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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acquis (French) a particular piece or section of European Union legislation.
acta official minutes of a proceeding.
affidavit a written statement, confirmed by oath, to be used as evidence.
assumpsit a contract (not under seal); a suit for breach of such a contract.
backbond a deed attaching a qualification or condition to the terms of a conveyance or other instrument.
bailbond a bond given by a prisoner as his or her surety on being bailed.
breviate a summary, a brief compendium; a lawyer's brief.
brocard an elementary legal principle or maxim.
capias a writ authorizing the arrest of a person > CAPIASES.
capitular a statute passed in a chapter or ecclesiastical court; a member of a chapter > CAPITULARS; (adj.) relating or belonging to a chapter in a cathedral > CAPITULARLY.
capitulary a collection of ordinances, esp. of Frankish kings.
carta charta a charter.
casebook a law textbook.
caveat a warning, qualification, or explanation; (verb) to enter a caveat, a legal notice.
certiorari a writ from higher court to lower court requesting a transcript > CERTIORARIS.
charta see CARTA.
charter any formal writing in evidence of a grant, contract, or other transactions.
cital a summons to appear, as before a judge.
codifiable able to be codified.
cognovit an instrument in writing whereby a defendant in an action acknowledges a plaintiff's demand to be just.
contrat a contract, an agreement.
covenant a mutual agreement of two or more persons or parties; (verb) to make a covenant.
covenantal relating to a COVENANT.
curfew a regulation concerning the hours which one may keep.
custumal a written record of laws and customs.
decree an order by someone in authority; an edict or law; (verb) to order by decree.
decreet the final judgment of the Court of Session, or of an inferior court, by which the question at issue is decided.
decretory relating to or having the force of a decree.
dedimus a writ to commission private persons to do some act in place of a judge, as to examine a witness, etc > DEDIMUSES.
denisation a legal term relating to letters of citizenship.
distringas a writ commanding the sheriff to distrain a person by his goods or chattels, to compel a compliance with something required of him > DISTRINGASES.
edict an authoritative order having the force of law.
edictal relating to an EDICT > EDICTALLY.
elegit a writ of execution on a debtor's property.
escrow a deed in the hands of a third party, to take effect when a condition is fulfilled.
firman a decree or judicial decision; a passport, a licence.
gangbo a civil order restricting the activities of a gang member.
habendum the part of a deed that limits the extent of ownership.
headnote a note at the head of a page or chapter; in law reports, an abstract of a case, showing the principles involved and the opinion of the court.
irade (Turkish) a written decree of the Sultan of Turkey.
jurat a memorandum at the end of an affidavit showing to whom it was sworn.
latitat a writ based on the supposition that a person is in hiding. [L. latitare, -atum (3rd person singular present latitat), frequentative of latere, to be in hiding].
lawbook a book containing or dealing with laws.
lettre letter, as in e.g. lettre de cachet, a royal warrant.
mandamus a writ instructing that an action should be performed > MANDAMUSES; (verb) to issue such a writ > MANDAMUSES, MANDAMUSING, MANDAMUSED.
mittimus a warrant granted for sending a charged person to jail > MITTIMUSES.
miniment muniment a record fortifying or proving a claim, esp. a title deed to land.
nochel notchel notice that will not be responsible for another's debts; (verb) to give such notice.
nomography a treatise on laws; an exposition of the form proper for laws.
notchel see NOCHEL.
noverint a writ, beginning with the words noverint universi, let all men know.
pactum a pact > PACTA.
placit placet a decree or determination; a dictum.
placitum the decision of a court or an assembly > PLACITA.
praecipe precipe a writ commanding something to be done, or requiring a reason for neglecting it.
prenup a prenuptial agreement.
proviso a provision or condition in a deed or other writing > PROVISOES or PROVISOS.
quitclaim a deed relinquishing a claim, such as a mining title; (verb) to draw up such a deed.
ragman ragment a document with pendent seals.
reddendum a reserving clause in a lease > REDDENDA.
statute a law expressly enacted by the legislature (as distinguished from a customary or common law.
statutory of or related to STATUTE > STATUTORILY.
subpena subpoena a writ commanding attendance (e.g. of a witness); (verb) to compel appearance in court by such a writ.
supersedeas a stay order (to stay an execution or legal proceedings) > SUPERSEDEASES.
supplicavit formerly, a writ issued by the King's Bench or Chancery for taking the surety of the peace against a person.
syngraph a writing or contract signed by both or all parties.
testatum one of the clauses of an English deed > TESTATUMS or TESTATA.
tolt a kind of writ in Old English law.
transumpt a copy, a transcript; esp. one of a legal document.
ukase a proclamation by a Russian emperor or government having the force of law.
venire a judicial writ or precept directed to the sheriff, requiring him to cause a certain number of qualified persons to appear in court at a specified time, to serve as jurors in said court.
vidimus attested copy; inspection of accounts. [L.' we have seen'].
warrandice a guarantee; a clause in a deed by which the grantor binds himself or herself to make good to the grantee the right conveyed.
whereas a statement introduced by 'whereas'; the preamble of a formal document > WHEREASES.
writ a legal or financial document.