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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abrogator one who abrogates, abolishes authoritatively or formally.
accuser accusant one who accuses.
aedile edile in classical times, a magistrate in charge of games, markets or buildings.
alguacil alguazil an inferior officer of justice in Spain.
amicus a legal expert witness > AMICI.
apposer an examiner; one whose business is to put questions.
arbiter a person with power to decide a dispute, a judge.
archon the chief magistrate in ancient Athens; a presiding officer.
archonship the office of an ARCHON.
archontate an ARCHON's term of office.
archontic relating to an ARCHON, the chief magistrate in ancient Athens.
attorney a person formally appointed to act for another in legal or business matters; (verb, Shakesp.) to perform by proxy.
attorneydom the office of ATTORNEY.
attorneyism the state of being an ATTORNEY.
avoyer a chief magistrate of a free imperial city or canton of Switzerland.
avvogadore an official criminal prosecutor in Venice.
bailli a magistrate > BAILLIS.
barrister a person who is qualified to plead at the bar in a lawcourt.
batonnier (Canadian) in Quebec, a president of a Bar Association.
bencher a senior member of an inn of court; a person who sits on a bench in some official capacity.
benchership the office of BENCHER.
birlieman a BYRLAW-MAN, an arbiter, oddsman or umpire in matters of local law.
brehon (Irish) a judge or magistrate in ancient Ireland. [Irish breitheamh].
briefless having no brief; without clients; as, a briefless barrister.
cadi kadi qadi a civil judge in a Muslim country. [Arabic qadi, a judge].
canonist a professor of canon law; one skilled in the knowledge and practice of ecclesiastical law.
canonistic of or pertaining to a CANONIST.
centumvir in Rome, one of a court of about one hundred judges chosen to try civil suits > CENTUMVIRI or CENTUMVIRS.
chirographer an official of the Court of Common Pleas.
circuiteer a judge who goes on a circuit; (verb) to go on circuit >CIRCUITEERED, CIRCUITEERING.TR>
cocounsel a joint counsel; (verb) to counsel jointly > COCOUNSELS, COCOUNSELING or COCOUNSELLING, COCOUNSELED or COCOUNSELLED.
codefendant a joint defendant.
comaker one who assumes responsibility for a loan on another's defaulting.
comitia a public assembly of the Roman people for electing officers or passing laws > COMITIAS.
coroner an officer who investigates questionable deaths.
coronership the office of CORONER.
coronial relating to a coroner.
corregidor the chief magistrate of a Spanish town.
crowner a coroner.
cursitor a clerk or officer in the Court of Chancery, who made out writs de cursu.
cursitory relating to a CURSITOR, a clerk or officer in the Court of Chancery, who made out writs de cursu.
daysman an umpire or arbiter; a mediator.
decemvir one of a body of ten magistrates in ancient Rome > DECEMVIRS or DECEMVIRI.
decemviral pertaining to the DECEMVIRS in Rome.
decemvirate the office of DECEMVIR.
deemster a judge on the Isle of Man.
dempster doomster formerly in Scotland, an officer who repeated the sentence after the judge > DEMPSTERS.
dicast dikast (Greek) one of the 6000 Athenians chosen annually to act as judges.
dicastic relating to the old Athenian DICAST system of choosing jurors.
doomsman a judge; an umpire.
doomster see DEMPSTER.
drostdy the house and office of a LANDDROST > DROSTDYS or DROSTDIES.
ealdorman a chief magistrate in Anglo-Saxon England > EALDORMEN.
edile see AEDILE.
ephor a magistrate; one of a body of five magistrates chosen by the people of ancient Sparta > EPHORS or EPHORI. [Gk. ephoros, overseer].
ephoral pertaining to an EPHOR, one of a body of five magistrates chosen by the people of ancient Sparta.
ephoralty the office of an EPHOR, or the body of ephors.
ephorate the office of EPHOR, one of a body of five magistrates chosen by the people of ancient Sparta.
escribano a notary > ESCRIBANOS.
filacer filazer formerly, an officer who filed writs.
gownman gownsman one whose professional habit is a gown, as a divine or lawyer.
greffier in the Channel Isles, a registrar, a notary.
heliast an Athenian judge.
indagator a searcher; an explorer; an investigator.
judge a person appointed to hear and settle causes, and to try accused persons; (verb) to decide on critically.
