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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

ammon the Asian wild sheep, aka ARGALI. [Gk. Ammon, a name for an Egyptian ram-headed god].
ancon a breed of sheep with very short legs > ANCONES.
aoudad audad a N. African wild sheep.
argali the Asian wild sheep, aka AMMON.
bharal burrel burrell burhel burrhel a Himalayan blue sheep.
bighorn the Rocky Mountain sheep.
billy a male goat.
blackface a breed of sheep.
broadtail a KARAKUL lamb.
bucardo a recently extinct species of Spanish mountain goat.
caprid a member of the goat family.
caprine like a goat.
caracul karakul a sheep of Central Asia; the curled black fleece of its lambs.
dinmont a WETHER between the first and second shearing.
dorper one of a breed of mutton-producing sheep.
fronter a three-year-old sheep.
geep a creature produced by combining DNA from a sheep and a goat.
gimmer (Scots) a young ewe.TD>
herdwick a breed of sheep.
hidder (Spenser) a young male sheep.
hogg hoggerel hogget a yearling sheep.
ibex a wild mountain-goat. Pl. IBEXES or IBICES.
izard a variety of ibex found in the Pyrenees.
jumbuck (Australian) a sheep.
landrace a breed of Finnish sheep.
llama a S. American cud-chewing mammal, Llama glama, which belongs to the same family as camels but is smaller and humpless.
merino a sheep of fine-wooled Spanish breed.
markhoor markhor a wild goat of the mountains of Asia.
montadale any of an American breed of white-faced hornless sheep. [From Montana + dale].
moufflon mouflon muflon musmon musimon a wild sheep, inhabiting the mountains of Sardinia, Corsica, etc. Its horns are very large, with a triangular base and rounded angles.
oorial urial a wild sheep of central Asia, that has a reddish coat and long curved horns.
paco an alpaca. [Sp. f. Quechua pako red, reddish yellow]. Pl. PACOS.
rambouillet a kind of sheep.
rammish like a ram; rank, lascivious.
rammishly in the manner of a ram.
rammishness the state of being RAMMISH.
romeldale an American breed of utility sheep.
shearling a one-year-old sheep, from which one crop of wool has been taken.
sheeplike like a sheep.
shorthorn a breed of sheep with short horns.
tahr tehr a Himalayan wild goat.
takin a large horned hoofed animal of the Himalayas, related to the goats and antelopes.
teg tegg a sheep in its second year.
theave a ewe lamb of the first year; also, a sheep three years old.
tup a ram; (verb) to copulate with a ewe.
twinling a young or little twin, especially a twin lamb.
twinter two years old; a two-year old sheep or other animal.
vicugna vicuna a wild wool-bearing llama-like animal of the Andes.
wether a castrated ram.
wooler a domestic animal raised for its wool.
woolly (Aust. sl.) a sheep before shearing.
yow yowe a ewe.