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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aba abaya abba a Syrian cloth of goat's or camel's hair; a garment made from this.
abb a textile yarn.
acrylic (noun) a kind of fibre derived from acrylic acid
aida a finely-meshed cotton fabric used for cross-stitch embroidery.
alamode a soft, light silk, used in 19th century for shawls, dresses, etc. [Fr. a la mode, according to the fashion].
alaska a heavy fabric; also a kind of dessert.
alepine mixed wool and silk or mohair and cotton fabric. [Arabic 'from Aleppo'].
allover a fabric having a pattern extending over the entire surface.
angola relating to a fabric made from the wool of the Angora goat. No —S.
aramid a strong lightweight synthetic fibre, from which Kevlar is made.
armozeen armozine a thick plain silk, generally black, and used for clerical.
armure a type of fabric with a pebbled surface.
arrasene an embroidery material of silk and wool.
azlon a textile fibre.
baft a coarse fabric, orig. Oriental.
bainin a type of wool produced in Ireland that is only partially scoured and so retains some natural oil. [Ir. bainin, homespun].
balbriggan a knitted cotton fabric.
baldachin baldachino baldaquin baudekin bawdkin a rich embroidered material, orig. woven with woof of silk and warp of gold thread.
balzarine a light cotton dress material.
baracan barracan a coarsely woven fabric of wool, silk, and goat's hair.
barathea a pebbly silk or worsted fabric with a broken rib weave.
barege a gauzelike fabric for ladies' dresses, veils, etc. of worsted, silk and worsted, or cotton and worsted. [From Barèges, a village in SW France].
barracan see BARACAN.
batiste fine linen; cambric; fine cotton or wool fabric, especially as treated for use as antiseptic dressing.
batt a sheet of BATTING, cottonwool prepared in sheets for quilting.
batting cottonwool prepared in sheets for quilting.
baudekin see BALDACHIN.
bawdkin see BALDACHIN.
bawneen (Irish) a white woven material used for making jackets.
bayadeer bayadere a fabric with horizontal stripes in strongly contrasting colours.
beaver a heavy woollen cloth.
beige a fabric made from undyed, unbleached wool.
bengaline a crosswise ribbed fabric.
bobbinet a kind of cotton lace which is wrought by machines, and not by hand.
bolivia a soft fabric.
bombasine bombazine a twilled silk and worsted fabric.
boucle a kind of rough-textured yarn or cloth.
brack a flaw in cloth.
brilliantine a glossy cotton and mohair fabric; also, a perfumed hair oil for making the hair glossy.
broadcloth a dense twilled wool or worsted fabric.
brocade a rich silk fabric with raised patterns; (verb) to weave with a raised design > BROCADES, BROCADING, BROCADED.
brocatel brocatelle a kind of coarse brocade, or figured fabric, used chiefly for tapestry, linings for carriages, etc.
broche woven with a figure; as, broche goods; (noun) such a fabric. [Fr. from brocher, to stitch].
buckram a stiff-finished cotton or linen used for linings of garments; (verb) to pad or stiffen with buckram > BUCKRAMS, BUCKRAMING, BUCKRAMED.
bunting a thin worsted fabric used for flags etc,
burlap a coarse material used e.g. for making bags.
byssal byssine of or like BYSSUS.
byssus a filamentous tuft ('beard') by which molluscs attach themselves to rocks; a fine flax and fabric woven from it > BYSSI or BYSSUSES.
caddice caddis caddyss a kind of coarse woollen cloth.
calamanco a glossy woollen stuff, plain, striped, or checked > CALAMANCOS or CALAMANCOES.
calico a brightly printed coarse cotton cloth; (mainly British) a plain white cotton cloth > CALICOS or CALICOES. [From Calicut, former name of Kozhikode, a city in southern India from where this cloth was exported].
cambric fine thin white cotton or linen fabric.
camelot camlet chamelot chamlet a strong waterproof silk or wool fabric.
candlewick a soft cotton tufted material.
carmelite a fine woollen fabric of beige or similar colour.
