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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aga agha a Turkish commander.
archine arshin arshine arsheen an old measure of length used in Turkey and Russia.
atabeg atabek a Turkish ruler or high official. [Turkish ata, father, + beg, prince].
ataghan yatahan yataghan a Muslim long curved knife.
bashaw lord or master. Cf. PASHA.
bashawism the state of being a BASHAW, a pasha.
beglerbeg the governor of a province of the Ottoman empire, next in dignity to the grand vizier.
bey a Turkish governor.
beylic beylik the territory ruled by a BEY.
bimbashi a military officer in Turkey. [Turkish bin, thousand, + bas, head].
bosh meaningless talk. [Turkish bosh, worthless].
bostangi a Turkish palace guard.
bulgur bulghur burghul bulgar a form of cooked, broken wheat.
caftan kaftan a kind of tunic.
caimac caimacam kaimakam qaimaqam a Turkish governor.
calpac calpack kalpak kalpac a triangular Turkish or Tatar felt cap.
caracal a kind of wild cat. [Turkish qara-qualq, black ear].
cavass kavass an armed attendant in Turkey.
cezve a small metal pot, usually of copper, with a long metal handle, used for preparing Turkish, Arabic, or Greek style coffee.
chagan an early form of KHAN.
chibouk chibouque a long Turkish pipe, usually with a mouthpiece of amber and a bowl of baked clay. [Turkish chibuk].
comitaji komitaji a member of the Bulgarian Revolutionary Committee in Macedonia; any Balkan guerilla. [Turkish qomitaji, committee-man, bandit, from qomite, from Fr. comité, committee].
corsac an Asian fox.
dervish a Muslim (spec. Sufi) religious man who has taken vows of poverty and austerity.
dey formerly, the pasha of Algiers. [Turkish dai].
dolma a vine or cabbage leaf with a savoury stuffing. Pl. DOLMAS or DOLMADES.
dolman a long Turkish outer robe; a woman's coat with cape-like arm-pieces; a hussar's jacket.
effendi in the Eastern Mediterranean, a title of respect for high-ranking people.
elchee elchi eltchi a ambassador.
eyalet formerly, one of the administrative divisions or provinces of the Ottoman Empire; -- now called a VILAYET.
fez a red brimless cap. Pl. FEZES or FEZZES.
galiongee a Turkish sailor. [Turkish qalyunji].
giaour a term used by Turks for an infidel, one not of their religion.
gulet a wooden Turkish sailing boat, traditionally used to carry freight, now used for pleasure trips.
hodja khoja khodja an Eastern term of respect: professor.
hommos hoummos houmus hummus houmous a Middle Eastern hors d'oeuvre of pureed chickpea and sesame oil.
imaret a lodging house for Mohammedan pilgrims.
irade a written decree of the Sultan of Turkey.
janisary janissary janizar janizary a soldier of the old Turkish footguards.
kelim khilim kilim a pileless woven rug traditionally made in the Middle East.
khan a prince or chief; a governor.
khanum (a Middle Eastern title for) a lady of rank.
kismat kismet fate; destiny. [Turkish, from Arabic qismah, portion or lot].
macrame macrami a fringe or trimming of knotted thread. [Turkish maqrama, towel].
mangal a brazier.
meze mezze a type of appetizer served in Greece. [Turkish meze, a snack].
mutessarif the head of a Turkish SANJAK, a district or a subvision of a VILAYET.
oda odah a room in a harem.
oka oke a Turkish weight.
ottoman a low, stuffed seat; a heavy clothing fabric with crosswise ribs.
pacha pasha an honorary title given to officers of high rank in Turkey, as to governers of provinces, military commanders, etc.
pachadom pashadom the office of PACHA.
pachalic pashalic pashalik the jurisdiction of a PASHA.
para a small Turkish coin. [Turkish parah].
rakee raki a spirituous liquor used in Greece.
rusma depilatory made of orpiment and quicklime, and used by the Turks. [Apparently Turkish khirisma, from Gk. chrisma, ointment].
saic saick saique a Levantine vessel like a ketch.
salep dried orchid tubers; a food or drug prepared from them.
salop saloop a hot drink prepared from an infusion of SALEP.
samiel a hot sand-laden wind of the Arabian and North African deserts.
sanjak a district or a subvision of a VILAYET, one of the chief administrative divisions or provinces of the Ottoman Empire.
selamlik the portion of a Turkish house reserved for men.
selictar a sword-bearer.
serai a palace; a seraglio; also, in the East, a place for the accommodation of travelers; a caravanserai, or rest house.
seraskier a general or commander of land forces in the Turkish empire.
sharia shariat sheria sheriat shariah the body of Islamic law.
shish as in shish kebab.
softa a Muslim student or practitioner of sacred law and theology.
spahee spahi formerly, a Turkish or French Algerian cavalryman.
tarama a Greek paste of fish roe, garlic and lemon juice.
timariot a Turkish feudal militiaman.
trehala a sweet substance obtained from the cocoons of a Middle Eastern weevil and used as a sugar substitute.
tugra tughra an ornamental monogram incorporating the name and title of the Sultan.
tulban turban turbant turband turbond tulipant a man's head-dress, consisting of a length of cotton or silk wrapped round the head or a cap, worn esp. by Muslims and Sikhs.
vali wali a governor, esp. of a VILAYET.
vilayet one of the chief administrative divisions or provinces of the Ottoman Empire. Cf. EYALET.
yaourt yoghurt yoghourt yogurt yogourt a semi-solid, somewhat sour foodstuff, now often fruit- flavoured, made from milk curdled by the addition of certain bacteria.
yardang a ridge formed by wind erosion parallel to prevailing winds. [Turkish ablative of yar, steep bank].
zabtieh zaptian zaptieh a Turkish policeman.
zel an Oriental cymbal.