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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aqualeather leather made from fishskin.
astrakhan astrachan a closely-curled black or grey fur from fleece of KARAKUL lambs; a cloth resembling this.
basan a sheepskin roughly tanned and undressed. [Ar. bitanah, lining].
bearskin the skin of a bear; also a shaggy woollen cloth used for overcoats.
broadtail fur prepared from the skin of very young KARAKUL lambs.
buckskin the skin of a buck, used e.g. for gloves.
buckskinned wearing buckskin.
budge lambskin fur.
cabretta a soft leather made from the skins of a hairy S American sheep.
calfskin the skin of a calf, making a fine leather suitable for bookbinding and shoes.
camelhair a cloth made from camelhair.
capeskin a type of soft leather made from the skins of long-haired sheep or lambs.
catskin the skin of a cat esp. as used to make e.g. gloves.
chammy shammy a leather prepared from the skin of the chamois; (verb) to rub with a chammy leather.
checklaton shecklaton schecklaton a kind of gilt leather.
cheverel cheveril a soft, flexible, kidskin leather.
chevrette a kind of thin kid leather.
coonskin the skin of a raccoon, esp. as used to make a cap.
cordovan cordwain goatskin leather.
cowhide the hide of a cow, esp as made into a leather; (verb) to whip with a leather whip made from cowhide.
cowskin the skin of a cow.
crimmer krimmer the tightly curled grey or black fur from a Crimean lamb.
deerskin the skin of a deer, esp. as used for garments.
doeskin the skin of a female fallow deer.
dogskin the skin of a dog, or leather made of the skin.
dongola a type of leather. [From Dongola, a small town on the Nile].
ermine a white fur, the stoat's winter coat in northern lands.
ermined trimmed with ERMINE.
fishskin the skin of a fish.
fitch the fur of the polecat.
fleece a sheep's coat of wool; (verb) to swindle.
fleecy like a fleece > FLEECIER, FLEECIEST.
flix fur, beaver-down; (verb) an old form of FLUX > FLIXES, FLIXING, FLIXED.
foxskin the skin of a fox.
fur the thick, soft, fine hair of certain animals; (verb) to cover or coat with fur.
furlike like fur.
furriery furs, in general.
galyac galyak a soft glossy fur from a stillborn lamb or kid. [Russian golyak, from goly, smooth].
goatskin the hide of a goat.
horsehide the hide of a horse.
kidskin kid leather.
kipskin leather prepared from the skin of young or small cattle, intermediate in grade between CALFSKIN and COWHIDE.
krimmer see CRIMMER.
lambskin the skin of a lamb.
lapin rabbit; rabbit fur.
leather a tanned, tawed, or otherwise dressed skin; (verb) to beat with a leather belt.
leathern made of leather.
leathery of or like leather > LEATHERIER, LEATHERIEST.
leopardskin the skin of a leopard > LEOPARDSKINS.
maroquin goat leather, morocco leather.
moleskin the skin or fur of a mole; also, a superior kind of cotton resembling this.
moosehair the hair of a moose.
moosehide the hide of a moose.
morocco a fine goatskin leather tanned with sumac, first brought from Morocco.
mouton a sheepskin processed to look like the fur of another animal.
napa nappa a kind of soft leather prepared from sheep- or goat-skin by a special tawing process.
astrakhan oxhide the hide of an ox.
parfleche parflesh rawhide soaked in lye and water, then dried on a stretcher for shields.
peltless lacking a pelt.
peltry the skins of animals with the fur on them.
pigskin the skin of a pig.
plew plu plue a beaver skin.
ponyskin the skin of a foal used as a fur.
qiviut the fine, soft, light-brown under layer of hair on the musk ox; yarn spun from this hair. [Inupiaq, pl. of qiviuq.]
rawhide (a rope or whip) of untanned leather; (verb) to whip with a rawhide.
russia Russia leather, a fine brownish-red leather impregnated with birch tar oil, used esp in bookbinding.
saffian a brightly-coloured goatskin or sheepskin leather.
schecklaton see CHECKLATON.
sealskin the skin of a seal.
shagreen a granular leather made from horse's or donkey's skin; the skin of shark, ray, etc, covered with small nodules.
shammy see CHAMMY.
shecklaton see CHECKLATON.
sheepskin the skin of a sheep.
slinkskin the skin of a SLINK (a prematurely born calf), or leather made from it.
snakeskin the skin of a snake.
spetch a piece of undressed leather used in making glue > SPETCHES.
suede undressed kidskin or soft leather; (verb) to give a suede finish to > SUEDES, SUEDING, SUEDED.
suedelike like suede.
toison (Fr.) a fleece.
underfur the dense, soft fur beneath coarse outer hairs.
vair squirrel fur, much used in medieval times, to line and trim robes.
vellum calf or lamb gut or skin prepared for writing on; parchment.
villus soft velvety hair or fur > VILLI. [L. villus, tuft, shaggy hair].
whitleather leather dressed with alum.
wolfskin the skin of a wolf.
woolfell a sheep's skin with the wool still on it.
woollike like wool.
woolskin a sheepskin with the wool still on it.
yapp a limp leather binding. [From Yapp, a bookseller].
yuft a kind of Russian leather.
zibeline zibelline the fur of the sable; also a soft woollen material with a lustrous pile.
zorino a euphemism for skunk fur as used to make garments.