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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

apso a Tibetan terrier: APSOS.
bardo in Tibetan Buddhism, the intermediate stage between death and rebirth.
chetrum a monetary unit of Bhutan.
chiru a kind of Tibetan antelope.
dso dzo dzho zho zo a cross between the male yak and the common horned cow.
dsobo zobo zobu a male DZO
dsomo jomo zhomo a female DSO.
goa a Tibetan gazelle.
goji the vitamin-rich berry of a solanaceous Chinese plant, aka wolfberry.
kiang kyang a wild ass of Central Asia, aka DZIGGETAI.
lama a Tibetan monk or priest.
lamaserai a monastery or convent of lamas, in Thibet, Mongolia, etc. Also LAMASERY.
ngultrum the standard monetary unit of Bhutan.
takin a large horned hoofed animal of the Himalayas.
thangka a Tibetan religious painting on a scroll.
tsamba a Tibetan barley dish.
tulpa a being or object created by visualization techniques.
yeti the Abominable Snowman.