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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

babalas babbelas drunk.
bonsella bansela bonsela pasela a gratuity to a Black African. [Zulu ibhonselo, a gift].
cocopan a wagon on a narrow gauge railway serving a mine. [Zulu 'stumpy wagon'].
donga a gully made by soil erosion.
gogo a grandmother.
imbizo a gathering of people at the request of a chieftain: IMBIZOS.
impala a kind of antelope.
imphee any of several southern African varieties of sorghum. [Zulu imfe, sweet cane].
impi a regiment of Zulu warriors > IMPIS or IMPIES.
indaba a tribal conference in southern Africa. [Zulu 'discussion'].
induna a tribal councillor or leader, esp. of an impi. [Zulu 'the captain'].
inkhosi inkosi a traditional leader of a Zulu clan > INKHOSIS; INKOSIS or AMAKOSI. [Zulu 'the captain'].
inyala nyala a kind of antelope.
kwaito a type of S. African pop music.
kwela a form of Zulu folk music. [Zulu khwela, climb, mount].
mabela ground kaffir corn used for making porridge.
mamba a venomous African snake.
mbaqanga a type of Black African urban music. [Orig. uncertain; perh. related to Zulu umbaqanga, maize, porridge].
muti a traditional medicine, associated with witch-doctors. [Zulu umuthi, tree, plant, medicine].
nagana ngana a tropical disease of cattle transmitted by tsetse fly. [Zulu nakane].
sangoma a witch-doctor. [Zulu isangoma].
skokiaan a strong home-brewed alcoholic liquor fermented with yeast. [From Zulu via Afrikaans].
taha a S. African weaver-bird. [Zulu taka].
tokoloshe tikoloshe tokoloshi in Bantu folklore, a hairy malevolent dwarflike creature with supernatural powers. [Zulu tikoloshe].
vuvuzela a S. African instrument blown by football fans.