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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abactor a cattle-thief. [L. ab + agere, to drive].
abetter abettor one who ABETS a crime.
affrayer a disturber of the peace.
algerine a pirate.
apache a member of the French underworld.
arsonist arsonite one who commits arson.
assassin a murderer.
backstall a garrotter's confederate, on the lookout behind; (verb) of a kite, to lose power and begin to drop in low winds > BACKSTALLING, BACKSTALLED.
bandit a robber > BANDITS or BANDITTI.
bandito a Mexican bandit > BANDITOS.
banditti a gang of Italian bandits > BANDITTIS.
bandolero a highwayman > BANDOLEROS.
bankster a banker or investor whose activites have been exposed as illegal.
bigamist one who commits bigamy.
biopirate one who practises BIOPIRACY.
blackmailer one who commits blackmail.
blagger one who BLAGS, a thief.
boobhead a repeat offender in prison.
bootlegger one who supplies e.g. illicit whisky.
brigand a bandit.
bullyboy a ruffian hired to beat or intimidate someone.
burglar one who commits burglary; (verb) to burgle > BURGLARS, BURGLARING, BURGLARED.
burker burkite one that BURKES, murders by suffocation.
bushranger in Australia, a lawless person, often an escaped criminal, who takes to the bush and lives by robbery.
camorra a secret society akin to the Mafia operating in the Neapolitan district; gen. any organized body engaged in extortion or other dishonest activities.
camorrist a member of a CAMORRA.
camorrista a member of a CAMORRA > CAMORRISTI.
carjacker one who steals cars by holding up their owners and demanding the keys.
catnaper catnapper one that steals cats, usu. to sell them for research.
colluder one who conspires in a fraud.
conman a male confidence trickster.
contemner contemnor a person who contemns; a person who has been found guilty of contempt of court.
convict one convicted of a crime; a person serving a prison sentence; (verb) to find guilty of a crime.
conwoman a female confidence trickster.
coprisoner a fellow-prisoner.
corsair a privateersman of the Mediterranean, esp. the Barbary coast.
cracksman a safe-breaker.
crim a criminal.
criminal one who has committed a crime.
cutpurse a person who stole by slitting purses worn at the belt.
cutthroat a murderer, an assassin.
dacoit dakoit an Indian bandit.
delinquent failing in duty; of or concerning a bad debt or debtor > DELINQUENTLY; (noun) an offender, esp a young criminal > DELINQUENTS.
desperado a desperate fellow, an outlaw > DESPERADOES or DESPERADOS.
dognaper dognapper one who DOGNAPS, abducts a dog.
druglord a criminal controlling the supply of drugs.
dynamiter one who uses dynamite; esp., one who uses it for the destruction of life and property.
embezzler one who embezzles.
embraceor embracer embrasor a person who seeks to influence jurors by corrupt means to deliver a partial verdict.
escapado an escaped evil-doer; an escapade > ESCAPADOES or ESCAPADOS.TR>
escroc a swindler.
fagin an adult who instructs others in crime.
faitor faitour an impostor.
felon a person who has committed a felony.
felonious like a felon, wicked > FELONIOUSLY.
felonous like a felon, wicked.
felonry a body of felons.
filcher one who filches; a thief.
firebug an arsonist.
flyboy a spiv, a conman.
footpad a highwayman or robber on foot.
forcat a convict condemned to hard labour.
forger one that commits forgery.
fraudsman fraudster a person involved in criminal fraud.
freebooter a person who roves about freely in search of booty, a pirate.
(Yiddish) ganef, ganof, gonef, gonif, goniff, gonof, gonoph a thief.
gangland the criminal underworld.
gangster a member of a criminal gang.
ganof see GANEF.
gaolbird an inveterate convict.
garotter garroter garrotter one who garrotes.
gonef see GANEF.
gonif see GANEF.
goniff see GANEF.
gonof see GANEF.
gonoph see GANEF.
goodfella a gangster, esp a member of the Mafia.
goombah someone who belongs to a criminal gang, esp the Mafia.
graverobber one who robs graves.
heister one who HEISTS, carries out armed hold-ups.
highjacker hijacker one that hijacks.
highwayman a thief who robs travellers on a road.
hitman a hired assassin.
hood hoodlum a small-time criminal or gangster.
hoody resembling a hoodlum > HOODIER, HOODIEST.
hoser a person who deceives or swindles others.
housebreaker a person who breaks into and enters a house for the purpose of stealing.
huaquero an Latin America, a person who steals antiquities and relics from tombs > HUAQUEROS.
iceman a jewel thief; a professional hitman.
imposter impostor someone who assumes a false character or impersonates another.
incendiary a person who maliciously sets fire to property.
jailbird a CONVICT.
joyrider one who JOYRIDES.
kidnaper kidnapper one who kidnaps.
kiter one that KITES, obtains money fraudulently.
klepht a (Greek) brigand. [Mod. Gr. klephtes, from Gk. kleptes, thief].
klephtic of or like a KLEPHT.
knuckler a PICKPOCKET.
