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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

agila the wood of the aloe, aka EAGLEWOOD. [Port. aguila f. Tamil akil].
anicut annicut a dam or mole made in the course of a stream for the purpose of regulating the flow of a system of irrigation. [Tamil anaikattu, dam-building].
candie candy kandy a S. Indian weight, approximately 500 lb Imperial.
catamaran originally a raft of logs lashed together; now a boat, especially a sailing boat with two hulls. [Tamil kattu-maram tied wood].
chay chaya shaya an Indian plant of the madder family whose root chayroot yields a red dye. [Tamil saya].
cheroot sheroot a cigar cut square at either end. [Fr. cheroute, representing the Tamil name shuruttu, a roll].
congee conjee water in which rice has been boiled; rice or millet gruel; (verb) to starch with congee. [Tamil kanji].
corundum a mineral consisting of alumina, second in hardness only to the diamond (varieties include sapphire, ruby, emery). [Tamil kurundam].
curry a dish of meat, eggs or vegetables cooked and seasoned with hot or aromatic spices, eg turmeric, chillies, cumin, coriander, etc. to make a curry of by seasoning with mixed spices or adding curry sauce. [Tamil kari, sauce].
illipe illupi the MAHWA tree, producing illipe nuts and illipe oil. [Tamil illuppai].
kabaddi an Asian version of tag played between two teams of nine boys or young men.
madras a fine plain-woven cotton or silk. [From the Indian seaport].
mulligatawny an East Indian curry-soup. [Tamil milagu-tannir pepper-water].
nelumbo nelumbium a plant of the Nelumbium genus of waterlilies that includes the sacred lotus.
pachouli patchouli patchouly an Asiatic tree with a fragrant perfume oil; the resulting perfume. [Tamil pacculi].
palay the ivory tree, a small S. Indian tree of the dogbane family.
pappadom popadum poppadum puppodum papadam papadom papadum pappadam poppadom pappadum a thin circle of dough fried in oil until crisp.
pariah a member of a caste in southern India lower than the four Brahminical castes; a person of low or no caste; a social outcast (figurative); an ownerless half-wild dog of Eastern towns (in full pariah dog), a pye-dog. [Tamil paraiyar].
poonac a kind of oil cake prepared from the coconut. [Tamil punnakku].
shola a thicket or jungle in S. India.
vetiver an East Indian grass; also, its fragrant roots which are much used for making mats and screens.