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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

awdl a Welsh ode. [But note that ENGLYN*, another famous Welsh verse-form, is not valid].
bach an affectionate term of address; (also, unrelatedly, a verb meaning to live as a bachelor).
bro a place for which one feels a strong affinity > BROS.
bugaboo a bugbear. [Welsh bwci bo, bogey].
cantred cantref a district comprising a hundred villages, as in Wales. [Welsh cantref, from cant hundred + tref town, settlement, farmstead].
cistvaen kistvaen a tomb covered with stone slabs. [Welsh cistfaen, from cist, chest + faen (maen) stone].
coble a short, flat-bottomed boat for use on rivers and estuaries. [Welsh ceubal, a hollow trunk].
commot commote a subdivision of a CANTRED. [Welsh cymwd, cwmwd, neighbourhood, locality.]
coracle a small boat made of wickerwork covered with watertight material, used on lakes and rivers in Wales and Ireland. [Welsh corwg, cwrwgl coracle].
crachach Welsh people who snobbishly affect English customs, manners and speech.
cromlech a prehistoric monument, comprising a flat stone resting horizontally on two vertical stones or circle of stones. [Welsh, crom fem. of crwm bowed, arched + llech (flat) stone],
crwth an old Celtic musical instrument with three, or later six, strings which was held against the chest and played by bowing and plucking. [Welsh crwth].
cwm a bowl-shaped valley or hollow in mountains; a CIRQUE or CORRIE.
cootch cwtch to cuddle up.
cynghanedd a technique in Welsh verse.
deuddarn a Welsh dresser or sideboard in two stages. Cf. TRIDARN.
eisteddfod an annual assembly of Welsh poets and musicians > EISTEDDFODAU or EISTEDDFODS.
elvan a kind of granite. [Welsh elfen, element].
fluellin a name given to various speedwells and toadflaxes. [Alt. of Welsh llysiau Llywelyn, Llewelyn's herbs].
flummery anything insipid; empty compliment; humbug. [Welsh 'llymru', the name of a soft jelly made from sour oatmeal].
gambo a simple farm cart or haywagon > GAMBOES.
gorsedd an assembly for granting awards to Welsh bards.
gwiniad gwyniad a fish of North Wales and Northern Europe, allied to the lake whitefish; aka POWAN. [Welsh gwyn, white].
hwyl eloquence.
keffel a horse. [Welsh ceffyl].
menhir a single upright rude monolith of usually prehistoric origin. [Welsh maen hir, long stone].
metheglin a spiced or medicated variety of mead, originally peculiar to Wales. [Welsh meddyglyn, from meddyg, medicina + llyn, liquor].
morgay the small-spotted dogfish, aka HOUNDFISH. [Cornish and Welsh morgi, from mor, sea, and ci, dog].
pendragon (a title for) an ancient British or Welsh prince holding or claiming supreme power, a chief leader or ruler. [Welsh = chief leader in war, f. pen head, chief + dragon dragon, f. L dracon- dragon, the standard of a cohort.]
pennill penill a verse or stanza in Welsh poetry > PENILLION, PENNILLION.
pikelet a kind of thin crumpet. [Welsh (bara) pyglyd = pitchy (bread).]
shinkin a worthless person.
torgoch a red-bellied form of the char, Salvelinus alpinus, found in certain Welsh lakes. [Welsh tor goch, red belly].
tridarn a Welsh dresser having three tiers. Cf. DEUDDARN.
twp dim-witted, stupid.
wus a term used in addressing a companion.