kondo in Uganda, a thief or armed robber > KONDOS.
ladron ladrone latron a robber; a pirate; hence, loosely, a rogue or rascal.
lamister lamster a fugitive esp. from the law.
larcener larcenist one who commits larceny.
latron see LADRON.
lawbreaker a person who violates the law.
lifer a CONVICT serving life.
limmer a rogue or thief; a hussy.
lyncher one who takes part in a lynching.
maffia mafia a criminal society > MAFIAS.
mafioso a member of a MAFIA > MAFIOSI or MAFIOSOS.
magsman a conman, a street swindler.
malefactor an evil doer; a criminal.
malfeasant (one who is) doing wrong > MALFEASANTS.
manslayer a member of a mara in the US or Central America.
marero a person who kills a man.
massacrer one who massacres.
miquelet an irregular or partisan soldier; a bandit.
miscreant a wrongdoer, a criminal.
misdoer a wrongdoer.
misfeasor one who commits a MISFEASANCE, the doing of a lawful act in a wrongful manner, as distinguished from malfeasance.
mobsman mobster a member of an organised criminal gang.
moonshiner a person engaged in illicit distilling; -- so called because the work is largely done at night.
mugger one who attacks with the intention of robbing.
murderer one that murders.
murderess a female MURDERER.
murtherer a murderer.
nightrider a member of a secret band of white men who carried out lynchings in the southern USA.
nimmer a thief.
nobbler one who nobbles i.e. injures or drugs a racehorse to prevent it from winning.
nonce a sex offender, esp. one convicted of assaulting children.
outlaw someone on the run from the law; (verb) to prohibit.
peculator one who peculates.
pentito in Italy, a Mafia criminal who has become a police informer > PENTITI.
perjurer one who commits perjury.
perp one who has committed a crime.
peterman a safe-blower.
petnaper petnapper one who kidnaps pets.
petroleur a rioter who uses petroleum, as in the Paris uprising of 1871.
phansigar formerly in India, a THUG.
pickpocket a thief who picks pockets; (verb) to pick pockets.
pilferer one who pilfers.
pirate a person who, without authority, attempts to capture ships at sea; (verb) to commit piracy.
piratic piratical of or pertaining to a pirate > PIRATICALLY.
poacher one that poaches, steals game.
prigger one who PRIGS, a thief.
purloiner one who purloins.
racketeer a criminal who runs a protection racket; (verb) to run a protection racket.
ramper rampsman one who makes a disturbance to cover the activities of others.
raper rapist one who commits rape.
recidivist a habitual criminal.
renegado a renegade > RENEGADOS or RENEGADOES.
resurrectionist a person who steals bodies from the grave for dissection.
rickburner an arsonist who sets fire to hayricks.
robber one that robs.
roberdsman robertsman a bold, stout robber, or night thief; -- said to be so called from Robin Hood.
ruffian a brutal, violent person > RUFFIANLY; (verb) to behave like a ruffian.
rumrunner a person involved in smuggling alcohol into the US during Prohibition.
rustler one who steals cattle.
safecracker one that breaks open safes to steal.
scelerat scelerate a villain.
shoplifter one who shoplifts, steals from shops.
sicario a hired gunman, esp. in Latin America.
skollie skolly a young hooligan or gang member of Coloured race.
skyjacker one who SKYJACKS, hijacks an aeroplane.
smuggler one that smuggles.
snakehead a Chinese criminal involving the transport of criminals to other parts of the world.
sokaiya in Japan, a corporate racketeer > SOKAIYA. No —S. [Japanese sokai, meeting + ya, dealer].
staffrider in S. Africa, a person who illegally rides on the outside of a suburban train.
stealer one who steals.
suborner one who suborns, bribes a jury.
swagsman a swagman; a burglar's accomplice who carries the plunder.
terrorist one who engages in TERRORISM > TERRORISTS.
thief one that steals > THIEVES.
thieflike like a thief.
thievish given to stealing.
thug a brutal ruffian or assassin.
thuggish characteristic of a THUG.
thuggo a thug, ruffian > THUGGOS.
tongman tongster a member of a Chinese TONG or criminal society.
tortfeasor a person guilty of TORT, a wrongful act, damage, or injury done willfully.
trailbaston a ruffian or brigand in 14th century England.
traitor one who betrays another.
traitorly like a TRAITOR; traitorous.
traitress a female TRAITOR.
triggerman a gangster's bodyguard.
turncoat a traitor.
twoccer twocker a person who takes a car without the owner's consent.
vandal one who wilfully destroys or defaces property.
venomer a poisoner.
villain a criminal, bad person.
villainous like a VILLAIN > VILLAINOUSLY.
villan a villain.
villanous villainous > VILLANOUSLY.
waghalter a felon likely to swing from the gallows.
welcher welsher one who welches or welshes, absconds from a debt.
whizzer something that whizzes; (slang) a pickpocket.
wrongdoer one who does wrong.
yakuza a Japanese gangster. No —S.
yardbird a convict.
yegg yeggman a criminal, esp. a safecracker or burglar.