cashmere casimere casimire cassimere kashmir kerseymere a soft twilled fabric made of fine goat's wool.
cerecloth a cloth smeared with melted wax, or with some gummy or glutinous matter.
challie challis chally shalli a soft lightweight silk, wool or cotton fabric.
chambray a lightweight fabric with coloured warp and white filling. [From Cambrai in France].
chamelot see CAMELOT.
chamlet see CAMELOT.
charmeuse a soft satiny material.
chenille a velvety silk, wool or cotton fabric with protruding pile.
cheviot a coarse heavy plain or twilled wool or worsted.
chiffon a sheer silk fabric.
chiffony like CHIFFON.
chino a strong twilled cotton cloth, usually khaki-coloured > CHINOS. [Sp. chino, toasted].
chints chintz a glazed printed cotton fabric > CHINTSES, CHINTZES.
ciclaton ciclatoun a costly cloth, of uncertain material, used in the Middle Ages.
circassian circassienne a kind of light CASHMERE.
cire a fabric with a waxed finish (the e is accented).
cloque a fabric with an embossed design.
clothlike like cloth.
coburg a thin single-twilled worsted fabric with cotton or silk. [From Coburg in Germany].
corduroy a sort of cotton velveteen, having the surface raised in ridges; (verb) to build a road of logs laid side by side transversely > CORDUROYS, CORDUROYING, CORDUROYED.
cotton the long hairs covering the seeds of the cotton plant; a fabric made from this; (verb) to take a liking > COTTONS, COTTONING, COTTONED.
cottonade a somewhat stout and thick fabric of cotton.
cottony having the texture of cotton > COTTONIER, COTTONIEST.
coutil coutille a strong cotton fabric used in mattresses etc.
crape crepe a thin crinkled silk or other fabric formerly dyed black and used for mourning clothes; (verb) to cover or shroud with crepe.
crapelike like CRAPE.
crapy having the texture of CRAPE > CRAPIER, CRAPIEST.
crash a coarse strong linen. [Perhaps from Russian krashenina, coloured linen].
crepey crepy having the texture of CREPE > CREPIER, CREPIEST.
crepiness the state of being CREPY.
crepoline a light crape-like dress silk or nylon.
crepon a heavy CREPE fabric with lengthwise crinkles.
crepy see CREPEY.
cretonne a heavy cotton or linen cloth.
crewel a fine worsted yarn; (verb) to work in this > CREWELS, CREWELLING, CREWELLED.
cubica a fine worsted fabric used for linings.
cypress cyprus silk or cotton gauze fabric, usually black > CYPRESSES, CYPRUSES.
dacron tradename for a synthetic polyester fibre.
damask a fine lustrous fabric with flat patterns and a satin weave; (verb) to weave with richly patterned designs > DAMASKS, DAMASKING, DAMASKED.
damassin a kind of modified DAMASK or brocade.
delaine a kind of fabric for women's dresses.
denim coloured twilled cotton fabric for jeans, overalls, etc > DENIMS. [Fr. de, of + Nimes, a town in S. France where it was manufactured].
dimity a sheer and stout white cotton.
doily doyley doyly orig. a kind of woollen fabric, now a paper or lace place-mat.
domett a plain cotton-wool blend.
donegal a type of tweed.
dorneck dornick dornock a coarse sort of damask, originally made at Tournay (in Flemish, Doornick), Belgium.
doupioni dupion douppioni a kind of silk yarn.
dowlas a coarse linen cloth > DOWLASES. [From Daoulas or Doulas, near Brest, in Brittany].
drabbet drabette a kind of coarse linen.
dreadnaught dreadnought a thick woollen cloth or garment made of it for wear in inclement weather; also a kind of battleship.
drill drilling a durable twilled cotton fabric; (verb) to make a hole in.
drugget a coarse durable wool fabric.
duffel duffle a blanket fabric with nap on both sides.
dungaree a heavy coarse durable twilled cotton, usually coloured.
dupion see DOUPIONI.
durant a strong cloth in imitation of buff leather. [OF. pp of durer, to last].
