for throat > LINCTUSES.
lobeline a poisonous alkaloid obtained from Lobelia inflata, used as a respiratory stimulant and to discourage tobacco-smoking.
loosener a laxative.
lorazepam a drug used in the treatment of anxiety.
lovastatin a type of drug that lowers the level of lipoproteins in the blood.
lupulin a yellow powder on hop cones, used as sedative.
lupuline lupulinic of or like LUPULIN, a yellow powder on hop cones, used as sedative.
lysol a kind of disinfectant.
magainin any of a series of substances with antibacterial properties derived from the skins of frogs.
magistral masterly > MAGISTRALLY; (noun, obs.) a preparation devised by a physician for a particular case; not included in the standard pharmacopoeia > MAGISTRALS.
meclizine a drug used to treat nausea and vertigo.
med medical, medicine > MEDS.
medicable capable of being medicated; admitting of being cured or healed > MEDICABLY.
medicant a medicinal substance.
medicate to treat with medicine.
medcinal (Milton) medicinal, curative.
medicinal relating to medicine > MEDICINALLY; (noun) a medicinal substance.
meloxicam a drug used to treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
melphalan an antineoplastic drug.
mepacrine a bitter yellow powder, formerly used against malaria, aka ATABRIN, ATEBRIN.
mercurial containing mercury > MERCURIALLY; (noun) any compound, esp. a drug or medicine, that contains mercury.
mersalyl a sodium salt used as a diuretic.
mestranol a synthetic oestrogen used in oral contraceptives.
metformin a drug used to treat diabetes.
methadon methadone a synthetic drug similar to morphine.
metopon a pain-relieving drug derived from opium.
metopryl an anaesthetic related to ether.
metrazol a drug used to improve blood circulation.
minipill a small pill.
minoxidil a peripheral vasodilator used to treat hypertension.
mitomycin a kind of antibiotic.
morphia morphine the principal alkaloid in opium, a hypnotic drug used extensively for pain-relief.
mucolytic a drug tending to break down or reduce the viscosity of mucus > MUCOLYTICS.
multidrug involving many different drugs.
mummia mummy as a drug or source of pigment.
mydriatic causing dilatation of the pupil of the eye.
naloxone a potent drug used as an antidote for various narcotics.
nanobee an artificial nanoparticle containing a toxin found in bee stings, used to target and destroy precancerous cells.
naproxen a pain-killing drug.
narcotic a drug that dulls the senses.
narcotine an alkaloid found in opium, and extracted as a white crystalline substance, tasteless and less poisonous than morphine.
nauseant a drug producing nausea.
neomycin an antibiotic used to treat skin and eye infections.
nepenthe a drug used by the ancients to give relief from pain and sorrow; hence anything soothing and comforting.
nephritic relating to the kidneys; (noun, obs.) a medicine alleviating kidney conditions > NEPHRITICS.
nervine quieting; soothing nervous excitement; (noun) a herbal agent that does this.
nialamide a synthetic antidepressant drug.
nondrug not connected with drugs.
nootropic a drug that acts on the mind.
novocaine a proprietary name for cocaine, as a dental anaesthetic.
nystatin an antifungal antibiotic, used in treating MONILIA and CANDIDA.
obtundent a drug having the property of dulling sensitivity.
officinal tending or used to cure disease or relieve pain; sold on prescription > OFFICINALS, OFFICINALLY.
oncolysis the destruction of tumours > ONCOLYSES.
oncolytic destroying tumours > ONCOLYTICS.
opiate to treat with opium, to dull.
opioid a drug containing OPIUM.
oporice a former medicine prepared from quinces, pomegranates etc.
opsonic relating to OPSONIN, a substance of blood serum making bacteria vulnerable to phagocytic action.
orthosis a device which supports or corrects deformities > ORTHOSES.
oxacillin a semisynthetic penicillin, used in the treatment of penicillin-resistant conditions.
oxazepam a tranquilising drug.
oxycodone an opiate drug used as a painkiller.
oxytocic a drug that hastens the process of childbirth.
panacean having the properties of a PANACEA.
paraform a substance used as an antiseptic.
paralyser paralyzer a paralysing agent.
paregoric a medicine that soothes, assuages pain.
pargyline a drug used to treat depression.
patulin a drug derived from penicillin.
peloid any naturally produced medium used in medicine as a CATAPLASM.
pemoline a white crystalline powder used to stimulate the central nervous system.
penicillus a small pad for wounds > PENICILLI.
peroral administered through the mouth > PERORALLY.
pethidine a pain-relieving drug used in childbirth, etc.
phenobarbitol phenobarb a pain-killing drug.
phylactic protective against disease.
picra a purgative drug made from aloes. [Gk. pikros, bitter].
piracetam a drug used to treat muscle spasm.
polydrug pertaining to the use of several drugs together.
polymyxin one of a group of mainly toxic antibiotics.
polypill a proposed combined medicament intended to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
practolol a drug formerly used to treat cardiac arrhythmia.
