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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abacus (Lat.) a counting device using beads.
acalculia an inability to do simple mathematical calculations.
addable capable of being added.
addend an amount to be added.
addendum (Lat.) something to be added.
addible capable of being added.
additory tending to add; making some addition.
ae (Scots) one. No -S.
algorism (Arabic) the art of calculating, esp in Arabic numeration.
algorismic relating to algorism.
aliquant (Lat.) of a number that divides into another with a remainder.
aliquot (Lat.) a number that divides into another without leaving a remainder.
alligation the calculation of values or properties of a mixture.
antiderivative an indefinite integral.
antilog an antilogarithm.
antilogarithm a number of which a given number is the logarithm.
antilogarithmic of or like an antilogarithm, a number of which a given number is the logarithm.
augend (Ger.) a number to which another number is added.
bajillion an unspecified but extremely large number.
bazillion an indefinitely large number.
bifold twofold; double; (noun) a two-piece door.
billion a thousand million.
billionth the ordinal of billion; (noun) a thousand millionth part.
binal twofold, double.
binarism the state of being binary.
binary composed of two things; (noun) a combination of two things.
binomial containing the sum or difference of two terms (noun) a binomial expression
binomially (Adv.) BINOMIAL, relating to an expression which contains the sum or difference of two terms.
biquadrate the fourth power.
biquadratic a quantity twice squared, or raised to the fourth power.
bivariant involving two variables; (noun) an expression involving two variables.
bivariate involving or depending on two variables; (noun) a formula involving two variables.
calculable that can be calculated.
calculably (Adv.) CALCULABLE, that can be calculated.
calculate to count or reckon.
calculatedly (Adv.) CALCULATED.
calculatingly (Adv.) CALCULATING.
calculation the process or an act of calculating.
calculational relating to calculation.
calculative relating to calculation.
calculator one that calculates.
centage rate by the hundred.
centesimal counting or counted by hundreds or hundredths.
centesimally (Adv.) CENTESIMAL, counting or counted by hundreds or hundredths.
centillion in UK and Germany, the hundredth power of a million, ie 1 followed by 600 zeros; in N. America and France, the hundred-and-first power of a thousand, ie 1 followed by 303 zeros.
centillionth the ordinal of centillion.
centuple hundredfold; (verb) to increase a hundredfold.
centurial of or pertaining to a century.
cinq (Fr.) the number five.
coefficient any of the factors of a product considered in relation to a specific factor.
cofactor a factor which occurs along with other factors in multiplication.
colog (Short for) cologarithm, the logarithm of the reciprocal of a number.
cologarithm the logarithm of the reciprocal of a number.
compt (Obs.) to count.
comptable (Obs.) countable.
comptible (Obs.) countable.
computation the act or action of computing.
computational relating to computation.
computationally (Adv.) COMPUTATIONAL, relating to computation.
computative of or relating to computation.
connumerate to count together.
connumeration the act of connumerating.
count the act of numbering; (verb) to list or mention the units of one by one to ascertain the total.
countable that can be counted.
countably (Adv.) COUNTABLE, that can be counted.
crore (Hindi) an Indian unit of counting, ten million.
cyclotomic a mathematical term relating to a polynomial.
decad (Obs.) a group of ten, a decade.
decadal pertaining to ten; consisting of tens.
decennoval (Obs.) relating to the number nineteen.
decillion the eleventh power of a thousand.
decillionth one part in a decillion.
decimal relating to a tenth part (noun) a fraction whose denominator is some power of ten
decimalisation conversion (as of a currency) to a decimal system.
decimalise to convert to a decimal system.
decimalist one who advocates a decimal system.
decimalize to convert to a decimal system, esp the metric system.
decimally (Adv.) DECIMAL, relating to a tenth part.
decuple tenfold; (verb) to make tenfold.
denary having ten as a base; (noun) the number ten, a group of ten.
denominator the divisor of a fraction.
diagonalisable a mathematical term relating to a property of matrices.
diagonalise to put (a matrix) in a form with all the nonzero elements along the diagonal from upper left to lower right.
diagonalizable a mathematical term relating to a property of matrices.
diagonalize to put (a matrix) in a form with all the nonzero elements along the diagonal from upper left to lower right.
digital relating to digits (noun) a piano key
digitally (Adv.) DIGITAL, relating to digits.
discriminant a mathematical expression providing a criterion for the behavior of another more complicated expression.
