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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

ampoule ampule a small sealed glass container for a hypodermic dose.
aspirator an instrument for removing fluids or solids from cavities of the body.
auriscope an instrument for examining the ear.
biodot a temperature-sensitive device stuck to the skin to monitor depression.
bistoury a narrow surgical knife.
burdizzo a surgical instrument used to castrate animals > BURDIZZOS.
cannula canula a narrow tube, esp one for removing fluid from bodily cavities > CANNULAE or CANNULAS; CANULAE or CANULAS.
canular shaped like a CANULA.
castrater castrator a device used in castration.
catheter a tube which can be passed into the bladder or other body cavity or canal to allow the draining of fluid.
catlin catling a type of surgical knife.
cauter a hot iron for searing or cauterizing.
cryoprobe a blunt chilled probe used to freeze tissue in CRYOSURGERY.
curet a surgical instrument used for scraping.
curette a surgical instrument used for scraping; (verb) to scrape with a CURETTE.
dilater dilator something used to dilate.
dropper a tube or contrivance for making liquid come out in drops.
earpick an instrument for removing wax from the ear.
ecraseur a surgical instrument in the form of a wire or chain loop which cuts as it tightens.
endoscope an instrument for visualizing the interior of a hollow organ.
eyebath eyecup a small oval porcelain or glass cup, having a rim curved to fit the orbit of the eye, used in the application of liquid remedies to eyes.
fetoscope an instrument used for looking at the fetus.
fleam an instrument for bleeding diseased cattle.
forceps a pair of pincers, usually held in one hand to obtain a firm grip on a small object > FORCEPS, FORCEPSES or FORCIPES. N.B. no FORCEP*.
garrot a stick or small wooden cylinder used for tightening a bandage, in order to compress the arteries of a limb; (verb) to constrict with a GARROT > GARROTS, GARROTING, GARROTED.
haemostat hemostat an instrument for stopping bleeding.
lancet a surgical instrument used for opening veins, abscesses, etc.
leucotome leukotome a needle used to carry out a LEUCOTOMY, a kind of brain operation.
myogram a record made by a MYOGRAPH.
myograph an instrument for recording muscular contractions.
myoscope an instrument for observing muscular contractions.
nebuliser nebulizer a spraying apparatus, an atomiser.
needleless of a syringe, without a needle.
occluder a device that occludes.
optometer an instrument for testing vision.
osteotome strong nippers or a chisel for dividing bone.
otoscope an instrument for examining the ear.
otoscopic relating to OTOSCOPY, the examination of the ear.
pacemaker an electronic device (in later models, with radioactive core) used to correct weak or irregular heart rhythms.
percussor a percussion hammer.
plessor plexor a small, rubber-headed hammer that physicians use to test reflexes.
plugger something for plugging e.g. a dentist's instrument.
probang a long flexible rod with a sponge on the end used to remove foreign bodies from the larynx or the esophagus.
pulmotor an apparatus for forcing air into or out of the lungs.
raspatory a surgeon's rasp.
repositor an instrument employed for replacing a displaced organ or part.
scalpel a small surgical knife.
scalprum a surgeon's rasping instrument > SCALPRUMS.
scarifier an implement for SCARIFYING.
skiascope a medical instrument for examining the eye to detect errors of refraction.
somascope an instrument detecting disease of the internal organs by 'echo-sounding' methods and producing images of the diseased tissue on a television screen.
speculum an instrument for inserting into and holding open a cavity of the body so that the interior may be inspected > SPECULA or SPECULUMS.
stilet stylet a probe, a wire in a CATHETER.
syrette a small disposable SYRINGE.
syringe an instrument for injecting fluids; (verb) to cleanse or treat with injected fluid
tenaculum a surgical hook or forceps > TENACULA or TENACULUMS.
tomograph an instrument for viewing a section of an object using X-rays.
torcular a TOURNIQUET.
tourniquet a device to stop bleeding, as a bandage twisted tight by a stick, etc.
trapan an obsolete instrument for boring holes in the skull; (verb) to bore holes in the skull > TRAPANS, TRAPANNING, TRAPANNED.
trepan an obsolete instrument for cutting open the skull; (verb) to cut holes in the skull with a trepan > TREPANS, TREPANNING, TREPANNED.
trephine an improved form of TREPAN with a transverse handle and a guiding centre-pin; (verb) to cut holes in the skull.
trocar trochar a stylet, usually with a triangular point, used for exploring tissues or for inserting drainage tubes, as in dropsy.
tweezer a pincerlike tool for e.g. extracting splinters, usu. in plural.
ventose an apparatus sometimes used to assist the delivery of a baby, consisting of a cup which is attached to the fetal head by suction > VENTOSES
vulsella a forceps with toothed or clawed blades > VULSELLAE.
vulsellum a forceps with toothed or clawed blades > VULSELLA.
xyster a surgeon's instrument for scraping bones.