duroy a coarse woollen material.
duvetine duvetyn duvetyne a smooth lustrous velvety fabric.
dynel a synthetic fibre.
elastane a synthetic fibre that retains its shape after being stretched.
eolienne a fine dress fabric of silk and wool.
etamin etamine a loosely woven open-mesh cotton or worsted fabric.
faconne a fabric with a pattern of small figures woven into it.
faille a shiny closely woven silk, cotton or rayon fabric.
farandine farrandine ferrandine a silk and wool cloth.
fearnought fearnaught a strong thick kind of woollen cloth used for weather- resistant clothes, porthole covers etc.
felt a soft fabric formed without weaving, filaments pressed together using the natural tendency of the fibres of wool and certain kinds of hair to interlace and cling together; (verb) to cover with felt > FELTS, FELTING, FELTED.
feltlike resembling FELT.
felty like felt > FELTIER, FELTIEST.
ferrandine see FARANDINE.
fibreglass fibreglass a synthetic fibre made of fine filaments of molten glass.
fibranne a fabric made of spun-rayon yarn.
fibreglass see FIBERGLASS.
fibroline a yarn of flax, jute and hemp waste.
filoselle (silk thread similar to) floss silk.
fishnet a material used for stockings.
flannel a soft, nappy, woolen cloth, of loose texture; (verb) to flatter, soft-soap > FLANNELED/FLANNELLED. [Prob. from Welsh gwlan, wool].
flannelet a cotton imitation of flannel.
flannen flannel.
flax the fibres of the plant Linum, which are woven to make linen cloth; the plant itself.
flaxy like flax; flaxen > FLAXIER, FLAXIEST.
florence florentine a durable silk textile fabric.
floss fine silk in spun strands not twisted together; (verb) to clean between the teeth with a strong thread > FLOSSES, FLOSSING, FLOSSED.
flossy made of or like FLOSS > FLOSSIER, FLOSSIEST; FLOSSILY.
fluffball a ball of fluff.
foulard a soft lightweight plain-woven or twilled silk fabric.
foule a fulled cloth, esp. a light woollen smooth-surfaced dress material; the e has an accent.
frizado a fine frieze-like fabric.
fuji a silk fabric.
fustian a coarse, sturdy cloth of cotton and flax; also, pretentious language.
gabardine gaberdine a closely woven twill fabric; a coat of this material.
galatea a durable cotton cloth, often striped. [From HMS Galatea].
gambroon a twilled cloth of worsted and cotton. [Gambrun, a town in Persia].
gauze a transparent fabric.
gauzy pertaining to, or resembling, gauze; thin and slight as gauze > GAUZIER, GAUZIEST; GAUZILY.
gazar a stiff silk fabric, silk organza.
genappe a smooth worsted yarn used with silk in fringes etc. [From Genappe a town in Belgium, the orig. place of manufacture].
georgette a kind of thin silk.
geotextile any strong synthetic fabirc used in civil engineering e.g. to retain an embankment .
gingham a striped cotton cloth. [Malay genggang, striped].
ginning cotton as it comes from a gin.
glassine a transparent, glazed greaseproof paper.
gloria a type of very closely woven fabric, usu of a mixture of silk or nylon and wool or cotton, often used for umbrellas.
gossypine cottony. [L. gossypion, cotton].
greige an unfinished fabric of a grey-brown colour.
grogram a coarse loosely woven silk and mohair fabric.
grosgrain a heavy close-woven corded silk.
gunny a strong coarse jute fabric. [Hindi gani, sack].
gurrah a coarse Indian muslin. [Hindi garha, thick].
harn a coarse linen fabric.
herden hurden a coarse fabric made from HARDS, the refuse of hemp.
herringbone twilled fabric woven in rows of parallel sloping lines.
hessian a strong coarse cloth made of hemp or jute.
hodden hoddin a coarse undyed homespun woollen cloth.
holland a coarse plain-woven cotton or linen.
homespun cloth made of yarn spun at home; a material resembling this.