dividend a portion or share of anything divided, esp the share that falls to each party.
dividendless without a dividend.
divisible that can be divided.
divisibly (Adv.) DIVISIBLE, that can be divided.
dozenth the ordinal of dozen; (noun) a twelfth.
duad a pair.
dualise to make twofold.
dualize to make twofold.
duo two people considered a pair for a specific reason.
duodecillion ten to the power of 39.
duodecimal of or relating to the number twelve.
duodecimally (Adv.) DUODECIMAL, of or relating to the number twelve.
duodecimals a method of multiplying together quantities given in feet and inches, etc., without reducing them to one denomination; also called cross-multiplication.
duodenary relating to the number twelve.
duple having two parts or elements.
duplex double; twofold; (verb) to make duple.
duplexity the state of being duplex, double.
dyad two units treated as one; a couple; a pair.
dyadic pertaining to the number two; of two parts or elements (noun) a sum of mathematical dyads
dyadically (Adv.) DYADIC, pertaining to the number two.
eight the cardinal number one above seven (adj.) of the number eight.
eighteen a number, ten and eight (adj.) of the number eighteen.
eighteenth number eighteen in sequence; (noun) an eighteenth part.
eighteenthly (Adv.) EIGHTEENTH, number eighteen in sequence.
eightfold multiplied by eight; (adv.) eight times over.
eightfoot measuring eight feet.
eighth number eight in sequence (noun) one of eight equal parts
eighthly (Adv.) EIGHTH, number eight in sequence.
eightieth number eighty in sequence; (noun) one of eighty equal parts.
eightscore eight times twenty.
eightsome a group of eight.
eighty a number, eight times ten (adj.) of the number eighty.
eleven a number, ten and one.
eleventh eleventh in sequence (noun) one of eleven equal parts
eleventhly (Adv.) ELEVENTH, number eleven in sequence.
ennead (Greek) a group of nine.
enneadic relating to an ennead, a set of nine.
enumerable that can be counted.
enumerate to count.
enumeration the act of enumerating.
enumerative serving to enumerate.
enumerator one that enumerates.
equation the act of equating.
equational relating to an equation.
equationally (Adv.) EQUATIONAL, relating to an equation.
equimultiple a number multiplied by the same number as another.
exponential of or relating to an exponent (noun) an exponential function
exponentially (Adv.) EXPONENTIAL, of or relating to an exponent.
exponentiation the mathematical operation of raising a quantity to a power.
extremum (Lat.) a maximum or minimum of a mathematical function.
faciend (Lat.) the multiplicand.
factor one of two or more quantities which, when multiplied together, result in the given quantity; (verb) to express as a product of two or more quantities.
factorable that can be factored.
factorial relating to a factor (noun) the product of a series of factors; spec. the product of an integer and all lower integers
factorially (Adv.) FACTORIAL.
factorisation the operation of resolving a quantity into factors.
factorise to reduce a number to its prime factors.
factorization the operation of resolving a quantity into factors.
factorize to reduce a number to its prime factors.
fifteen a number, five and ten (adj.) of the number fourteen.
fifteenth number fifteen in sequence (noun) one of fifteen equal parts
fifteenthly (Adv.) FIFTEENTH, number fifteen in sequence.
fifth number five in sequence (noun) one of five equal parts
fifthly (Adv.) FIFTH, number five in sequence.
fiftieth number fifty in sequence; (noun) one of fifty equal parts.
fifty a number, five times ten (adj.) of the number fifty.
fiftyfold multiplied by fifty.
figurework counting or calculation using numbers.
finiteness the state of being finite.
finitude the condition or state of being finite.
first preceding all others (noun) something that precedes all others
firstly (Adv.) FIRST, preceding all others.
five a number.
fivefold multiplied by five; (adv.) five times over.
fluent flowing (noun) the variable quantity in fluxions
fortieth number forty in sequence; (noun) one of forty equal parts.
forty a number, four times ten (adj.) of the number forty.
fortyfold multiplied by forty.
four the cardinal number next above three.
fourfold multiplied by four; (adv.) four times over.
fourfoldness the state of being fourfold.
fourscore (Arch.) four twenties, eighty.
fourscorth (Obs.) eightieth.
foursome a group of four.
fourteen four and ten (adj.) of the number fourteen.
fourteenth number fourteen in sequence; (noun) a fourteenth part.
fourth number four in sequence (noun) one of four equal parts
fourthly (Adv.) FOURTH, number four in sequence.
