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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

agister agistor formerly, an officer of the king's forest, who had the care of cattle agisted, and collected the money for the same.
alnager aulnager an inspector of cloth.
apparitor an officer in court who attends to execute orders.
arrester arrestor one who makes an arrest.
assizer an inspector of weights and measures.
averager in maritime law, a person who calculates average claims.
bailie baillie an officer in Scotland, whose office formerly corresponded to that of sheriff, but now corresponds to that of an English alderman.
bailieship the office of BAILIE.
bailiff a court officer.
baillie see BAILIE.
baillieship the office of BAILLIE.
baseej basij in Iran, volunteer vigilantes who enforce strict Islamic behaviour and dress code, esp on women.
beadle a minor parish official whose duties include ushering and preserving order.
beadledom the office of BEADLE, a minor parish official whose duties include ushering and preserving order.
beadlehood the office of BEADLE.
beadleship the state of being, or the personality of, a beadle.
bedel bedell a BEADLE, a minor parish official whose duties include ushering and preserving order.
bedellship the office of BEDELL.
bedelship the office of BEDEL.
bederal bedral a beadle.
bluecoat (US) a police officer.
bobby a policeman.
bumbailiff a bailiff who comes behind to make arrests; a sheriff's officer.
carabinero a member of the Spanish national police force serving as frontier guards.
carabiniere an Italian policeman > CARABINIERI.
carnifex an executioner, esp. the public executioner in ancient Rome > CARNIFEXES.
catchpole catchpoll a sheriff's officer who made arrests for failure to pay a debt.
centenier in Jersey, an honorary part-time police officer with judicial powers.
cheka the Russian secret police.
chekist a member of the CHEKA, the Russian secret police.
coastguard an organization with responsibility for watching coastal waters to prevent smuggling and illegal fishing, to assist shipping, and for life-saving.
coastguardsman a member of a coast guard.
constable a policeman or policewoman of the lowest rank.
constabulary the organized body of constables of a particular district or country.
copper (coll.) a policeman.
cotwal kotwal the chief constable of an Indian town.
deathsman an executioner.
detective a policeman, usu not in uniform, or other person (private detective) who investigates cases of crime.
dogcatcher one whose job is to catch stray dogs.
escheator (hist.) an official who watched over escheats.
executioner one who carries out an execution.
farborough tharborough a Shakespearean mispronunciation of THIRDBOROUGH.
fed U.S. slang for federal agent.
flatfoot (coll.) a policeman > FLATFEET; (verb) to patrol on foot > FLATFOOTS, FLATFOOTING, FLATFOOTED.
flic (sl.) a policeman.
foud a bailiff or magistrate in Orkney or Shetland.
foudrie the jurisdiction of a FOUD or bailiff in the Orkneys.
fuzz (sl.) the police.
gabeller a collector of GABELLE, a tax on salt.
gager gauger one who checks the contents of casks.
gangbuster a special police agent working to combat criminal gangs.
gaoler jailer jailor one who runs a gaol.
gaoleress jaileress jailoress a female gaoler.
garda an Irish policeman > GARDAI.
gendarme a French policeman > GENDARMES or GENSDARMES.
gendarmerie the French police.
gendarmery the body of GENDARMES.
gumshoe a private detective; (verb) to act as a police officer or a detective > GUMSHOES, GUMSHOEING, GUMSHOED.
hangman an executioner.
harman a constable; (pl.) HARMANS, the stocks.
hawkshaw a detective. [From the name of a theatrical gumshoe introduced in an 1863 play].
headsman an executioner.
imprisoner one who imprisons.
inspector a police rank.
jailer see GAOLER.
jaileress see GAOLERESS.
jailor see GAOLER.
jailoress see GAOLERESS.
jerquer a Customs officer who JERQUES ships.
kotwal see COTWAL.
lawman a law-enforcement officer.
marshal a law court official with responsibility for prisoners.
meresman an officer who ascertains meres or boundaries.
mukhabarat a secret police force in Middle Eastern countries.
paritor (Shakesp.) an APPARITOR, an officer in court who attends to execute orders.
patrolman a police officer on duty on a beat.
patrolwoman a female police officer on duty on a beat.
peeler a policeman. [From Sir John Peel].
pinder pinner poinder one who impounds cattle.
pinkerton a private detective.
plainclothesman a plainclothes police officer.
pointsman a policeman on point duty.
police a body of men and women employed to maintain order, etc; (verb) to make clean or orderly.
policeman a man who is a member of a police force.
policewoman a woman who is a member of a police force.
posse a force or body (of constables).
proctor a disciplinary officer at a college or university; (verb) to officiate as a proctor.
proggins a proctor > PROGGINSES. N.B. no PROGGIN*.
ranzelman an official who searches for stolen goods > RANZELMEN.
repoman a person employed to repossess unpaid-for goods.
revenuer a revenue officer.
rosser rozzer (coll.) a policeman.
roundsman (US) a policeman who acts as a supervisor.
sbirro an Italian police officer > SBIRRI.
scavager an officer who collected SCAVAGE, the toll for keeping the streets clean.
settlor one that makes a legal settlement.
shamus a gumshoe, a policeman > SHAMUSES. [Prob. fr. Yiddish shames, sexton of a synagogue].
sheriff a law-enforcement officer of a county.
sheriffalty sheriffdom sheriffship the office of SHERIFF.
sherlock a detective; (verb) to investigate something > SHERLOCKS, SHERLOCKING, SHERLOCKED.
shireman a sheriff.
shirra (Scots) a sheriff.
shoofly an undercover policeman who checks on the honesty of other policemen.
shrieval relating to a SHERIFF.
shrievalty the office, or sphere of jurisdiction, of a SHERIFF.
sleuth a detective; (verb) to act as a detective, to search for information.
sleuthhound (coll.) a detctive.
smokey a police officer who patrols highways.
subwarden a subordinate WARDEN
supercop a superior police officer.
supersleuth a very effective detective.
sweeney the flying squad.
tanadar thanadar an officer in charge of a TANA, a police station.
tec a detective.
thanadar see TANADAR.
tharborough see FARBOROUGH.
thirdborough an under-constable.
tidewaiter a customs officer who boarded and inspected incoming ships.
tipstaff a sheriff's officer > TIPSTAFFS or TIPSTAVES.
tither one who collects tithes.
toller a toll gatherer.
tollman one who receives or collects toll; a toll gatherer.
trooper (US) a mounted policeman.
turnkey an under-jailer.
untrusser one who untrussed persons for the purpose of flogging them; a public whipper.
vigilante any person executing summary justice in the absence or breakdown of legally constituted law enforcement bodies.
warden someone who guards or keeps under supervision people, animals, buildings, precious objects, etc; (verb) to guard as a warden.
wardenry wardenship the office or jurisdiction of a warden.
warder someone who guards or supervises; a prison officer in charge of prisoners in a jail; (verb) to guard as a warder.
wardress a female WARDER.
wolly a uniformed policeman, esp. a raw young constable.
woodward an officer of the forest, whose duty it was to guard the woods.
zabtieh zaptiah zaptieh a Turkish policeman.