honan a PONGEE fabric of even color made originally by silkworms from Honan province, China.
hopsack a rough-surfaced loose fabric.
huck a durable fabric.
huckaback an absorbent cotton or linen used for towels.
humhum a kind of plain, coarse cotton cloth used in the East Indies.
hurden see HERDEN.
ikat a tie-dyed fabric.
jaconet a kind of thin cotton fabric, especially with one side glazed. [Hindi Jagannath (now Puri) in India, its place of origin > cf. JUGGERNAUT.]
jacquard an intricately-woven variegated fabric.
jamdani a kind of Dacca muslin.
jaspe mottled, variegated; (noun) a cotton cloth with a shaded effect.
jean a twilled cotton cloth.
jeanette a light or coarse JEAN, a twilled cotton cloth.
jersey a knitted (usu woollen) garment for the upper body; a fine knitted fabric in cotton.
kalamkari a method of colouring and decorating by several dyeings or printings; a chintz fabric treated this way.
kappa tapa tappa a kind of cloth prepared by the Polynesians from the inner bark of the paper mulberry.
kashmir see CASHMERE.
kelter a coarse cloth made of black and white wool mixed and not dyed.
kente a brightly coloured woven cloth of Ghana, usus. with some gold thread.
kersey a coarse woollen cloth.
kerseymere see CASHMERE.
khaddar khadi homespun cotton cloth.
kincob a rich silk fabric. [Urdu kimkhab].
kitenge a brightly coloured cotton cloth.
lace a delicate ornamental fabric made by looping, knotting, plaiting or twisting threads into definite patterns; (verb) to fasten by means of a lace (a cord for drawing together two edges) > LACES, LACING, LACED.
lanital a woollike fibre.
lasting a sturdy cotton or worsted cloth.
lawn a fine linen or cotton fabric, used for clothing.
leno a thin, muslin-like fabric.
levantine a closely-woven twilled silk cloth.
lightfast of a fabric, that doesn't fade on exposure to light.
linen a fabric woven from the fibres of FLAX.
lineny like linen > LINENIER, LINENIEST.
linsey a coarse linen and wool blend.
lint an absorbent cotton or linen fabric with the nap raised on one side, used to dress wounds, etc.
lisle a long-stapled, hard-twisted cotton yarn.
lockram a sort of coarse linen.
loden a thick waterproof woollen cloth.
longcloth a cotton made in long pieces.
lurex a thin glittery thread.
lustrine lustring lutestring a glossy silk cloth.
lycra a synthetic elastic fabric.
lyne linen.
mackinaw a heavy napped and felted wool cloth; a flat-bottomed lake boat. [From Mackinaw City, Michigan, USA, formerly an important trading post.]
madras a fine plain-woven cotton or silk. [From the Indian seaport].
maline a delicate net used for veils. [Fr. name of Mechelin in Belgium].
manta a cloak; a rough-textured cotton fabric; a kind of ray. [Sp. manta, blanket].
marcella cotton or linen in twill weave. [Anglicisation of Marseilles].
marocain a ribbed crepe fabric.
marquisette a sheer fabric of cotton, rayon, silk, or nylon.
marseille (Fr.) a strong cotton fabric with a raised surface, used for bedspreads etc.
matelasse matellasse a jaquard fabric) having a raised pattern as if quilted.
melton a strong and smooth heavy woollen cloth.
merino a soft woollen or wool and cotton cloth > MERINOS.
messaline a soft lightweight silk with a satin weave.
metallic a fabric made or coated with metal > METALLICS.
microfibre microfiber a cloth of tightly woven synthetic fibre.
mockado an inferior quality woollen fabric > MOCKADOES. [Ital. mocaiardo, haircloth].
mohair a fabric made from the silky hair of angora goats. [Arabic mukayyar, cloth of goat's hair].
moire watered silk; the e has an accent.
moleskin a heavy durable cotton.
mongo mongoe mungo the waste produced in a woollen mill; low quality wool > MONGOS, MONGOES, MUNGOS or MUNGOES.