fractionlet a small fraction.
gazillion an indefinitely large number.
ghubar as in ghubar numeral, any of a set of numerals forming the stage between ancient Hindu numerals and present-day Arabic numerals.
gillion in Britain, a thousand millions, equal to an American billion.
gobar as in gobar numeral, any of a set of numerals forming the stage between ancient Hindu numerals and present-day Arabic numerals.
googol the figure 1 followed by 100 zeroes (10 raised to the hundredth power).
googolplex the figure 1 followed by a googol of zeroes (10 raised to the googol power).
grillion a large indefinite number.
halfness the quality of being half.
hantle (Scots) a lot.
hebdomad a set of seven; a week.
heptad a group of seven.
hexad (Greek) a group of six.
hexade a group of six.
hexadecimal (Relating to) a number system with a base of 16.
hexadic relating to a hexad, a group of six.
hundred a number, ten times ten (adj.) of the number hundred.
hundredfold multiplied by one hundred; (adv.) a hundred times over; (noun) a multiplication by one hundred.
hundredth the ordinal of hundred; (noun) a hundredth part.
idempotency the state of being idempotent.
idempotent relating to a quantity which does not change when squared; (noun) a quantity that does not change when squared.
imaginarily (Adv.) IMAGINARY, imagined.
imaginary imagined (noun) an imaginary quantity or expression
indivisible that cannot be divided (noun) an indefinitely small quantity
inequation an inequality.
infimum (Lat.) the greatest lower bound.
infinite without limit (noun) something that has no limits
infinitely (Adv.) INFINITE, without limits.
infinitesimal taking on values arbitrarily close to but greater than zero (noun) an infinitesimal number
infinitesimally (Adv.) INFINITESIMAL, taking on values arbitrarily close to but greater than zero.
infinity the state of having no limits.
innumeracy the state of being innumerate.
innumerate marked by an ignorance of mathematics and the scientific approach; (noun) one who is innumerate.
innumerous (Arch.) innumerable.
integer a whole number.
integral whole (noun) a type of mathematical function
integrally (Adv.) INTEGRAL, whole.
invariant not varying; (noun) an invariant quantity.
jillion an indefinite but extremely large number.
jillionth the ordinal of jillion. No -S.
kazillion an indefinitely large number.
known a mathematical quantity whose value is given.
lakh (Hindi) a unit of counting, one hundred thousand.
lashings (Coll.) an abundance.
lashins (Coll.) an abundance.
logarithm a mathematical operation used esp before electronic computing, to simplify multiplication and division.
logarithmic of or like a logarithm.
logarithmical of or like a logarithm.
logarithmically (Adv.) LOGARITHMICAL, of or like a logarithm.
loglog the logarithm of a logarithm.
lolog the logarithm of a logarithm.
mantissa (Lat.) the decimal part of a logarithm.
manyfold many in number.
maximum (Lat.) greatest (noun) the largest amount
maximumly (Adv.) MAXIMUM, greatest.
mille (Fr.) a thousand.
millenary a group of a thousand.
millesimal thousandth; consisting of thousandth parts (noun) a thousandth part
millesimally (Adv.) MILLESIMAL, relating to a thousandth part.
milliard (Fr.) a thousand million.
million a thousand thousand.
millionary relating to or consisting of millions.
millionfold multiplied by a million; (adv.) a million times over.
millionth the ordinal of million; (noun) a millionth part of.
minuend a number from which another is to be subtracted.
minus a negative quantity.
modulo (Lat.) with respect to a modulus of (a given value).
modulus (Lat.) a number leaving the same remainder when divided into two others.
monad the number one; a unit; a single-celled organism.
monadal relating to a monad.
monadic relating to a monad.
monadical of, pertaining to, or like, a monad, in any of its senses.
monadically (Adv.) MONADICAL, of, pertaining to a monad.
monas the number one; a unit; a single-celled organism.
monic denoting a type of polynomial.
monie (Scots) many.
monomial consisting of one term only; (noun) a monomial expression.
mony (Scots) many.
much plentiful (noun) a great deal
muchly (Arch.) much.
multeity multiplicity.
multibillion comprising many billions.
multifold many times doubled; manifold.
multimillion comprising many millions.
multinomial a mathematical expression that consists of the sum of several terms.
multiplex manifold; multiple; (verb) to incorporate into a multiplex signal or system.
