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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alleycat a stray cat living in alleys and back streets.
baudrons a quasi-proper name for the cat; also for the hare. N.B. There is no singular BAUDRON.
bobcat a short-tailed N. American lynx.
caracal a kind of wild cat. [Turkish qara-qualq, black ear].
catamount catamountain any wild large species of cat, esp. the leopard, panther or ocelot.
cathood the state of being a cat.
catlike like a cat, feline.
cattish catlike; feline.
cattishly in the manner of a cat.
cheetah chetah a hunting cat of Africa.
clowder a group of cats.
colorpoint a breed of domestic cat.
cougar couguar a puma.
eyra a S. American wild cat.
felid a member of the cat family. [L. felis, cat].
feline (a member) of the cat family.
felinely in the manner of a feline.
felinity the quality of being feline.
gib a castrated male cat.
grimalkin a cat; esp. an old female cat. [Gri, grey, + malkin, an old diminutive of Matilda or Maud].
jaguar a powerful feline beaast of prey, related to the leopard.
jaguarondi jaguarundi a South American wild cat.
korat a cat having a silver-blue coat. [From Korat province, Thailand].
leonine of or like a lion.
leopard a large spotted cat found in Africa and Asia, aka PANTHER.
libbard a leopard.
liger a cross between a lion and a tiger.
lion a large tawny cat.
lioness a female LION.
lionly like a lion; fierce> LIONLIER, LIONLIEST.
lyncean lynx-like; sharp-sighted.
lynx an animal of the Lynx genus of wild cats.
lynxlike like a LYNX.
malkin a cat. [An old diminutive of Matilda or Maud].
manul a kind of Central Asian wild cat.
margay a spotted S. American tiger-cat.
mog moggie moggy a cat.
mouser a cat kept to catch mice.
munchkin a breed of medium-sized cat with short legs.
oceloid resembling the OCELOT.
ocelot an American cat, like a small leopard.
ocicat a large short-haired cat with a spotted cat.
ounce formerly a lynx; now generally the snow leopard, a big cat of Asia with markings similar to a leopard's.
panther a leopard, esp. a black one.
pard pardal pardale pardalis a leopard.
pardine pertaining to or like a leopard; spotted.
poussie a pussy.
puma a moderately large carnivorous mammal of the cat family.
puss a familiar name for a cat. Also PUSSY.
pussy a familiar name for a cat; (adj.) full of pus > PUSSIER, PUSSIEST.
ragdoll a kind of domestic cat.
ramcat a male cat.
rooikat a kind of S. African LYNX.
rumpy a Manx cat; a tailless chicken.
sealpoint a variety of Siamese cat.
serval a long-legged African wildcat with a yellowish coat and black spots.
shorthair a breed of domestic cat with a short thick coat.
simba (Swahili) a lion.
sphynx a kind of cat.
tabby a cat with grey and brown fur.
tabbyhood the state of being a TABBY.
tiger a large fierce striped cat of India.
tigerish tigrish resembling a tiger.
tigerishly tigrishly in the manner of a tiger.
tigerlike like a tiger.
tigerly in the manner of a tiger TIGERLIER, TIGERLIEST.
tigery like a tiger > TIGERIER, TIGERIEST.
tiglon tigon a cross between a tiger and a lioness.
tigress a female tiger.
tigrine of or pertaining to a tiger; like a tiger.
tigroid like a tiger.
tomcat a male cat; (verb) to engage in indiscriminate sexual behaviour.
wildcat an undomesticated species of cat native to Europe; (verb) to drill an experimental well in an area of unknown productivity in search of oil, gas, ore, etc.