monofil a single strand of synthetic fibre. Cf. MULTIFIL.
moquette a thick piled fabric used in upholstery and carpeting.
moreen a stout corded wool or cotton.
mousseline a French dress fabric; also a hollandaise sauce with whipped cream or egg whites added.
moygashel an Irish linen.
mull a fine soft muslin; (verb) to ponder over, study > MULLS, MULLING, MULLED.
mulmul mulmull a fine, soft muslin.
multifil a multiple strand of synthetic fibre. Cf. MONOFIL.
mungo see MONGO.
muslin a plain-woven fine cotton.
muslinet a sort of coarse or light cotton cloth.
nainsook a fine cotton fabric. [Hindi nainsukh].
nankeen nankin a durable buff-coloured cotton. [From Nanking in China].
needlecord thinly ribbed cotton.
ninon a lightweight dress fabric of silk, nylon, etc.
noil short fibres combed from long fibres during textile preparation.
noily of or like NOIL, a kind of short fibre > NOILIER, NOILIEST.
nonshrink of a fabric, resistant to shrinking.
oo wool > OOS.
organdie organdy a fine translucent cotton.
organza a transparent thin silk or nylon.
organzine a silk yarn of two or more threads put together with a slight twist; a fabric made of this yarn.
orlon a tradename for a crease-resistant acrylic fibre.
osnaburg a coarse linen or cotton. [Alt. of Osnabrück, a town in northern Germany].
oxford a soft durable plain-woven cotton.
paduasoy corded silk; a garment of this. [Fr. peau-de-soie].
paisley a woollen or other fabric with a pattern resembling Paisley pattern.
palampore palempore a superior kind of dimity made in India, used for bed coverings. [From the town of Palampur].
panne a heavy lustrous silk or rayon with a waxy feel.
paramatta parramatta a cotton or silk and wool dress material.
pashim pashm the fine underfleece of the goats of N. India, used for making rugs, shawls etc. [Persian pashm, wool].
pashmina a shawl made from PASHM, the fine underfleece of the goats of N. India.
pearlin pearling a lace of silk or thread, used as edging.
pebbleweave an irregularly textured material made from twisted yarn.
pekin a fine soft silk.
penang a cotton fabric.
penistone a cloth, a coarse frieze, formerly made at Penistone in Yorkshire.
percale a closely woven French cambric.
percaline a glossy lightweight cotton.
persienne an Eastern cambric or muslin with a coloured printed pattern; (pl.) Persian blinds, outside shutters of thin movable slats.
petersham a rough, knotted woollen cloth, used chiefly for men's overcoats; also, a coat of that material.
pilling the development of pills on the surface of a fabric.
pima a strong cotton. [From Pima County, Arizona].
pina pineapple; also, a fine cloth woven of pineapple fibre; the n has a tilde.
pincheck a fabric design.
pinwale a type of fabric.
plaided of the material of which plaids are made; tartan.
plaiding a strong woollen twilled fabric.
pleather a plastic fibre made to look like leather.
plisse of a fabric, chemically treated to produce a shirred or puckered effect; (noun) a puckered texture of cloth.
polycotton a synthetic fabric.
pongee a thin, soft silk from China, naturally colored beige or tan; a cotton or rayon imitation of this. [Perhaps from pun-chi, own loom]
poodle a coarsely looped or nubby fabric; also a kind of dog.
poplin a corded fabric with a silk warp and worsted weft.
poplinette an imitation POPLIN.
prunella prunelle prunello a strong silk or woollen material, formerly used for academic and clerical gowns and women's shoes.
quintin a kind of fine linen.
rabanna a Madagascan raffia fabric.
ragg a wool fibre.
raploch a homespun material.
raschel a type of light loosely knitted cloth. [Ger. Raschelmaschine, a kind of knitting-machine].
ratine ratteen rateen a rough dress fabric.
rayon a synthetic fiber.
rep repp a kind of corded cloth.
ripstop a fabric, esp. nylon, woven with a series of raised areas to reduce ripping.