multiplicand a number or amount to be multiplied.
multiplicator a multiplier.
multitrillion a number or amount equal to several trillion.
multitudinous existing in a great multitude.
multitudinously (Adv.) MULTITUDINOUS, existing in a great multitude.
myriad (Greek) ten thousand.
myriadfold multiplied by a myriad; (adv.) a myriad times over; (noun) a myriad times.
myriadth the ordinal from myriad; (noun) one of a myriad equal parts.
nilpotent a quantity which equals zero when multiplied by itself.
nine the cardinal number above eight (adj.) of the number nine.
ninefold multiplied by nine; (adv.) nine times over.
ninescore nine time twenty; (noun) nine times twenty.
nineteen ten and nine (adj.) of the number nineteen.
nineteenth number nineteen in sequence (noun) a nineteenth part
nineteenthly a nineteenth thing in sequence.
ninetieth the ordinal of ninety; (noun) one of ninety equal parts.
ninety a number, nine times ten (adj.) of the number ninety.
ninth in the ninth place (noun) one of nine equal parts
ninthly (Adv.) NINTH, in ninth place.
nonary of a mathematical system, based on nine; (noun) a group of nine.
nonbinary not binary.
nonillion the 10th power of a thousand.
nonillionth the ordinal of nonillion.
nonuple a set of nine.
nonvanishing a quantity that is nonzero everywhere is said to be nonvanishing. For instance, the values of x squared + 1 are nonvanishing for real x, while those of x squared are not (since x vanishes at 0).
nonzero not zero.
novemdecillion ten to the 114th power.
novenary a set of nine.
nth an ordinal implying a large indefinite number.
number that by which single things are counted or reckoned; (verb) to count.
numberable that can be numbered.
numberless without number, countless.
numberlessly (Adv.) NUMBERLESS, without number, countless.
numerable that can be numbered.
numerably (Adv.) NUMERABLE, that can be numbered.
numeral according to number (noun) a symbol that expresses a number
numerally (Adv.) NUMERAL, according to number.
numerary belonging to a certain number; counting as one of a collection or body.
numerate to compute, calculate.
numeration the act of counting or numbering.
numerative relating to numeration.
numerator one who numbers.
numeric relating to number (noun) a numeral
numerical relating to number.
numerically (Adv.) NUMERICAL, relating to number.
numerosity the state of being numerous.
octad a set of eight things.
octadic relating to an octad, a set of eight.
octal relating to or based on the number eight; (noun) a numbering system using a base of 8.
octillion the ninth power of a thousand.
octillionth the ordinal of a thousand raised to the ninth power part; (noun) one of an octillion equal parts.
octodecillion ten to the 108th power.
octonary based on the number eight; (noun) a group of eight things.
octuple eightfold (verb) to multiply by eight
octuplex being eight times as great.
octuply (Adv.) OCTUPLE, eightfold.
ogdoad a group of eight.
one single, of unit number; (noun) an individual thing or person; the number or figure 1.
oodles lots of.
oodlins lots of.
operand a quantity on which a mathematical or logical operation is (to be) performed.
outadd to surpass in adding.
pentad a set of five.
pentadic in a set of five.
pentalogy the state of being in five parts.
percent one part in a hundred.
percentage a part of a whole expressed in hundredths.
percental relating to percentages.
permillage reckoning by the thousand.
polynomialism the state of being polynomial.
primeness the state of being first.
pseudorandom being or involving entities (as numbers) that are selected by a definite computational process but that satisfy one or more standard tests for statistical randomness.
pseudoscalar a variable quantity that has magnitude but not direction and is an odd function of the coordinates.
pseudovector a variable quantity, such as angular momentum, that has magnitude and orientation with respect to an axis.
quadratic involving the square but no higher power (noun) a quadratic equation
quadratical involving the square but no higher power, as a quadratic equation.
quadratically (Adv.) QUADRATICAL, involving the square but no higher power, as a quadratic equation.
quadrillion a thousand raised to the fifth power.
quadrillionth the ordinal of quadrillion; (noun) one of a quadrillion equal parts.
quadrinomial an expression of four terms.
quadruple fourfold; (noun) four times as much; (verb) to increase fourfold.
quaternary a set of four.
quaternate in sets of four.
quaternion a set or group of four; the operation of changing one vector into another, or the quotient of two vectors.
quaternity fourness; any group of four things.
quinary fivefold; (noun) a set of five.
