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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aby to pay as a penalty > ABYS, ABYING, ABOUGHT. (ABIES exists as a fir tree).
abye to pay the penalty for > ABYES, ABYING, ABOUGHT (not ABYED*).
amearst see AMERCE.
amende a fine or reparation paid.
amerce to punish by a fine whose amount is fixed by the court; broadly, to punish > AMERCES, AMERCING, AMERCED or (Spenser) AMEARST. [L. merces, wages]
amerceable amerciable liable to be amerced.
amercement amerciament the infliction of a fine.
amercer one who AMERCES, fines, punishes.
amerciament see AMERCEMENT.
attainder the loss of civil rights, formerly a result of outlawry or a death sentence.
baculine pertaining to the stick or cane; pertaining to flogging.
banish to expel, exile.
bastinade bastinado to punish by beating on the soles of the feet.
behead to cut off the head of.
beheadal the act of beheading.
bootikin (Scots) a kind of boot used for torture.
bowstring the string of a bow; (verb) to strangle with a bowstring > BOWSTRINGS, BOWSTRINGING, BOWSTRINGED or BOWSTRUNG.
cang cangue a wooden collar used to punish criminals in China.
catasta a scaffold or stage for torture or selling slaves.
commutation the act of commuting.
commute to change a sentence (esp. the death sentence) for a less severe punishment.
convictism the policy or practice of transporting convicts to penal settlements.
cowhide to punish by whipping with a cowhide.
crucifier one who crucifies.
crucifixion execution by crucifying.
crucify to put to death on a cross.
custodial of or like custody e.g. a custodial sentence.
darbies handcuffs. [From the rigid terms of a 16th century English usurer of that name]. N.B. no DARBY*.
decapitate to cut off the head of.
decimate to punish a group by killing every tenth person.
decimation the act of decimating.
decimator one who decimates.
decollate to behead.
draconian draconic of, relating to, or characteristic of Draco or the severe code of laws held to have been framed by him.
draconism being DRACONIC in the administration of laws.
duress duresse hardship; constraint; restraint of liberty.
electrocute to execute (a criminal) by electricity.
electrocution execution by electricity.
eriach eric , erick a blood-fine paid by a murderer in old Irish law.
execute to put to death esp. judicially.
execution the act of executing.
exile to banish from one's own country.
exilic relating to EXILE.
feague to beat, whip.
finable fineable liable or subject to a fine; as, a finable person or offense.
fineableness the state of being FINEABLE.
flagellate to whip; to scourge.
flay to strip off the skin from.
flog to whip.
floggable of an offence, punishable by flogging.
forcipation torture by pinching with forceps.
forfeit a penalty for a crime, or failure to fulfil some condition; (verb) to lose as a penalty.
forfeitable that can be forfeited.
forfeiture the act of forfeiting.
fusillation death by shooting.
gallows a wooden frame for hanging criminals > GALLOWSES.
gallus (Scots) deserving of the gallows; (in the pl. GALLUSES) trouser braces.
ganch gaunch an impaling apparatus; (verb, obs.) to execute by impaling on stakes or hooks.
gating punishment by gating, keeping in.
gaunch see GANCH.
gibbet a gallows; (verb) to hang on a gibbet > GIBBETS, GIBBETING or GIBBETTING, GIBBETED or GIBBETTED.
guillotine an instrument for beheading consisting of a weighted blade allowed to drop between two tall grooved uprights; (verb) to behead with a guillotine.
impale to pierce with a pointed object esp. as a form of execution.
impalement the act of impaling.
jambok sjambok a rhinoceros-hide whip; (verb) to beat with this.
jankers a military punishment of detention etc. for defaulters. [JANKER exists as a long pole for transporting logs].
jougs (Scots) an old instrument of punishment consisting of a hinged iron collar locked round an offender's neck and attached by a chain to a wall or post. N.B. no JOUG*.
keelhale keelhaul to punish by dragging under the keel of a ship.
knout to flog; to scourge.
kourbash kurbash a kind of whip; (verb) to whip with a kurbash.
lapidate to stone to death.
lapidation the act of stoning.
noyade drowning, especially of many persons together as form of execution.
nub a knob; (verb, obs.) to hang.
ostracise to practise OSTRACISM.
ostracism banishment by popular vote, -- a means adopted at Athens to rid the city of a person whose talent and influence gave umbrage.
outlawry the act of putting someone outside the protection of the law.
patibulary of or pertaining to the gallows.
penal pertaining to punishment > PENALLY.
penality the state of being penal; liability to punishment.
penological relating to PENOLOGY, the study of crime and punishment.
penology poenology the study of crime and punishment.
petalism a method of ostracism practised in ancient Syracuse, the name being written on an olive leaf.
pilliwinks pilniewinks pinniewinkle pinnywinkle an instrument of torture designed to crush fingers.
pillorise pillorize to pillory.
pillory a wooden frame with holes for head and hands used as punishment; (verb) to put in a pillory.
pilniewinks see PILLIWINKS.
pinnywinkle see PILLIWINKS.
pizzle a bull's penis used as instrument of punishment by flogging.
poenology see PENOLOGY.
postexilic relating to the period after an EXILE, esp. of the Jews.
prexilic relating to the period before an EXILE, esp. of the Jews.
punish to impose a penalty on in requital for wrongdoing.
punishable worthy of punishment.
punition punishment.
punitory punishing; tending to punishment; punitive.
rack an instrument for stretching, esp an instrument of torture; (verb) to stretch on the rack.
rustication the action of banishing, or the state of being banished, into the country.
scarpines an instrument of torture for the feet. N.B. no SCARPINE*.
scourge to punish severely esp. with a whip.
sjambok see JAMBOK.
stockpunisht (Shakesp.) punished by being put in the stocks.
stocks a device for holding delinquents by the ankles, and often the wrists.
stonable carrying the penalty of being stoned, i.e. pelted with stones.
strappado a form of torture in which victim is left dangling from a rope; (verb) to torture by this > STRAPPADOS or STRAPPADOES, STRAPPADOING, STRAPPADOED.
suspercollate to hang by the neck. [From the abbreviation of suspendatur per collum (sus. per coll.), 'let him be hanged by the neck', in the entry of a capital sentence in a jailer's books].
sweatbox a narrow box or cell in which a prisoner is placed for punishment.
talion (Lat.) a punishment identical to the crime e.g. death sentence for murder.
talionic pertaining to revenge in kind.
thumbkin an instrument of torture for compressing the thumb; a thumbscrew.
thumbscrew an instrument of torture for compressing the thumb by a screw.
toco toko punishment.
treadmill treadwheel a machine with a continuously moving surface of adjustable speed used for exercising on by running or walking; used as a punishment in jails and also available in the more expensive gyms.
tumbrel tumbril a vehicle carrying condemned persons to a place of execution.
unamerced not subject to a fine.
vapulate to flog; to be flogged.
weregild wergeld wergelt wergild (OE) money paid by a killer's family to the family of the victim to prevent a blood feud; the cash value of a man's life.