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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

agouta (Taino) a small insectivorous mammal, allied to the moles, found only in Haiti.
bangsring (Javanese) a tree-shrew, an E. Indian insectivorous mammal.
banxring (Javanese) a tree-shrew, an E. Indian insectivorous mammal.
desman (Swedish) a Russian aquatic insectivore with long snout and musk glands.
erinaceous of, relating to, or resembling hedgehogs.
hedgehog a small mammal.
modiwort (Dial.) a mole.
moldwarp (Dial.) a mole.
mole any small burrowing mammal, of the family Talpidae; (verb) to elicit bit by bit.
molelike like a mole.
moudiewart (Dial.) a mole.
moudiewort (Dial.) a mole.
moudiwart (Dial.) a mole.
moudiwort (Dial.) a mole.
mouldwarp (Dial.) a mole.
mouldywarp (Dial.) a mole.
mowdie (Scots) a mole.
mowdiewart (Dial.) a mole.
mowdiewort (Dial.) a mole.
petrodrome an African elephant shrew.
shrew a small insectivore; (verb, Shakesp.) to curse, beshrew.
shrewlike like a shrew.
shrewmouse a shrew.
solenodon either of two species of singular West Indian insectivores, allied to the tenrec.
sondeli (Karnarese) the musk shrew.
sorex (Lat.) a shrew of the genus Sorex.
soricine shrewlike.
soricoid shrewlike.
starnose a curious American mole having the nose expanded at the end into a stellate disk.
tanrec (Malagasy) a small insectivore, native to Madagascar.
tenrec (Malagasy) a small insectivore, native to Madagascar.
tiggywinkle (Dial.) a hedgehog.
wanthill (Dial.) a mole.