quindecaplet a group of fifteen.
quindecillion ten to the power of 48, or in Britain ten to the power of 90.
quintic an equation of the fifth degree.
quintillion a thousand raised to the sixth power.
quintillionth the ordinal of quintillion; (noun) a quintillionth part.
quintuple fivefold; (verb) to make fivefold
quotient the result obtained by dividing one quantity by another.
quotition a division regarded as a repeated subtraction.
radicand a quantity in mathematics.
ratio (Lat.) the relation of one thing to another of which the quotient is the measure.
rational conforming to reason (noun) a number that can be expressed as a quotient of integers
rationally (Adv.) RATIONAL, conforming to reason.
readd to add again.
reciprocal acting in return (noun) something in a reciprocal relationship to another
reciprocally (Adv.) RECIPROCAL, acting in return.
reciprocant in maths, a differential invariant.
renormalise to subject to or calculate using renormalisation.
renormalize to subject to or calculate using renormalization.
repunit a number consisting of two or more identical integers.
rhizic of the root of an equation.
scalar a quantity that has magnitude, but not direction.
scaleup an increase based on a fixed ratio.
senary a set of six.
septenary a group of seven.
septendecillion ten to the power of 54.
septet a set of seven persons or objects; as, a septet of singers.
septette a set of seven persons or objects; as, a septette of singers.
septillion a thousand raised to the eighth power (10 to the 24).
septillionth the ordinal of septillion.
septimal relating to or based on the number seven.
septuple sevenfold; (verb) to multiply by seven.
seven a number.
sevenfold multiplied by seven; (adv.) seven times over.
seventeen a number, ten and seven (adj.) of the number seventeen.
seventeenth number seventeen in sequence (noun) a seventeenth part
seventeenthly (Adv.) SEVENTEENTH.
seventh seventh in sequence (noun) one of seven equal parts
seventhly (Adv.) SEVENTH, seventh in sequence.
seventieth a seventieth part of.
seventy a number, seven times ten (adj.) of the number seventy.
sexagenary of, containing, based on, sixty.
sexagesimal relating to, or based on, sixty (noun) a sexagesimal fraction
sexagesimally (Adv.) SEXAGESIMAL, based on 60.
sexdecillion ten to the power of 51.
sextillion a thousand raised to the seventh power (10 to the 21).
sextillionth the ordinal of a sextillion, a thousand raised to the seventh power.
sextuple sixfold (verb) to multiply sixfold
shwanpan (Chinese) a Chinese abacus.
six the next whole number after five (adj.) of the number six.
sixfold multiplied by six; (adv.) six times over.
sixscore six times twenty.
sixteen a number, ten and six (adj.) of the number sixteen.
sixteenth number sixteen in sequence (noun) the sixteenth part of something
sixteenthly (Adv.) SIXTEENTH.
sixth number six in sequence (noun) one of six equal parts
sixthly (Adv.) SIXTH, number six in sequence.
sixtieth number sixty in sequence; (noun) one of sixty equal parts.
sixty a number, six times ten (adj.) of the number sixty.
sixtyfold multiplied by sixty.
soroban (Japanese) a Japanese abacus.
sphenic wedge-shaped; (maths) having three different prime numbers as its factors.
spinor a type of mathematical vector.
squillion an indefinitely large number.
subduple in the ratio of one to two.
subfactorial something below a factorial.
submatrix part of a matrix.
submultiple dividing into another exactly; (noun) a quantity that divides into another exactly.
subseries a subdivision of a series.
subtotal partially total (verb) to form an interim total
subtotally (Adv.) SUBTOTAL, partially total.
subtract to take away.
subtraction the act of subtracting.
subtrahend the sum or number to be subtracted, or taken from another.
subtriplicate expressed by the cube root.
subzero registering less than zero.
summable that can be summed.
summand an addend, a number to be added in a sum.
summate to add together.
summation the act of summing.
summational relating to summation, the act of summing.
summative relating to summation, the act of summing.
surd lacking sense, irrational; (noun) a sum containing irrational roots; a voiceless sound in speech.
swanpan (Chinese) a Chinese abacus.
tally a count; (verb) to count up, reckon.
ten the next whole number after nine (adj.) of the number ten.
tenfold multiplied by ten; (adv.) ten times over; (noun) a multiplication by ten.
tenth number ten in sequence (noun) one of ten equal parts
tenthly (Adv.) TENTH, ten in sequence.
