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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abandonee one to whom anything is legally abandoned.
abductee one who is abducted.
affiant one who makes an affidavit.
annuitant one who receives, or is entitled to receive, an annuity.
appellant a person who makes an appeal to a higher court or authority.
appellee the defendant in an appeal; -- opposed to APPELLANT.
appellor the person who institutes an appeal, or prosecutes another for a crime.
arrestee one who is arrested.
assignee a person to whom an assignment is made; a person appointed or deputed by another to do some act.
attestant attester attestor one who attests.
bailsman a person who gives bail for another.
barrater barrator barretor one that persistently instigates lawsuits.
caveator one who enters a CAVEAT.
cestui in legal phrases, he, the one > CESTUIS.
compearant in Scots law, one who COMPEARS, appears in court.
compurgator one who under oath vouches for the character or conduct of an accused person.
conjurator one who swears or is sworn with others.
conominee one nominated in conjunction with another; a joint nominee.
contemner contemnor a person who contemns; a person who has been found guilty of contempt of court.
contrahent a contracting party.
coplaintiff a joint plaintiff.
covenantee the person in whose favor a covenant is made.
covenanter covenantor the party who makes a COVENANT.
debtee one to whom a debt is due; a creditor.
defendant a person accused or sued.
deforcer one who DEFORCES, keeps out of possession by force.
delator an accuser; an informer.
demandant one who demands; a plaintiff.
earwitness a witness that can testify from his or her own hearing.
endorsee indorseee the person to whom a note or bill is indorsed, or assigned by indorsement.
essoiner historically, a person who offered an excuse for someone else's non-appearance in court.
exoneree one who is exonerated of a crime.
eyewitness one who sees an occurrence or an object.
feme a legal term for a woman, as in feme covert, married woman, feme sole, unmarried woman or widow.
fiduciary a person who holds anything in trust > FIDUCIARILY.
garnishee a person warned not to pay money owed to another, because the latter is indebted to the garnisher who gives the warning; (verb) to make someone a GARNISHEE > GARNISHEES, GARNISHEEING, GARNISHEED.
grievant one that submits a complaint for arbitration.
guarantor one who makes or gives a guaranty; a warrantor; a surety.
impleader one who prosecutes or sues another.
indictee one who is indicted.
indorsee see ENDORSEE.
interpellant interrupting; (noun) a person interpellating.
intervenor in law, one who intervenes.
jurant one who takes an oath.
juror a member of a jury.
juryman one who serves on a jury.
jurywoman a woman who serves on a jury.
kidnapee kidnappee one who is kidnapped.
libelant libellant one who brings a charge of libel.
libelee libellee one who is LIBELED.
libeler libeller one who libels.
libelist one who libels.
litigant a person engaged in a lawsuit.
litigator one who litigates.
mainpernor one who gives MAINPRISE, surety for the appearance of a prisoner at trial.
muggee the victim of a MUGGER.
murderee the victim of a murder.
nullifier one who nullifies or makes void; one who maintains the right to nullify a contract by one of the parties.
obligor the person who binds himself, or gives his bond to another.
optionee one who holds a legal option.
oratrix a woman plaintiff, or complainant, in equity pleading > ORATRIXES or ORATRICES.
pais the people from whom a jury is drawn. No plural.
parolee someone on PAROLE.
patentee one to whom a grant is made, or a privilege secured, by patent.
pawnee one to whom a pledge is delivered as security; one who takes anything in pawn.
permittee one to whom a permission or permit is given.
plainant one who makes complaint; the plaintiff.
plaintiff a person or body suing a defendant in a court of law.
pledgee one to whom a pledge is given, or to whom property pledged is delivered.
pledgeor pledger pledgor a person who deposits something as a pledge or pawn.
promisee the person to whom a promise is made.
promisor promissor one who makes a (legal) promise.
recoveree the person against whom a judgment is obtained in common recovery.
recoveror the demandant in a common recovery after judgment.
registrant a person who registers, or has registered (a trademark, etc).
salvagee one in whose favour salvage has been effected.
settlor one that makes a legal settlement.
signee a signer of a document.
slanderer one who slanders.
suer one who sues; a suitor.
talesman a bystander chosen to make up a deficiency in a jury.
testifier one who testifies.
venireman a person summoned by VENIRE as a prospective juror.
venter a person who utters or publishes.
visne a jury summoned from the neighbourhood in which the cause of action lies. [OF visne, neighbourhood].
vouchee the person who is vouched, or called into court to support or make good his warranty of title in the process of common recovery.
warrantee the person to whom a warrant or warranty is made.
warranter warrantor one who warrants.