rolag a roll of combed sheep's wool ready for spinning. [Gaelic ròlag, dim. of rola, a roll].
rugging a coarse kind of woollen cloth, used for wrapping, blanketing, etc.
russel a ribbed cotton and woollen material.
sagathy a light blend of silk and cotton or wool.
samite a rich and heavy silk, sometimes interwoven with gold or silver.
sarcenet sarconet sarsenet sarsnet a thin tissue of fine silk.
satara a ribbed lustred wool.
sateen a glossy cotton or wool.
satin a closely-woven silk with a lustrous and unbroken surface showing much of the warp; (verb) to make satiny > SATINS, SATINING, SATINED.
satinet satinetta satinette a thin satin.
satiny resembling satin > SATINIER, SATINIEST.
saxony a fine soft woollen fabric.
say a woollen fabric like serge.
schappe a fabric of waste silk, with gum etc. partially removed by fermentation; (verb) to subject to this > SCHAPPES, SCHAPPEING, SCHAPPED.
scrim a durable plain-woven cotton fabric.
seersucker a light, thin fabric, such as cotton or rayon, with a crinkled surface and a usually striped pattern. [Ultimately from Persian 'shir o shakkar', or literally, 'milk and sugar'].
sempiternum a durable wool.
sendal a thin silk or linen.
serge a strong twilled worsted.
serging a process of finishing the raw edges of a fabric.
seric silken. [Gr serikos, from Seres the Chinese people who produced silk in ancient times].
shagpile of carpets, having a pile of long thick fibres. No —S.
shahtoosh shatoosh a soft wool from a Tibetan antelope.
shalli see CHALLIE.
shalloon a light woollen fabric, used for coat-linings. [OF chalon; perhaps made at Châlons-sur-Marne].
shamina a wool blend of SHAHTOOSH and PASHM.
shantung a plain rough cloth of wild silk. [Shantung province in China].
sharkskin a smooth durable wool or worsted fabric.
sheeting cloth for sheets, a protective covering.
sherpa a soft fabric for linings.
shetland a lightweight loosely twisted wool fabric.
shoddy of poor quality > SHODDIER, SHODDIEST; SHODDILY; (noun) a woollen fibre obtained by shredding refuse woollen rags > SHODDIES.
shweshwe an African cotton print fabric.
sicilienne a kind of ribbed silk.
silesia a thin twilled cotton or linen. [From Silesia in Poland].
silk a fibre produced by the larva of a silkworm moth; (verb) to cover or clothe with silk > SILKS, SILKING, SILKED.
silkaline silkoline silkalene a soft light cotton fabric resembling silk.
silken to make silken > SILKENS, SILKENING, SILKENED.
silklike like silk.
silkoline see SILKALINE.
silky like silk > SILKIER, SILKIEST; SILKILY.
sindon a fine thin fabric of linen, cotton, or silk.
sizing the treatment of a fabric with size.
sleave to separate silk threads into the filaments that made them.
soneri a cloth of gold. [Hindi sona, gold].
stammel a coarse woollen fabric, usually dyed red; a bright red colour.
stockinet stockinette an elastic knitted fabric for undergarments, etc.
strouding a coarse woollen material used for a STROUD, a type of blanket.
suedette a fabric made with a velvet-like nap representing suede.
suiting cloth used for making suits.
surah a soft twilled fabric.
surat a coarse uncoloured cotton (from Surat, in India.
swansdown a heavy napped cotton flannel.
swanskin a soft napped fabric resembling flannel.
swiss a cotton fabric.
swissing ordinary calendering of cloth. N.B. there is a noun SWISS, but no verb SWISS, so no SWISSED*.
tabaret an upholsterer's silk fabric, with alternate stripes of watered and satin surface.
tabbinet tabinet a fabric like poplin, with a watered surface.
tabbis a silk fabric.
tabby plain-woven silk taffeta fabric; a greyish or brownish cat with dark stripes; (verb) to water silk to cause it look wavy > TABBIES, TABBYING, TABBIED. [Fr. tabis, from OF atabis, from Med. L. attabi, from Arabic attabi after al-Attabiya, a suburb of Baghdad]
tabinet see TABBINET.