probenecid a drug that acts on renal tubular function.
procaine a crystalline substance used as a local anaesthetic.
prodrug a compound that is itself biologically inactive but is metabolized in the body to produce an active therapeutic drug.
psoralen a drug used to treat PSORIASIS.
ptarmic a substance that causes sneezing.
puromycin a type of antibiotic.
quaalude a type of sedative, aka methaqualone.
quietive a sedative.
quinoid a QUINONOID substance.
quinoidal of or like QUINOID, a QUINONOID substance.
quinolone any of a group of antibiotics used esp. against infections of the urinary or respiratory tracts.
relaxant a medicine that relaxes; a laxative.
reserpine a sedative drug.
revulsive an obsolete medical term for a counterirritant.
rhigolene a volatile liquid obtained from petroleum and used as a local anaesthetic.
ribavirin a synthetic guanosine analogue, which interferes with the synthesis of viral nucleic acids and is used to treat viral infections.
rifampin an antibiotic.
rifamycin an antibiotic.
ritonavir a drug used to treat HIV.
roborant a drug restoring vigor or strength.
roid (short for) steroid > ROIDS.
rusma a depilatory made of orpiment and quicklime, and used by the Turks.
rutin a drug used against the fragility of small blood vessels.
sagrada as in cascara sagrada, dried bark of the cascara buckthorn, used as a purgative. No —S.
saluretic a drug that increases the secretion of salt in urine.
salvarsan a compound of arsenic once used as a remedy for syphilis.
santonin an anthelminthic extracted from SANTONICA.
scopoline a liquid extract of SCOPOLAMINE, used as a sedative.
sedative a drug that induces a calm state.
sildenafil a drug used to enhance erectile function.
splenium a surgical bandage > SPLENIA or SPLENIUMS.
stanol a drug taken to prevent heart disease.
statin a type of drug that lowers the level of lipoproteins in the blood.
stavudine a drug used to treate HIV.
sterilant a sterilizing agent.
steroid any of a class of compounds including the sterols, bile acids, adrenal hormones, sex hormones, vitamin D, etc; a drug containing such compounds.
steroidal relating to STEROIDS.
stomachal a medicine for the stomach.
stovaine an anaesthetic cocaine-substitute, chiefly injected into spine.
stypsis the use, action etc. of a STYPTIC > STYPSISES.
styptic a substance that stops bleeding of minor cuts.
subpotent of drugs, less potent than normal.
subtilin an antibiotic > SUBTILINS.
sudatory sudorific a drug causing or inducing sweat.
sulfa sulpha any of a class of antibacterial drugs, the SULPHONAMIDES.
suramin a drug used in the treatment of trypanosomiasis.
tacrine a drug used to treat Alzheimer's disease.
tadalafil a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.
tamoxifen a drug which inhibits the effects of oestrogen.
taxol a drug obtained from the Pacific yew.
temazepam a drug used to treat insomnia.
teniacide teniafuge a substance, esp a drug, that kills a tapeworm.
tetanic a drug used to treat tetanus.
tetronal a hypnotic and sedative drug, rarely used because of its toxicity.
thalline a compound of thallium used for medicinal purposes.
theriac theriaca an antidote to venomous bites, originally made of various ingredients including viper flesh mixed with honey.
theriacal of or pertaining to THERIAC; medicinal.
thiazide any of a group of drugs used to treat hypertension.
thridace inspissated lettuce juice used as a sedative.
timolol a drug for preventing heart attacks.
totaquine a mixture of quinine and alkaloids used as anti-malarial.
trazodone a drug used to treat depression.
tretinoin a synthetic form of vitamin A used as a drug to treat certain skin conditions.
triclosan a drug used to treat skin infections.
tricyclic a tricyclic antidepressant.
trinitrin glyceryl trinitrate, used to treat angina pectoris.
triptan a drug used to treat migraine.
troche trochisk trochiscus a medicinal tablet or lozenge; strictly, one of circular form.
tylosin an antibiotic.
tyrocidin tyrocidine a basic polypeptide antibiotic produced by a soil bacillus.
unguentum an ointment > UNGUENTA.
urethan urethane a crystalline ether, used as an anaesthetic and pesticide.
valium > VALIUMS a tranquillising drug.
venene medicine from snake venom.
verapamil a calcium channel blocker.
vermifuge a medicine or substance that expels worms from animal bodies; an anthelmintic.
veronal a hypnotic drug, aka BARBITAL.
vesicant a substance raising blisters.
viomycin a drug used in the treatment of TB.
vomitive a substance causing the ejection of matter from the stomach; an emetic.
vulnerary useful in healing wounds; (noun) a vulnerary preparation, plant, or drug.
warfarin a rat poison used also as a blood thinner. [Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation + coumARIN].
yohimbine an alkaloid obtained from the bark of a W. African tree.
zerumbet an E. Indian drug, related to CASSUMUNAR and ZEDOARY.