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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

barasinga (Hindi) the Indian swamp-deer.
barasingha (Hindi) the Indian swamp-deer.
brocket a male red deer two years old, with its first dagger-shaped horns.
cariacou an American deer, aka white-tailed deer.
cariboo (Am. Ind.) a large deer found in Canada.
caribou (Am. Ind.) a large deer found in Canada.
carjacou an American deer.
cervid related to the deer family; (noun) a member of the deer family.
cervine of, relating to or resembling deer.
chevrotain (Fr.) a small deerlike mammal.
chital (Hindi) a kind of deer, aka axis deer.
deer a ruminant mammal.
deerlet a water-deer, a chevrotain.
deerlike resembling a deer.
doe the female of a deer, rabbit and some other animals.
elaphine like or belonging to a red deer.
elk a kind of large deer.
hart the male of the red deer esp when over five years old.
hind the female of the red deer in or after its third year.
hummel hornless; (noun) a hornless stag; (verb) to make hornless.
hynde (Spenser) a hind.
knobber a stag in its second year.
moose a large deer found in Canada.
mulie a western North American deer.
muntjac (Malay) a kind of small deer.
muntjak (Malay) a kind of small deer.
pudu a very small deer, native of the Chilian Andes.
reindeer a large deer.
roebuck the male of the roe-deer.
rusine of, like, or pertaining to, a deer of the genus Rusa, which includes the sambur deer of India.
sambar (Hindi) a large deer.
sambhar (Hindi) a large deer.
sambhur (Hindi) a large deer.
sambur (Hindi) a large deer.
sika (Japanese) a kind of deer, native to Japan.
sorel (Shakesp.) a buck in its third year.
spayad (Obs.) a male deer in its third year.
spayd (Obs.) a male deer in its third year.
spottie a young deer up to the age of three months.
stag a male deer, esp a red deer over four years old (verb) to dog, follow
staggard the male red deer when four years old.
staggart the male red deer when four years old.
tragule (Greek) a small deerlike mammal, aka chevrotain.
traguline of or like a tragule, a small deerlike mammal.
tuktoo (Inuit) a caribou.
tuktu (Inuit) a caribou.
wapiti (Am. Ind.) a species of deer native to N. America.
whitetail the Virginia deer.