taffeta taffetas a thin glossy silk > TAFFETAS, TAFFETASES
taffetised made to resemble taffeta.
taffety of or like taffeta > TAFFETIER, TAFFETIEST
tamin tamine a thin worsted stuff, highly glazed.
tamise a thin woollen fabric.
tapa see KAPA.
tappa see KAPA.
tarlatan tarletan a thin, stiffly-starched, open-weave muslin.
tasar tussor tussore tussar tusseh tusser tussah tussur a fawn-coloured silk made from wild Indian silkworms
tattersall a pattern of squares formed by dark lines on a light background; a cloth with this pattern.
terry a piled fabric consisting of uncut loops.
terylene a synthetic polyester fibre.
textile a woven fabric.
thibet a fabric made of coarse goat's hair; a kind of CAMLET.
ticken ticking the strong material of which ticks, mattress coverings, are made.
tiffany a transparent silk-like gauzy fabric.
toile a thin dress material.
toilinet toilinette a kind of woollen cloth, silk and cotton warp.
torchon coarse lace or paper; a duster or dishcloth.
triacetate a kind of textile fibre.
tricolette silk or rayon knitted fabric.
tricot a plain knitted silk or woollen fabric.
tricotine a double-twilled worsted fabric.
tufftaffeta tufftaffety tuftaffeta tuftaffety a taffeta with a tufted pile.
tulle a sheer and delicate thin silk. [From Tulle in France].
tussah see TASAR.
tussar see TASAR.
tusseh see TASAR.
tusser see TASAR.
tussor see TASAR.
tussore see TASAR.
tussur see TASAR.
tweed a rough twilled wool.
tweel twill any diagonally woven fabric; (verb) to weave twill.
underwool the underneath part of a sheep's fleece.
valencia a kind of woven fabric for waistcoats, having the weft of wool and the warp of silk or cotton.
velcro a nylon fastening.
vellet velvet.
velour velours velure a woollen stuff with velvet-like pile.
veloutine a velvety corded wool.
velure see VELOURS.
velveret a kind of velvet having cotton back.
velvet a silk, cotton, etc fabric with a soft close-cut pile; (verb) to cover with velvet > VELVETS, VELVETING, VELVETED.
velveteen a kind of cloth, usually cotton, made in imitation of velvet; cotton velvet.
velveteened made of VELVETEEN.
velvety having the texture of velvet > VELVETIER, VELVETIEST.
villiform of the form or shape of velvet.
vinal a synthetic textile fibre.
viscose cellulose prepared for use as rayon, etc.
voile a thin semi-transparent material.
wadmaal wadmal wadmel wadmol wadmoll a coarse, hairy, woollen cloth, formerly used for garments by the poor.
waisting a type of dressmaking material.
watchet a pale blue; a material of this colour.
waterwork a piece of fabric painted to resemble a tapestry.
weatherise weatherize to make (a fabric) weatherproof.
whipcord a fabric with bold twill used for making dresses.
whipcordy like WHIPCORD.
wigan a stiff plain-woven cotton.
wincey winsey a plain or twilled cotton.
winceyette a kind of material used for nightwear etc.
winsey see WINCEY.
witney a heavy woollen fabric.
woolsey a cotton and wool blend.
wool the fleece of sheep, goats, yaks, etc, a modified kind of hair of which the fibres are soft, fine and curly; this spun into yarn or thread for knitting or weaving; fabric or clothing woven or knitted from such yarn.
woolliness wooliness the state of being WOOLLY
worcester a kind of fine wool.
worset worsted a woollen fabric made from closely twisted yarn spun of combed long-staple wool.
woven a fabric created by weaving.
yarn spun thread; (verb) to tell tales > YARNS, YARNING, YARNED.
zanella a mixed twilled umbrella fabric.
zibeline a soft lustrous wool fabric with mohair, alpaca, or camel's hair. [From a Slavic word for the sable (a small mammal related to the weasel)].