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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

binturong a small Asiatic civet of the genus Arctilis.
civet any of several carnivorous mammals of the Asian and African family Viverridae, which also includes the genets and mongooses.
civetlike like a civet.
delundung an East Indian carnivorous mammal resembling a civet, but without scent pouches. It is handsomely spotted.
fossa a red-brown catlike viverrid mammal of Madagascar. Pl. FOSSAS. Also FOUSSA. Can also mean the depression in which the nostril is located, with pl. FOSSAE
foussa a red-brown catlike viverrid mammal of Madagascar. Also FOSSA.
genet an animal allied to the civet. Also GENETTE. Can also mean a small Spanish horse, a jenny donkey, with variants GENNET, JENNET.
ichneumon the Egyptian mongoose, found over much of Africa and parts of southern Europe. [Gk. ichneumon, literally tracker, ichneuein, to hunt after, from ichnos, a track].
linsang a civet-like animal of Borneo.
mangouste a MONGOOSE.
meercat meerkat a S. African carnivore, the SURICATE, related to the ICHNEUMON.
mongoose an Indian animal of the civet family, a great slayer of snakes and rats > MONGOOSES or MONGEESE. [Marathi mangus]. See also MUNGOOSE, MANGOUSTE.
musang a civet-like animal of S. Asia, aka PARADOXURE. [Malay 'wild cat'].
nandine a W. African carnivorous mammal, aka palm-civet.
paradoxure paradoxurine a civet-like animal of S. Asia.
rasse a carnivore allied to the civet but smaller, native of China and the East Indies.
suricate a S. African carnivore, aka MEERKAT, related to the ICHNEUMON.
urva the crab-eating mongoose of SE Asia.
viverra a genus of carnivores which comprises the civets. [L. viverra, a ferret].
viverrid a member of the civet family. [L. viverra, ferret].
viverrine of or like the ferret or the civet family.
zibet zibeth a civet cat. [Arabic zabad, musky perfume].