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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

buckhorn the material of a buck's horn as used for handles etc.
ceratin a nitrogenous compound, the constituent of horny tissue.
ceratoid resembling horn or keratin.
cornific producing or forming horns.
cornification conversion into horn or a horny or keratinous substance or tissue.
cuttlebone the internal shell of the cuttlefish, used for making tooth-powder, for polishing the softer metals and for cage-birds to sharpen their beaks on.
deerhorn the horn of a deer.
eburnean of or like ivory.
eburneous of or like ivory.
hartshorn the horn or antler of a hart; the substance obtained by rasping, slicing, or calcining this, formerly the chief source of ammonia.
hornily (Adv.) HORNY, like horn, randy.
horniness the state of being horny.
hornish somewhat like horn.
horny like horn, randy.
ivoried made like ivory.
ivory a hard white substance found in elephant tusks.
ivorylike like ivory.
keratin a nitrogenous compound, the constituent of horny tissue.
keratinise to make keratinous.
keratinize to make keratinous.
keratinous like keratin, horny.
keratogenous producing horn or keratin.
keratoid resembling horn or keratin.
shelly of or like shell or shells.
tortie (Short for) tortoiseshell.
tortoiseshell the mottled horny substance of the shell of the hawksbill turtle used esp formerly in inlaying and in making various ornamental articles.
whalebone a light flexible substance consisting of the baleen plates of whales.