ternal threefold.
ternary in threes; (noun, obs.) a set or group of three.
tertius (Lat.) third; (noun) a third person.
tetrad the number four; a collection of four things.
tetradic of or pertaining to a tetrad; as, a carbon is a tetradic element.
third number three in sequence (noun) one of three equal parts; (verb) to divide by three
thirding a third part.
thirdly (Adv.) THIRD, number three in sequence.
thirteen a number, three and ten (adj.) of the number thirteen.
thirteenth number thirteen in sequence (noun) a thirteenth part of
thirteenthly (Adv.) THIRTEENTH.
thirtieth the ordinal of thirty; (noun) one of thirty equal parts.
thirty a number, three times ten (adj.) of the number thirty.
thirtyfold multiplied by thirty; (adv.) thirty times over.
thousand a number, ten hundreds (adj.) of the number thousand.
thousandfold multiplied by a thousand; (adv.) a thousand times over; (noun) a thousand times as much.
thousandth number thousand in sequence; (noun) a thousandth part of.
thrave (Scots) a collective noun for a number of sheaves of corn, two stooks of twelves sheaves each.
threave (Scots) a collective noun for a number of sheaves of corn, two stooks of twelves sheaves each.
three a number, three ones (adj.) of the number three.
threefold multiplied by three; (adv.) three times over.
threeness the quality of being three.
threescore three times twenty.
threesome a set of three.
thretty (Dial.) thirty.
thrice three times.
totalise to find the sum of; to bring to a total.
totalize to find the sum of; to bring to a total.
totient the number of totitives of a number, i.e. numbers less than and prime to it.
totitive a number less than and prime to another.
transcendental transcending; (noun) a transcendental number.
tredecillion ten to the power of 42.
triad a set of three.
triadism a triadic method, system, principle, or arrangement.
triality three united; the state of being three.
trifold threefold.
trillion a number.
trillionth number trillion in sequence; (noun) a trillionth part.
trinal threefold.
trinary in a group of three.
trinomial of three terms joined by + or - (noun) a trinomial expression
trinomially (Adv.) TRINOMIAL, relating to a mathematical expression of three terms joined by + or -.
triple threefold; (verb) to make three times as great.
triplicate to make triple or threefold.
triplicity the state of being triple.
trois (Fr.) three.
twa (Scots) two.
twae (Scots) two.
twafald (Scots) twofold.
twain (Arch.) two.
twal (Scots) twelve.
twasome (Scots) a twosome.
tway (Scots) a form of twain or twa.
twelfth twelfth in sequence (noun) the number twelve in a series
twelfthly (Adv.) TWELFTH, twelfth in sequence.
twelve a number, two and ten (adj.) of the number twelve.
twelvefold twelve in number.
twentieth number twenty in sequence; (noun) one of twenty equal parts.
twenty a number.
twentyfold multiplied by a twenty; (adv.) twenty times over; (noun) twenty times as much.
twentyish about twenty esp in age.
twice two times.
twifold twofold.
two the next whole number after one (adj.) of the number two.
twoer (Coll.) anything that counts as two or scores two.
twofold double; (adv.) twice over; (noun) an amount twice as great as a given unit.
twoness the state of being two.
twosome a pair.
twyfold twofold.
umpteen denoting an indefinitely large number. No -S.
umpteenth the ordinal of umpteen; (noun) an indefinitely large number in a sequence.
umptieth denoting an indefinitely large number in a sequence.
umpty designating an indefinitely large number > UMPTIEST.
umteenth denoting an indefinitely large number in a sequence.
unary consisting of a single element.
uncountable not countable.
undecillion a large number - a one followed by either 36 or 66 zeroes.
undecimal based on the number eleven.
unit a specific quantity used as a standard of measurement.
unital relating to a unit.
unitarily (Adv.) UNITARY, of the nature of a unit.
unitary of the nature of a unit; having the separate existence or individual character of a unit.
unity the state of being one single entity.
vicenary based on the number twenty.
vicesimal based on the number twenty.
vigesimal based on the number twenty.
vigintillion ten to the power of 63.
wheen (Scots) a few, a good many.
zero (Fr.) the sign for nothing (verb) to set at or adjust to zero
zeroth being numbered zero in a series.
zillion an extremely large but unspecified number, many millions.
zillionth the ordinal of zillion; (noun) a zillionth part of something.
zonoid like a zone; (noun) a finite vector sum of line segments.