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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bijural pertaining to a single jurisdiction with two legal systems.
camera a judge's private chamber > CAMERAE; an apparatus for taking photographs > CAMERAS.
chancery the court of the Lord Chancellor of the United Kingdom.
court a hall of justice; (verb) to woo.
courthouse a building in which courts of law are regularly held.
courtlet a petty court.
courtroom a room in a courthouse in which lawsuits and criminal cases are heard.
curia a papal court and its officials > CURIAE or CURIAS.
cutcherry cutchery kacheri kachahri an Indian magistrate's office or courthouse.
dicastery a court of justice; a judgment hall.
fehm vehm a mediaeval German court > FEHME, VEHME.
fehmic pertaining to a FEHM or VEHM.
halimot halimote an erroneous form of hall-moot, the court of a lord of the manor or of a guild.
kachahri see CUTCHERRY.
lawcourt a court of justice.
leet a manor court.
statehouse the building in which a State legislature holds its sessions.
sudder of a government department or official: chief, supreme; (noun) a supreme court.
tribunal the seat of a judge; the bench on which a judge and his associates sit for administering justice.
vehm see FEHM.
vehmic vehmique relating to a VEHM, a mediaeval German court.
wardmote a meeting of a ward or a court of a ward.