judger one who judges.
judgeship the office of a judge.
judicator a person who judges.
judiciary a body of judges or people having judicial power > JUDICIARILY.
jurisconsult someone who is consulted on the law; a lawyer who gives opinions on cases put to him or her.
jurist one who is knowledgeable about the law.
juristic juristical of or pertaining to a jurist, to the legal profession, or to jurisprudence.
jurisprudent a person who is knowledgeable in JURISPRUDENCE.
justicer a judge, magistrate.
justiceship the office or dignity of a justice.
justiciar justiciary an old name for the judges of the higher English courts.
kadi see CADI.
landamman landammann a chief magistrate in some of the Swiss cantons.
landdros landdrost in South Africa, a district magistrate or sheriff.
lawgiver one who institutes a legal system.
lawmaker a legislator.
lawmonger a trivially contentious lawyer.
lawyer a member of the legal profession > LAWYERLY; (verb) to work as a member of the legal profession.
lawyerlike like a lawyer.
lawyerly like, or becoming, a LAWYER; as, lawyerlike sagacity.
legalist someone inclined to legalism.
legalizer one who legalizes.
legislator one that makes laws, especially for a political unit.
legist a person knowledgeable about the law.
lictor an ancient Roman magistrate's attendant.
lictorian relating to a LICTOR.
macer a mace bearer; an officer of a court.
magistracy the office or dignity of a magistrate.
magistrate an official entrusted with administration of the laws.
magnifico the chief magistrate at Venice > MAGNIFICOS or MAGNIFICOES.
mooktar mukhtar an Indian lawyer; a Turkish local government official.
mooter a disputer of a mooted case.
mootman one who argued moot cases in the inns of court.
mukhtar see MOOKTAR.
nomarch the chief magistrate of a NOME or NOMARCHY.
nomographer a writer of laws.
nomologist a student of NOMOLOGY, the science of law.
nomothete a lawgiver.
nonlawyer one who is not a lawyer.
notarial of or pertaining to a NOTARY > NOTARIALLY.
notary an official authorized to certify deeds, contracts, copies of documents, affidavits, etc.
oddsman an arbiter in matters of local law.paralegal a person who assists a professional lawyer.
peat a lawyer allegedly under the patronage of a particular judge.
peatship the state of being a PEAT.
penologist one versed in, or a student of, PENOLOGY.
pettifog to act like a PETTIFOGGER.
pettifogger a petty, quibbling, unscrupulous lawyer.
pleader one who pleads; an advocate.
podesta (Ital.) one of the chief magistrates of the Italian republics in the Middle Ages.
praetor pretor a magistrate of ancient Rome.
praetorial relating to a PRAETOR.
praetorian pretorian a former PRAETOR or man of equivalent rank.
prefect a Roman magistrate or administrator.
prefectship the office of PREFECT.
prefecture the office, position, or jurisdiction of a PREFECT; also, his official residence.
pretor see PRAETOR.
pretorian see PRAETORIAN.
pretorship the office of PRETOR, a magistrate of ancient Rome.
procurator an agent in a law court.
propraetor propretor a magistrate who, having been PRETOR at home, was appointed to the government of a province.
prosecutor a person who institutes an official prosecution before a court.
prothonotary protonotary a principle law clerk in certain courts of law.
puisne puny; surviving as a term applied to certain junior judges; (noun) a puisne judge.
qadi see CADI.
quaestor questor an ancient Roman magistrate.
questorial relating to a QUESTOR.
questorship the office of QUESTOR.
rabbi a Jewish expounder or doctor of the law > RABBIS or RABBIES.
rabbin a RABBI.
rabbinate the office of a RABBI.
rabbinic rabbinical of or pertaining to the RABBINS.
reeve a chief magistrate of a district.
reeveship the office of reeve.
sentencer one who sentences.
serjeant a barrister of highest rank.
shyster an unscupulous or disreputable lawyer.
solicitor a person who is legally qualified to act for another in a court of law.
solon a wise and skillful lawgiver > SOLONS. [From Solon, a celebrated Athenian lawmaker, born about 638 BC].
syndic a magistrate; a member of committee.
syndicship the office of SYNDIC, a magistrate; a member of committee.
templar a student of lawyer, living or with chambers, in the Temple, London.
vakeel vakil a native lawyer in India.